Choosing To Do Nothing Now Has Large Consequences

Imagine for a moment that you’re the captain of a jetliner.

You have 155 people on board, you’ve just lifted off, and suddenly a flock of geese appears. The plane’s engines ingest too many birds and then permanently flame out.

There’s too little elevation to do much of anything. There’s no thrust and no way of returning to the airport you just left.

What do you do?

Well, if you’re Captain “Sully” Sullenberger you smoothly land that plane on a nearby river and calmly perform two full sweeps of the cabin to assure you’re last person off the plane, losing zero lives in the process.

An exciting story with a critical point: there are moments in life when you don’t have the luxury of doing nothing.

When the SHTF, doing nothing has the same weight as doing something. Each results in a defined outcome.

If Captain Sully had done nothing – had frozen in his chair or simply kept hopelessly pressing the engine restart buttons – the outcome almost certainly would have been mass death.

Why am I telling you this? Is it relevant to your life?


To understand why, imagine you have real power. Not just CEO-level power, but the sort of power invested in those who have to make the biggest of decisions.

Given the state of the world, where doing nothing matters as much as doing something, what decisions would you be making when your instrument panel is telling you:

  1. Fuel is dangerously low
  2. Flying conditions are poor
  3. Worse turbulence is ahead
  4. Critical software errors are popping up across vital systems
In real world terms, this translates into dwindling oil resources, climate instability, ecosystem stress, and a world economic/financial system overdue for a massive debt reset.

In other words, sitting back and hoping this all resolves itself somehow is the same as ‘doing nothing.’ It’s a choice.

That path has a date with the brick wall of reality. It risks blundering into an angry future that forces itself upon us all with chaotic fury.

The other path is to ‘do something.’ That could mean rallying the global leadership around the need to at least try to chart a new course. To reset our approaches and re-tune them for the world that actually exists – not the one we used to have, or wish we did.

The rationale here is pretty straightforward. Exponential growth on a finite planet has always had an expiry date stamped on it. Even if we haven’t wanted to admit that to ourselves.

Well, that expiration date has now resolved and can be clearly read. It’s 2020.

Which is why the great powers running today’s world are mobilizing. They are choosing to “do something”. What the repercussions of their plan will be, time will tell.

Their grand response is called The Great Reset. If you haven’t heard much about it, you soon will. It’s going to reshape everything about your future. Mine too. Everyone’s in fact.

It’s equally true that even if global leadership had selected the 'do nothing’ path, that too would have impacted your future just as profoundly, and probably more disruptively.

At any rate, the future is arriving. It’s time to adjust to that as quickly as you can. Because those who do will have the best chance of not only thriving, but being part of the team that creates the new future.

A few will actively participate in the creation this new future. Most will passively observe its formation and be left to react to things as they emerge.

In such momentous times, there are three things you need to get right:

  1. Accurately assess the situation
  2. Orient yourself and develop options
  3. Take decisive actions
It’s no different than being caught in a riptide.

If you are unaware of the real reason why the shoreline is rapidly receding then you’ll probably either be lost out to sea or drown as you exhaust yourself trying to swim back to shore.

If, instead, you can accurately assess that you’re trapped in a riptide, orient yourself to swim perpendicular to the flow, and then swim decisively out of the current. You’ll stand a good chance of surviving the adventure.

In Part 2: The Great Reset Is Already Underway I detail out all of the latest specifics we know so far about The Great Reset. The more we learn about this globally-coordinated — and very public — initiative, the more cogs drop into place for why our system operates the way it does, and what it will demand of us going forward.

This is huge moment in history. Events are sweeping us along. So we better start accurately assessing the situation, the key players and their objectives, and formulate a plan of action if we want to come out on the right side of what’s ahead.

Click here to read Part 2 of this report (free executive summary, enrollment required for full access).

