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Ai Revolution

A couple months ago I watched a podcast with Glenn Beck and Jeff Brown. Regardless of how you may feel about Glenn, its a very interesting conversation.
Jeff spoke of how ChatGPT and similar technology will very soon, this year and next year it will change our lives on the level of the smart phone. ChatGPT is just the tip of this iceberg. Jeff said it would be like everyone having their own personal assistant.
I run a few small businesses with some other people, some of the things Chris talked about today, and the ideas talked about in the podcast I watched, honestly excited me. It is so hard to find employees, especially in CA. Labor is the #1 expense and in CA the potential liability to a business is high. If I could cut down on overhead labor and liability I would be very happy. I am already utilizing some basic tech in accounting to need less people. I am aware of the potential issues with replacing jobs in this way, but for many reasons, I feel like many small business employers are pushed to this.

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That’s Better

Finally you got rid of that swimming guy picture, large in my face, everytime I open pp ?


“you Are Who You Spend Time With …” - Tiktok 5th Generation Warfare

I would guess the majority of us here are 40+, dare I say 50+ - apologies if I’m wrong. We have our life experiences which probably don’t include growing up using Tiktok. I heard on a recent Patrick David Bet podcast that 20% of gen Z (I think that’s the one) identify as LGBTQ+++++. 20%! What does this group of people have in common- they spend a lot of time on Tiktok. One must ask, Is Tiktok a 5th generation weapon to make our future men and women weak and dumbed down?


Government Computer Systems Suck

The civilian computer systems are a joke. I am not familiar with the JWICS computer system but when I saw the leaker was a IT guy. I wasn’t surprised. They pull a line staff member with minimal computer knowledge but more than average and put that person in charge of IT. Have you tried to use the IRS or SSA websites? All government sites are primitive and not intuitive. We used to laugh at our “new” computers. They looked like someone bought them at a garage sale. So a kid getting highly classified info, doesn’t really surprise me. Consider the hacker, Gary McKinnon. He got in.

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What I Learned

My take-away from this podcast is that Evie isn’t a slow adapter, but super fast. She went straight from pre-tech to post-tech and skipped the whole internet and tech thing. I think she’s just waiting for Chris to catch up.


Just Fyi On The Audio

Btw those chat feedback comments:
"echo on Chris’ mic… "
“no it’s reverb” etc. was caused by Chris’ mic feeding 2 sources to the live feed at about the same level as each other.
This is often caused by not muting a monitoring source. One of the signals was slighly delayed (20ms or so) and probably the signal going thru the dsp processing’ (compressor etc) which adds latency, the other being direct monitoring which when combined gives a comb filtering effect which phase cancels some frequencies leading to a slight drop in volume and clarity.
Later when Chris boosted his mic gain it overshadowed the other signal and the problem disappeared.
Not that Chris was unintelligible anyway, it just sounded slighty odd. in tone.

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Reporting From Chiraq


OMG, that video about real journalists speaking out in a room of deeply asleep people is awesome.
Regarding AI, the discussion reminded me of an old joke: computers (machines, AI, etc.) will become just like people (and so will be able to replace them) when they learn to slack off and blame their mistakes on someone else ?


100% agree


This hits home. The past couple years I used the IRS free file forms to file my taxes and it was so painful that this year I’m back to manually entering on paper sheets. The IT hasn’t improved since the mid-2000s. It speaks volumes about the state of our government.

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On AI becoming more human like, I got triggered by thee thought of humans becoming AI instead. Humans are becoming mechanized, by all the artificial body parts created and implanted, smart watches and other devices which one day all will be implanted etc. The intelligence will still be human, the technology implanted in humans will be the artificial bit in this story, not the robots/ machines becoming intelligent and taking over. It fits with the transhumanism agenda.


New Council For Academic Freedom At Harvard

The video of the reporters reminded me of this article that I came across recently.
A group of faculty has come together to pledge support for academic freedom. (Of course, I’ll believe it when I see it)

Government inefficiency is to your benefit. The last thing I want is an efficient organization that loots and pillages and actively takes away our rights!


About Ai

Check out Tom Bilyeu’s video:
MEGATHREAT: The Dangers Of AI Are WEIRDER Than You Think | Yoshua Bengio
“Yoshua Bengio has dedicated more than 30 years of his computer science career to deep learning. He’s an award winning computer scientist known for his breakthroughs in artificial neural networks. Why after 3 decades contributing to the advancement of A.I. systems is Yoshua now calling to slow down the development of powerful A.I. systems?”
Mr. Bengio explains why he thinks AI cannot become sentient and the potential dangers.
I personally think only God can create consciousness and evolution is still only a theory. For something to be a scientific law it must be observable and evolution has never been observed.

