Chris's Talk At The FLCCC - Navigating The Economic Decline

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Evie and I went to the FLCCC conference in Phoenix (Feb 2- 5, 2024) and in between my constant duties as emcee for the weekend, I managed to sneak in a breakout session. I’m so glad I did.

This is that session recorded on my phone (but with a pair of mics so that the sound is pretty good).

A fine man who was deeply conflicted because my session was at the same time that his own daughter was co-presenting along with Pierre Kory really wanted to attend. I told him that I’d record it and put it up here at Peak Prosperity, and so here it is! This is for you Mr. Williams.

Co-presenting with me was Paul Kiker who came out to learn more about the FLCCC and the movement it has become, and to meet people. I have to say, once again, what an honor it is to work with Paul. There’s just something you can see in how people interact with others and Paul clearly just cares about people and wants to be helpful, and so he connects easily and well.

I just had to say that…back to the story. This presentation is what I more or less created the morning of its delivery as I thought through the sort of message that might resonate with this crowd. Paul then jumped in to help answer the more specific financial questions that arose at the end.

As usual, many people came up afterwards complaining they felt like they got clubbed…but you know the drill…it’s just data and common sense. If there’s different data or interpretations, I am all ears.

So tune in, watch it through, and let us know what you think!



“I had at least 6 ‘Oh Shit!’ moments…”

I loved Betsy Ashton’s final comment to your talk!


Apologies if this seems too basic, I don’t consider myself a great thinker so I might file these under “Drooling idiot questions.”

What would it take and repercussions to eliminate Derivatives? They just seem so blazingly unfair/unjust and should never have been allowed to become legal in the first place let alone should they be considered to have a greater claim over actual share owners. Could there be a feasible dismantling of these? It just seems like it ranks right up there with the speculators driving up the prices on commodities but never actually taking delivery of them. There is legitimate business happening here, but those clowns are over there in the alley shooting craps and guess what, the gamblers are allowed to ruin the legitimate business interests.

How about undoing “The Great Taking?” What happens if all the weaselly laws were undone and just laws put into place? LOL, these feel like an 8 year old is asking the questions.

Physical Silver vs Gold. Easier to acquire silver compared to gold. What are the prevailing thoughts on holding one over the other to include usability as a means of exchange? Example, $30 of silver compared to $30 of gold is a crazy volumetric difference. One is a coin, the other is like, gold leaf?

What is Bitcoin or any other digital currencies’ viability in a in an evil or moron induced collapse like the one we are facing? No electricity and internet, isn’t it all gone?

OK, that’s enough drooling from me for awhile.

Thank you for your time!


Most excellent presentation.

I get that recording it was a last minute decision, in the future plan to video an event like this, including someone operating the camera to zoom in on the screen.

Also, try and summarize the questions, most were really difficult to hear.

Great presentation.

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Derivatives are basically contracts. Not terribly unlike health insurance or life insurance. The value of the contract is dependent on something else. An agreement can be as arbitrarily nested and entangled as you choose to make it.

The people who secured those legal protections mentioned in The Great Taking are probably not going to give them up. Short of something violent or illegal, I do not see how you would manage to get sufficient leverage to change their minds. [Disclaimer: Not promoting violence or illegal acts.]

It is unlikely for our government to abandon control of money. You could certainly transact with physical money, but I suspect that unless much of your daily needs were already outside of needing money (food/water/housing/energy), you may find physical coins an awkward reversion in convenience. I suspect ledger money would rebound and you would exchange coins for money in a ledger. Certainly don’t go flashing a stack of coins around after a monetary collapse.

Bitcoin has managed to eat up so much power, pretty sure it’s not going to fully collapse due to power/internet issues:
Statistic: Bitcoin energy consumption worldwide from February 2017 to December 5, 2023 (in terawatt hours) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista


Thanks for posting this!! It was a great talk, people seemed to really enjoy it based on the laughter and the number of questions. Although, was it my imagination or did I hear some snoring being picked up near the recording device? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There are several sessions from this FLCCC conference I am interested in listening to once they are made available including Dr. Suzanne Gazda’s “Emerging Neurological Disorders - A Path to Solutions” and the panel discussion about the Emergence and Treatment of Turbo Cancers. I still feel like my mom’s untimely death on Nov. 3rd from a level 4 glioblastoma was a direct result of having taken the initial set of jabs in spring 2021 against my advice. One day she seemed fine and 7 weeks later she was gone although the tumor had been growing for over a year.

Chris was in another discussion with Dr. Kory and Dr. Marik - “A Return to Patient-First Medicine”. Yes, I follow the FLCCC on Instagram. :smile: Anyway, sounds like it was a great conference!! I’m glad it went well and was well attended.


I’m glad to see you’re still thinking and talking about “The Great Taking” and the problems with DTCC and Cede & Co.

Last time I checked in about this, I mentioned that my broker told me their firm was using DRS rather than DTCC / Cede. I asked him to put it in writing, so he went to do his research, and… you were exactly right. He’s just like every other broker.

In that same thread, other posters were talking about, a site run by Gamestop investors who learned how to direct register their stocks. They say that on request, most any broker can transfer stock out of the investor’s account and onward to the transfer agent, where the shares will be registered directly in the investor’s name through DRS. For example, GME shares will be transferred to Computershare, which is GME’s agent.