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Chris, I have been reading here a long time and this post while well written is as the title of my post syas; Long on scare; no solutions.
You say: “The rationale here is pretty straightforward. Exponential growth on a finite planet has always had an expiry date stamped on it.” And that is basically the key to your post.
I hate to say it but this falls under the “well DUH” category of observations we all already know, and you go on to urge action but without any direction at all. That isn’t a recipe for disaster now is it? Given that we have a demented narcissistic election loser in office and his tens of millions of armed worshipers running around with guns looking for any excuse to use them.
And you do not even know that the great reset will be to our detriment when in fact it could be the salvation from a bad situation we have all been wanting.
This I will say, humans have needs and those needs cannot be endlessly shrunk because you and any number of “climate scientists” say the pie actually is finite after all and has to be divided up among billions upon billions of people in a zero sum game that will by force have to end in the deaths of innocents.
So, I guess from your perspective the real heroes alive today are those that live without creating more replications of themselves, the childless. Because when I say humans have needs those needs are what so many today call footprints. And they cannot continue to shrink forever, if they could they would not be NEEDS! And that is quite aside from the fact that those with the more money and property are the ones with the largest footprints and who will refuse the loudest to allow their own footprints to be shrunk. You expect all the sacrifice to come from those below you not above and certainly not from yourself. The only reason you advocate this is you have never experienced real and extreme poverty within a system that judges your very worth as a human being by the contents of your portfolio. The I got mine and death to any that get near it mentality of preppers is going to be their death, because they represent a real threat to the society around them in their paranoia.
Now had you been working toward, or even suggesting we work cooperatively toward a viable long term permanent solution to the social and envirnmental solutions that we will have to have to survive, which by my calculation will require a limiting of the population at least till our technology catches up to the gross finite nature of our world and it’s delicate ecosystem, I would be entusiastically supporting you. And I do admire your work in many ways, especially your YouTube vids since the start of the pandemic.
But you do not, insted you are urging some seriously unstable people to dash out just react to an undefined something out there that is such a serious threat they must act, but without even suggesting what or how that action should manifest, and we both know that will be in the form of violence that will only further destabilize our society because you WANT it to collapse all the quicker even though you know that total social collapse will kill millions. Tens of millions, possibly billions or in a worse case scenario everyone and everything, because a destablized global nuclear power under threat has the ability to do just that.
Maybe you should have been promoting voluntary sterilization with incentives for those who submit to it, as well as removing barriers to gay people and rewarding them rather than killing them because it is the blindly populating straight people that are suffocating the planet under ever more human footprints that are at present technology so far past the globe’s carrying capacity and gives rise to your crisis that you say needs rest this very year with less than 8 weeks left in it. That and provide disincentive to breed the planet to death like a child tax. Make people pay for the real, yet hidden costs to the world of their never ending population explosion. Social, environmental, logistic, concrete damage that come with ever more humans.
Because while you do not come right out and state that all problems are related to overpopulation and an urgent immediate need to fix that, it is what you are really advocating. I for one am not volunteering to be the first to line up for your solution.

This is going to be fun.
I am going to make myself a cup of tea, sit on the porch, put my feet up and watch the show.
pokjbv you sure know how to poke a hornets nest with a stick.

I thought this one made pretty good sense. I thought this one made pretty good sense.

Hmm. This reads like the zeitgeist movement, except run for control, not living within planetary limits.
I think that M King Hubbard of PO fame expected the world to be run as a technocracy, ultimately as well. But I think he turned on this view at some point.

MM wrote

pokjbv you sure know how to poke a hornets nest with a stick.
This is going to be fun. I am going to make myself a cup of tea, sit on the porch, put my feet up and watch the show.
Ha! Tell ya what, MM, I'll join you on the porch. I'll take mine hot, cream, no sugar. It could be fun, but I think maybe pokjbv missed his target and skewered himself. We'll see. Truly, I found myself wondering if he's really been around since 2017. I haven't been here long enough to know, but he seems woefully misundereducated about Chris' over-arching narrative, of which Chris' OP is a reflection, as much as it is a foundation pillar for coming posts in keeping with his latest "off the cuff" in which he declared his felt need to frame carefully going forward. I presume that as a member pokjbv also had access to that presentation. To me, his response doesn't reflect it. It reads like a troll's misinterpretation, based (as so much trolling is) on the combination of no history with the target, and a badly-executed effort to trash his assumptions about what Chris thinks in the hope they will score the flare up you and I would use to pop our corn.

To Chris, Adam and all of us at Peak Prosperity,
I applaud you for paying attention to the Great Reset.
Now, in terms of solutions:

