Censored Again by YouTube!

I am sad, annoyed and angered to announce that a video of mine posted to YouTube on Tuesday, August 24th entitled “Your Job or the Jab” was stricken by YouTube for “violating community standards.”

Sad because now tens if not hundreds of thousands of people will be denied access to quality, carefully researched information that could help their health and their lives. Angered and annoyed because of the grotesque hypocrisy on display by YouTube, its staff, and every one of Google’s financial partners.

Such censorship has no place in our society. It is YouTube that is violating our cultural norms. They are acting like petty tyrants and authoritarians. How they are behaving is completely unacceptable to me, and it should be completely unacceptable to you as well.

It bears pointing out that YouTube is a place where you can get your fill of Flat Earth theorists. Somehow that brand of misinformation with vast oceans of countervailing scientific evidence against it is A-OK by YouTube’s community standards.

Or perhaps we might note that YouTube allows and actively promotes the abusive, extremely creepy, child beauty pageants:

These are well within YouTube’s “community standards” but they are very far outside of my own. The point here is that YouTube is anything but consistent, but they have turned into a censoring monster, actively working to suppress life-saving information in the midst of a critical time in a pandemic.

What did I do that was so worthy of censoring? I’m not sure because they won’t say, except I can note that I am not allowed to contradict the CDC, NIH or WHO (which I do all the time). Why? Because they get important things wrong all the time. I will place my track record of accuracy against those multibillion-dollar institutions any day and I will come out on top every day.

But perhaps it was that I dared to observe that hundreds of thousands of women have reported profound disruptions to their menstrual cycles after receiving vaccinations. This is a fact. It is also a fact that YouTube very recently expanded its list of banned topics to include mentioning side effects of “approved” Covid-19 vaccines:

I suppose the observation that women are experiencing profound disruptions to their menstrual cycles is a little too close to claims that the vaccines will cause infertility.

So in YouTube’s twisted worldview, it’s perfectly fine to opine that the world is flat while applying a thick coat of makeup to your bikini-clad 5-year-old, but it’s not okay to give voice to millions of women who have been impacted by the vaccines.

Perhaps most irritatingly, YouTube will be promoting some corporate nonsense about valuing diversity and being for women’s rights and empowerment, while they actively suppress a topic that desperately needs coverage.

Even if I am wrong about the connection between women’s fertility cycles and the vaccines, my observation about cycle disruption should be allowed to stand, be vigorously debated, and then shot down with data.

But my instincts and my track record both say I am not wrong. I’d place a lot of money on being right about this, too.
So let me remind everyone of some other key topics around which I was also badly out of step:


  • Contradicting the WHO back on January 23rd 2020 when I first alerted the world to the pandemic on the loose. If YouTube was the same censor-happy company they have since become, that video would have been deleted.
  • I was 100% against the CDC on mask wearing early on when they claimed they were useless, dangerous even, and then again when they failed to be in favor of proper masks worn in a proper way, but were instead for any sort of cottony gauze worn loosely. If YouTube was the same censor-happy company they have since become, those videos would have been deleted.
  • My very early videos revealing the importance of Vitamin D, Zinc, Quercetin and Ivermectin all now proven to be effective at limiting the severity of Covid. If YouTube was the same censor-happy company they have since become, millions of people would not have received my messages about the coming pandemic, how to prepare, and what the science was saying.

I am horrified by what YouTube has come to represent for all sorts of reasons.

First, I am a huge free-speech champion. If people want to debate the earth’s flatness, they can and should do that to their heart’s content. I simply don’t care to engage with them on that, but they should do that if that’s where they are ideologically.

Second, the many predicaments we face in the future will necessitate all sorts of extremely uncomfortable conversations and decisions, some of which may be deeply embarrassing to the-powers-that-be. How can we have these conversations if simple recitations of the available data aren’t allowed?Third, it’s wildly dangerous to assume we know right from wrong at his moment in history. Science is anything but settled. In fact I would submit our most critical learnings are before us, not behind us. The only way we have any shot at creating a better future is by being brave enough to seek out and separate fact from fiction.

