Choosing To Do Nothing Now Has Large Consequences

I would love to hear your plans, your examples of how we should plan for our individual needs. I will say that I was a babe in the woods 12 years ago and feel I have exponentially more wisdom by taking what Chris has mused about, then taking further by doing my own research and making my own plans for MY future. I do not think ever of Chris when I make my decisions but, I thank him for allowing me to bolt on the things after reflection, of course, on my personal needs and desires. Actually, we have always planned our later years, Barb and I, and with Chris and Adams help I was able to focus the worlds reality and make decisions to help us get these life long plans to a fruitful conclusion.
Again, take all the time you want and show me conclusively what I should do by implementing these reality’s so Barb and I can get to our goals, safely, with integrity and of high character so we don’t feel like we are crawling across those still mired in mud. I’ll look for your comments with excitement, Until then I’ll read with delight Chris’s good intentions. I trust him and thank him for all his efforts. You know, he has always asked we trust our gut, that in many cases he acknowledges he has really no clue yet on where things will go because he does have clear visuals of where we will finally end up, like the “Great Reset” of which I have spent 12 hour days just researching this Elites idea. Frankly, with just the research I have started I am most impressed. If they actually are laser focused to do what they claim on the WEF website then I actually feel like this could be a very awesome under taking. I am hopeful because it has a reasonable chance at saving our planet and this excites the hell out of me. Time will tell if I’m fully on board. The Rental vs. Ownership has me a bit confused and research is limited, I know, I’ve checked. Anyways, I’m an optimist and more optimistic now than I was a few weeks ago. Peace…PS: Has anyone else seen how blue the sky has been and clean the air is? Barb and I have loved just enjoying our environment and feeling much better ourselves for this environmental plus all because of the lack of planes flying as they were less than a year ago. We really want it all, this clean air has been a terrific happening because of the Virus. Even in the City where we rent the stars have been many and brighter. Just great.


As I read your post I was immediately reminded of the Benjamin Franklin quote about liberty and safety…“Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
Perhaps, in your investigation of the “Great Reset” you came across this video?
It would be really great to get Chris’ take on the veracity of the flow chart presented there.

Apart from all the other information and evidence and historical patterns and evidence also regarding the wayward direction of some of the powers that be. Let us set that apart.
But ask Why now?
Why now do the “powers that be” want the world to be “sustainable and inclusive”.?
Why now- all of sudden- is the IMF and WEF et al concerned about sustainability.?
Why now are the 1% willing to give up their private ownership and eat less meat and go along with these plans to make our world sustainable.?
I have worked in sustainable development since its dawn in the late 70s with the UN with governments with the Bank and banks and other IFIs and councils and forums and the like and thus I know what I am talking about and the people who are in power have known how to make our world inclusive and sustainable for decades. The technology and structures and processes are all there-all models designed - from the briliance of the capital assets model to environmental accounting.
This Great Reset is being presented as something good. It may well be “good” for someone or something, but as George Carlin pointed out.
“It’s a big club and you ain’t in it”.

I feel like I watched an entirely different presentation. I heard Chris refer to his Crash Course and developing the different forms of capital and also talking about the stages of grief. At no point, did I intuit that he was suggesting violence or advocating mass death.

I agree. What Chris has been is a teacher that looks at things from angles that did make me aware, it has always been my responsibility to watch everything and research everything myself and then take it upon myself to find MY PATHWAY to happiness. Look, how in heck is Chris responsible for me, my god we have never met and he couldn’t possibly know what my goals and asperations are. In general he does but he couldn’t ever understand my complexity’s as I don’t know myself when my situation will change and then I change my mind. He has been inclusive of all the things that he is watching and for that my life has been different and positively so. How this all has effected me has been the world has gotten a whole lot smaller allowing me to focus my attention on my goals, my plan. He has never professed to be our savior, we must be that. Trust your gut. BOB

