California is Being Destroyed From Within

California is facing a rash of exceptionally dangerous and poor legislation that I literally cannot understand or abide. In every instance, the legislation seeks to undermine parental and privacy rights, limit freedom and impose state willpower over what should be private personal and business decisions. They represent a well-greased slippery slope. The only possible way to understand it compassionately is to see those elected officials proposing it as being swept up in Mass Psychosis.

But compassion is not the same thing as condoning, let alone approving of, such recklessly indifferent ignorance. In this video, I discuss the horrendous slate of California bills with Laura Sextro, CEO and COO of the Unity Project. (Fun fact: I am on the strategic advisory council for the Unity Project.)

I heartily ask everyone to pitch in here. Write letters, make phone calls, and donate to the Unity Project. Why? Because even if you don’t live in California, as goes California, so go other states. If California passes these laws, your state could well be next. This is a battle for the future and soul of our country, individual rights, parental rights, medical freedom and all the rest.

We can turn back such obvious mass psychosis by standing up and saying, “No!”

This legislation, if passed, would:

  • Authorize a minor 12 years of age or older to consent to vaccines (medical treatments) without parental knowledge or consent.
  • Mandate children be immunized with COVID-19 vaccine in order to attend school or daycare, and remove the personal belief exemption for any additional vaccine requirements added by the California Department of Health.
  • Authorize the medical board to inspect a doctor’s office and patient records without a patient’s consent.
  • Authorize a healthcare provider or service plan to disclose your child’s medical information to a school-linked services coordinator, without parental consent, circumventing HIPAA and FERPA laws.
  • Prohibit “harmful content” on social media expanding existing law to include libel or slander against governmental entities, and disinformation or misinformation, regarding medicine or vaccinations, elections, and conspiracy theories.
  • Require sheriffs and peace officers to enforce public health orders, and prohibit state funds from being provided to any law enforcement agency that publicly announces it will oppose a public health order.
  • Mandate schools to continue COVID-19 testing and report information to the department.
  • Create one statewide California Immunization Registry tracking system for all vaccines to be entered into the California Immunization Registry (CAIR). Schools and other entities would have access to all vaccine records, rather than just those of their students/patients and/or the particular vaccines required for school.
  • Requires an employer to require each employee, or independent contractor, who is eligible, to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. It allows for medical and religious exemptions.
  • Allows the Medical Board to take action against doctors and strip them of their license if they promote information deemed misinformation relating to COVID-19.
That these bills were even proposed tells us just how dangerously bad and off the rails some people are. That they are in positions of power is a very bad sign…it means other people agree with them.

Taken together these bills are a disaster for the state of California. If even a few of them pass, I can easily predict the state will experience even greater outflows of people, probably the type that California can least afford to lose.

Nice weather in California, but it’s rapidly assuring its own destruction. Their enemies are the very worst sort; those already within its own walls.

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“People like Sntr. Pan”
Dr. Martenson, you are being too free with my language.
“Freya said, “If any man sells his liberty, he is not of us.””
“I council you to bury him and his mother 20 ft beneath the ground, lest they poison the cattle”.
What other evidence do you need, Sir, that we have encountered the Bug before?
For salient context. (Don’t like it? I have others.)

The political philosophies and value systems behind these bills are entropy, whether intentional or unintentional. These values and philosophies can lead to nothing but chaos and destruction.


Steve Kirsch has written extensively on the fact that state Senator Dr. Richard Pan is a Pharma shill. He has a long history of pushing legislation that benefits big Pharma.


Someone needs to deeply investigate Senator Pan. Seems like he is a shill for the CCP. If he is the one writing these horrific bills, then he is using democracy against us and must be stopped all all costs. Get Veritas to do some investigative work about his connections to communist sources. He is NOT one of us.


It’s not mass psychosis at all. It’s good old fashioned corruption. I have no doubt Dr Pan is benefiting financially courtesy of big pharma.
A heavyweight with deep pockets needs to run against Dr.Pan.


I am not a Doctor but this Florida Doctor was interviewed by Greg Hunter and she says that those who have gotten the Jab are now potentially exposed to the Aids virus.
“Millions get AIDS from Vax by Fall – Dr. Elizabeth Eads”


The end goal: de-population of CA ?
This is nuts. Get out while you can.