Great Episode! So Many Thoughts…

One line springs to mind that I read a couple of years ago:
“I’m not afraid of the AI that passes the Turing test. I’m afraid of the one that fails it – on purpose.”
It seems, change is in the air. Weeks in which decades happen…
A while ago, I watched an interview – it may have been here. I cannot recall the name of the interviewee, only that he was a historian of sorts. He talked about the late Roman empire and the shock that society experienced when Christianity became official state religion. He said he’d read many accounts of patrician families – the Roman elites – and none of them had seen this change coming. None of them were prepared and it hit them like a brick.
Although considered a bit of a Luddite by friends and family – I choose to stay clear of some innovations that are integral parts of most people’s lives – I like to think of myself as a technology agnostic. Most gadgets that are being fired onto the market and into society are, what I call, innovation without progress. When you strip it down to its basics, there’s no added value. It’s just a different way of doing what we’ve always done. With that in mind, I’m quite interested about these recent developments in AI. So, I reading up on it and hope to learn more about it here on PP as well.
A few years ago they said, “Learn how to code.” I guess, now we should say, “Learn to milk a cow or plant a garden.”


“old Farmers”

In the early 1970’s I went into the farming business with one of my brothers. At that time everybody said “farmers are getting old; we have a problem.” They were old then, late 50’s and into their 60’s. Well, my brother and I are now in our mid to late 70’s and farmers are still very old and we still have a problem, but my brother and I are even older! Old farmers are an old story.


The “old farmer” thing is cited in the UK. This is my take as a tax adviser who lives in the countryside.
In the UK, farms can be passed to the next generation free of inheritance tax. It is better to pass it on death than during lifetime. So “the farmer” - as in the landowner and the person with his name on all the farming licences etc is always the old guy. Doesn’t mean his son won’t be out there working the land - and then he inherits it when he is an old guy. So “the farmer” is always old.
I live in the countryside and every farm I know is in this situation - with an old owner and a younger/middle aged son working the farm.


Follow Up On Leaked Government Information

The question is: Was this leak a psyop?

Several former military and intelligence professionals have contacted me and voiced similar doubts about the pat story being circulated regarding National Guard Airman Jack Texeira and the allegations that he removed TOP SECRET documents from a SCIF, photographed them and then posted them to a gamer chat. They all agree, something is not right. The media account does not make sense.
The biggest oddity are the two separate documents from the CIA’s Operations Center. Neither are complete and both deal only with the Ukrainian/Russian war. To reiterate a point from my previous article, that CIA Operations Center produces two daily reports — one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It is not a “Community” product, i.e., it is not distributed to the other intelligence agencies. It is an internal CIA document (of course, it is available to the Director of National Intelligence).
Texeira’s alleged possession of two separate reports is doubly odd because he did not copy the full reports. The one dated 1 March 2023 only shows 3 of 8 pages. If he was taking the documents to impress the youngsters on the gamer chat, why did he not take the whole enchilada? And why did he only publish the portions of the intel report that dealt exclusively with Ukraine and Russia?
There has been some media reports that he also posted a State Department EXDIS cable. I have not seen it and cannot confirm that it exists. If it does, that would be another huge red flag. EXDIS is bureaucratic speak for EXCLUSIVE DISSEMINATION. It has a cousin, NODIS — i.e., NO DISTRIBUTION. The U.S. military does not have access to such cables.
There was a time when State EXDIS was available to U.S. military commands on a restricted basis. That was pre-Chelsea Manning. After Manning’s leaks in 2010, that access was cut off. I know this first hand because I was part of a team scripting military exercises for all U.S. regional commands (i.e., EUCOM, NORTHCOM, AFRICOM, PACOM, CENTCOM and SOUTHCOM) during the course of a year. I was the State Department Subject Matter Expert. That means I had the job of creating cable traffic from the Secretary of State or U.S. Embassies that the U.S. military might see during a terrorist crisis. Prior to the Manning/Wikileaks leak, I had full access to State Department messages, including EXDIS. After Manning, that access was terminated. Not just for me but for all the uniformed personnel I worked with. All held TS SCI clearances. There has been no change in that policy, which means there is no way that Jack Texeira would have had any access to copy and take a State Department EXDIS message.
Another curiosity with the story, apart from Jack’s youth and the claim that he held TS SCI clearances and had access to CIA internal reports, is the schedule of his Massachusetts Air National Guard unit. That outfit had not been called up and assigned a 24 x 7 mission. Instead, the Air National Guard unit meets one weekend a month. In other words, Jack had to work his magic over a two or three day period surrounded by peers and those in command of the unit. You do not just show up and pursue your own interests. There are drills and assigned work, which is supervised by Non-Commissioned Officers (i.e., Sergeants) and Officers.
Larry Johnson

Journalist Speaks Up

That video of the journalists speaking up is amazing! Is there a link for that specific video? I would love to share it!