CDC Data Surprises

The CDC has released a gigantic romp through the Covid hospitalization and death data.

Some fascinating things I did not expect have emerged.

The bad news is that 8 comorbidities are highly correlated with worse outcomes and/or death. The good news is that a bunch of comorbidities seemed to not make things any worse, and might have even been slightly protective. Weird, right?

The most glaring statistic is that of all the people who died of Covid, those with 0 (zero) comorbidities represented just 0.9% of the deaths. That observation alone leads to obvious public health advisories that we should be receiving (but are not).

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Anyone else’s fear and/or anxiety level impacted by the way the authorities handled (and continue to handle) the pandemic. Generally accepted that one’s mental/emotional health has a big impact on immune system and health generally. Thanks a lot “health authorities” for scaring me and a 200 million other people.
From the pdf:
The strongest risk factors for
death were obesity (adjusted risk ratio [aRR] = 1.30; 95% CI,
1.27–1.33), anxiety and fear-related disorders (aRR = 1.28; 95%
CI, 1.25–1.31), and diabetes with complication (aRR = 1.26; 95%
CI, 1.24–1.28),

Obviously many who died were on deaths bed already and nothing would have saved them. It would have been nice if they could have died with loving family around but … sorry folks, gotta protect the other 99.9% of the population ESAD!
What % of deaths could have been prevented with treatment? We may never know. Doctors either didn’t now what to do or were afraid of malpractice charges if they did treat.
Now we have more people in hospitals with vaccine injuries than covid in many places and again physicians are saying they don’t know what to do, what is authorised, so many are just getting sicker and sicker and dying. This is disgusting.
Screw the CDC and their “data”. There is nothing to learn from this criminal operation.

I know some people who are vaxed and have obvious covid symptoms and their doctors refuse to test for covid. They had to go to one of those random test sites to get tested after telling them he was unvaxed. He had covid.

Given the fear porn output by the media I would be surprised that anyone admitted to hospital with Covid did not suffer with anxiety and similar. The fact that males died far more frequently than females was clearly shown in the UK ICU data all along. See the ICNARC reports.
In regard to comorbidities then in one of my earlier comments I seem to remember mentioning that of the 70 odd thousand who caught the delta variant who were under 50 just 21 died. It could be statistically nailed on that those 21 were suffering from multiple comorbidities.

Netlej - I completely agree!
Even worse it was No prophylactic for you!
These grotesque decisions to deny treatment were inhumane and outside of any shred of decency that I associate with being human.
Ignorance is not the explanation either. That excuse sailed a long time ago.
What should the penalty be for practicing medical nihilism? Loss of license and or tenured or bureaucratic position for starters. Jail for many. Harsher punishment for those demonstrated to have knowingly spiked trials or passed rules with the intent of hiding treatments from view.

In vegas upon admission to hospital they ask if you are vaccinated or unvaccinated. If you are vaccinated you don’t take test. No wonder why all numbers show only unvaccinated cases

That “anxiety and fear-related disorders” really stands out. It could be that it is the underlying condition that caused the anxiety disorder that is the real issue here. There is much evidence that things like gut microbiome affect mental health and immunity. Could it be that some of these people had gut dysbiosis/lack of gut microbiome diversity which resulted in an anxiety diagnosis and also affected their immune response? This Psychology Today article goes into the idea of microbiome affecting mental health.
I’m betting the anxiety didn’t cause their adverse outcome, it probably didn’t help either, but it is the underlying problem that resulted in an anxiety diagnosis and was a major contributor to the adverse outcome.

I’m way more angry than anxious given how the Covid crisis has been mishandled, but neither emotional state is health-promoting.

Yes, Covid targets me; but so does the “vaccine”. And what the Dickens is that magnetic thing?
The list of “side effects” of the injection are as long as your arm. I heard one Doctor say that the Lab Rats, (That’s you Gladys), are going to die of heart failure two years after this miracle cure from the highly compromised Big Pharma. (Sorry, link lost in the rear-view mirror.) EDIT: I lied. But my source is too radical for the tender sensibilities of the gentle folks of PP.
All things considered, I’ll stick with the Idea that this is part of the Aliens’ plan it stick an implant into everybody. I’m going to watch the guinea-pigs closely for personality changes; especially biddability.
As though we are not a Neotenic enough species already! Big Daddy will take care of you, Oh yes siree. He always has, hasn’t he? He’ll take care of you good.
Good dog.
And as for this “Death” thing. We’ve all done it before. Many millions of times. Dreams have little substance, Life has more and After-life yet more.
One example among many.

