Cancer is a Metabolic Disease: Dr. Paul Marik Explains How To Reduce Your Cancer Risk by 60% Or More

This week’s Off The Cuff is one of the more powerful and important ones that I’ve ever conducted. Again, we can help save lives by spreading actual, good, and useful information, while undercutting the deadly misinformation favored by the government and their pharma and food industry co-conspirators.

It’s estimated that by the year 2030, one-in-three (!) people will be diagnosed with some form of cancer. That’s a truly sobering statistic, and one that underscores the importance of seeking both treatment and prevention options as urgently as we can. What’s the root cause of Cancer? Why is it increasing in prevalence? Is there anything we can do?

But there’s a glimmer of hope in that distressing forecast. It’s believed that 60-80% of these cancers appear to be preventable. To explore this, and to share invaluable insights, we’ve brought in a prominent guest for this week’s episode - Dr. Marik from the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance to walk us through his latest ground-breaking research and the various at-home interventions you can undertake to lower your own cancer risk.

As is in keeping with the mission of the FLCCC, Dr. Marik has focussed his efforts on cheap, widely available over-the-counter drugs that can be repurposed to prevent and/or fight cancer.

Our tribe will have first access to this important discussion as per our regular schedule. But in line with our mission here at Peak Prosperity to make the most critical information available to all, we’ve decided to make this episode public (in two days). We will be releasing this “Off the Cuff” episode to the public this coming Friday evening as our “Part 1” of our normal two-part reporting.

The fight against cancer is a shared endeavor, and the more information we have, the better equipped we’ll be in this battle.

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Chris - I’ve Been Reading The Work Of Robert Naviaux And The Substack From Midwesterndoctor

Check out Dr. Robert Naviaux, he discusses mitochondria as the CDR (cell danger response) and introduces salugenesis; (Midwesterndoctor substack: spike protein - zeta potential)


Gateway To Perhaps Finally Reach A Friend

Thanks for this video. I’ve been sitting on this information for a while now and every time my friend and I touch this subject, she is very resistant to what I say and the information that I present her. She remains stubborn in saying that what she deals with is genetic and she can’t do anything about it. After her mom passed away over a decade ago, she made the choice to put things aside in order to live her life without cancer being a constant thing on her mind, in the hopes for the best and/or deal with it later on (if and when the cancer arises in her and she may need a mastectomy). Having this bit of knowledge and not being able to pass it through and feeling her pain, breaks my heart. She’s a dear friend and I hate to see her go down that road. I do see glimmers of hope that her eyes are opening. In one of our last conversation she commented about being aware of mammograms causing damage to the breast tissue and possibly contribute to cancer formation. It seems the information needs to come from somebody else, not me. This video might be the opening I was looking for. Instead of trying to convey things through my own words, I can just share the video. You cover the subject better than I could explain it to her and most importantly doctor Marik is an “experts” in the field, something I’m not. I’m just a laymen. Whereas with me, she could shut the conversation down after one sentence, with the video she either turns it off from the get go or watch the full thing. It’s not like she can object to what you’re saying, interrupt you or shut your conversation down. I’ll share it with her, with the message to look at it whenever it feels right. I just hope that it is sooner rather than later. That she won’t park it somewhere and forget about it. Fingers crossed.


Best of luck!

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Awesome suggestion, thank you.
Here’s a great start into Dr. Navixaux’s work and theory:


This paper is written for non-specialists in mitochondrial biology to provide access to an important area of science that has broad implications for all people.

The cell danger response (CDR) is a universal response to environmental threat or injury. Once triggered, healing cannot be completed until the choreographed stages of the CDR are returned to an updated state of readiness.

Although the CDR is a cellular response, it has the power to change human thought and behavior, child development, physical fitness and resilience, fertility, and the susceptibility of entire populations to disease.

Mitochondria regulate the CDR by monitoring and responding to the physical, chemical, and microbial conditions within and around the cell. In this way, mitochondria connect cellular health to environmental health.

Over 7,000 chemicals are now made or imported to the US for industrial, agricultural, and personal care use in amounts ranging from 25,000 to over 1 million pounds each year, and plastic waste now exceeds 83 billion pounds/year.

This chemical load creates a rising tide of manmade pollutants in the oceans, air, water, and food chain. Fewer than 5% of these chemicals have been tested for developmental toxicity. In the 1980s, 5–10% of children lived with a chronic illness.

As of 2018, 40% of children, 50% of teens, 60% of adults under age 65, and 90% of adults over 65 live with a chronic illness. Several studies now report the presence of dozens to hundreds of manmade chemicals and pollutants in placenta, umbilical cord blood, and newborn blood spots.

New methods in metabolomics and exposomics allow scientists to measure thousands of chemicals in blood, air, water, soil, and the food chain.

Systematic measurements of environmental chemicals can now be correlated with annual and regional patterns of childhood illness.

These data can be used to prepare a prioritized list of molecules for congressional action, ranked according to their impact on human health.

Another Enlightening Presentation

I am also looking forward to following the good doctor’s work on depression, the “Black Dog” so many people wrestle with. I’m especially interested in Dr. Marik’s methodology in addressing treatment of the disease. I worked out my occasional bouts with it some years back, and am no longer inflicted with revisiting it, after gaining much understanding of what it is, and reckoning with the idea that it was me, and my dietary and thought processes, and not some outside influence, that was doing the “depressing!” As a side note here, my very brief experience with pharma’s suggested “solution” was a nightmare, in itself, soon to be disposed of.