Speaking of Turdeau… He is savaged today in the European Parliament, and justly so! The link has a short 1 minute video of the Croation MEP calling him out.

"?BOOM? Croatian Member of European (MEP) Parliament and former judge Mislav Kolakusic called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau out to his face in Brussels today, March 23, 2022, savaging Trudeau over “civil rights violations” against Freedom Convoy protesters.

“Canada, once a symbol of the modern world, has become a symbol of civil rights violations under your quasi-liberal boot in recent months.

We watched how you trample women with horses, how you block the bank accounts of single parents so that they can’t even pay their children’s education and medicine, that they can’t pay utilities, mortgages for their homes.

To you, these may be liberal methods, for many citizens of the world, it is a dictatorship of the worst kind."

?? Via @Freedom_Convoy Edit: adding YouTube video for those who do not use Telegram:

Here Here Rich. Chris is being kind.

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This is also a good example of “never let a crisis go to waste.” There are quite a few procedures in our democratic legal system that have long annoyed those with money and power who have the ear of national politicians.

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You mention personal briefs exemption will not be accepted. Is this a philosophical exemption or does this encompass religious exemption as well?
Im an RN currently working with a Religious Exemption while we plan our exit strategy…


I live in Australia and presently my government, with the aid of the vaccine passports, will not allow me to leave the country.
We have many of these laws or similar already in place and I can assure you it is insidious! Presently they have let everything die down and most people are unaware of these restrictions, even though they could be ‘turned on’ at a moments notice.
They have tested these laws in Australia and NZ and now they are trying them in CA. The official figures here suggest we have 95% double vaxxed. To avoid the ‘booster’ terminology they now say you are ‘up to date’ if you have had the 3rd shot within a certain timeframe. Of course, your status can be adjusted at a whim now.
Recent figures suggest nearly 40% will be ‘out of date’ soon as more and more people are starting to wake up and do not want a 3rd or 4th jab.
Having said that, my partner says she will get the booster if that is the only way she can travel to see her grandchildren.
Thank you Dr Chris Martenson for all that you do. I feel you are one of the few channels of information I can trust to be authentic and honest.


Reading these proposed laws, it is like they were written about New Zealand. Many, many of these are already being implemented here or have already been enshrined in our laws. It is terrifying what legislative powers are being sneaked through, often late on a Friday night! Many people here call Jacinda Ardern - Stalinda, very appropriate, sadly


My god those are scary bills.


Interestingly, getting out while you can is depopulating CA. However, this is probably not how the powers that be intended. “OK, all you smart, economically productive people who pay lots of taxes, take a hike! And anybody draining the public coffers, that’s good, you’re welcome to stay right here.”


It is very sad to see what we have come to be. Even more sadly, it is also not unexpected. As other people have already mentioned, I would suggest serving big pharma interests as an important drive for pushing these COVID vaccine legislations.
We currently live under a fascist authoritarian rule, in a corporate totalitarianism political system as the US tries at all costs to keep its global hegemony. One cannot be both an empire AND a democracy (Chalmers Johnson). Consequently, Americans are now living under the illusion of a democracy. We still go through the prescribed moves for now, but it is completely hollow.
Sheldon Wolin warned the American people about this in 2003 in his book “Democracy Incorporated”.
We are thus left squabbling with one another, the ignorant citizenry manipulated from one manufactured spectacle to another to galvanize their energies to fight Irak, or China, or Russia, when the real enemy is our own government. How did the American people fall for that? American propaganda maintains the illusion of a free press, while being anything but that as what people hear are state-approved narratives boroadcasted by a handful of media corporations. Dissent is crushed, cancelled, silenced (I hope everybody knows that in the tribe). Chris Hedges warned us about that in “Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle” published in 2009. I am afraid that the American people will not wake up any time soon.


Chris do you have any direct links for writing purposes to these evil people? Reading those bills should incite anyone with common sense to get pissed off enough to tell these demons that we won’t be complying

excellent points. unfortunately this is not new. people still choose to believe the mythology “one nation under god with liberty and justice for all” lol


i understand the pharma connection but am wondering since governor nuisance is a ygl grad if some of these perps are not also connected to the wef. it seems the slime oozes everywhere.