There is much to take away from these videos that can be useful in helping someone survive. But first I have to say that being an old timer does not mean that the vax is a viable choice! I do not want my grand (or great grand) children to take a jab to protect me. That is ridiculous and guilt mongering. Protecting me is MY job. I am not an idiot nor do I need a Nanny State overseer - as governments seems to think. I am willing to bet that the vax deathrolls include a healthy proportion of older folks who would have lived on just fine without it. It has pushed many vulnerable people over the edge.
Other than learning really valid reasons for staying clear of the current crop of vax poisons, one important take-away for me was to stay healthy and take care of my “terrain”. The obesity statistics are particularly shocking - not unexpected. Having been a member of the obese population for a great part of my adult my life, I have had to make a real effort to break away from that junk /processed food lifestyle. I haven’t seen much conversation here about how Big Food has played a huge roll in obesity creation, but I believe that they can now take credit for contributing to hundreds of thousands of Covid deaths - plus the millions of others via metabolic disease.
To offer hope to anyone who might need it… it is a battle that can be won. Chris gave the answer in his video. Start by stepping away from high fructose corn syrup… completely. Resolving/avoiding most of the “Deadly 8” co-morbidities starts there.
Thank you Chris for laying it on the line.

We’ve all heard of the placebo effect, but its opposite is the ‘nocebo’ effect, and I’ve often wondered if many of the people that have died since the start of the pandemic died because they were convinced that Covid would surely kill them if they got it. The power of mind over matter is a scientifically proven phenomenon after all, and it works in both positive and negative directions.

I wonder what the impact of the lock downs and being effectively made unemployed for low income peoples Anxiety levels be.

The translation from Icelandic is by Google and a bit rough, but the meaning becomes clear:

Dr. Thorolf Gudnason says there is no way that restrictions will [not] persist to some extent over the next few years. Asked if there is no clear path out of the epidemic, now that action is proposed despite vaccinations, and whether we could be heading for restrictions by and over the next five, ten or fifteen years, he says: "It can absolutely be so, no one can say with certainty what the future will be like. That's what we've always been saying, too, that there's no predictability in this. There's nothing new and a lot of people complain that [we say] it's not possible to bring predictability to action and such, but it's not possible when the virus is unpredictable and there's something new coming up that changes what you thought some months ago." Until the public defender's information conference earlier today, Thornberry plans to submit a memo to the Minister of Health on domestic action to stifle the spread of the virus. Thorolf said that the coronavirus epidemic will not be completed in Iceland until it is completed worldwide. He said the protection of vaccines from infection was less than thought, however, that protection from serious illness is estimated to be about 90 percent. Actions Take Effect As Soon As Possible Thorolf believes that the measures he proposes should take effect as soon as possible. "I believe that if you decide on certain actions, there's nothing left to wait for. Then I think men should let it take effect as quickly as possible," he says. It emerged at the information conference that those vaccinated with Janssen will receive another vaccination as well as those who may not have responded to vaccination sufficiently. Pfizer's vaccine will likely be used and tells Thornton that there is enough of it in the country. The Efficacy of Janssen and Moderna Chemicals Unclear The results of a new study suggest that Pfizer's vaccine has nearly 90 percent activity for infection caused by the virus and Astra Zeneca's vaccine nearly 70 percent. Thornberry says similar information is not available about Janssen and Moderna vaccines. "There are fewer studies behind the Janssen and Moderna vaccines. Perhaps the reason is that they're just a lot less used. The research varies structured, some are built up with placebo and then the vaccine and others are exploring the effects of vaccination in society. These are different approaches, which is why the results are often a little different from individual countries. "I think it's safe to say that most of the results suggest that these vaccines are all so similar in the base, although there is only a difference between research, and the activity against people taking infection may be around 60 percent. That means 40 percent can still take the infection. "So the activity against serious illness may be about 90 per cent but this just varies and there's also new information coming from Israel that the activity is probably something smaller than this." Then he says there is no more detailed analysis of the results from the Israel, such as how many people were vaccinated or at what age those who fell seriously ill were.
Source Of course Iceland is not alone in thinking this "crisis" is quite likely endless.

