Canadian Truckers Roll!

Thank you, people of Canada and the Canadian Truckers! You have given the world hope and ignited the people! You’ve given me hope. For that, I thank you. We all thank you!

The authoritarian narrative of “you must follow our orders!” is falling apart. Feckless leaders of various countries, none more feckless than Justin Trudeau of Canada, are desperately clinging to their failed approach of trying to bully and shame their people into doing whatever it is they tell them to do, logic and evidence be damned.

Omicron has completely shredded what little remained of the tattered vaccine narrative. It’s now obvious that vaccines boost the pace at which omicron spreads. Only a triple boost can temporarily provide some limited benefit. In Israel, even that booster narrative has fallen apart completely as Israel now reports both the highest pace of Covid deaths along side the highest rates of triple jabbed population.

The people have caught on. In the UK, the majority across all ethnicities do not support vaccine mandates. The same is true in Canada.

Meanwhile, in the U.S., the press is either 100% ignoring the Canadian Trucker phenomenon or ridiculing it (but that’s entirely within the left-dominated press). And so, the battle lines are now drawn.

There are those who value freedom and truth, and those who value obedience to central authority and sticking to a failed narrative, no matter how illogical or heartless.

In Part II, I go into why this is a huge predicament and what it means for our future. I mean, if you can’t even get Covid right, how are you going to get even more complicated things right?

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S’mee again.
I remind one and all that the Aliens neither like nor understand Freedom.
And they said that they had a plan.


No…we don’t know where Trudeau stand because the pussy is hiding…?


Yes, my trucker buddies and countrymen, and ladies, make me proud and lift our spirits. My wife and I are emotional watching the regular Joes, Janes and Normies, just hanging out, and making a very loud and inconvenient point for everyone to see. Many YT vids and livestreams of admirers walking the beat and documenting this organic, grassroots gathering.
This is the perfect protest. Not violent. Loud. Inconvenient. Peaceful. And, Immovable Objects making this perfect. The tow operators won’t touch them, they are truckers at heart, and their main business are….truckers! There’s no violence, so what’s the worst that can happen? A parking ticket? Ha!
They might not stay for much longer, they”ve got bills to pay and places to go. They’re running out of fuel too, which is another reason to move on.
but it’s shown again, the petulant, divisive sociopath narcissist that Trudeau really is, and, has outed the media as lying, divisive, untrustworthy SNAKES. This is but an opening skirmish, more to come.
Since when does anything in Canada become a worldwide movement? This is remarkable and historical!


Anyone else find it odd that the only person who caught Swastika Guy on film was Justin’s personal photographer?


Journalist to trucker in Ottawa: “So, how long are you planning to say”
Trucker: “Oh, just long enough to flatten the curve.”


This would all be terribly funny if it wasn’t so annoying sad:


Anyone in Ottawa who reads the “news” will now know just what lying scumbags the news organizations are. “Wait - a few dozen trucks? I was there. It was thousands.”
And trust will be broken - at least in the Capitol. And they will tell their friends.
A bunch more people will wake up.
The only way they can keep the lies going is when people are isolated, alone, hiding in their rooms, getting their news from “government experts.”
Prediction: that word “experts” is going to be radioactive, 3 years from now.


It really is disgraceful that there is no integrity in journalism any longer. But project mocking bird should have shown us that the CIA is knee deep in controlling our state run media. We know that the media is owned by a handful today. Its far far less than when the congressional admission of project mocking bird was found. There were likely 10 times as many media owners as there are today, though there are more papers, tv/radio stations than ever. And then you have all the internet outlets as well.
Bottom line, more conformity than ever, easier to keep all in-line with the propaganda.


