CDC Data Surprises

No cases of people with cancer? Is that not a co-morbidity? Too few to include?

Or at any rate, it’s not any less of a vaccine than the genetic engineered Pfizer, Moderna and J&J products are. It’s a pharmaceutical product which works with the immune system to prevent hospitalization and death caused by Covid-19.
Unlike the official EUA-authorized “vaccines”, it may actually reduce transmission of the virus. Used in conjunction with PV-I or Iota Carrageenan nasal spray and mouthwash, it may create a sterilizing level of protection against viral infection.
What more could you ask for, in terms of a vaccine? Lifelong immunity? Nobody claims that the EUA authorized products provide this. A product derived from a weakened or killed form of the virus itself? That quaint and old-fashioned definition is obviously no longer applicable.
I will leave it to lawyers to determine whether there’s any value in pursuing the fact that Ivermectin meets the definition of a “vaccine” at least as well as any other product currently available for use against covid-19.
Could an employee faced with a vaccine mandate, simply state that he is taking Ivermectin vaccine? Or, state that he is taking a vaccine, and decline to identify which one?
Could the FDA and/or the CDC be sued for refusing to grant EUA status to Ivermectin as a vaccine?
Could a doctor sign vaccine cards for his patients based on use of Ivermectin, and then insist that information regarding the details of the vaccine is protected by HIPPA?
Some readers may also wonder whether there is anyone who would benefit by taking the Pfizer, Moderna or J&J vaccine, rather than taking a weekly dose of Ivermectin. SOME people (ahem! Paying members will know who I’m talking about…) say that elderly people with many comorbities are especially at risk from death by coronavirus, so maybe they ought to get the jab.
But wait! If a patient’s heart and arteries and lungs and liver and kidneys are already severely impaired, is it really such a great idea to subject that persons to heightened risk of clotting and thrombosis? What little data I’ve seen about adverse event reports, indicates that such persons are at heightened risk from the vaxx.
And given the choice between covid-19 and the jab, that might be similar to the choice between voting Democrat, or voting Republican. The choice between being a fundamentalist Christian, or being a fundamentalist Jew. Choose your poison.
Is there a realistic alternative here? Unlike the official EUA-approved products, we have decades of experience with billions of doses of Ivermectin, to prove that it does not cause endothelial damage, myriad ischaemic lesions, or thrombocytopenia, nor does it have any potential for prion folding. And yet it seems to be just as effective as any vaccine, when it comes to preventing coronavirus.
DISCLAIMER: anybody who takes medical or legal advice from an anonymous poster on the Internet, is fully responsible for the consequences.

I have at least 15 syndromes that have been lobbed at me over the years. There is usually no treatment for syndromes. I try and ignore them. I try and be as healthy as possible by eating well and some exercising but I do have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so not so much that one. There is no fixing the stack of syndromes with anything I have found. But I keep trying.
Lots of people seem to be skilled in understanding diet and health here. Is there anyone willing to start a thread to help people get out of the obese category?

Could it be that some of these people had gut dysbiosis/lack of gut microbiome diversity which resulted in an anxiety diagnosis and also affected their immune response? This Psychology Today article goes into the idea of microbiome affecting mental health.
I will hypothesize that there is an important gut microbe that has a spike protein. When we unleash the immune system to attack spike proteins it kills off something useful in the gut.

FYI, both my spouse and I have not been “vaccinated.” We took Ivermectin prophylactically for 4 months before we both contracted Covid. After my wife had a positive Covid test, we increased our dosage to the prescribed level (by FLCCC) for active Covid … along with all of the other vitamins (zinc, D3, C, etc.) Our doc even prescribed us a Z pack to go along with the ivermectin, vitamins and supplements… and steroids for me.
After 4 days, my wife was over the virus. My case progressed into Covid Pneumonia and in both lungs and a blood clot in my leg.
I spent a total of 56 days in the hospital, was intubated and placed on a ventilator. While in the hospital, every traditional remedy (2 bags of convalescent plasma, 5 rounds of remdisivir, 1 round of actemra, 48 hours of Seph filtering, numerous steroids, antibotics and so on) was tried on me without success.
With the grace of God, I was one of the few who survived the ventilator and am now at home recovering. Although, still on O2 and with significant lung damage and weight loss.
For those who are interested in hearing a 1st hand experience and not just following the herd, Ivermectin did not work for either my wife or me. Nor did any of the other remedies. My body just finally stopped killing itself with the cytokine storm and I came off of the ventilator. There is a possibility the round of Actemra I was given may have given me a boost at reversing the cytokine storm but there isn’t any evidence to support that so says the pulmonary doc. … I just got well … similar to getting sick in the 1st place
… no explanation except that my knuckles may be hairy and drag the ground (lol). Sounds funny, but one of the docs told my wife there may be a correlation for serious cases such as mine with a 50 gene sequence in our DNA that originates in neanderthal.
… Knuckle draggers.