Arthur, just because people disagree with you, it doesn’t mean that they don’t want to hear (or read) what you have to say.

"Read everything. Listen to Everybody. Don't trust anything unless you can prove it with your own research." - Milton William Cooper
Throwing the baby out with the bathwater is a curious flaw in humans. The reverse is also true: taking things at 100% face value. Anymore, I presume that all truth is enmeshed with lies. Part of the fun is untangling it and figuring out which is which.

Often, people go to the Dr. with a problem, Dr fails to find evidence or cause of the problem and so labels the patient with a mental problem. Ive seen this personally several times. IMO it is the cruelest thing you can do to a person as a doctor. It reflects a level of arrogance and distain that makes me think alot of Dr.'s should not be Dr.'s.

Dear Peak Prosperity team, not sure if yall will see this comment, but it would be amazing if Dr. Martenson would do a repeat of this video replacing risk of Long Covid with risk of fatality. This would be interesting because rumor has it getting covid is like russian roulette for long covid, so this makes an argument in favor of the vaccine with regards to the risk-benefit analysis. In fact, it is a glaring error to solely consider morbidity risks in such an analysis, if 10-20 percent of infected get a life-changing condition the vaccine could potentially sway off. P.s.- I still think the risks of the vaccine would probably outweigh the benefits anyway, since we have no long-term data and given the under-reporting. Still, I would be delighted if Dr. Martenson would go down that rabbit hole. Thank you

I would be interested in more data on long covid risks too, not sure how much exists. However, it’s pretty clear that even the vaccinated are getting covid….so not sure they’d really be protected from long covid anyway?

Chris: I wanted to take just a minute to thank you. I’ve read and followed you for years and years. I love it when you get a chance to dig into the numbers and explain what you’ve found.
north-of-the-border said: “I’m way more angry than anxious given how the Covid crisis has been mishandled, but neither emotional state is health-promoting.”
I’d say this is common. And natural. If it is any consolation, there were always going to be mistakes made. Even if politics and money were removed from the equation. Trust is the most important thing that a society/government can possess. I ~think~ a lot of what we see around us is the result of a goodly portion of our society not trusting our institutional leaders… who are in fact not trustworthy at all.
Obesity… sigh.
I have always worked out. As long as I can remember I have lifted, ran, played sports… whatever. And for as long as I can remember I have been in good shape. Admittedly moreso at some times than at others. And also for most of my adult life I have been in the obese category BMI-wise. But not body fat %-wise.
I’m not sure how much carrying the extra weight puts me at risk for COVID but I would guess my joints would be happier in 10 years. I run, lift, and hike aside from the normal farm activities. As long as you keep picking up heavy things and moving them your body fights losing muscle like crazy.
Ah well, I’m probably just rationalizing. And yes, whining. Since this whole COVID thing started I have leaned out a bit. It is tough. Changing your body type from linebacker to wide receiver is an incredible challenge. I’m not sure if I am up to it tbh. :slight_smile:

As I said above the big story here is the fact that there is still no officially sanctioned treatments for covid despite the thousands of Doctors who are successfully treating covid patients with over a 90% success rate.
When an infected person is told to go home and wait the problems related to Sars Cov-2 simply fester creating more and more damage some of that damage can never be overcome, heart cells/tissue that is damaged never grows back. Thats just one example, there are dozens.
Nurses are stepping up and saying that even in the hospital many patients are not being treated because there is no official protocol so they can be sued for malpractice if the patient dies from their efforts but not sued if they do nothing.
This is where all the problems stem from, this is where “long covid” comes from. It is not a scarry disease it is a scarry system you need to fear.