I would appreciate any information regarding the Renter system that has been broached from the WEF. I have looked but I often get side tracked when something else from their site catches my eye as this is really all new to me and it’s being implemented. I’ll keep doing the searches but I am sure someone out here has been at this way longer thatn I have. I am building my Log Cabin, our dream and I plan to pay cash for it to be built. So, should I? I do plan to go in and remove this equity as housing may have a big reset itself and the market for homes drastically reduced so the value of our home will drop. For my way of thinking, my home will be worth much less than the price too build so that’s a loss of cash if I don’t grab it now. Thank you for any assistance and I don’t care if it’s a lot of material to read, I will get the work done. I will read everything given to me. Again, thank you

Interesting that rent vs buy, not owning anything should be a red flag for CM. for most people on the planet is it the only circumstance they hve known. Like G W Bush said, you who have some and want more are my base; that means the small and powerful who do own property now are at risk of losing the only security they value: owning stuff, starting with own home. They would be the base for WEF too, imo. And CM overlooks the option that who owns would be the governments, or nobody, as in a perpetual lease, or as indigenous peoples have mostly understood it: you can’t own the Earth Mother.

The only ‘why now’ I can think of is they have almost always been skillful at staying ahead of the curve of events. This time they are coopting the agenda of those who care (as in earth care, people care, future care) and are adopting it as a false flag. We plebes will always keep on hopeing that the next time, as in when a govt changes hands, it will be different. I got duped in our last federal election when Justin Trudeau, ‘the younger’ got elected PM. Also Obama was the assassin in chief, didn’t close Gitmo, deported more than any Prez, etc. Campaign from the left, govern from the right; that’s where the money is. They are a like an algorithm, the longer it runs the smarter it gets, at controlling the system we call democracy.

I’m commenting here, outside the paywall, because I’ve let my membership lapse, and that in turn is because, having processed peak oil and “Limits to Growth” back in 2003, my intellectual journey has led me well into the minefield that is religion and (I would say) out the other side, with enough confidence that I’m no longer hedging my bets for all contingencies but, for about four years now, preparing mostly for one scenario. Talking about religion is not encouraged here, and I’m not sure it would help anyway because, like I said, it’s a minefield of ideas and bad actors. You have to walk slowly through it.
But I will say that any discussion of the Great Reset will eventually involve the Vatican. Whether they are merely a bit player or the main source of Great Reset doctrine, the reader should decide for himself. But having yesterday browsed the new encyclical “Fratelli tutti,” and finding correspondences with the WEF videos in all but perhaps the transhuman elements, I’m reminded that it’s nothing new. Thomas Aquinas taught the same social and economic principles, for example in Summa Theologiae, ii-ii, 7th article: “In cases of need, all things are common property, so that there would seem to be no sin in taking another’s property, for need has made it common. … A man may also take secretly another’s property in order to succor his neighbor in need.”
I’m amused by Bradford’s mention of a Padre Peregrino video. I for one do not expect top level analysis from any Catholic, even one who sees corruption in the church and hopes to reform it.
I’d also encourage Chris Martenson to not compromise. The ends do not justify the means, ever. Unfortunately most worldviews don’t have a level of analysis above cycles of life and death that accept dissimulation for the greater good.

Many have expressed a “what should I/we do” seeking advice either from Chris or Adam, or from the many (quite obviously intelligent) participants in this site. I can sympathize with that – I’ve had many of the same feelings myself.

Here’s the thing. You can’t (nor should you) expect some other person or agency
to tell you the recipe for achieving your own resiliency, safety, security or happiness. That’s just not how things work.

What Chris, Adam, and the many others on this site have done (for me, at least, and I speak strictly for myself) is to offer their confirmation and acceptance of my ability to think. To look at data. To drill down into it. To be willing to change my mind when the data changes. To adapt what I know and learn to my own personal situation. This is called “empowerment.”

Empowerment is the exact opposite of the message we hear in almost every ordinary media outlet. According to the “narrative” you can’t beat the virus, you can’t survive without masks, you are doomed if you were born with the wrong skin color or in the wrong place, or to the wrong set of parents, or if you have< a different sexual orientation or even “preference” —
Whatever it is, the overwhelming narrative has been a deafening, “You can’t survive without US. Follow along and join US and WE will make it all better. Trust us.”

How often do we hear a message in ordinary MSM like we find on this site? A message that says, you CAN think for yourself. You CAN succeed. You CAN prosper. It’s up to YOU.

