Chris Interviews His Daughter, Erica Martenson

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Time for some good news. Listen in to hear about how a remarkable young woman has crafted a beautiful life of meaning and purpose. Erica, Chris's daughter, has carved out a unique life of simplicity, community and beauty. A life many are aspiring towards.




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I have been watching your content since last year, and not only have I utilized all this information to prepare, but have found it to be insightful. This particular video, I found relatable in various areas. I have been trying to come to terms with how I move forward with my future. In many ways, I have always dreamed of owning my own farm, and/or living in a tiny home. This video has given me hope.
My husband is an ironworker, and a builder all around. My background is an architect by trade. I currently work for a major health care system in my state. Oddly enough, I left the A/E firm that I worked for 15 years at the onset of this pandemic to join this health care system as a Project Manager in Design and Construction. When I started going through the onboarding process, besides undergoing an intensive background check, I also had a full health screening. It was discovered that I did not have antibodies for the Chicken Pox, so last April I went for my vaccination series. I guess, I mention this to validate that I am not anti-vaxer. I am a 39 year old female, and six years ago I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. I am in remission at this point and in good health.
I have my own vegetable garden for the last nine years, and I am member at a local farm where I volunteer regularly. I love to can my produce, dry my herbs. Most recently interested in getting my own chickens. I deeply care about our environment, and have spent many hours cleaning up the beach. I am not perfect by any means, but like so many, I am deeply troubled with the state of our nation, and our globe.
I am in AWE, that within the next month I could potentially get me fired over a decision that relates to my body, my temple. I refuse to take part in this manipulation. Despite my previous health issues, I have always been skeptical of doctors, because of the profit driven industry. My most recent project, I have been given is to open a vaccination “station” in a shopping mall. It must be complete within the next two weeks. I have never felt more conflicted in my life. It is in my nature to accept a challenge and complete it. I am competitive by nature, and I love construction.
So now, I have two weeks to complete a project that I want no part of, and two weeks following I will get fired for not allowing an experimental gene therapy to be injected in my body. Thankfully, I feel like I have many options, as I said before I am not a healthcare professional. I truly believe, when one door closes, another opens. I will not allow someone to intimidate me with fear. However, I like many, I sit here facing life changing decisions.
So, Thank you for your inspiration! Thank you for your continued effort to bring good information to the forefront. Thank you for sharing you, and your daughters story. My consideration of a tiny home, and farm seems more realistic. Perhaps, I begin my journey to search for land to build a tiny home, and then pursue a new business as an architect designing and building tiny homes.


That treasure hunt story was just amazing. What a gift to your children in so many ways.
So far, the interview is also putting me in mind of this somewhat dark observation:
If so many interrelated skills are required to live well as part of an interdependent community, were these skills lost incidentally as we built the modern world or was making us all dependent part of the plan all along?
As a middle class wage earning type I’ve had time to reflect that a big part of what we call “poverty” is really a state of being. Of being unable to do… well much of anything to improve your lot. More and more I feel like the difference between the welfare recipient and the Nike executive is one of cash on hand and the attainment of “skills” that have no meaning outside of this tiny flash of time we call modernity.
This in turn combines with the observation here that we exist in an abusive relationship with the owners of the system. Did they make us dependent upon them on purpose?
Will finish this later, but man its great so far.


Eva here. I live in Sweden and me and my husband have been watching all Chris’ videos about covid-19. Thank you for the data and professional comments. It has been very helpful in these days of misinformation. Now we watch your interview with your lovely daughter and become astonished that both of you seem to believe in a manmade Climate Change. We have read about this as a scientific topic as well as a political issue for over forty years and it is obvious just a hoax. To make people scared. There is lots of data confirming that Climate Change is not manmade and actually not even bad. On the contrary it has been beneficial for mankind with the last hundred years of warming and following increased CO2levels. The sun rules whatever IPCC or the mainstream media say.


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Thank you Chris and Erica for sharing a few of your stories today, and pathways to balance so much of what can quickly and unexpectedly go off-kilter in life. I wish everyone could see this and gain from it, planful methods of living life ‘delicately’ even through the most challenging times.
xoxo from Central Texas,


Now I’m inspired to learn to start a fire using friction! ( just bought a flint/steel gizmo, but what more fun it would be to use my shoelace!)
Thanks so much.


I saw you reverse wrapping that cordage at the beginning of the video. It looks like you’ve got a bit of experience doing that. I know that ups the bow drill game, especially in a one night outing, but perhaps you didn’t even need your shoe laces.


