Chloroquine: A Promising Coronavirus Treatment?

Finally some good news? Several drugs show promise for treating covid-19.

Chloroquine (and hydroxychloroquine), an anti-malarial drug, is in the news today, prominently mentioned during President Trump’s morning press conference.

Research does indeed indicate that chloroquine has ‘apparent efficacy and acceptable safety against covid-19 associated pneumonia’, and has shown to help patients recover more quickly from the coronavirus.

Other treatments – azithromycin, antiviral remdesivir, and Kevzara – are now thought to make a positive difference, too.

This encouraging news comes none too soon, as countries around the world are now in a race against time with covid-19.

Entering the hockey-stick BOOM! phase, cases are jumping dramatically and health care systems world-wide brace for the coming tsunami of seriously ill patients.

Will we “flatten the curve” enough in time? We will find out very soon. just released an important new resource today: The Covid-19 Home Lockdown Survival Guide.

We’ve written this to be a comprehensive collection of the resources you need to stay safe, sane and solvent through the covid-19 crisis.

And it’s a great tool for getting everyone in your household on the same page — print it out and have them read it.

Stay safe!

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Chris … first, thanks for the great & continuing efforts to get Covid-19 info out! We appreciate it!
Question: A lot of the Covid-19 extrapolations / conclusions are coming from the rapidly doubling positive test #s around the world. However, since the # of tests being administered daily isn’t constant, but rather increasing rapidly (exponentially?), doesn’t that skew the resulting data and any extrapolations from it? Since we can’t hold the # of tests being administered daily constant, shouldn’t we be measuring something more meaningful, like # of people being admitted to hospitals each day (or that should be admitted to hospitals if beds were available) for a given population? If that’s doubling every few days, then we’ve got an exponential pandemic on our hands. If not, then maybe we’ve got an exponential increase in testing on our hands? Just a thought that occurred to me while out on a socially distanced walk w/ the dogs this evening.
Curious to hear your take on this. I’m not trying to say Covid-19 isn’t as bad as you’ve been describing. Rather I’m wondering if some of the extrapolations are to some degree (who knows how much?) a case of garbage in / garbage out.

From the Lancet:
“Human pathogenic coronaviruses (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus [SARS-CoV] and SARS-CoV-2) bind to their target cells through angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2), which is expressed by epithelial cells of the lung, intestine, kidney, and blood vessels.4
The expression of ACE2 is substantially increased in patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, who are treated with ACE inhibitors and angiotensin II type-I receptor blockers (ARBs).4
Hypertension is also treated with ACE inhibitors and ARBs, which results in an upregulation of ACE2.5
ACE2 can also be increased by thiazolidinediones and ibuprofen. These data suggest that ACE2 expression is increased in diabetes and treatment with ACE inhibitors and ARBs increases ACE2 expression. Consequently, the increased expression of ACE2 would facilitate infection with COVID-19. We therefore hypothesise that diabetes and hypertension treatment with ACE2-stimulating drugs increases the risk of developing severe and fatal COVID-19.”

This study ( from the Lancet a week ago states:
Italy has had 12 462 confirmed cases according to the Istituto Superiore di Sanità as of March 11, and 827 deaths. Only China has recorded more deaths due to this COVID-19 outbreak. The mean age of those who died in Italy was 81 years and more than two-thirds of these patients had diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, or cancer, or were former smokers. It is therefore true that these patients had underlying health conditions, but it is also worth noting that they had acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) pneumonia, needed respiratory support, and would not have died otherwise. Of the patients who died, 42·2% were aged 80–89 years, 32·4% were aged 70–79 years, 8·4% were aged 60–69 years, and 2·8% were aged 50–59 years (those aged >90 years made up 14·1%). The male to female ratio is 80% to 20% with an older median age for women (83·4 years for women vs 79·9 years for men.)
Obviously not exactly great for older and sick people - but almost any disease has this effect on the elderly and sick. I continue to believe that this virus differs from regular flu largely in the number of people who become infected rather than in the severity of the disease.
I am also increasingly convinced that we should not be shutting down our economy and putting so many out of work and bankrupting small businesses. The cost is going to be enormous and may very well end up causing more deaths and damage than we save.

Wow, just think if the American people were warned on February 27th. This is a CRIME against humanity and it was all about MONEY. This is SHAMEFUL! It’s corruption! It’s evil, selfish, arrogant, cruel. I could go on.
Take a listen, you will be pissed too!

