Choosing To Do Nothing Now Has Large Consequences

Of course Aquinas would have to establish a basis for private property before creating exceptions to it, and I was aware that he found support for it in Aristotle. I’m also aware of Fermat, Fermi, Descartes, Copernicus, Coulomb, et al. from my studies in physics and philosophy—I have a degree in each. And while I meant for my statement of “I do not expect top level analysis from a Catholic” to be in the context of a theory that can explain current events, such as the pandemic and Great Reset, I think it still applies with less precision to these historical thinkers, though it’s rather unfair because most of them did not have the opportunity to know what we can today, and also the church worked closely with the state so that being on friendly terms with it was essential to getting things done.
I think part of your challenge is to see how I could possibly respond and confirm that I don’t know much. Perhaps so; I’m always learning. But I don’t expect to be able to challenge conventional narratives with yet another charge of conspiracy either. There isn’t enough shared foundation to work from. I’ve had to unlearn many things over the last twenty years, moving slowly in determining which ideas are trustworthy and which are not, and if tentative conclusions aren’t earned but merely given, they are without context, fragile and unreliable. I’m also disincentivized by seeing people I respect harassed or worse for saying what they know, and I don’t want to expose myself to that without good reason. I will tip my hand a little to say that my views are essentially Anabaptist, I have a rather literal view of the Bible, and that proper scientific inquiry supports it in amazing ways.
I thought my quote of Aquinas was fair, and appreciated when compared to the well-known command to not steal. I chose Aquinas because of his antiquity, but I could have also quoted Leo XIII’s influential “Rerum Novarum” (1891), which allied the church with the proletariat against capitalism and its underlying rights of privacy and personal property.

I’m not sure what you think I got wrong. Maybe it isn’t a conspiracy theory (though a website or a video doesn’t prove it one way or the other) but I don’t see how some people wanting humans to change their behaviour will actually make it happen. I don’t think any species has voluntarily altered its characteristic behaviour.

“The Backfire Effect is strong in you, Young Skywalker.”
I know. Evidence doesn’t work to convince people of anything.
To remind you:

The Great Reset sounds like a conspiracy theory. Remember that humans are a species. They will always behave like humans, collectively. Individuals may occasionally be seen doing something rational but let's not fool ourselves that humans, generally, will always act like humans unless their environment changes forcing a behavioural change.
We can agree, then. The Great Reset isn't a conspiracy theory. Its an actual plan, backed by a large number of really rich people. And it has been in place for a while now. Who do you think donates to elections? And gives rewards to politicians post "public service"? That would be - "really rich people." Who got Biden elected? "Really rich people." Why does Biden say "build back better" - the slogan of the Great Reset? "Really rich people." I'm not saying their plan is guaranteed to work. I'm saying they are putting a whole lot of wood behind this arrow. They are giving it their best shot. And they are really rich people. Even if it doesn't work, it will have a massive impact on you and me. And - I claim - that's because they are trying hard to convince us to stop using "their oil". Because - climate change - save the world - build back better - whatever. They get to fly around their private jets ("to climate change talks!") while we are locked down at home, with our small businesses and our wealth destroyed. If you say it doesn't work - I will point to the fact that Western Europe has locked down once again. And that airlines all over the world are going out of business. Tourist country economies are getting crushed. Oil consumption has cratered. If the goal is to stop us from consuming "their oil" - it appears to have worked fantastically well. Cui bono, do you think?
"Really rich people."

