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The largest journalism event of the decade is upon us; Tucker Carlson interviews Putin! First, we’re organizing a watch party here at the site, and then Evie and I are going to livestream reactions and commentary to it.

Even before it has happened, the knuckleheads, statists, and mainstream media that has lied to and gaslit everyone over the past few years is outraged. I presume this is because they fear that their lies will be exposed.

And let’s not forget the Deep State and even the US State Department. This is an astonishing thing to hear being said out loud (a priori):


Watch Party (6pm EST)

There will be a watch party and live chat for premium members happening in the forums starting at 6pm EST when Tucker Carlson’s interview of Vladimir Putin is released.

Click Here to Join the Watch Party

Livestream from Chris (8:15 pm EST)

Chris will be livestreaming at 8:15 pm EST to discuss his reaction to the interview. Watch below.


My guess is this will give the West an out from Ukraine.


TBH, I’m not expecting to hear anything I haven’t known since around the start of this whole affair.

On the other hand, lots of people are going to be hearing surprising stuff that the media has quite deliberately been sure to keep hidden and unmentioned. And the quite obvious panic and name calling by establishment media stooges and politicians has opened a lot of people’s eyes I am sure.


It is a sign of the times.

Few people would bother to listen to a speech by Joe Biden. But millions will be tuning in to hear what Vladimir Putin has to say.

It is a sign of the times.




I have listened to Putin and been impressed by his IQ and insights. However if you accept that everything he says is designed to manipulate you and that he has learned this skill from experts, you cannot trust him. “Peace in our time” was the gullible cry from Chamberlain after meeting Hitler prior to WW2. I am not inspired by the present administration, but I believe they have seen through the Putin mask and have made the right decisions to support Ukraine. I am persuaded by the point of view that Ukraine is only one stepping-stone along a path leading to yet more trouble in Europe and elsewhere. I have read Bill Browder’s books where he exposes Putin as the corrupt, merciless Godfather. This talk on ‘climate fraud’ and who is behind it is important. Skip the first hour if you already distrust the official ‘Global Warming’ narrative. The last 34 minutes are insightful and as relevant now as they were a year ago.


The Biden Bozo watch!.. I think the transcript that has been widely distributed was part of a psyops… To post that which was not asked or answered, as if it was. This to me is a limited hangout, meant to discredit the bits of truth which were in that “leaked” , ( planted )transcript. What do you think? How much do I trust Putin? I am not sure. I do know he is a very politically adept man, who has done much good for his country. That our leaders do not have the interest of the US is obvious, does however point to a control center ( IMHO - a global cabal who has many front organizations - UN/WHO/BIS )that does not have the interest or the West in general at all in mind.


Not sure what you are talking about - can you elaborate?

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no vlad the bad aint wrong… just as a little person who met him way before he was the prres

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I met him


YouTube isn’t working live as of 20:24 shows 287 waiting

Rumble is good


Am I allowed to shout out as someone who had him for supper at my house


I met him any chance of chatting

If you trust yourself when all men doubt you… but make allowance for their doubting too?
Thanks Kipling

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I watched the entire interview… Other sites have posted a “transcript” including questions and answers that I never heard on the interview.

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The Oz media is in full damage control / truth isolation mode over this interview.

My head nearly exploded when I read the linked ABC article. The sheer quantity of lies, half-truths and spin is painful to behold. Unfortunately, this is the normal media discourse down here.

The average Australian has little knowledge of what’s happening these days, and ‘they’ are happy to keep it that way. Sadly, the vast majority of the population here is very happy to wallow in it’s pit of ignorance, apathy and blindness.

Some of the more entertaining quote from the article:

With Russia failing to make the gains in the war, running low of artillery and men and its economy in tatters, convincing the west to stop propping up his enemy is Putin’s only hope.


Carlson largely allowed Putin’s claims to go unchallenged — that NATO and the West had broken a Cold War era promise to not expand towards Russia (an interpretation that has been fiercely debated), that Ukraine started the war in 2014 and that Russia was forced to invade in 2022.


Since he was sacked, Carlson has taken his X following on a world tour of far-right leaders, bringing them interviews with Argentina’s Javier Milei and Hungary’s Viktor Orban, clearly indicating he’ll remain in the conservative sphere.

I have some doubts about Melei, but Orban seems to have his head on correctly. Which puts him firmly in the “right wing extremist” category according to our media.



Same as UK and Canada, have to wait till the morning to see the MSM ‘news’, but sure it’ll be the same


Too bad YouTube blocked the live stream! A lot more people needed to see this discussion.


So you don’t find the whole thing rhymes (history that is) a little to much?

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Tucker Carlson did humanity, our country, the country of Ukraine and Russia a service today. Vladimir Putin did so as well with his calm, well thought out peaceful replies when he could have rightfully used anger in his responses. I don’t think Americans know all the factual truths he shared. If they lean them and think about it, it may be the only chance we have at avoiding the horrific outcome our incompetent leaders are seemingly pushing us towards without any concern for our future.