Hello Chris and Adam, Just want to let you guys know that me and 100,000’s of other people are indebted to you for this incredible work. I might just write in Chris’ name for President!
I’ve been reading a very many of the comments on Youtube after your videos post (I’ve learned soooo much from comments sections) and I am uplifted. So many thoughtful voices out there. Of course I filter, when I see dog sh- I just skim over that, but I would say a strong majority (85-95%) of the comments are positive, thankful, thoughtful, and/or helpful.
The best news/information coverage I’ve seen in my entire life.
And the hits just keep coming!

Chris wondered why the CFR seems to be so low in Germany.
It’s due to very aggressive testing, and therefore, discovering a lot of cases.
According to Federal Association of Physicians [“Kassenärtzliche Bundesvereinigung”], the number of tests for coronavirus where as follows:

Week 10: > 35,000
Week 11: > 100,000
I don't have testing data for this week, or the weeks before Week 10. However, just taking 135,000 tests divided by 83.7M population in Germany would give about 1,600 tests per 1M people, not far behind Hong Kong.
Worldometer Coronavirus Testing

Anyone keeping up with the news knew these things. You knew these things if you were reading PP’s blog. Here’s Feb. 27th for example:
Are any of us guilty of a crime against humanity here because we didn’t take out radio ads and broadcast it to the public? That’s just silly.
It seems like the people in the video and you are creating a tempest in a teapot. You don’t think Democratic senators were doing this at the same time or earlier with their donors? Go check on what Schumer was doing earlier than this.
You can’t be that naive that you don’t realize most of what Washington does is all about money. Always has been, always will be. Same with almost every other government. And they’re virtually all corrupt. And they’re selfish and arrogant. Cruel. Sure. You think sending our sons and daughters off to be killed or permanently maimed physically and psychologically in wars carried out purely for money isn’t cruel … and evil?
The question is, other than spouting impotent outrage (which gets you nowhere), what are you, YOU, going to do about it? That’s the question each and every one of us has to ask themselves, myself included.
Go read Free Lunch by David Cay Johnston or a myriad of similar books on the subject. Then you’ll really have cause for outrage. But until you’re ready to take the next step, so what! So what! Ranting and raving isn’t going to do a darned thing.

Perhaps the information was available but it was not front and center in the publics consciousness. It is the responsibility of our Government officials to make this kind of information a priority for the American people.

So what! Ranting and raving isn’t going to do a darned thing.
You are wrong, it’s people who deeply care enough to rant and rave that make a difference. We would still have an active and public slave trade if people hadn’t demanded change. Child labor laws, pollution laws, safety laws, all becsuse someone cared. So criticize me all you want for caring! Call me naive for being incensed at corruption. These are not traits I am ashamed of. I won’t debate you or post again on this. You get to have the last word.

Ranting and raving does nothing. Caring does nothing. Lots of people say they care but do nothing so the words are empty and meaningless. As the saying goes, talk is cheap. DOING and ACTION does something. So again, the question, what are YOU planning to do about it.

Please please please include the links in the text below your videos.

of course all the data from china is not posted. However, I think they have selectively provided a subset of data that reflects the numbers to their best ability. Meaning the ratio of sickness and death and hospitalization in genuine.
I also believe that the data coming out of Italy is very reliable. Though they got caught off guard with virus , they have taken specific measure since , and are doing a lot testing… and offer us some really good information. Though at face value, it looks like the death rate in Italy is twice china - or wuhan, Where many other parts of the world are posting much lower CFR. I believe what we are seeing , is the curve we are trying to flatten and what happens when you cannot. if you have the best of care , you could see a 1% CFR or even lower… With really good care you see about 2.5 percent. Once you start to get overwhelmed it can go up fast from there. What we are seeing in italy is what happens when you cannot treat everyone or everyone timely. People with serious illness that could survive if given good treatment - will parish… and this is where you can start to see up to a 10% CFR. I do not believe the data is misleading or not in agreement - in fact , I believe the picture is coming together.