These are the links and blurbs associated with Covid just today! Although ZH doesn’t necessarily attract snowflakes, the information is starting to snowball. The mainstream is still trying to spin this, but their effectiveness is waning quickly. People are waking up. The result will be an utter distrust of those who lied to them so strongly for so long. teaser image
Looks like the truckers are spreading out and getting help from farmers as well. To prevent the spread of a dangerously contagious or infectious disease,..."
This is doubling down on bad policy. Expect those who are awake to leave the State for the dwindling number of wokesters. "At 18 months, 97% participants tested positive for anti-NCP, hinting towards the persistence of infection-induced immunity even for the vaccinated individuals..."
Who would have guessed that natural immunity worked better? Hmmm. "These sham testing centers threatened the health and safety of our communities. They must be held accountable..."
Who would have guessed that companies (and governments) were faking results? "...had little to no public health effects, they have imposed enormous economic and social costs where they have been adopted..."
Lockdowns may have made some sense when we didn't know better. Now, we know the lockdowns are essentially worthless. Don't fall for it next time! The decision comes as public opposition - symbolized by the Canadian "Freedom Convoy" truckers - intensifies.
The truckers are having success. Expect more turnabouts to occur. "this is a much quicker timeline than we had anticipated..."
Doubling down to get as many children jabbed as possible. “If you think I’m going to sit out there and say don’t tell me how to live, ‘We The People,’ while people are holding up their [expletive] vaccine cards and wearing masks, that [expletive] ain’t happening,”
I don't care for Kid Rock's music, but I applaud his message! Get ready for a sub-zero jobs print...
Who would have guessed that paying people to sit at home (because of the pandemic) would cause jobs to go unfilled? teaser image An old fashioned cover-up...
The facts are starting to surface. Do you think Fauci is worried about his future? There is no question, as we enter the third year of this pandemic, CDC’s guidelines and policies have failed to factor in - let alone prioritize - children’s social, emotional, and educational development,
Time to do a real benefit/cost analysis. “You don’t have a First Amendment right to appear on a platform as large as Spotify”
Doubling down against Joe Rogan. If they attack, it means they're worried. Compulsory jabs for all...
More doubling down while they still can. Imagine being forced to get jabbed to keep your job or function in society for every minor illness. That's big Pharma's dream that they're pushing as hard as they can. What happens when enough people wake up and just say NO? Isn't that what the Canadian Truckers are showing us that they're doing? A leader without followers is just a loner. It should be easier to take their lead and stand up for your rights. Grover

What’s your model? How do “they” get to coordinate every single message; control every single editor?
Are the offices manned, (oops, peopled), by people or bots running algos like the stock exchange?
Maybe Musk’s nightmare is awake and AI rules.
Or maybe its Hubrids. And they’ve got a Plan to surplant humans on this planet. Just like Dr. Jacobs wrote before the lethal jab.


To donate:


Youtube video with some interesting clips on topic.

Working Money Channel - Ripple XRP: ? If The Great Reset Doesn’t Work, What Will It Mean For XRP Holders?
El Salvador - BTC - IMF - XRP 8.00 Canadian TRUCKERS - Government Overreach 8.45&12.00 Interesting Clip. In 2015? Canadian lady confronts Trudeau in Public and calls him 'A Traitor'. Just watch Trudeau's Body Language. 12.40 Klaus Schwab WEF: Boasts that WEF "PENETRATES" Cabinets. "Over half of Cabinets in Canada, France and Argentina are WEF Young Global Leaders. A link to this clip is also here:
  I also found on another long video but don't have link to hand. Klaus Schwab stating that in 320 Major Cities in the world he can meet WEF "Shapers" alongside WEF "Young Global Leaders" . WOW ??!!

Even though media coverage is questionable I would say everyone (in Canada) knows this event is happening. What people might not know is the other simultaneous events like the truckers blocking the boarder crossing in Alberta mentioned above, that Nova Scotia passed an emergency order thing that banned ppl from gathering along overpasses and highways to support the freedom convoy
there were other protests on the 29th as well like this huge one (1000s of people) at the BC legislature.
the day the convoy was scheduled to come through my neck of the woods I went to an overpass to watch them drive by and support them. I wasn’t expecting many people because of where it is but there were prob 150-200 people or more. Before the convoy arrived there were so many trucks driving by with flags and signs honking as they approached all the people on the bridge and lots of cars/regular folks honking like crazy as they drove under the overpass. Guess the fringe minority with unacceptable beliefs has quite a number of people who fall under this umbrella.
A number of my friends have lost their minds over this convoy their social media posts are filed with such hate & rage and actually quite awful. They’re doubling down. I had to block a friend because it was just too much poison. some people believe the unvaxxed are deplorable with such a fervour it’s scary.


Danish 30% against… are Mattias Desmet’s 30% :slight_smile:


