Censorship, Gov Response and MSM support of Trafficking

I know this might seem like a short notice but we’ve got a LiveCast coming up at 5pm Eastern. You might be wondering why such a quick turnaround? Well, I’ll tell you, we’ve found that giving too much notice on YouTube can inadvertently trigger the platform’s algorithm, leading to lockdowns and even shadow banning. However, as promised, we have now scheduled July’s Peak Insider Live for 13 July at 7pm eastern. Information on PIL found here.

We’ve got a number of crucial topics lined up for discussion this week. We’ll be diving into the troubling trend of censorship, the government’s less than satisfactory response to the injunction, and the deeply concerning issue of child trafficking and its inexplicable support in certain media circles. While there’s no video below at the moment, rest assured that you will be able to stream the livecast right here, if you so choose. We’re committed to giving you timely, honest content, as raw as it gets. Thank you, and remember, resilience starts with information. See you at the Livecast.



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Podcast About The Movie

Jordan Peterson’s podcast about the movie was good. https://youtu.be/rTBGNEliczc
They talked about the QAnon info.


Media Saying The Same Thing?

Joe Rogan dives into this a great video clip of media parroting at 3:06-3:59

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Careful With Those Numbers

“x children go missing each year”
Yeah, but how many are found within the first 24-48 hours? I remember seeing a post that claimed that most of them are. The numbers that STAY missing are lower and that is the relevant statistic. That isn’t to defend any of this or downplay the problem. There obviously is a massive issue with this stuff, especially considering that the controlled media defends it, but if you aren’t careful with your facts, you’ll easily get “debunked” and your efforts can be counter productive.



Glad you were able to figure out who was behind that Woodchuck !
For some odd reason my Username on Yew Toob has disappeared without a trace. ?
As I said, “They accuse their opposition of exactly what they are guilty of.”
That’s really a sorry excuse, given how much all those lawyers are likely getting paid.
The government response to the judge’s injunction had essentially nothing in it but assertions with absolutely nothing to back them up. I am encouraged, though.
They’ve just revealed themselves for who they are.
We should believe them the first time.
– Chuck


Sound Of Freedom

This is an incredibly important movie that I hope wakes people up. I think it is getting the criticism that it does from the main stream higher than thou intellectual media for two reasons, first the makers of the movie have a deep Christian belief system. As a non Christian myself, it does get tiring to listening to the Jesus story (Myth?) and the Bible being pushed on you. However, saving children is not a right or left issue, but an issue of purpose and spiritual integrity, no matter your belief system. The second reason, they are in on the abuse, they have to hide it.



I love love love the poem. We all must keep ourselves grounded in a world of outrage. Thank you for your regular contributions to good groundings. It is outrage the traitors want. I will not comply.


Asshats find any flimsy reason to debunk. Let’s keep the totals highly visible.
I submit - that many children going missing (and the numbers are growing) as compared to so many other countries, is definitely a strong signal that should be the top conversation. If we cannot protect this nation’s children, no matter the root causes, we are unarguably failing.

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Illegal Immigrant Children

Whatever happened to all those (caged) children whose parents were sent home during the Trump admin’s sweep-up of illegal immigrants? I shudder to think they were caught up in the Epstein affair or some such, but even still, that they were separated from their parents with no idea or way to get home.


Disney Vs Faith Based Studio

Poking around a little bit, I learned that the movie Sound of Freedom had originally been a project of 20th Century studios, but when Disney acquired 20th century, the project was put on hold. Then, Angel Studios picked it up. Angel studios is a faith-based organization that uses a combination of crowdfunding and investors. Angel Studios is also responsible for the popular series about the life of Jesus called “The Chosen” (a WaPo article reports that the makers “claim” the Chosen has been watched hundreds of millions of times.
So. Disney tries to kill a project that then goes on to be funded by a gasp faith based organization and is a huge success… We can’t have that, now, can we?



So what’s the deal with QAnon? I’ve tried to find info on them but only get msm trashing them. Which in itself makes me think there is something in what they say. Cant even find info on what it is they believe…

This will help @198425

Thanks for that, I did kinda know. I started listening to The Jordaon Peterson podcast interviewing the dude that was investigating child trafficking, it would seem there is a lot of truth to QAnon then. Is that their sole premise though? They’re not into fighting WEF, WHO or any of the other current horrors. Though I realise it’s all connected…

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Though I realise it’s all connected….
Yes, In wouldn’t ‘invest’ a lot of time into the QAnon stuff. Most likely just another psyop.

I’m just curious. So you think it’s a set up to give TPTB another avenue to bag ‘conspiracy theorists’?

I wouldn’t dismiss Q A’s beliefs or message. David Icke has been saying these things since the early 1990’s and he’s been pretty damn right on most of his predictions/beliefs.
IMO, there is enough proof that their beliefs are in order.

Robert Barnes (vivabarneslaw.locals.com) is a populist lawyer. He thinks that QAnon is one example of situation where there is some truth to the claims, but govt psyops infiltrate and encourage the most extreme people and positions. Then “they” say “look at how deranged those people are.”

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An Interesting Distinction My Wife Noticed

My wife and I were discussing this, and she caught a detail I had completely missed. These hatchet job articles posted “about” the movie “The Sound of Freedom,” are actually attacking the viewers. They are dismissive about the movie, but make it a point to “other” the viewers. They diminish viewers by associating them with whatever the nudge units are currently vilifying. No sense in actually going after the movie itself, since it’s already made. Attack the viewers and maybe they’ll stay away.


Im pretty sure that is right. Qanon is pretty wacky and a lot of people get really out there over it. The claims about the bad evil stuff, maybe not entirely crazy but the claims about JFK jr coming back from the dead and sending cryptic messages to “the followers” on the internet about how there is an epic battle behind the scenes is batshit crazy.
Also becomes a weird cult where nobody does anything except wait for the leader, who is allegedly JFK jr. to save the world.
It is really out there lol.

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