Chris & Evie LIVE! (Replay)

Chris and Evie (uneasily) laugh-off the Chinese spy balloon situation with the help of the comical YouTube live-chatters. Check it out in case you missed it live!

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Other Things That They Could Be Using The Balloon For

Besides pics, electronic emissions monitoring watching how we track it etc. Also, monitoring our response to it governmentally. note, we looked like weak fucks on that. I also heard that we saw it over the Aleutian islands. I also like it as a potential EMP delivery platform. The stuff about not wanting to hit anything in Montana is crap. Maybe Biden didn’t want to offend the Chinese since he is bought and paid for by his buddy Xi. Now that they see how weakly we respond to an incursion into our own air space how long do you think it will be until china takes Taiwan?


A different take on the ballon hype

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I’ve seen this guy several times, Gonzalo Lira I believe is his name. I don’t agree with him completely on his dismissal that this is ‘just a stupid weather balloon’. It’s a little too simplistic to just dismiss it off hand without knowing the facts. HOWEVER, I completely agree that this is being used as a lightning rod for mass social mood. I liken this to Sputnik which was nothing more than a volleyball sized radio beacon orbiting the earth, but in the era of post WWII nuclear arms race it was gasoline on the social fear and angst of the time.
If the neocons are using this as a means of laying the foundations for war with China, they may have failed to consider the damaging aspects of ineptitude, weakness and indecision it appeared to show in our leadership and government.
I agree with you, Chris, when you ask, ‘what are we missing?’ What is it that we aren’t paying attention to while this is happening?

[aussie Humour] Possible Explanations For The ‘spy’ Balloon…

Biden: Hey mate, I need a favour from you.
Xi: Just say it, mate.
Biden: You know, the FBI has just raided my home for documents… my ass is on fire. I’m worried more raids are coming. I need some diversion. Can you do something?
Xi: No worries, mate. Let me come up with something for you by this arvo…
[3 weeks later…]
Biden: Wow! Thanks mate! You beauty! Your balloon idea is genius. Now everyone is talking about it. I can now shift my documents while everyone is looking up at the sky.
Xi: Count on me, mate! Any time.


Joe Fights Inflation

With the balloon being shot down, Joe Biden shows he does know how to fight inflation!


What Are They Up To?

Something’s up ?

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Did they put it up there thinking that it would be shot down? And what’s inside of it? Lots of coverage here in Australia.

Well I get it.

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(satire) (my First Post) (chinese Surveillance Blimp)

What if it:
-Isn’t a Chinese balloon, per se, but a more general Surveillance Balloon, as this is the new model for the Prson Plnet…
-Sure, it will naturally be full of at least SOME PRC/CPC (CCP) electronics, but the point of the exercise is to deeply ingrain into the American psyche, the fact that “China Joe” and the Big Guy is just a universal part of Reality, and whether it would have been called (a) Joe, or been (a) Biden [Ioseph … who begot Hunter, a/k/a Nimrod) …
…The names and faces change, like shadows, in a sky filled with falling stars (like a meteor shower - only falling stars of the West) - BUT the ultimate truth is, this is worse than 911 and J06 combined, because it leverages the powers of both events combined, as a psychological weapon.
-It is/may well have been part a covert foreign intelligence mission - but for it to have meandered its merry mayday way without being eliminated, and with so much media attention - media owned by heavyweight defense armaments contractors, including of course, Raytheon, as the SecDef actually had to resign from the board of Raytheon
…In order to crawl back out of private life into public life.
Admirable thing to do; serving your country when Bidens call.
-However, I think it is a not-so-subtle terror campaign, and whether the psychological warfare aspect of this is primary or secondary, it is a big part of it.
-Do NOT expect main-stream LCD media (lowest common denominator) to spend much real effort producing a report full of healthy interrogative conjecture, speculation - such-like or ‘as’ (?) the following:
-A highlighted handful of about 3 (‘several’) hypotheses: A tight grouping of possibilities, with at least one or two “whack-jobs” (the sorta thing nowadays immediately called a “conspiracy theory/ist” -
-Hearken back to the 90s and UFO or “aliens!” speculation, for example- Not saying THAT, per se… but in that style or mood…
That leaves it to the alternative media. Here is your opportunity to take up the slaac and lack of trust - surrendered by the LCD MSM media

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the FCC and FAA would have coordinated to find out what and where it is. It is not a UAP (formerly known as UFOs).
I suspect if there’s a higher power demand for a longer flight (solar panels), one thing comes to find: RF Rx/Tx – it looks like a radio and possibly video, FLIR, laser mapping device - that would either have gotten lost and wandered into US airspace, which is odd - or, perhaps, if one were a foreign intelligence agency, one might be wanting to survey in very great detail a particular location - or multiple particular locations - that can gather more & better data, as well as radio signals.
As for the risk of falling debris - Could be bad…
If it had a virus on it or a dirty nuke to power it (like the RTG… radioisotope thermal generator) if it is really mission critical (RTGs are slow-burn nuclear power plants, used for decades on satellites, to provide reliable electrical power without sunlight, using a direct thermal electric generator (thermocouple? The reverse of a solid-state AC unit, like in your car 12VDC powered tiny coolers I used to see advertised in catalogs.
Now you’d have to search for it intentionally, between AliExpress balloon service, and Amazon (which is the retail storefront for Alibaba, with American shippers and packers)

Maybe they also did not shoot it down very fast because they were using passive systems to try to scan it and learn about whatever encryption scheme it might use

Well, it DID scotch Blinken’s trip to talk de-escalation with Xi. So…chalk one up for MIC and war hawks?
(Not that I expect much good would have come from Blinken’s trip.)