I’m sorry to hear that you went through that. Thank you for telling us. Would you be willing to give more information?
Do you have any ideas on why it did not work for you? Did you have any of the co-morbidities on Chris’s list? I think the ones that he said were super important were obesity, anxiety (not clear if this was pre-covid anxiety or covid-induced anxiety), diabetes with complications, neuro-cognitive disorders, chronic kidney disease, COPD, heart disease, and aplastic anemia. Or were you just unlucky and then blessed to have lived through it?

No co-morbidities. At on-set, was very strong and fit. Being active at the cross-fit gym (for old guys - I’m 65) on the day symptoms started showing, I had ran a mile, 40 burpees, weighted squats, and so on for a 35 minute WOD.
I actually have the reputation that one day in the CCU, while still fairly strong, I stood up and pumped out 5 air squats. My O2 fell through the floor and the nurse pushed me back into a chair and turned up my O2. All of the ICU nurses and docs were talking about that for weeks afterward.
One of my docs asked me if I just wanted the get the whole Covid experience or was I expecting a t-shirt.
It’s all a complete mystery to everybody as to why I got sick, why nothing worked … and why I got well. Just with the grace of God I am here to tell you about it.

Often, people go to the Dr. with a problem, Dr fails to find evidence or cause of the problem and so labels the patient with a mental problem. Ive seen this personally several times. IMO it is the cruelest thing you can do to a person as a doctor. It reflects a level of arrogance and distain that makes me think alot of Dr.'s should not be Dr.'s.
It's the easy (and lazy) way out and I've seen it numerous times, have experienced it myself. Had a GP we'd seen for a number of years retire, his practice was taken over by another member of the group. I hadn't been feeling well for a few months so had a bunch of blood work done. It all came back normal (or within normal limits). So on my first visit with this new doctor (the previous one had ordered the blood work) he walks into the office and before he even introduces himself, he says to me "Your blood work is all normal, I guess it's in all in your head." I probably should have smacked him but that was the end of my time with that practice, went out and found a new GP. He may have been kidding (to a point) but really, that's the way you start off the relationship with someone you've never met? My wife who has an autoimmune condition was brushed off by numerous doctors, labeled as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, etc. Many doctors belittled her symptoms, some would simply run one blood test and then tell her there was nothing they could do. Lots of bad doctors out there.

Steve, thanks for sharing your experience. Stories like yours are one of the reasons I’m still seriously considering getting one of the vaccines. How much do I trust ivermectin and my own immune system…I’m a little younger than you (59), no known comorbidities, normal BMI…but when I do get sick, I usually get really sick. Normal flu will usually put me out with a 102+ fever for several days followed by severe coughing (including coughing up lots of crap). Is that a warning sign I wonder?
Who knows, maybe the ivermectin did help you. Maybe something about your system (neanderthal genes maybe) was primed for a severe/lethal covid infection and the ivermectin helped your body to a certain degree. Best wishes for a complete recovery.

That is indeed a very sobering testimonial.
We try to get control of “things” with our study and preparations, but, then …
I am very glad you are still with us.

This is my worry. I am relying heavily on Ivermectin to protect me if I catch the disease.
I see reports like this and it worries me.
I still think that the stuff generally works. But it appears that it does not work in all cases.

Very few of the studies about Ivermectin make the claim that it is 100% effective. But given what we’re being told by FLCCC and other advocates, this harrowing story is not what we’d expect.
Here’s a source for the “neanderthal DNA” explanation. From Nature: “The major genetic risk factor for severe COVID-19 is inherited from Neanderthals”, by Zeberg & Paabo. They say that the odds ratio associated with this gene for requiring hospitalization is 1.6 (95% confidence interval, 1.42-1.79). This is a larger odds ratio than the CDC is claiming for any single co-morbidity. Who knew?
The article says that the prevalence of the risk haplotype ranges from 63% in Bangladesh, to 9% among admixed Americans. So could there be some interaction, which causes the Neanderthal haplotype to interfere with the normal action of Ivermectin?
Is it conceivable that Steve’s supply of Ivermectin was somehow defective?
Steve – Would you be willing to consider that maybe you had some bad luck? And that Ivermectin helps many, even though it didn’t work for you?
In this hall of mirrors we live in, I can’t rule out that the Ivermectin story is some sort of counterintelligence operation or giant circulating confirmation bias syndrome, either. The best anyone can do, is to consider the weight and credibility of the various information sources.
My own personal and anecdotal experience is that I live in the country, rarely go into town, and always wear an N-95 mask when I do. I take all the vitamins, plus Quercetin. But I don’t take Ivermectin, haven’t had the jab, and I haven’t yet experienced any COVID-19 symptoms.
[Edit: retracted unfounded speculation about Steve. Looks like people here can vouch for him.]