My staff and I are very concerned that YouTube will now reach into the past to retroactively label our earliest (and most accurate) Covid coverage as objectionable and cancel our entire channel. If they do this, an entire decade of work – encompassing the Crash Course and all of my Covid and other market coverage – would be stricken and we’d lose access to our more than 400,000 subscribers. We’d have zero recourse. There’s nobody to speak to, no persons to appeal to.

This is one of the many dangers of Big Tech.

The impact of being censored is chilling. We’ve already lost advertisers, meetings with companies we thought we might do business with, and worst of all, reaching our many subscribers with our special brand of fact-based ideas and concepts.

If the data provides us clues, I will bring them to you. If the data changes, so will I. If that data is inconvenient or embarrassing to the-powers-that-be, I will not flinch from the battle.

But know this – I will not change, and I will not back down. Wherever this all leads is where I am going – providing the exact same blend of hard-nosed science and intuition that has allowed me to be well in front of the lumbering health authorities and their censor-happy gatekeepers.

Now, more than ever I am going to need your help. How the future turns out is up to all of us. You can help us by sharing our messages, especially as we migrate to another much less well-traveled platform besides YouTube. We’re going to have to rebuild our audiences all over again.

My requests are simple. Help us grow and reach more people by sharing my work as broadly as you can. Come join us at our new platforms over at Odysee and Rumble. Each has pros and cons, so we’re carefully weighing which will become our new home.

If you aren’t already, please consider joining our paying members who both receive enormous benefits from their memberships, as well as provide us support as we continue to bring truth to a very resistant world. You can join here and continue to support our critical work.

Yours in Truth,



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Not sure if it’s just my bandwidth that’s throttled (even with a VPN?), but the video is choppy, so I’m downloading it.
Odd though, it usually doesn’t take 20 minutes to download an 8 min video.


I will not back down. I am willing to die fighting on this hill. Fuck them! We will FIGHT!!! This is war and I am putting on full armor now!


Well said Chris! 23 year olds working at tech companies get to decide what medical information we get to see, even if that information comes from highly qualified and unbiased individuals. What a Brave New World we live in.
I got banned from the Coronavirus subreddit for posting an article about the Israeli study that suggests that natural immunity works, even though I presented it as a pro-vax argument. That is NOT anti-vax. As a result of denying natural immunity for fear of the anti-vaxxer brand, researchers will delay studies on WHY (perhaps they could improve upon an already effective vaccine?)…such a delay could result in many needless deaths. This acknowledgment leads to lower vaccine hoarding thereby increaseing vaccination in countries without access. This acceptance leads to more accurate death rate analysis, allowing the media to better communicate the dangers to the public.
All of the above will be needlessly delayed because pro “science” individuals will deny actual science because it challenges their viewpoint. There is a category of institution that’s known for denying science and data to maintain their worldview: religion.
I don’t know if the solution for you is to tone down the language a bit (John Campbell does a very good job of walking on egg shells), but that would make the videos less entertaining and less impactful. Keep up the amazing analysis!


The reason why YT leaves Flat Earth up is because it’s official cointelpro narrative.
In 2016, the number one search term on Google and Youtube was: Flat Earth.
This was in the middle of the Clinton-Trump election. Highly odd that Flat Earth would just come flying out of left field and dominate all conversations. That’s because Flat Earth was deliberately put out there by counterintelligence and somehow (read: with Google/Youtube collusion) hit the algorithm train like gangbusters!
The entire objective behind cointel is to pollute the waters. Then you get people to throw the baby out with the bath water, or discard the vitals mistaking them for incidentals.
So ask yourself, "Why would intelligence agencies deliberately inject the Flat Earth narrative onto the world stage, and push it to the number one search term? What independent investigations were they trying to curtail or ridicule by associating it with Flat Earth?
Your conclusion will point you down a path of discovery that most of humanity remains in denial about. But rest assured, the truth shall set you free.