  1. Prepare and get as resilient as you can. This is what Chis and Adam are good at in educating us. Check out all the information you can on resilience on Peak Prosperity.
  2. Fight the Powers That Shouldn’t Be all the way. This has been planned for a long time. It is certain that they will carve out a big a piece as they can get away with at the expense of the rest (Just as with the money printing with the Federal Reserve etc. etc.)
    This time, the blueprint of the Great Reset is to control all land, all water, all minerals, etc.They will start the assault on ordinary people with regulations, for example by cutting of your access to water, access to the road, or preventing you to build things on your land via permits. So JUST BEING RESILIENT IS NOT ENOUGH. You cannot hide.
    In the words of Rosa Koire:
While you're out on the land doing your thing, the county planning department is implementing the regional plan that your taxes paid consultants to develop a few years ago. And in accordance with your city county-climate-action-plan and dozens of programs that were developed with the junior college and local environmental non-governmental organizations your options are narrowing. Your well is scheduled to be monitored so that your water use can be restricted. Your road access may be removed in conjunction with a land use plan that protects a salamander that seems to be under every rock that you look at. Your property taxes are increasing because your crop is not productive enough to change your designated use from rural residential to agricultural so that your taxes can be lowered. Your diesel tractor has been outlawed. You can't get a real estate loan because your fire and disaster insurance premiums have skyrocketed and you can't pay them. So that means you have to pay cash for your property and you have no protection if there's a disaster. Rules, restrictions, penalties, fines, fees have blocked you from burning your wood and your stove, clearing your land of stumps and rocks, paving or grading your driveway, building more than one house on your land without permits, building a barn without a permit, cutting down a tree, diverting water from the creek, putting a bakery on your property, collecting rainwater, relocating the wild animal that's been killing your livestock. That's what's happening out there in the wild areas where you're thinking about going.
Fortunately, she comes up with a good - but not always easy SOLUTION: Go to your city-council meeting, know what is going on, educate yourself, and be active. Support local people and not groups that are funded by the international globalist groups. She says a lot more about the solution on: Where Can You Go To Escape Agenda 21? With Rosa Koire: Take note that Agenda 2030 which is covered in what Chris covered in his review of the Great Reset is a reboot of Agenda 21 (agenda for the 21 century), in case you where wondering what the title is about. in the As Chris mentioned, the Great Reset starts globally, but it is finding it's way to the national and then regional level. You have to understand the globalization is the standardization of all things, all systems. So what does globalization really mean. It means the erasure of the nation-state. You replace it with a single control-mechanism. So how do you do that? You can't just jump right into that. There is an interim step which is regionalization. Regionalization destroys your sovereignty. It destroys your jurisdictional boundaries, thoase entities that you vote for, the municipalities you vote for: city, county, state and federal. Agenda 21, and now Agenda 2030 destroys representative government by boards and commissions. It's governance, not government. It rules over you, it's not influenced by you. Here it is explained how you can find Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030 in your own town so you can know how to fight it: If you want more information how you can prepare for the Great Reset, and apart from building resiliency how you can fight Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030 you can go to: Godspeed to all of us at Peak Prosperity!

Status quo will remain. There is 0.0% evidence that the historically chronic and failed inflationist policies of the Federal Reserve Bank and CONgress will be ending anytime soon. To the contrary, the evidence shows that ZIRP, deficit spending, money printing , and equity/bond/gold/oil market interventions will recklessly continue and probably even accelerate. The runaway train that the tribe knows is careening towards predictable disaster will not change course unless the conductor voluntarily decides to slow down and hit the brakes. Does anyone believe that Chairmen Powell or CONgress will do that? All of history, science, economics and nature proves the likely outcome that is coming yet our failed “leaders” deny these simple realities. I will ask again.....does anyone really believe that the train conductor(s) are going to hit the brakes? I offer them one final chance to do what they know is right. If not, then history also tells us that Revolution will be the next best option for the great American People. How else will the “Great Reset” arrive.....from magic pixie dust?

Chris I think highly of your work but if you think the reset is good, full stop. It’s not democratic but communist. They take things we can agree with like better air quality and climate to decide what is best for you and me. They don’t want you to be self reliant, God forbid. Er, sorry, they forbid.
Any thing associated with Soros, Gates, Schwab is areal red flag that you will not matter.
Martin Armstrong has it right. You need to do further research. Check him out.
And as Cardinal Vigano recently wrote, they are the children of darkness.
Stay well and love and respect you!

…whatever it is will have a painful birth. Any attempt at drastic change in this contentious environment is going to be violent.

Did you really thing you were going to get any practical concrete suggestions this side of the paywall? There is a longstanding tradition of strong metaphorical story - engine failure/bird strike - followed by generic exhortation: Do something. Followed by, register to be told what to do. No surprise there. However your encouragement of homosexuality to solve population problems made me chuckle. Hadn’t read that one before.

Another great article. Thanks. Much of the discussion seems to be on the details of the content of a great reset. Lets not forget that context is always relevant too. In this case the context is largely where we are in the story of the 3 Es. In terms of Energy the second law of thermodynamics is non negotiable. As energy available for society to consume diminishes so eventually will the complexity of our civilizational structures begin to crumble. Many of us here expect some sort of simplification and relocalization to occur.
Another aspect of the context is of course the global environmental disaster unfolding. Our very life support systems are under threat.
As far as I can see the proponents of the great reset are enchanted by the content of their vision- the technological complexities and systems that will give them ever more control - and they are failing to recognize the larger context of our civilizational narrative. So, while massive change is coming I suspect it will not run strictly in according with the elites script.

