Can Western Civilization Be Saved?

While the vast proportion of the world’s population, along with its energy and manufacturing centers, is busy moving towards a multipolar world, western civilization is wrapped around an axle composed of completely meaningless but emotionally violent topics.

Whether there are 2 or 15 different genders is entirely irrelevant if there’s no food, or the lights are out.

The main issue in the US seems to be that the adults have failed to act like adults. Children have been coddled, helicopter-parented, and had every whim granted. So they are weak, which is on the parents.

But then, when they predicably behave badly, instead of corralling and correcting them, the supposed adults instead are enabling and reinforcing their boorish and sometimes violent behaviors.

We saw it when the so-called adults used the force of law to prevent people from attending loved ones’ funerals, or church services, but then egged on the “mostly peaceful” BLM riots. Remember those? When murders and fires and assaults took place? I do.

This has to stop if we don’t want to experience a painful fall from a place of unique privilege. Perhaps that’s the irony here, these historically privileged kids instead perceiving their lot as somehow significantly oppressed while failing to note their actual living standards relative to the rest of the world.

Adults are supposed to bring wisdom and perspective to the situation and they Aren’t.

It begs the questions; Can western civilization be saved? And should it?

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George Carlin The Genius

He once said: “When you are born into this world, you get a ticket to the freak show and if you are born in America, you get a front row seat”.


Sfs & Mao’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution

I can’t speak to what the Salem witch trials looked like, but this video clip reminds me of film I have seen of hysterical teenagers attacking elders during Mao Zedong’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution circa 1966.


My Sense Of The Trans Thing
Short summary: its about pre-normalizing trans-humanism. It nothing to do with the trans-sexual thing - at least at the level of the WEF. Enhanced Women are Women. Enhanced Men are Men. That’s the endpoint. “Normals” won’t be able to compete with the “enhanced.” Maybe 10 years from now. That’s the intent. My opinion.


We Can’t Coexist With These People.

They commit assault and battery to shut up the violent words of a “transphobic” woman, and then feel morally superior to the people condemning their violence. It has become tiresome to keep yelling “THE HIPOCRACY!” from the roof tops, because it’s clear that these people don’t care about anything other than power. The cancer within our culture and society is so endemic at this point that there’s no saving it, and even if we could save it would we want to save this monstrosity? I say we focus on rebuilding civilization on the other side of this modern dark age that’s headed our way. Seems to me that’ll be a better use of our limited time and energy.


More Administrators Than Educators

I’ve read that there are more administrators than professors in virtually all US colleges. I’ve also seen it asserted that some of the well endowed colleges have more administrators than students.
Most of those administrators are there for nonacademic purposes like diversity, equity and inclusion.
This is the result.


Dei Is The Opposite Of What They Say

The values of DEI started showing up on the monitors where I used to work somewhere around 2014-2016, as best I can estimate. I was working for a tech company, and recall that it seemed odd that they were indoctrinating everyone to treat some people “more equally” than others. It grated on me every time I passed the indoctrination screens that said we had to treat people differently because of race, gender, or sexual preference. I’ve always understood that to be racism and prejudice to base how we treat others based on anything other than the fact that they are sentient human beings.
When they appointed a VP of DEI, I knew things were going south in a systemic way. We had Inclusion training mandated, as well as Diversity events.
I came to realize it was all about Division, Inversity, and Exclusion.
Divide the people into pre approved victim groups, Invert hiring to fit political quotas, and Exclude anyone unwilling to be “re-educated” to accept the latest idiocy.
Then along came the mandate of the clot shots, and I realized it wasn’t my kind of place. As much as I loved the work, I didn’t belong in that new cult. I resigned from the job after over 17 years with the company.
My wife and I sold our home and moved to some land we planned to live on after retirement halfway across the country. We’ve been setting up our homestead since February of 2022, and will finish up the cabin soon. It’s not easy, but we don’t have to pretend to believe in the latest thing just to draw a paycheck.
I encourage everyone to follow their moral compass and question anything that sounds off.


No. It Cannot.

The outlook on our future was bad enough prior to the initiation of “the plan”. Now that “they” are dedicated to accelerating and catalyzing the destruction of Western Civilization, we’re doomed.
Best come to Jesus about that and commit to preparing for an ugly few years.


Give Those Students A A Trophy

This is a generation that grew up receiving awards for showing up. Competition and academic rigor is anathema to them. It’s the adults that did this to them. My kids were considered freaks in school. Could be that they had a father who told them repeatedly, “You’re not special and life is tough and nobody is going to hand you a living.” I was turned into child protective services for this!