Hi Chris - the video here was really choppy for me, too. Can you make a short ‘changing channels’ video for youtube? E.g., you’re moving the channel to rumble/odysee/wherever, with links to the new channels in the info spot just under the video? That’d help people find you again, and your explanatory video here would explain the situation without having to risk running afoul of the censors at YT.


Dear Chris and Team,
I came across your YouTube posts, incidentally, then followed you on LinkedIn, and then became a subscribed member of your community! Thank you for all the knowledge and information you are providing us with. I absolutely love your presentations! I am sorry that you were censored yet again from YouTube, regardless, your efforts and deeds in this murky time, are urgently needed, enlightening, ringing with truth and integrity! I am so grateful to have come across your work.
I am a Registered Nurse, in Massachusetts, and soon, might be in the position of my job or the jab, and the jab is out of question, a hard no!.. so it will be my job… my house, livelihood, I have my 75 year old unvaccinated healthy mother living with me and my 13 year old daughter… I try not to think of it, but to be hopeful…
Question for you and your team, do you have any information on the Novavax (sp?)… not that I want it either, but could that be an alternative, instead of those other experimental shots?
Best wishes!
Namaste, Medi


It was bad when they just censored HCQ claims and claims about colloidal silver etc… But now you cant even submit senate hearings, real studies, expert testimony or interviews, opinions of any sort, that counters or suggests a different view of their agenda.
By all history and by all definition, we have moved to something far from free country. We have clearly and discernibly moved over the line to totalitarian control and tyranny.
I am not sure how this does not allow us under the constitution to wage war against our corrupt government. The government has been acting above law and in willful disregard to free speech ( on a false assertion of misinformation campaign ) And ultimately has caused catastrophic financial damage to the citizens of the US , as well massive loss of life, and life long illness for many others to protect the profits a very few.


I am sort of shocked at the how quickly the United States slipped into tyranny.
It was as if freedom just vanished overnight. The suddenness of it surprises me more than anything.
I wish I had an answer. But I don’t. I’ll have to come up with one.
When I retired a few years ago, I looked forward to traveling the world. Instead, I find myself tasked with the job of outwitting tyrants.
Well, that is the “hand” that life has dealt me. I have no choice but to play it.


“They” are consistently inside our side’s OODA Loop. Our outrage and knee-jerk reactions are accomplishing nothing. We’re falling further and further behind.

The OODA loop is the cycle observe–orient–decide–act, developed by military strategist and United States Air Force Colonel John Boyd. Boyd applied the concept to the combat operations process, often at the operational level during military campaigns. It is now also often applied to understand commercial operations and learning processes. The approach explains how agility can overcome raw power in dealing with human opponents. It is especially applicable to cyber security and cyberwarfare.[1]

The OODA loop has become an important concept in litigation,[2] business,[3]law enforcement,[4] and military strategy. According to Boyd, decision-makingoccurs in a recurring cycle of observe–orient–decide–act. An entity (whether an individual or an organization) that can process this cycle quickly, observing and reacting to unfolding events more rapidly than an opponent, can thereby "get inside" the opponent's decision cycle and gain the advantage.

Basically, “they” are acting more quickly than our side can absorb the lessons of what “they” have done and respond appropriately. “They” throw actions A and B at us. We are stunned and start thinking about how to respond to A and B. Just about the time we respond to A and are preparing our response to B, “they” throw actions C and D at us and we are stunned again. Our response to B is delayed and degraded, and we start mulling what to do about C and D. Our side falls further and further behind. Defeat is assured.