As Chris notes, some sort of reset is desperately needed. But the level it is coming from is critical. From a spiral dynamics perspective -
Do the agenda and actions seem to be coming from the Integral, planetary, holistic level with an open, inclusive multi disciplinary approach dedicated to the welfare of planet earth, its inhabitants and ecosystems?
Or is the Reset perhaps driven from the Green, postmodern, multi perspectival, consensus-forming worldview?
Or perhaps the Orange, rational, scientific perspective?
Or is the motivation for the Reset coming from even lower down the spiral, from the self-centric /ethno-centric red/amber power and control level? This is the level of needy egos that crave power and money and control (and no amount is ever enough).
There do appear to be aspects from each Spiral Dynamics level incorporated in some of the summaries I’ve seen. But it looks suspiciously as though people and ideas have been brought on board to buy respectability for a core philosophy originating from a red/ amber worldview

I think for anyone willing to pay attention to who the players behind “The Great Reset” are, it is quite apparent that this is nothing more than a “rebranding” of the “New World Order” The elites have always had plans for crafting a world of their own creation. Carroll Quigley. Bill Clinton’s mentor at Georgetown documented as much in “Tragedy and Hope”.
The latest group of elites to join the ranks are the Silicon Valley technocrats. Eric Schmidt and Bill Gates are leading the charge publicly. The program has been going on for well over a century with the Roundtable group in England . Are these people altruists? Maybe, I don’t know for sure, but clearly they are Machiavellians . One other thing is abundantly clear , none of us will get a vote.

Hi Mohammed,
Your link does not work - might be good to fix that as the article is a good read.
One good excerpt re David Rockefeller

Unless the business class is actively involved in resolving "societal problems", he warned the New York Economic Club, the public may become "disenchanted with business" and "demand that government resume its previous role as the arbiter of our economic life".26 And thus David's real agenda becomes clear: the rich must govern, limiting the role of elected officials; but the multitude must be placated lest they clamour for the return of democracy, threatening the reign of the plutocrats.
The World Economic Forum run by Klaus Schwab et al is first and foremost a business. Their first priority is value to stakeholders, read “profits”, in spite of stated benevolent intentions. To do so they must control all governments as well as populations. They already have far more control than most realize. Their plans have benefitted beyond measure from harnessing technology, which has accelerated the move from planning to actual implementation. Aided of course by the Covid-19 catalyst, which has been oh so opportunistic... Sure they may do some good things but never, ever forget their primary goal is total control of the world and exclusive use all ‘inventory’, which includes we human ‘assets’, to maximize stakeholder value. When there is no further ‘value’ to be extracted from us, or alternatively, if we become ‘liabilities’, we will be rendered ‘obsolete’. What that actually looks like, who knows. All I know with any certainty is that ‘planned obsolescence’ is never a good thing.

I don’t know how many times I have signed on to this site since 2008 and have seen the same stock photo. I take the message to be: Everyone has their heads in the sand except those who agree with the PP narrative.

  1. Double thumbs up. Well done. You make it clear. These people will monitor your water usage, where you go and how, etc.
  2. Money goes digital so they know how, when, and where you spend it so you can be taxed and corrected if you spend it on hateful groups that are anti abortion, republican, independent, contrary to the party line.

For those still having trouble believing the govt. might not have your best interests at heart please see this very important information.
Sorry if already posted.

I’m afraid that the Great Reset will not play out as the Davos Crowd expects.
Sure, they’ll press the button hard. And things reset.
But then things fail to restart. Stuck in reset. It will be gigantic clusterf@&#.
This recent letter to Trump worth reading!

"The purpose of the Great Reset is the imposition of a health dictatorship aiming at the imposition of liberticidal measures, hidden behind tempting promises of ensuring a universal income and cancelling individual debt. The price of these concessions from the International Monetary Fund will be the renunciation of private property and adherence to a program of vaccination against Covid-19 and Covid-21 promoted by Bill Gates with the collaboration of the main pharmaceutical groups. Beyond the enormous economic interests that motivate the promoters of the Great Reset, the imposition of the vaccination will be accompanied by the requirement of a health passport and a digital ID, with the consequent contact tracing of the population of the entire world. Those who do not accept these measures will be confined in detention camps or placed under house arrest, and all their assets will be confiscated."