From where I stand, I’ll take Chris, Evie, Adam, and the whole lot of this diverse, motley, occasionally ornery bunch over ANYTHING that I see almost anywhere else.

And, a P.s. for Chris and Adam … You both have charming and intelligent “highly significant” others that I for one hope to see a great deal more input from, as time unfolds. They have things to tell us, and I am ready to learn.

Peace and prosperity to you all.


You have concerns and that’s fine but quite a bit of your post is putting words or intention in Chris’s mouth and extrapolating from there. In doing so you’re arguing with assumptions and not with the content. Better to keep in the scope of the post and look forward to any follow-up that’ll come later. I’m sure 90% of the concerns will be clarified or addressed elsewhere.

Well stated Chuck.

Van the man shares his perspective

The Great Reset sounds like a conspiracy theory. Remember that humans are a species. They will always behave like humans, collectively. Individuals may occasionally be seen doing something rational but let’s not fool ourselves that humans, generally, will always act like humans unless their environment changes forcing a behavioural change. If I’ve got this wrong, I’d love to be corrected.

Lets face it, whatever package they present to you will have the same stuff inside. I dont care if they call it socialism, great reset, agenda 21, environmental accords, etc,etc
Its only going to go one way until the entire power structure has flipped upside down. Right now those at the top making the decisions have never been more powerful int he history of humanity. The idea that they are going to make “changes” that take anything from them to benefit you is moronic.
Whatever they present to you for the “good of mankind” is the same warmed over shit sandwich in a different color bag.


If I've got this wrong, I'd love to be corrected.
You've got this wrong. Here's the website. And a video from 2016 to get you rolling. WEF (the proponents of the Great Reset - the billionaires who meet at Davos every year) deleted this video from their twitter feed just yesterday. I got it from another source. While they talk about "sustainability", they just want to be the owners, and have us be the renters, for us to stay at home and not travel, so they can fly around on their jets using the remaining oil. Now that's human nature in action.

I think gravity is a conspiracy theory meant to hold us down on this planet and not let us disseminate our population throughout the universe.  Please correct me if I am wrong.

BTW, the first mention I heard of The Great Reset was by the very well connected Jim Sinclair approximately 10 years ago.  So this conspiracy theory is nothing new.  This conspiracy theory has also apparently been embraced by the WEF.

But it’s only a conspiracy theory.  There is nothing to be concerned about here.  Government always has your greater good in mind and will protect you (and your children) as history has shown us time and time again.  The fact checkers will soon prove it false and the MSM will reassure you and tell you that you can rest easy (as long as whatever you’re worried about isn’t coming from Trump).  They will also likely announce a new wonder vaccine that can innoculate your brain and the brain of others such that no conspiracy theories take root.  We will soon be safe from such pernicious dangers.      

Thomas Aquinas taught the same social and economic principles
Not at all. If you read the Summa carefully (e.g. not cherry-pick) you can see the logical progression of Aquinas’ reasoning, which supports private property. Hell, he even quotes Aristotle on the subject. Here’s a quote directly from the document you reference that contradicts your understanding of it all:
I say that…Secondly, as regards their use, and in this way, man has a natural dominion over external things, because, by his reason and will, he is able to use them for his own profit, as they were made on his account: for the imperfect is always for the sake of the perfect, as stated above (II-II:64:1). It is by this argument that the Philosopher proves (Polit. i, 3) that the possession of external things is natural to man.

But I confess you did give me my LOL of the day with this: I for one do not expect top level analysis from any Catholic. A few household-name Catholics off the top of my head I can spell…Fermat, Fermi, Descartes, Copernicus, Coulomb, Becquerel…and I got tired of typing…