Nobody ever made the case that Ivermectin was 100% protection. I do though think that we can approach 100% by layering meds and supplements. DaveF’s post earlier today regarding androgrphis panicula is a great example. I intend to add it post-haste… it’s a centuries-old safe supplement that appears to have the same mode of action as proxalutamide; Proxalutamide for COVID-19: real-time analysis of all 7 studies (
I continue to use Niacin and mushroom antivirals as well although there is no RCT data for either category. My last add was curcumin because; Curcumin for COVID-19: real-time analysis of all 6 studies (
We need to build as high an anti-viral wall as possible, while supporting underlying health via weight loss, good sleep, etc.

Steve - what a harrowing experience. I am so glad you made it, and sorry you had such a tough run.
It’s instructive for all of us.
Of course, nothing is ever 100%, which is true for Ivermectin, having a wonderfully prepared terrain, and no comorbidities.
Some factors that can work for or against anyone:

  • Your genetics
  • Prior exposure to coronaviruses (with prior colds seemingly protective)
  • Initial inoculum (even if perfectly prepared, a too-large initial 'dose' will overwhelm the best of preparations)
  • Age
  • General health (noting DaveF's data showing an exercise curve...moderate is best, being 'too fit' is a major detriment with a much higher risk of respiratory distress during disease)
Finally, I am wondering what sorts of treatments you got at the hospital besides high flow o2? Did they treat with proxalutamide? Famotidine? High-dose (100+ mg) methylprednisolone? Melatonin? Fluvoxamine? I know of a person whose otherwise very fit 40-ish wife went south (very recently) - probably Delta. At the local major hospital ( a very good one) the presented protocol was such a Feb-20 experience that they opted to (literally) life flight at their own expense to a different hospital running the latest FLCCC protocols. Wife was amazingly better within 48 hours. It's mind-boggling to me that "no treatments for you" is still in place in a lot of hospitals. "We'll just have to give you some o2, maybe a homeopathic dose of dexamethasone, and hope we don't have to tuck you on a ventilator later." How can this still be a thing??

@steve Oh dear God, that is both frightening and funny (at the end). My thoughts are with you…

Scary for me but thanks for the info. What brand/type ivermectin? Were you drinking coffee or alcohol? Empty for full stomach?
Thanks, will use for my planning,

Thanks for posting. Your experience mirrors the one of my aunt. Only she never pulled out of it. Healthy as a horse. Only medication was a single arthritis pill a day. Exercised and ate right. Carried a healthy weight.
She got COVID and got progressively worse for a few days. They took her to the hospital where she continued to decline. They put her on a ventilator. Shortly thereafter she went into a coma and died. Whole thing took about 10 days. Maybe a tad more.
My uncle never caught the virus.
There is a frightening, chaotic aspect to this thing. Most of the people I know who have gotten it and ended up in the hospital you would look at and think “Yeah that fella should lose some weight.” or “She really is in bad shape health wise, COVID aside.” But every once in a while this thing grabs someone by the throat and you just cannot believe someone so healthy could get hit so hard.
I hope you continue the recovery and I thank you for letting us know your story. We humans don’t cope with uncertainty and insecurity well. But it seems to be a real aspect to this whole thing doesn’t it?

Dr Been has said that the weekly dose of IVM needs to be doubled vs the new variants, especially Delta, because it replicates so fast. I wrote this down but didn’t note which video it comes from:

DrBeen – take .3 to .4 IVM / kg per week vs Indian variant or take .2 more often than once a week! It’s the amount of IVM per virus cell that matters.
Indian variant can infect your cells within a day or two!!!!
A healthy immune system takes 1-2 days to respond – not fast enough for the new variants!

Uncucked_Canucks said:

Lots of people seem to be skilled in understanding diet and health here. Is there anyone willing to start a thread to help people get out of the obese category?
Adam Taggart ran a post in January that addressed health building and weight losing that was solid, imo, with good contributions from PP members. Here.

Glad you made it after such an ordeal. Would have been nice if we had a bunch of good studies to see what happened. Same goes with the m RNA vax. With all the unknowns surrounding the new vaccines, maybe we need to pump the brakes on all the mandates. They literally have no idea whats going on, or they do know and well?