Chris & Evie LIVE: Trump Indictment + National Divorce

Evie and I are going live at 2pm EST today. Hope you can join us in the live chat to simultaneously laugh and grimace at the current state of affairs!

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Where To Watch/chat

Where’s the best place for “insiders” to watch? I usually watch on YouTube, but… Is there a better place for us introverts that avoid large crowds of strangers? I know there’s been one/some done on Zoom (or was it Teams?). Is that always going on and I just can’t find it?

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Volume Not Very Loud Even At Top Setting

Constructive feedback :slight_smile:


strong for me

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i clicked on thru the PP link.
sound is great


Much better!

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How do you emotionally deal with the punches? Everyday we are in some new crisis. War, Vaccines, financial crisis, AGI; it’s exhausting.


Hi! This is the quiet area. Insiders can always utilize the private Discord to chat too. Glad you are here!


Where are the adults in the US ?


Just realized what you are asking, apologies. This isnt the private chat. Expect that one in a few weeks. Looking to lock down the PIL for April in advance =)

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The best gift you can give yourself with a narcissist is “no contact”. That’s the ultimate boundary!!


Article On Millennials And Gens

Would you please post the link to the article you referenced written by the professor?


Re: National Divorce

So what is the “common enemy that will bring us all together”? Russia (again) and China don’t seem to be working…Something closer to home? That quote from ? about if the people knew how the money system really works, there’d be riots in the streets? Planned and peaceful National Divorce? Doubtful…Aloha, Steve
ps- reading all those- often inane- comments in the chat box was most painful. Glad we have this space!


Volume Was Fine, Even At Start

One thing I’ve noticed about youtube streams is that some people like to wind the streamer up about quiet sound volume.
It was on the low end, but not super-low, at the start - but by the time you jacked it up (two or three times), it was almost distorting. I had to turn my set down quite a bit to make it bearable. Then went back to other YT vids and everything sounded super-quiet ?

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The Seemingly Crazy Attitude Towards Law-enforcement Is Deliberate

The overall plan is to break down our societal norms and structures, in order that those at the top can ‘build back better’ (better for them, that is…).
Destroying public faith in the legal system is one part of doing that. Make things so bad with the public crying out that something must be done, that you can come along with a super-authoritarian ‘new deal’ to ‘fix’ it.
We see this all the time with new laws being implemented to deal with problems that wouldn’t be a problem if the authorities just enforced existing laws. They deliberately don’t enforce them, this results in massive issues, then they use the situation as a pretext for some outrageous new legislation to take away even more rights and power from the populace.
One of the whole driving principles behind social justice is that the existing society is un-salvageably unjust and must be torn down. This dovetails quite nicely with the agenda of those at the top of deconstrucing things to remake them to their own ends, which is why you are seeing ‘wokeness’ being so heavily pushed by the establishment and the corporates.


Gen Z

Unfortunately, I worked with a few Gen Z women. I’ve never had a hard time working with younger or older people, but these arrogant, lazy, ill-informed, “paint you with a broad brush” young women were insufferable. They were social justice warriors and every day had a complaint about someone else that didn’t see eye-to-eye with them. I witnessed bullying of a student intern resulting in his firing, many insults directed at me, their threatening to get their manager fired for a minor issue, and demanding that our organization “cancel” Purdue university for misconstrued words by the then President regarding a program the university supported. And guess what? Upper management catered to them out of fear. It was crazy town.


We, those of parenting age, have groomed a generation of Participation Award winners and we are seeing the downside to that action. It is spelled Millennial but it is pronounced Gad-Dam-Mellennial.


National Divorce

I’ve been saying it since Bad Orange Man was elected and I’m still saying it. “If you think President [Brandon] is bad, wait until you see who comes next.”
Look who Bragg is prosecuting now!


Bragg has changed his mind about charging the security guard.