Sometimes pointing out a direction, and then suggesting a person has to take the journey themselves, is best.


Information You Can’t Afford To Live Without

Great conversation! Thanks Chris and dr. Marik.


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Hi Mark,
This was actually an error on my part specifically. There is currently no transcript to view at this time. I had some lines pasted in that spot that weren’t supposed to be there causing the button to appear.
That said, in doing so, looks like we stumbled on a bug. I will look to run this one through Trint this week to see if we can get a transcript uploaded and working for you guys.

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Interview With Dr Paul Marik

Congratulations Chris. Congratulations Dr Marik!
That was a brilliant Interview. It put a comprehensive medical grounding to what I have been instinctively trying to follow (in bits and pieces) for the last 25 years - every time I am forced to have serious dealings with the standard medical profession.
I am also really interested in what Dr Marik comes up with concerning clinical depression (also very relevant to my family circumstances).


I’ll be sure to have Paul on as soon as possible to discuss Depression, SSRI’s etc.


Love It :slight_smile:

Thanks Chris. Love listening to you and Dr. Marik espousing the benefits of alternative protocols such as those in this video. And the preventative protocols are so easy, why wouldn’t everybody do them? All it would take is a bit of education and effort… too bad it ain’t happening for the masses… Their loss, PP’ers gain!


Beating The Addiction To Sugar, Carbs, Processed Food Is Key!

Excellent presentation, Dr. Marik!!! Your work and that of the FLCCC are genuinely noble to say the least.
I truly believe that dieting (and exercise) are major keys for disease prevention, but dieting in the Western world can definitely require strong will and a support system to succeed in making drastic lifestyle changes.
About 8 months ago, I adopted a custom diet centered around wild game meat, fish - with certain edible plants, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Going into it - I totally underestimated the powerful set of chemical and psychological additions to sugar, carbs, and processed foods! There’s also an emotional roller coaster effect involved that I would compare to what I experienced several years ago when I did a 3 week juicing detox in a wellness retreat in Oregon. I was told that each organ is tied to certain emotions, and that when those organs detoxified they would spark different emotions.
The rewards have been well worth sticking with this diet! It became more apparent to me with age that crappy foods were making my body work overtime, and they made me tired way too early in the day (with the ensuing stress factors). I loathe going into grocery stores now, as I see almost everything in the shelves as poison. It makes me curse the FDA for enabling people to harm themselves!


Talking About Changing Our View On How We Approach Health

For I long time I held the belief, a knowing that our bodies are capable of healing themselves. From a small scrape to a broken bone and other ailments. No matter the intervention, it is our bodies doing the healing. The cast around the arm or leg is merely a support to the healing process. Just as is the herb, spice, pill or whatever else we take or do. Not so long ago a saw the following interview (split in two parts), which I resonated a lot with and redirected my approach to health a bit more as well. Fine tuning my own philosophy around health, healing and overall well-being. Embracing the marvel our bodies are and acknowledging that the faulty bit is our conscious mind which can lead us astray. It is that what stands in our way of healing. By giving the body what it needs and stay out of its way, it can do its job of bring back balance to the system. Once we start second guessing ourselves (gut, heart and to a certain degree our knowledge), buy into the narrative that nothing can be done for us to heal, keep feeding the body antinutrients and or pharmaceuticals, keep pushing it by will power in order to finish work, socialize and what not leading to burn out etc, we support the breaking down of the body rather than the healing. Dr. Chestnut puts is so well into words backed by (historical) data and solid reasoning.
Part one:
Part two:

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Thanks for this.
Being relatively young and having had melanoma and pre cancer cells in my uterus removed I found this talk life changing.


I’m totally adding Omega 3 to my list.
Ask Paul about Hoffer’s work (with schizophrenics), as well as Bill W and his experience taking high dose niacin and remediating his lifelong depression that made him into an alcoholic. And Bill W said maybe 60% of his friends who took niacin were responders to this therapy. And all that was suppressed after the 60s. Gosh, I wonder why?
And of course my own n=1 about niacin and anxiety.
And this too. Mining NHANES data observing a reduction in cancer mortality for those taking either supplements, or getting a lot of niacin in diet.
Cancer mortality: Supplement - model 1 (HR 0.32-0.77)
All cause mortality: Supplement - model 1 (HR 0.64-1.03)
So let’s see. May help anxiety. Provides an 11% all cause mortality benefit. Reduces cancer mortality (for cancer patients). And may eliminate depression in alcoholics, at high enough doses.
I know, I’m a shill for Big Niacin.


Keep shilling!
How much does Big Niacin pay you, anyway?


I now see the entire center section of every grocery store as offering various forms of poison.
Only show the rims now (as much as possible).
Here…I’ve provided a helpful floorplan:


Here’s My Daily Regimen

Wanted to post this before I listened to Chris’ interview with Paul Marik. Here’s what I’ve been taking on a daily basis… I’ve been on a Keto diet for the past few months and am feeling great. Restricting my carbs to a minimum.

  • NAC - 600mg
  • Nattokinase - 2000FU x2 or 3 times daily
  • Cod Liver Oil - 1000mg
  • Taurine - about a tablespoon
  • Magnesium Glycinate - 400mg
  • ACV - about a tablespoon in water (sometimes with ceremonial matcha)
  • Zinc - 50mg (mostly daily, more if feeling unwell)
  • Quercetin w. Bromelain - 880mg (several times per week / occasionally)
  • Vitimin C - half teaspoon (several times per week / occasionally)
now to watch the video...