Every time I hear someone say “MOSTLY…” (followed by, “something”), my mind fills in either like “MOSTLY PEACEFUL” … or “MOSTLY SAFE AND EFFECTIVE” lol

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Head Fakes Abound

Regarding balloons,

  1. I’m favoring this take from ZeroHedge; it quotes War Monitor:
To plan sending a balloon like this from China to a place over US land isn’t even doable in the first place. The last hypothesis, which I guess is also somewhat likely, is that this is a series of unfortunate events without any malice on either side.

1) Balloon deviates from course and gets in US airspace,
2) people see it and Pentagon feels it has to communicate about it
3) the media, wearing their usual “China bad” hat, decide to go all-in on the scare-mongering,
4) political opposition and China hawks jump on the bandwagon,
5) administration feels it has no other choice than to cancel the trip and doesn’t have the political courage to say “this is just a balloon that drifted off course”.

If Putin doesn’t do anything this month, then the biggest story of February 2023 would be a balloon.
— War Monitor (@WarMonitors) February 4, 2023
2) We're at the point that a balloon serves really well to fear-monger Covid-ptsd folks, too. Keep everyone anxious. TPTB must be getting a good laugh. 3) And as Greyzone points out, it serves to forward-load rising war tensions between US and China, just as the collective West is starting to admit that they've lost big time in Ukraine. We're in the pivot, folks, gotta ratchet down the Ukraine narrative and ratchet up the China narrative. Notice, we just heard that the US is opening 4 new bases in the Philippines - the better to stick it to Xi in 2025 when (everyone seems to agree) we'll be at war with China. But what's everyone focused on -- US building new bases to threaten China, or China floating a balloon -- that goes where the wind (not China) wills -- to threaten US? Tangential: Increased military spending by Germany and Japan (March 2022 article) 4) You know what I think we really need? A new source of revenue for the International Medical Industrial Complex, now that the jig's up on Covid vaxes. War seems like a good option, dontchathink?

it reminds me of “Balloon Boy” - that fake MSM news story, where someone - a mother or woman - told newsmedia and govt that her son or child was up in the balloon, and for days??? … the nation and world watched with bated (baited? lol) breath and horror, lol

Re: War with China.
5GW: We are all always at war with each other, except when we are not.
Dr. Mal(ware)one recently said that we are ALL both combatants AND non-combatants/participants, in the meme/infowar psyop.
Non-Attribution is the key aspect of 5GW that distinguishes it from 4GW.
Thus, we are all-ready at war “with China” while also being one of their bestest customers.
As for China, it is also always managing its domestic population by peppering it with anti-Murican disinfo, malinfo, misinfo, and intentional and/or accidentally (misinterpreted real comments/remarks from US politicians - such as Mike Pompeo, known as a massive warhawk w China - but in hindsight, when he was visiting Poland and so many of the European “allied” countries, to try to convince them that…
“It’s not over - all is not lost” - your ancestors (forebears/4bears) also had to fight for their freedom, so don’t use Huawei 5G/6G, because like Papua New Guina, I believe, they can come install a MUCHHH cheaper national intelligence security infrastructure than a US or Western system - but if it’s totally useless because it’s filled with back doors, you’ll end up in massive debt to China, and a busted clunker of server racks and rotten software, essentially is what Pompeo was pitching… lol
So yes and no.
But if you mean Taiwan, or Taiwannabe - we will f & find out pretty soon, depends on how the PSYOPs perform against each other, using the “hackable humans” (younger generation of Taiwanese citizens, targeted constantly with both pro and anti CCP PSYWARfare. Hope it does not drive them insane, as it can do for MANY people, not just kids (as we’ve seen happening worldwide, Western that is)
P.S. Dr R W Malone MD’s pep talk about the 5GW was pretty aggressive. Looks like the US intel agencies/assets are spilling their internal conflict out into the public now, blatantly… ugh :frowning: lol

All You Need To Know About The Chinese Attack Balloon

IMO, here’s the story arc (thanks to 3 images over on pg 53 of the PP Just for Fun thread).


More than just a joke, that’s SOP. At least it would be with nominally friendly powers. With China – which is fast becoming North Korea writ large – it’s impossible to tell.
Anyway, that’s a damn funny joke with a kernel of truth.

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