Chris + Evie LIVE

Hey - we’re going live today. Why not?

We’ve got a new website to crow about, and there are many things to discuss.

Join us here:

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Kudos On The Site!

This is a great photo of you two - here the clarity of this new site is so incredibly obvious.
It’s fun playing around with all of the features - and I’ve started the process to get a Group going, thanks to Iver’s hand-holding. Excellent tool, Mr. Mectin!


New Site Looking Good

Great job on the new website


Dollar Question

Hi from BC, Canada!? I’m wondering how the USD debt dollar collapse would affect other western currencies?

Abraham Accords?

During the Trump administration peace agreements were reached with several middle eastern countries. We’re the Abraham Accords just a joke?

Or were they just a way for Jared Kushner to make money?

Search Function Works

Search function works. And by works I mean like it actually works. Site looks great too!


Junk Silver

Maybe shortage is in part due to junk silver being the “gateway” precious metal purchase .


Thanks For The New Website

I’ve just been enjoying the new website. I really appreciate the feature that allows a reader to easily follow all contributions for a topic.


Rule Of Law Breaking Down

There was a time when SF police could’ve and would’ve put an immediate end to that mob scene. But today’s big city police, like in SF, know that the politicians (including the police brass and criminal judges) don’t want them to stop criminal behavior being committed by people who are in favor of the full range of leftist values and goals. Police know they will be disciplined, fired or criminally prosecuted for policing the wrong people. So the only thing the police did for Riley Gaines was help her escape and hide from the mob in a locked room until they got tired and dispersed on their own after accomplishing their immediate goals. Society and the rule of law are breaking down just as fast as the money systems and economies.



Mom used to say if you haven’t eaten a peck of dirt by age 5 you haven’t played enough



Yikes, I better check those windows I painted last year! Thanks, Chris.

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Thank You All!

Whatta a great live session!
Hope everyone got some value from it.
Enjoy the new website and let us know if you encounter anything goofy.
Happy Easter  ? 


We will sink too. Hopefully there won’t be a flood of US refugees across our border because things won’t be much better here.

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3 hours! Riley was stuck in a room for 3 hours until the mob dispersed on its own. I’d always heard (from THC0655) that the #1 rule of cops was to never let a mob form.
There’s a big difference between a crowd and a mob, and that was a mob.
Letting it form was a fail.
Not dealing with the participants after the fact, will be a second fail.


Could be…but it’s a sign of some sort, that’s for sure.

It will be very bad for all associated currencies. The degree to which will depend on the amount that a country’s financial system is enmeshed with the dollar. The more it is the more it will experience direct disruptions (enmeshed = cross border contracts denominated in dollars, debt and loans taken out in dollars, amount of dollars held by citizens, companies, and the central bank as reserves, etc).
I would suggest, politely that Canada is about a 9+ on that scale.



The eurodollar that Chris is talking about has nothing to do with the Euro. It is a thing that started in the 50-ies when European banks and especially offshore banks (Cayman islands, Bahamas, etc) started to lend dollars as well. So outside of the regulated banking system under Central Banks. This was, is, an enormous amount of currency. Nobody knows exactly how much. Also the central banks outside the US don’t know. This offshore banking is globally intertwined.


Letting it form was the goal!


Right. Here’s today’s example of what the voters and politicians in SF have created with their politicized woke approach to policing.

In the latest illustration of San Francisco's steady descent into bloody, lawless dystopia, the city's former fire commissioner was viciously beaten with a crowbar -- just one day after a well-known crypto tech executive was stabbed to death. 
The former commissioner, Don Carmignani, was beaten on the streets of the Marina District, just steps from his residence. A friend says he suffered a broken jaw, fractured skull, and many lacerations of his head and face.
The incident happened around 7:30pm Wednesday. Carmignani's father says his son had asked three homeless people who'd camped out in front of his house to move out of the area. When they re-situated themselves just down the street, Carmignani confronted them again, his father says, and the beating commenced. 
"He asked them to move and he was blindsided by a metal pipe to the head," Carmignani friend and former candidate for district attorney Joe Alioto Veronese told Fox2"Don’s a big guy and what it says to me is this kind of thing can happen to anybody. Nobody is safe in San Francisco right now."
Police arrested a homeless man, 24-year-old Garret Doty, and charged him with assault with a deadly weapon and battery causing serious bodily injury. 
ABC7 interviewed one of his homeless associates, who said Carmignani had been "disrespectful" when they were loitering near his home. When reporter Lyanne Melendez asked if that justified beating someone up, the man replied, "Yeah, sometimes." 
Neighbors are all too familiar with Doty and his pals. "They’re always on the sidewalk surrounded by a pile of trash, folded over, smoking drugs," said Andrew Cuzzone. "It's alarming...It makes me want to move to another city. It’s no way to live in fear all the time."
The day before this display of barbarism, the city was shaken by the stabbing death of Cash App founder Bob Lee outside a luxury apartment building. 
Bob Lee’s murder was full of irony too as he personally championed woke (super lenient) approaches to crime and defunding the police, even though he moved out of SF because of the crime. And after he was stabbed and was dying, he pleaded with people to call the police to come help him. ??‍♂️ Well, everyone knows you can’t build back better until you have destroyed what currently exists. So their plan is coming along admirably in that respect.