“The Great Reset” are, it is quite apparent that this is nothing more than a “rebranding” of the “New World Order”
I am also suspicious of the “rebranded” sentiments outlined in the “Great Reset for Dummies” because they seem to correspond so closely to the 1905 piece called, “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” (relevant quotes below- see for yourself), which according to wikipedia is “a fabricated antisemitic text purporting to describe a Jewish plan for global domination.” I realize that no one has explicitly said that this is a Jewish conspiracy, but the term “elites” is often a euphemism understood to mean as such. Which raises a question for me about who wants us to be misdirected in terms of our understanding of what is really going on. If the focus is on the “elites” (subtext Jewish conspiracy), then maybe we won’t notice what is actually happening…
The reason I bring this up is not to point fingers at anyone, only to examine a dynamic which is often difficult to pinpoint or articulate, which we all (myself included) would benefit from understanding better. The role of anti-Semitism, historically, has been to position the Jews between the ruling class and the working class to act as a “safety valve” or “cover” for the ruling class so that the legitimate rage of the workers never actually reaches the true source of the difficulty. Working people revolt. Jews are blamed. The system doesn’t change. And neither do the living conditions for working people. The dynamic has repeated throughout history and as long as we remain confused by it, it will continue to derail any efforts made for lasting change.
I am especially suspicious about why this rhetoric has been resurrected and is being recirculated now. To take a lesson from history, it’s worth noting that after the collapse of the currency in Weimar Germany, it was the “Protocols of the Elder’s of Zion” that was circulated widely. According to wikipedia, “the Protocols also became a part of the Nazi propaganda effort to justify persecution of the Jews.” And we all know the rest of that story. Something like 6 million Jews were killed. But the system never changed. Neither did the lives of working people. What will it mean if we fall for it again? This time, with a global collapse of the economy and creating a world worth inheriting on the line.
To be clear, I’m not saying that there are not ultra wealthy people doing nefarious things behind the scenes, but I am quite sure not all of them are Jews. And I’m not sure they are as coordinated as we would imagine them to be- Charles Hugh Smith talks about this. Charles Eisenstein also did a nice piece recently on the “Conspiracy Myth.” And my point is to simply watch out when it starts looking like the Jews are the problem. That’s the tip off something else is going on that the rest of TPTB do not want you to notice.
For those who haven’t read the “Protocols,” here are some relevant lines you might find interesting:

  • p13 Who are the Elders? This is a secret which has not been revealed. They are the Hidden Hand.
  • p23 ... we were the first to cry among the masses of the people the words, "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity," words many times repeated since these days by stupid poll-parrots who, from all sides around, flew down upon these baits and with them carried away the well-being of the world.
  • p32... we have set all forces in opposition to one another, breaking up their liberal tendencies towards independence...
  • order to put public opinion into our hands we must bring it into a state of bewilderment by giving expression from all sides to so many contradictory opinions and for such length of time as will suffice to make the "goyim" (non-Jews) lose their heads in the labyrinth and come to see that the best thing is to have no opinion of any kind in matters political...
  • p47 ... It is essential therefore for us at whatever cost to deprive them of their land. This object will be best attained by increasing the burdens upon landed property- in loading the lands with debts.
  • p62... When we have accomplished our coup d'etat we shall say then to the various peoples: "Everything has gone terribly badly, all have been worn out with suffering, we are destroying the causes of your torment- nationalities, frontiers, differences of coinages..."
  • p68... But you yourselves perfectly well know that to produce the possibility of the expression of such wishes by all the nations it is indispensable to trouble in all countries the people's relations with their governments so as to utterly exhaust humanity with dissension, hatred, struggle, envy, and even by the use of torture, by starvation, by the inoculation of diseases, by want, so that the "Goyim" (non-jews) see no other issue than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and all else.
  • p72...for we shall keep promising to give back all their liberties we have taken away as soon as we have quelled the enemies of peace and tamed all parties.
  • p73 ... it's not worth to say about how long a time they will be kept waiting for this return of their liberties...
  • p118... State needs must be paid by those who will not feel the burden and have enough to take from...
  • p131... nowadays all internal loans are consolidated by so-called flying loans, that is, such as have terms of payments more or less near. These debts consist of moneys paid into the savings banks and reserve funds. If left for long at the disposition of a government, these funds evaporate in the payment of interest on foreign loans and are place by the deposit of equivalent amount of rents.
  • p134 One authority will be glorious because it will be all-powerful, will rule and guide, and not muddle along after leaders and orators shrieking themselves horse with senseless words... our authority will be the crown of order, and in that is included the whole happiness of man.
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