…Adding my 2 bits of actual Covid 19 facts.Covid 19 has been in South East Queensland Australia for at least 2.5 months, particularly on the Gold Coast about an hour south of Brisbane.Chinese have been coming and going from Wuhan and half a dozen other major Chinese cities up until about 2 weeks ago, …at will.We are the favorite Tourist spot at present for Chinese Tourists heading to warmer climates.We are like Orlando Fl.Theme parks, beaches etc…A couple weeks ago my friend went in to the Docs for a checkup because of feeling flu type illness…wondering…because of no testing for Covid 19 available…the doctor stated…"if we suspect Covid 19, prescribe Doxycycline, as at the time there was no requirements to show up at a hospital…and that also wasnt advised …phoning first was…So she was prescribed Doxycycline…better known as Chloroquine…we are having no increased runs on the hospitals for bad flu sickness, …just are not.They have just started testing for more COVD 19 cases and sure enough, as most predicted and my Doc said they would find…lots of Covid 19 cases…only going through the sickness as the flu.No increase in the mortality rate as a percentage…the facts are…as of today 6 deaths in Queensland attributed to Covid 19.As of the last week or so of actual more mass testing, the facts state, a dramatically reduced mortality rate.Fact…we have been going through this as the “Flu” for over 2 months…Facts…except for it affecting the elderly and immune system challenged folks more…who we are now looking after better as advised…it has actually had less affects than the common flu…and as has been shown to date…mostly mild flu type symptoms…you asked for some clarity of percentages based on increased testing states…dramatically reduced mortality rate, as they are and will continue to find hugely increased infected cases with Covid 19…especially here on the Chinese loved Gold Coast …( also thousands of Chinese students living and schooling on the Gold Coast, who travel regularly home to Wuhan and other cities )…Why did they not test quicker like Hong Kong…Germany ?..good question…maybe they the "WHO AND CDC " needed a higher mortality number to push forward a treatment route financed by a higher level of outbreak and mortality …to receive billions of dollars of funding ?..THESE are questions that we will need to look into after getting through this outbreak…JUST LOOKED AT THE TV A FEW SECONDS AGO…ANNOUNCED 50 NEW COVID 19 CASES CONFIRMED OVERNIGHT ON THE GOLD COAST…NOT ONE ADMISSION OF THEM ALL TO THE HOSPITAL…ALL TOLD TO GO HOME AND SELF ISOLATE…THOSE ARE THE FACTS OVER HERE…TO DATE…OBVIOUSLY it will be different in other places…HOWEVER…we have had a high number going through this for over 2 months…and that should tell a far more FACTUAL hopeful tale than what is being told…I believe, this will be over faster than thought and more miraculously than thought…and the market will also turn around overnight and miraculously and suddenly…WE ARE LEARNING A LOT ABOUT OURSELVES AS A COMBINED HUMAN RACE…LETS HOPE WE PUT THE LESSONS LEARNT AND BEING LEARNED INTO PLAY THERAFTER…

Hello again, I apologize, but after I logged out I realized this is the thread where I had wanted to post this, so I’m re-posting my latest comment here. My bad.
After watching today’s video which was very informative. I want to be able to feel hopeful yet remain cautious and curious. Just in case a prescription is required, and who knows doctors maybe too overwhelmed by cases, people wanting to be tested, to see a new person wanting a prescription. Since I am not on any, and wish to avoid them as much as possible for many reasons, costs, side effects, etc. And, for the last 20-30 years, whenever possible I look for holistic methods or natural herbs to use. After all “Eastern” and alternative medicine has been around for centuries and Western for 100-200 years.
So, I looked, and apparently I’m not the only one who searched. From one website,, I found:
“…A google search of “natural zinc ionophore” yields these results:
From this page, the most interesting result is:
Zinc Ionophore Activity of Quercetin and Epigallocatechin-gallate
Quercetin is a flavonoid antioxidant that’s found in plant foods such as leafy greens, tomatoes, berries and broccoli. It has been studied and proven to have anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral activity. It has been at the forefront for treatment of sinus problems.
Epigallocatechin-gallate (EGCG) is found in green tea. It is also an anti-oxidant.
This was a study to determine if quercetin and epigallocatechin-gallate can increase levels of intracellular zinc in mice with liver cancer.
The takeaways from the above paper:

  1. Through fluorescence, quercetin and epigallocatechin-gallate were found to be ionophores and raised intracellular zinc levels.
  2. This is an animal study, not human.
In summary, we have some interesting information here. It has been asked about at President Trump’s COVID-19 press conference (March18, 2020). Today, March 19th, there are more search results about than ever: Chloroquine needs a prescription and quercetin and epigallocatechin-gallate can be found in health food stores. Dosage is unknown….” I also found: (which talks about quinine which was introduced to western medicine in the 1600’s for malaria and further down “…qinghaosu plant, known in western countries as “artemisinin.” (also known as sweet wormwood). And, I found this one interesting too (but it’s getting late so I’ll look at it more later today after I get some sleep… “Kratom, which the government has been desperately trying to ban, contains powerful anti-coronavirus compounds”. Kratom, which the government has been desperately trying to ban, contains powerful anti-coronavirus compounds Last one… Any thoughts or feedback? I remember reading before about using quercetin in addition to zinc and Vitamin C, as well as the other medicinals in Stephen Buhner’s protocol and update. Linda T (Portland, OR)

All patients who received IVC improved and there was no mortality.