Tyranny is nothing new. People who embrace it, and who lust after power, tend to follow a similar pattern. There are no brakes. They always push it too far. They always overplay their hand. They can't seem to stop themselves once they have a grip on the population. Canada experienced a shocking amount of tyranny over the last several years. And yet, under the extreme pressure that the Canadian people were forced to endure, it appears that a diamond has been formed. Out came a force for liberty that has caught the attention of the entire world! We are born free, and meant to always stay free. Authoritarians, no matter how much data they chase after, can never know or anticipate everything. Who could have predicted that a major spark would emerge in Canada? Yet, that is how the history of Liberty vs. power has always been. Who could have predicted that 13 colonies would secede from the biggest empire on earth back in 1776? In our world of perpetual uncertainty, it's impossible to centrally plan human life. Yet, there's never a shortage of misguided individuals who are willing to give it a try....and create mass human suffering in doing so. It's hard enough to plan one's own life, let alone venturing out and foolishly sticking your nose into someone else's business. But this fact never seems to dawn on authoritarians, no matter how much logic, theory, and history backs it up. The desire for freedom is innate. It can be suppressed, but not abolished. Life and Liberty are two sides of the same coin. Without Life, there is no Liberty. Without Liberty, there is no Life. When backed into an impossible corner, Life and Liberty always finds a crack to burst through. After 2 years of hardcore tyranny around the world, the ideas of freedom are bursting forth, first in Canada... When you have one side that is "just doing their job," versus another that is willing to give everything they have for freedom, is it any wonder why George Washington said, "Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth." No one knows the future. But millions of people are having their minds lit up with the images and honking horns of Liberty!

GoFundMe regularly shuts down fundraisers for freedom minded causes. They may not have shut this one down (because it has made them approximately $261K…they take 2.9% plus $0.30 per donation…yes, I understand that it is 10MM Canadian, I already made the adjustment to U.S. Dollars). Freedom minded people should use fundraising sites like GiveSendGo and stop funding sites like GoFundMe…they are just another Big Tech, freedom hating bunch.


First, from

United States reported 3,440,548 deaths of all ages for the year 2020. Expected deaths were 3,028,959. That is an increase of 411,589 deaths (+13.6%).
And now from And mousing over 2018, 2019 and 2020, we get these number of deaths:
  • 2018 2839205
  • 2019 2854838
  • 2020. 3378414
  • average: 3024152
Almost identical to the expected deaths for 2021 in the data Chris used. So in computing the expected deaths for 2021, they not only used the excessive deaths in 2020, but they used a 3 year average instead of the standard 5 year average in order to give 2020 more weight. A better value for expected deaths based on extrapolating for the previous 5 years of so is about 2.9 million. Using the 5-year average method, but replacing the 2020 actuals with an extrapolated values gives and expected value of perhaps 2.83 million. Depending on the methods, there were actually 130,000 to 200,000 additional excess deaths in 2021. We must also remember that the data set is still not complete for the last few weeks of the year, so the final numbers will be larger. That brings me to the OECD data set. Expand the health setting to find a link for deaths, excess deaths and covid-19 deaths for 2020 and 2021 for all OECD nations. This set seems to have a reasonable number of excess deaths in 2021. Let's look at 2020 and 2021, but include Covid deaths in the mix. And yes, the excess deaths probably should be more because "with covid" is almost certainly included. Please note the following:
  • Excess deaths start ramping up at the beginning of 2020 before covid hits (early undetected covid?).
  • When covid hits, excess deaths ramp up even more than covid deaths would suggest and stay at about 5K per week above covid deaths for the entire year (suicides? overdoses? undetected covid?).
  • For the first quarter of 2021, excess deaths suddenly shift to be nearly identical to covid deaths so that excess deaths - covid deaths are near zero.
  • After that, excess deaths ramp up to a peak in September before slowly declining (vaccine deaths?)
  • The last 3 weeks of the year have incomplete data.
  • If the excess deaths - covid deaths trend as expected for the last few weeks, we are probably at 180K + vaccine deaths with some adjustments: upward if we remove estimated "died with covid" from the covid numbers and downward if we remove excess suicides, overdoses and deaths from treatment delays.
Finally, here's another way of looking at the data: Finally, the USA has by far the strongest signal, but here are the excess deaths - covid deaths (raw #s) for all OECD countries for 2021: Countries with a signal worth looking into include Mexico, Italy, Columbia, Spain, Poland, Italy, Germany, UK, Netherland, and the Slovak Republic, with the top two being Germany and the UK.

If you thought last Saturday was epic… I predict this Saturday will be out of this world! There are repeat local convoys and rallies planned in all cities across the country this Saturday. Please be there if you can! ???


An important update from the President of Action4Canada re making donations and volunteering to help support the truckers:
Kevin A4C Ottawa

If you want to volunteer, please PM me, thanks…. we need funds, always, to help the truckers and to continue to finance our support system for the truckers. If you can spread the word, please don’t sent people to the gofundme… we started a 2nd donation system, because we can only withdraw so much from each fund account per day, it’s a pain, so please spread the word about our need for funds: If you have any questions please PM thanks.
Action4Canada website