Vsrf Live College Edition Ep18: Discrimination, Exclusion, & Inequity
Phoebe and Tyce speak with Hannah, a molecular biology major and physics minor on a full academic scholarship at Towson University. Hannah will speak about her experience as a student facing the discriminatory, exclusionary, and inequitable practices that were mandated on unvaccinated students. For the past two years, she has been fighting college mandates by engaging on campus, helping other students get religious exemptions, and through speaking engagements with Coalition for Future Maryland and Health Choice Maryland.⁣⁣



There is a very powerful spiritual aspect to what is happening in our country maybe you should address this sometime as others have. keep up the good work!

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Joseph Ellis

There is a very spiritual aspect to what is happening in our country you should address this sometime as others have. Keep up the good work!


New Website

Love the new website Chris. Very well laid out.


What If We Are Part Of The Programming Of Ai

I heard someone talk about AI and they said it is best to think about AI as an infant that society as a whole is raising. It keeps track of all the social media content and discussions and not only what is said but also how we communicate with each other, if we are civil with each and etc. We are shaping it and shaping the future as it learns everything from us.
It was also discussed that Elon only purchased twitter as a way to train its AI and not for the purpose of free speech pre say, but free speech as a means to train its version of AI. What is that saying something about if the product is free, you are the product.
If nothing else, at least it is something to think about.
I find it really interesting and especially concerning if only one side of the argument is allowed to be heard and when the “other” side does get represented on a website with a lot of views, impressions,and engagement (which makes it viewed as more trustworthy by AI) it is written by someone who misses the main points and really just makes the other sides case stronger.
The silencing, and inability to have a civil conversation about topics were people have different views is to me just as important as other issues going on because if we can’t learn how to communicate on these social issues how can we ever work together with reason and logic on larger issues.


Twenty First Century

In the 21st century logic has broken down for many.
For instance, I must get injections to protect others since those injections did not protect those other people who got the injections themselves.
In the video above, violence is peaceful protest and inclusion is exclusion of those who disagree.
21st century civilization has a serious problem with basic logic.



No, Chris. We are busy arguing about whether the deck chairs on the Titanic identify as male or female and wish to be called “zim or zir”.
That’s how far down the rabbit hole of brainwashed mental illness we are.


Post-modernism, Critical Theory, And All That

This mind virus, the effects of which were seen in the video, is unbelievably difficult for a rationally-thinking mind to comprehend. Several years ago Michael Rectenwald was interviewed by Tom Woods on his podcast, and he explained things fairly well – and more importantly, concisely. Rectenwald was a liberal arts professor, a good Marxist, all those things, until he questioned the narrative and found himself frozen out. He’s recovered, but retains the knowledge of all the mush he’d been studying all those years. What’s more, he can now summarize it for those of us not asleep in that matrix.
Anyway, here are the notes I took on repeated listening to those podcasts:

The definitions begin around 7 minutes in.
Related & worth a listen:

  • radical skepticism about whether objective knowledge is obtainable
  • commitment to cultural constructivism
  • political principle that society is formed of systems of power and hierarchies which decide what can be known and how
cynical & pessimistic about knowledge and its root inherent social & political biases — unexamined a complete removal of objectivity in all endeavors, including science replacement with radical subjectivity Foucault: It misses the point to talk about whether a claim on the truth is actually true of false, because politics is what ends up authenticating the statement one way or the other. What needs to be investigated is the authenticating power, rather than the truth or falsity of the claim itself. Extreme skepticism that language can convey meaning at all. The map does not describe the terrain, but only describes the map. Critical Theory — attempts to answer “why did Marxism fail to energize western working class ?”
  • we live in a permanent threat of fascism 
  • we have to repress anything that could lead to intolerance, i.e. fascism 
  • including by violence — called repressive or discriminating tolerance
  • focus shifted from economics to culture to identity politics
Our lived experience is the only trustworthy thing. This is very seductive to those who perceive themselves as being oppressed. Civility is seen as a white/patriarcal value. Discourse is impossible. Perfect storm for being unable to debate any issues. Words are “violence” but violence is not “violence.” ---------- There were a few other sources to Rectenwald interviews in the above, but unfortunately I didn't copy the links at the time. Anyway, I keep those notes at hand so that whenever I see such a "tolerant and inclusive" crowd attacking a speaker, I can at least identify what is going on. I find it so difficult to get my mind around what is driving these mobs that a brief guide helps me to sort it out.

Deck chairs? I would like to see a re-make of the movie these days! Women and children first? LOL… it would be mayhem!


Good going…I always appreciate a nice synthesis. Very helpful.



Au contraire Chris, when the lights are out I do care how many genders there are. I only want the one directly opposite me.  ?