We must take the time out of the battle to clear our minds of all “their” attacks and disruptions, and analyze the Big Picture. Where are “they” going ultimately, not just what are “their” intentions today and tomorrow? Once we get the Big Picture (“their” ultimate goals), we can chart an intercept course for where “they” are going to be in the relatively near or intermediate future. Then we can get there ahead of “them” and be waiting for “them” at that future point with effective actions of our own to throw “them” off balance and into confusion. If we keep up the tempo and effectiveness of our actions, we can stay inside “their” OODA Loop, and emerge victorious.


Welcome Medi and hang in there, keep us posted.
Pretty much all day, wherever I go, whenever I attempt to inject a hint of truth into the conversation someone will invariably get on their schmart phone, google something then in less that a minute announce that I am wrong, spreading disinformation, anti-vaxer (I hate that one), and tells everyone not to listen to me.
It’s bad enough that our Gov are lying to us along with so many others, but is IMO way worse is the average person with the wrong info or no info getting aggressively in your face making demands and accusations and encouraging everyone else around to join them in their ignorance.


More like “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”.
I dont which is worse Youtube for censoring people, or those of us who continue to support them by posting content and watching videos there.


I think it was inevitable that Chris would be banned by YouTube. They are part of the problem not the solution. Hopefully, he prepared for that event by backing up his material. I have discovered that people who support the Big Tech censorship are (at this time) hopelessly lost to common sense. They believe what they are told. They believe that the propaganda is the truth. It is astonishing to me. They are lining up to get a booster that will “refresh” their vax. Unfortunately, there is a dark side to that. The last episode (230) of The Highwire was very informative about the current state of the vax/booster debacle.
Ban YouTube!!!


Its been my belief/ expirience that things will get worse before the plebs take notice. In my native Argentina the socio-economic situation has worsened in waves many times. The fear/handouts will keep folks from standing up for a long time. Likely it will take something really severe for my fellow cunucks to take notice. We are some of the most passive people I’ve ever met, likely a consequence of having it so good for so long. It reminds me of the saying “Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times”
I believe we are starting on “the weak men create hard times” moment in history with this tsunamis crescendo out on the horizon.


Truly, we are not alone; the props in this dramatic theatrical spectacle are different, but the storyline is universal.

In the end, any Armada, any unrighteous ruler will be defeated. True, this could take tens of years, but sanity will return!


Welcome, Medi! We’re so glad you found us and decided to join the community!

Rest assured your question about Novavax is on Chris’s radar for future content. You may also get some helpful responses here from members of our community.


The best kit in the tool box is to circumvent the established global monetary systems and to avoid tertiary (claims and toxic debt trap bullshit) forms of wealth. Right now, that’s almost impossible for we inheritors of empire.
Cash Fridays is a sentiment in the right direction. Ithaca Hours or Mountain Hours is closer to the mark. As long as “They” have usurious power to issue the world debt-based currency in their tool kit, the “Us” will never prevail. Damon Vrabel said that Monetary Reform is the Civil Rights issue of the 21st century, but I would argue for a unit of time larger than millennia. It is literally the mechanism of bondage that enslaves our species.
Just ask Muammar Qaddafi. “They” will kill you before “they” cede absolute monetary control over the human species.


bigger picture here
The graph of ivermectin prescription written during a time where the FDA assures us that it is not indicated for COVID is a graph of growing distrust in authority.


First, welcome Medi!
I too am interested in Novavax. Maybe we need one of those celebrity cruises where the PP tribe sails to St Martin (or wherever it is available) and gets the Novavax.
So now to my question, and maybe Sandpuppy can chime in. I do not engage much with the medical establishment. Much like requesting a female OB/GYN I think I should be able to request an unvaxxed care provider. It is apparent that the vaxxed medical providers are the asymptotic super spreaders. I would feel safer with an unvaxxed provider since they would be less likely suck down a couple Advil and go to work sick. Where would I call to inquire about such option?


Do you have a source? I’d love to share it with the world. But if I don’t source things, my people stuck back in the Matrix pay it even less mind than they do when it’s meticulously referenced.