Of course my broker doesn’t like this idea at all. For one thing, it’s certainly inconvenient. And for another thing, there’s no guarantee the shares would come back to him. But aside from all that, is there any good reason NOT to do this? Isn’t it true that by doing so, one would avoid losing everything in a “Great Taking” scenario? And isn’t “The Great Taking” a reasonably likely aspect of any end game to this financial crisis you’re talking about?


Bitcoin not crypto. No counterparty risk. As with any unfamiliar endeavor, risk only what you can afford to loose. Learning requires skin in the game. Like training wheels on your first bike… Expect some pain :-)…avoid the velodrome

Secure your core first… Reread Prosper to refresh :slight_smile:

I’'ve ~$500 junk silver to hand to neighbors in need if it comes to that.
Opportunity approaching. S

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Thank you for taking that extra step. It’s quite revealing what happens when we ask for things in writing.

I am hot on the trail of the Great Taking, and will be producing quite a lot of related content.

I’ve got a set of responses that range from (relatively) easy to hard.

But it’s been a quite complicated set of paths and data to hunt down. Of course. That’s the main point of US-style legalese … the same as US health insurance … to be as complicated as possible knowing that with every nuance and twist you lose a few more of your adversaries…er…I meant customers.


Maybe…but one scenario I’ve had to confront and for which I have no good answer yet is “what will those few shares actually be worth if The Great Taking switch is actually flipped?”

That is, I cannot imagine how the capital markets would even be functioning in the aftermath of such an event.

After all, Wall Street largely grew up as a means of fleecing the sheep. “There are no customer’s yachts” and all that.

A huge source of fuel for Wall Street is the automatic drip-drip-drip of 401k money coming from the plebes. Who would ever contribute again after a Great Taking event?

So the Great Taking would instead have to be viewed as a one-time transfer of productive assets (the companies) from the many to the few.

Given that, what exactly would anyone’s DRS shares be worth? How would you exchange them? And for what?

I’m honestly asking these questions…I don’t have a strong point of view yet. But I can easily imagine very negative outcomes along that line of inquiry.


Awesome summary presentation Chris. Very well executed. I wish we had on video all the shocked faces in the audience.


Agreed! This one (TGT) would not be a process; this sounds very “event-like”. I keep thinking about Jim Rickard’s/Kurt Vonnegut’s Ice-9 scenario in order for this to occur. Or as I like to call it – our “pencil’s down” moment.

And given the level of distortions, manipulations, and perversions, and how far we have strayed from any mean or “normalcy”, an Ice-9 event resonates.

The interconnectedness and the massive structural short gamma (selling begets more selling) makes the event scenario more and more likely, IMO. I am working on a post about this structural short gamma, but a lot of it comes down to leverage and debt. Lot’s of other structural risks, but those are the biggies front and center.


PS – awesome presentation (again)! And I’d love to get a copy of these slides, if possible. Thanks!

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I liked how you made the connection between the corruption of the monetary system and the corruption of healthcare. It’s not a one-way street, in my view. It more closely resembles a central plaza in the city where many avenues converge.

Nevertheless, the observation that ‘sin’ in one area of life creates a spillover into another is a very important realization.

It was quite visible during the pandemic when people were paid to stay home and watch TikTok nurses shaking their butts, and it was called stimulating the economy.


Here ya go!


So sorry to hear of your mother’s loss. It is such a painful pill to swallow, when you feel like it was preventable. My heart goes out to you and many others coping with similar realities.

Could’ve been me snoring? No, J/k. But it was a VERY intense and busy weekend, and the schedule was extremely packed. We made it home on the fumes. I think it was the positive energy of the thing and the goodwill of the folks there that carried it, honestly.

Chris (as usual) was amazing in his MC role! Articulate as always, and able to think on his feet to accommodate whatever guests he was introducing. He is so passionate about his selfless mission to help educate folks, and it really shows. He couldn’t walk more than two feet without having a line of folks wanting to converse.

All in all, worth the travel and the schedule we kept to attend all of the offerings. Now, back to the farm and to an encroaching spring that I hear the birds singing about! This week we are putting our taps in for maple sugaring!

Hoping that all here are well and in good spirits.



Awesome! Thank you. Masterful.


Great job Chris and Paul; you know you’ve given a great talk when the moderator is forced to cut the audience off from more questions- you left them wanting more.


These are very good questions, and I can appreciate the implication that it might be much wiser to just sell all one’s brokerage assets and buy tangible goods and real estate.

But it seems to me that our institutions have a lot of inertia. I expect that the day after the “Great Taking”, the stock exchanges would be open for business as usual. How many oligarchs might be on the receiving end of the “Taking”, and wind up owning all that stock? Ten? A hundred? A thousand? I’m not sure, but I suspect there will be more than just one. And those new owners will be immediately busy re-positioning themselves. Also, it’s said that about 17% of all stock in the US is direct registered, so those shares would presumably be unaffected, at least in terms of who owns them.

David Rogers Webb relies heavily on analogies to the Great Depression period. Before the bank holiday, I wonder if it would have been possible for a saver to recognize which banks were solid, and which ones were doomed? Some bank depositors lost everything, while others emerged relatively unscathed.

After this “Taking” would the shares be worth more, or less? My crystal ball gets really cloudy when it comes to that question. It might depend on whether the general financial environment at the time is deflationary, stable, or inflationary.

At any rate, I’d rather have something instead of nothing. Seems worthwhile to transfer shares to DRS, to the extent one stays exposed to the stock market at all.


Would you summarize where FLCCC is and is going? What’s the new mission?

The initial mission was pretty clear: share info related to COVID including treatment developments.

I suspect it’s broader now but wonder what it entails.