Hi Chris,
I can’t thank you enough for being so far ahead of the curve with your coronavirus coverage. It has made a massive difference to me and my family and that is worth a lifetime of subscriptions to me!
Having said that, I think now may be the time to consider a more positive stance on this. I think your caution and wariness has served you (and all of us!) very well to this point as this pandemic crept up on the world. But now that the full attention and abilities of the world are focused on it, perhaps it’s time to start looking for the opportunities. I don’t think looking into the past will serve us. e.g. at what mistakes were made and what should have been done. There’s no point crying over spilled milk. (Though I certainly think heads should role at many levels). I think we should focus our energies on trying to see through this crisis and how we should be positioning ourselves for the future.
There has been a massive sell off in the stock markets and there has also been enormous injections of liquidity by CBs. The hive-mind of the world is working on solutions and we will get through this. This once-in-a-lifetime event may be presenting us with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, and I’d really love you hear your take on how this will play out and what the recovery could look like. Thanks again, E

After watching AKGranny’s (admittedly biased but factually accurate) video link, I went to delve into whether or not Congressman Richard Burr did, in fact, engage in insider trading (source) -regardless of whether other political figures (Democrat or Republican) engaged in such insider trading/self enrichment practices and whether AKGranny had/had not used her “platform” to act to alert the masses or decisionmakers of such information.
After drilling down into the original ProPublica (well-researched and documented) article that set off this firestorm, I went into Congressman Burr’s statements submitted to the SEC (agreement to terms required to access) re: his $1.6M via 33 stock trades (sales) for dates 2/1/20 through 2/13/20 (the majority were on 2/13/20). Linking to YahooFinance (for better or worse) I looked into the corporate stock summaries and profiles for each of the companies listed on Congressman Burr’s SEC submission. For the 9 stock sale transactions I got through, all were pharmaceutical, chemical, or communications companies that clearly experienced a “dip” in share stock prices immediately preceding the sale by Congressman Burr, and diving after (sometimes precipitously immediately thereafter) the date of sale.
Based on my review, IMO it appears that Congressman Burr utilized privileged information that he was privy to via his role as Congressman and Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee to avoid thousands of dollars in losses and profited by selling significant amounts of stock at a time when it was not “common knowledge” that the coronavirus was an immanent and potentially catastrophic threat to the health of US citizens and financial markets (per the WaybackMachine Internet Archives for USAtoday, NY Times, and CDC websites circa 2/13/20–the date of sale for most of Congressman Burr’s stocks.).
[Edit: While posting, my laptop lost power, I plugged in and restarted, pulled-up my very long and dense draft response and…inadvertently freakin’ DELETED permanently the contents my response with detailed links. ['Cussing…#^@(^)@)$!!!#.##^&#$^*!!! the Nth degree.] Someone else more motivated than me is welcome to reconstruct or replicate my research…]
Do I believe that other Congressional “leaders” betray their public office and constituents for personal gain? Absolutely! That doesn’t make his actions any less grievous, disgusting, or harmful. He could have gone public with his misgivings and afforded citizens, health care workers and decision makers at all levels of business and government early warning to mitigate their risk and significant (even life-threatening) losses from the coronavirus pandemic. Congressman Burr provided that benefit to his donors and others within his network, but not the general public and his constituents. He should be held accountable, resign immediately and be charged with insider trading.
Surprisingly and to his great credit, Tucker Carlson nailed it when he said of Congressman Burr’s actions, “There is no greater moral crime than betraying your country in a time of crisis”, and called for his immediate resignation. (Source, and Source)

Hi Chris, Thank you first for such an excellent job.
I am amongst the vulnerable here in the UK and decided to get some of this drug. Its a holiday drug here that can be got without prescription.
A simple face to face consultation with the pharmacist and off we go.
I tried this.
Because of hb19 I cant have a face to face
Because I cant have a face to face (They know me nyway) they cant give it to me.
I cant tick the boxes on the form on the phone.
The head office cant deal with me because of HB19
I cant go to the doctors without serious risk.
Its kinda stupid really
So. I decided to pursue some of the nonsences and will go to the doctors, quoting my reasons and logic which will include citing those documents.
Thanks again Chris
Good luck with the garden

I could use some uplift long about now. I start falling into a funk every time I see the “It didn’t have to be this way.” But that doesn’t help anyone.