[9/8 10:30 AM - edited to add a few more details.]
Thank you for mentioning that Erica. Just yesterday, my 16 year old daughter and I were sitting on a foot bridge over a marshy Adirondack brook after a night out far enough into the wilderness that the only sounds of industry even on a windless morning were an occasional airplane way up there. There had been a brief heavy shower a couple of hours earlier and now the sky was a brilliant blue with a few cumulus clouds and a moderate northwest breeze.
We saw a single monarch butterfly moving among the wildflowers as it drifted slowly southwestward on it’s migration. Now this probably wasn’t the ideal place to watch migrating monarchs and perhaps not the ideal day. There have been a few years recently with at least a few more monarchs, although this year doesn’t seem to be one of them.
My daughter asked me if I remember more monarchs. I told her about Columbus Day weekend 1994 driving up the Adirondack Northway, not far west from where we sat - heading to lead the first of many wilderness skills/naturalist skills program I taught back then. It was a warm October day. There were so many Monarchs flying southwestward that the shoulder was literally littered with the small fraction of them that got hit by cars. It was an intense moment for me as I realized I was hitting at least a few of them myself even as I was driving to try to help other people develop their nature connection.
My daughter’s response: “Wow, those are important memories. We should document them.” That particular experience is already in an old journal of mine. Maybe I will task her with collecting stories from me and others.


Thanks for a charming and insightful interview. Very refreshing from the usual topics here and therefore much needed. You two have the same laugh :slight_smile:


My immediate reaction to the video was “Wow! Look at that grass.” It is good enough to bypass the cows and eat it myself.
It is not to be assumed.


Thank you. You are dead on with your observation about Mammon, and of course the corollary, “the love of money is the root of all evil” is not far behind. It’s not hard to see it in out modern “capitalist” world and particularly the U.S. where it’s clear that the political class has completely sold out for money. Money is the god of the west and that is why we are out of balance. The twist is, since 1971, that the Fed and central banks create it ex nihilo and people chase it like greyhounds. Just look at crypto and NFTs, its fiat on steroids; now the millennials and gen z can join the chase for money.
Bravo for the observation.


Thanks to the some who do the 8 to 5 thing, wage slaves. They cure cancer, among lots of other things. Seems like Marie Antoinette did the lil bo peep thing.

That was amazing. Thanks for sharing such an intimate glimpse into your family life. Erica, I am so happy you are doing well.


Best, most insightful and motivating interview you’ve ever recorded. Researching my kids’ treasure hunt now.

The glow on each of your faces throughout the interview was uplifting.
I’ve always admired your teaching abilities, your ability to simplify very complex subjects, and your ability to see through the mainstream smokescreens and flesh out the (often ugly) truths that are sometimes not acceptable to mention in polite conversation.
Now I see your greatest superpower just might be as a parent. Kudos.


Let me start by saying thank you, for sharing time with your daughter, for sharing a part of who you are as a dad & for risking everything to help keep people informed with your videos. My dad introduced me to you in Feb 2020 as we started to realize the pandemic was emerging. My father had a trip to Asia planned which was how we figured out something was going on… obviously the trip was canceled & our lives were forever changed.
I was a trial attorney in my heyday in a large metropolitan city, so my research skills are still strong and I quickly became obsessed. Your videos helped me move 2 businesses, 2 dogs, a cat, a horse & husband to the country with enough food & supplies for 6 months. I made it with 3 days to spare before they shut the state down. Thereafter, I was able to base future plans from the information you presented & led me to; I often times read your sources etc. Getting through 2020 was challenging but absolutely manageable because of the sacrifices you made. I am grateful. Thank you.
That brings us to 2021. In my wildest dreams I could never imagine what is about to transpire would be possible. I am getting call after call asking for help from professional colleagues about to lose their job because they won’t acquiesce to the jab; they are unable to eat in a restaurant or go to a gym and many are about to lose their career, health insurance etc.
Prior to this pandemic I typically had wine, water and ketchup in my refrigerator. I ate out every meal & worked & socialized. We have no children & love our businesses. Obviously in 2020 that had to change…
From your strong words… I now have 2 huge beautiful fruitful hydroponic gardens. They yield 72 extraordinary plants including more fruits and veggies than we can eat; I often share with friends & neighbors. I maintain 1 (36) pod unit all winter via lighting. I have learned to cook using the foods from my garden and am now learning about canning, dehydrating and freezing excess veggies.
I have also spent a tremendous amount of time going to local farms, meeting the farmers, learning to shop from the farms vs the grocery store. I am proud to say we now eat 70% of all our food from local farms and cook every meal unless we go out on a Saturday night. I am slowly trying to disconnect from corporate America. Your daughter was right, you go to learn 1 skill and it opens pandoras box of new skill sets needed. I thrive on challenge, I love information and this quest to become somewhat self sufficient gives me great satisfaction on so many levels. Firstly, it gives me the foundation upon which I can stand and say, I need nothing & no one, because I have skills; and secondly, it gives me the ability to withdraw consent and no longer participate in a charade I do not believe in.
Your information, leadership, & guidance has changed my world as well as my close friends & family members. The sharing of your life energy, your knowledge and skills can be daunting. Your sacrifice is greatly appreciated. Thank you. To others who are overwhelmed, one day at a time, you are not alone, one task at a time. Rome was not built in a day.

Martenson school of hard knocks for hyper-active children…

A very lucky father and a very lucky daughter to have each other. And thanks to those who developed the treatments to make Hodgekins survivable today, has not always been the case.


Dear Chris and Erica - I can’t recall ever watching such an intersting and deeply moving discussion/interview. You are both so wonderful.
Thanks so much for this exceptional video.