Well Folks, I have spent a small amount of time (90 hours) since “The Great Reset” was written about here last week. The knowledge that we have caused a 7% change for the positive in our environment with regards to clean air and our carbon foot print pleased me a great deal. It is what I want going forward with the benefit being a collective goal of the World to be more mindful of our environment.
I don’t see anything wrong with the idea of a rental society. My god, our land fills are filled with stuff that we put there after spend nice some’s of cash on and now throw away because we made a mistake, an expensive mistake. The resources used to build these items and then trashed is just a sin. Now, these items get rented at fairy tale prices then sent back to the rental company’s for someone else to use and the benefit is we will not waist the resources but once and I like that as I understand it.
Imagine, items that have been rented, sent back and re-rented has run its course but these items still have life to them. You then could furnish for free many of these items to a 3rd world country and be given the poor. Lets say we can now build at much cheaper costs a high rise building to house those who can’t afford a home. Then for free you furnish these homes with free furniture and now you have a family housed, and furnish for costs that are well managed and collectively we are taking care of these folks. Now, these folks have the time to imagine a better life and then get out there and start doing projects in their community to clean further their and by extension the worlds environment. This is something that makes me feel good and with the mind set having changes I believe is something collectively we can rally around. Why not!?
This would be very deflationary I would imagine.
Frankly, I found nothing that wouldn’t bolt on to my personal goals of being proactive in my behavior and to do my small part to be a negative carbon foot print individual. I simply want an environment that is healthier and more sustaining so that climate change does not spiral out of control.
The Atlantic Hurricane season has been my wake up call that something is very, very wrong. The fires on the West coast tells me we need to manage and make healthy our forest industry. We have so many extreme examples that we are really in serious trouble. Polar Ice caps melting is another ominous sign and the alkalinity levels in our oceans are just another example.
We really need a plan, with everyone becoming more concerned with their personal habits that must be changed to change our worlds environment and ecological impacts.
The WEF are at least seeing things for what it is. They are being proactive as it regards a better living standard, especially those that have nothing at all. Everyone deserves Food, Clothing, Water, a roof over their heads and warmth. Just with better food management, the stuff we throw away every day from our restaurants would go a long way to feeding those who live with hunger every day. and saving our environment. For this I have to give them a big two thumbs up for doing something.
Conspiracy? I don’t care so long as my little foot print is left for me to add my part to making this world better. In all of my life I haven’t been restricted or bothered by the Elites to do as I wish. I have not been bothered by the police or any other institution of power that has altered my movements or doing the things I have wanted so the WEF gets my support to begin their agenda. I am NOT a pessimist and I don’t take as my first stance a doom and gloom attitude. Especially when what they are doing and saying align so closely to my core beliefs.
As always, I reserve the right to change my mind but, for now, I have no negative thoughts that would cause me to dismiss the WEF as a World Order Organization that is set to enslave me and that’s my concern. If I’m allowed my freedoms, then I will be a supporter of this as it has no negatives that I can now see. It will have its fits and starts, with something this monumental there will be that.
Good luck to all of you, I wish you all well and that our future and environment will be much better tomorrow than what it is today. Peace

Prep 101,
Your comment about the blueprint of the Great Reset (below)
“This time, the blueprint of the Great Reset is to control all land, all water, all minerals, etc.They will start the assault on ordinary people with regulations, for example by cutting of your access to water, access to the road, or preventing you to build things on your land via permits. So JUST BEING RESILIENT IS NOT ENOUGH. You cannot hide.”
I think is more pertinent as an agenda of the New World Order. I say this because it is not just now beginning but rather is pretty well complete as an agenda item. All of those bullet points have been put in place and tightened up over the last 50 years.
The Great Reset IMHO involves removing local/national control over these activities and moving more into an unseen control system that can use AI to monitor land use and activity changes (5G and google earth) along with your thoughts and attitudes via your devices.
The complexity of the system will bring about its demise but I suspect it will not happen without some serious fallout.
Meanwhile, who cares about a satellite watching your garden grow! Yes it could be darker than that but living within the framework of fear will have worse consequences.
I agree with you about working within your community and to participate in the process. It is a worthwhile activity and builds lots of capital … and it can be very rewarding in times when you may think that all is about to be lost.
And as a ps to pokjbv … IMHO you are very far off the mark. I suggest you spend some time asking yourself what you actually believe in.

#build-back-better - A Scream!
Judging from what you have said thus far about the Great Reset, my feeling is that you have read / investigated very little about this very serious issue. After you have done a deep dive like I and many others here have done, you can come back and we will then debate. But just remember, while people are dicking around arguing and debating about the validity of the Great Reset, the billionaires are implementing their seriously scary shit. They count on the sheeple remaining ignorant, and foment divisiveness for those who dare to question.
You seem to consistently sport a proud contrarian persona, calling just about everything a conspiracy theory. It is tiresome. You forget that ‘conspiracy theorist’ is a derogatory term created by the elites to discredit those who question and probe - those who do not eat the daily pablum of their carefully crafted propaganda. I have moments, after readying your posts over the years, where, with all due respect, I think you are full of pablum!
Please do the deep dive to find out what this is all about and then I might give you the time of day. Until then, I’ll just skip over your unhelpful comments.

To you Jan nice post

Well said Jan… well said.

I had a strong suspicion I was/am not alone in my thinking…
Hugs back :wink:

Has COVID19 changed human behavior?  Is there any evidence that this virus was not a naturally occurring one?  Is there any evidence that its release was not completely accidental and/or it was not planned beforehand?  Is there any evidence that the release of this virus would benefit certain parties both monetarily and in terms of power and control?  Have you applied the test of cui bono?  Therein lie your answers.

Way to go!

“The I got mine and death to any that get near it mentality of preppers is going to be their death, because they represent a real threat to the society around them in their paranoia.”
I’m genuinely curious about this statement. Please explain it further. How are they a real threat to society?

“We’ll have to do a better job at welcoming and integrating refugees”
Here we go, Biden intending to flood the US with immigrants, especially those from 13 mostly Muslim/African countries.
“Western values will have been tested to the breaking point.”
Citizen, you will now accept an absolute compliance:

Preparing us to accept the coming mandatory vaccinations.

“which by my calculation will require a limiting of the population at least till our technology catches up”
I guess for those of use who don’t have a totalitarian mindset (I’m not trying to insult) passing laws to limit population would be diametrically opposed to most American’s views. BTW you are not wrong about limiting the population, but how to do it?
Bottom line is IMO, most people wouldn’t go along with this. China which is totalitarian tried it and it didn’t go as planned. People didn’t like it even so. How do you do this in what are called democratic based countries?
The solution is obvious. Do nothing and when population hits a tipping point, nature will cull the heard, or a war etc. The population will shrink, it has to. Is this a kinder way of dealing with the problem? No, IMO.

…thanks to Bill Gates, et all, it appears a much more proactive “culling of the herd” is now underway.
My son texted me this morning “I’ll hide in the forest before taking that vaccine lol”

Plan for Tomorrow,
“I don’t see anything wrong with the idea of a rental society. My god, our land fills are filled with stuff that we put there after spend nice some’s of cash on and now throw away because we made a mistake, an expensive mistake. The resources used to build these items and then trashed is just a sin. Now, these items get rented at fairy tale prices then sent back to the rental company’s for someone else to use and the benefit is we will not waist the resources but once and I like that as I understand it.” Plan for Tomorrow.

I agree absolutely. At some point resources either have to be shared or rationed. This is the harsh reality. It is scary to think there is a reset master plan but even scarier to contemplate a world where only those with wealth will be able to get by. A plan beats no plan.
One thing ‘the elites’ don’t want is to perish in a popular revolution of starving and freezing people.
Those who are force feeding themselves a steady diet of alt right rambling paranoia have to get out, go for a walk and appreciate what we have left of nature and look forward to a master plan that includes all of us, not just the hyper wealthy.

“I got duped in our last federal election when Justin Trudeau, ‘the younger’ got elected PM” --Iana

Oh, THAT guy. The one who almost immediately and efficiently sent out 2,000.00 checks to every working person, to ensure all but essential workers stayed home during the height of the pandemic?
Same one who instituted the smooth delivery by merely requiring a quick phone call to recieve a check, reasoning that the money would be clawed back through income tax if person was employed? That jerk?
The same dude who is trying to thread the almost impossible needle of trying satisfy Alberta oil sands employees while looking after the environment and heeding the Paris accords. Creep.
LOL. We have had amazing governance through this and all the other nonsense that has come up in the last few years. Not perfect by a long shot, but really great compared to many other governments!
Trying to help the average Joe and Jane. Guy must be a communist.

The WHO, CDC, deep state operatives, and first world governments actively suppressed effective treatments to combat the virus, and so demonstrated that saving lives was not at all their objective. I contend it is not “paranoia” (your word) to mistrust their motivations and future “remedies” moving forward based upon their prior actions.
“To paraphrase (Klaus Schwab) Covid-19 gives us a small window of opportunity for The Great Reset”. Economist Jonathan Davis

I wasn’t aware the CDC, WHO and deep state operatives designed the reset. Thanks for that information! By the way who are these ‘operatives’ who are in on the nasty plan to preserve the planet and save lives? I have a good motto for all those who think this way.
If it’s ‘green,’ it’s gotta be mean.
Don’t people realize that ‘green,’ is always code for interment camps, death, destruction, jack booted thugs and stealing? So yeah, anyone who thinks that is paranoid thinking has a huge problem. LOL

“Vaccine” is always code for, “they are trying to kill me.” Tell everybody. Inoculate your children with the truth before they are inoculated with poisons.
We know this is true because someone on youtube said it. And they are far smarter and have fewer conflicts of interest than those developing vaccines.
And don’t listen to anybody who brings up click bait because they are part of it. The conspiracy, that is…or they don’t know any better.