(Complexity – Energy) x (Arrogance + Ignorance) = A Great Disaster

This is a critical episode that explores a concept that can change how you see the whole world. It did for me when I first learned it, and now I am passing that on.

Today we explore what complex systems are and how they have features that we simply have to appreciate and respect. However, unfortunately, none of the World Economic Forum or western leaders seem to have any awareness of the fact that they live in a world composed of complex systems and governed by this pesky thing we call ‘reality.’

One reason we suspect this is their insistence on the idea that we can readily transition to ‘clean energy.’ However, even the most basic of straightforward (linear) arithmetic reveals it cannot be done. All that’s required to come to this conclusion is to simply divide current rates of mineral and metal production into the minimum requirements for a first-generation clean energy build-out.

When we do, we discover that it would take anywhere from hundreds to thousands of years to mine the resources needed to build the desired renewable energy world. At best we’ve got a decade or two left before a permanent energy decline bites and renders all such dreams to the dustbin of what could have been. If only…

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If we can’t even properly manage simple math (add, subtract, multiply and divide) for our most dominant narratives, what hope is there that the subtleties of complex systems command a proper seat at the table?

Complex systems are what govern our world and define our reality. They share a couple of important features. (1) They are inherently unpredictable. (2) They owe their order and complexity to energy flows.

Our economy is a complex system. Take its energy away, and it will extremely rapidly “simplify” and become a lot less dynamic, complex, and interesting.

Your body is a complex system. Starve it for food, and you too will quite rapidly become a lot less interesting and dynamic, and eventually dead.

What the WEF is trying to do, along with a host of colluding world leaders and other true believers sprinkled throughout the elite centers of power and intellectual exploration, is to force a Reset so they can Build Back Better.

Their words and their deeds align and reinforce that this is exactly what they are doing. But without any apparent appreciation for the fact that they are attempting to control the uncontrollable and to pull off the impossible. They want to force multiple, nested, and feedback-looped complex systems to do their bidding.

The chance of them pulling this off, without accidentally breaking the whole system, is about as close to zero as you can get without actually being zero. Never say never, but to succeed, they’d have to somehow rewrite the laws of nature that govern complex systems and the laws of physics to defeat thermodynamics. Ain’t going to happen. Not on purpose; maybe accidentally, but you might as well hope to hit the Powerball lottery after buying a single ticket because those are better odds.

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Chris wrote:

But without any apparent appreciation for the fact that they are attempting to control the uncontrollable and to pull off the impossible. They want to force multiple, nested and feedback-looped complex systems to do their bidding.

The chance of them pulling this off, without accidentally breaking the whole system, is about as close to zero as you can get without actually being zero.
That is exactly what I thought after reading "The Great Reset."

Well Said

I may need to stock up on more popcorn.


Did Chris Just Say…

“Bodacious amounts of energy…” ?


Classic Martenson

This episode reminded me of the first time I watched “The Crash Course” eons ago. Chris you are one of those rare fish who can see the water we swim in - and communicate about it clearly. It’s hard to articulate how valuable that has been all these years. My brain just works better with your insights uploaded, however unsettling they might be. There is something about dealing with reality instead of denial and fantasy…
I look forward to your new Crash Course material and thanks for keeping up with all of us at the same time.


Thank you Susan. High praise indeed!


I believe the metric equivalent is “beaucoup.”


Wef Evil Plans For Humanity

Their concept will only work if they can massively kill off the vast majority of the population. This seems to be the end result of their great reset.


Thank goodness for Rainy Day Foods


I agree. The fundamentals have not really changed since Chris began sharing his message. The can kicking has become more and more outrageous.


Just Ask Gavin Newsom Why Green Energy Doesn’t Work

He’s banning the sale of petrol based cars by 2035. He’s encouraging people to fork over the money to by EV’s and here’s the rub. He’s asking citizens of California to limit their use of electricity by not charging their vehicles during peak hours. He warned that if they don’t the power grid could go down with blackouts ensuing. That request was made when gas powered vehicles vastly outnumber EV’s. If the grid can’t handle charging a small amount of EV’s now what makes him think the grid will be better able to do that with 70% more EV’s? It’s pure FANTASY.
Martin Armstrong said it best: “we quite possibly have the largest collective group of incompetent leaders around the globe in the history of man”. As he also says, these leaders never think thru all the possibilities. Its as if they think that things will magically work itself out on its own. The world doesn’t work that way.
It’s as if I said I want to be a Billionaire, I then sit home watch Oprah all day and watch my bank account grow to one billion dollars all on its own. The world doesn’t work that way but that’s how these world leaders think.


Agree. As Chris said, the current trajectory is unsustainable, it must change.
But in my opinion the WEF + TPTB are not trying to build back better (although that’s their sales pitch)…what they’re trying to do is build back different… and I think they believe it’s their destiny to do so (their ideology).
I believe their goal is to control demolition what currently is (hence the build back slogan)…so that they can install themselves as global governors of whatever is still standing when the dust settles. I don’t think it matters to them what is still standing, as long as they govern it.
Unlike Chris, who believes in a world worth inheriting, I think the WEF / TPTB have settled for a lot less and simply dream of inheriting the governance of earth…and then telling whoever is still alive when that happens, what they’re personally inheriting.
And the way things are turning out, their goal looks achievable and well thought out (i.e. not stupid in their eyes). Let’s see if it turns out that way. Hope not.
Don’t look up ?


Germany’s Failing Stored Nat Gas/lng Experiment

Excellent video @5 ! I shared this one with my friends and family as it was such a great comprehensive breakdown of the challenges we face in the near future.
I wanted to share this article with you as I haven’t heard you mention it yet and I found it extremely interesting. It has to do with Germany relying on it’s natural gas stores in combination with LNG and how this experiment (due to lack of pipe-lined Russia gas) will go very badly this winter as their natural gas system was never designed to operate in such a way. It’s a long article but I think you’ll grasp a better understanding of it than I can so I wanted to send it your way.


Smacked It Out Of The Park

This is a first rate video that presents the bind we are in and leaves no wiggle room for the renewables utopians.
One of your best (and I have been following you since 2008). Well done.


There’s a warning from fire departments in Florida post Hurricane Ian that electric cars with Lithium ion batteries, which have been exposed to salt water are spontaneously burning. It takes over 2,000 gallons of water to put out an electric car fire compared to the standard gas powered, which requires about 700 gallons of water.
Authorities are warning residents to park their cars 50 yards away from any structures and to not store them in any garage or structure. Imagine your house surviving the hurricane only to burn down due to faulty batteries.
Seems Governor Nuisance and his ilk are externalizing all costs of this alleged transition to “green/clean” energy onto individual citizens. A typical
liberal economics ploy. A version of shameless/blameless games where snob politicians and WEF creeps scapegoat the general population, which further justifies in their minds how they treat everything and everyone: very badly!
And by the way, if all these people are dying from vaccine poisoning and complications from same while national birth rates continue to rapidly drop, who will be around to take care of all the dead infrastructure? Just robots? Utopian hell? Pass.



Years ago, I was planning to write a book called “You Can’t Control It” about top-down attempts at control of complex systems. I did a little research in chaos back in the day in grad school. The other interesting thing about these systems is that small changes can lead to unpredictably large differences in outcomes (the so-called Butterfly Effect). They are playing with fire.
What a great idea the WEF has for “creating jobs” - decarbonizing an economy. I have a better idea - knock down every building in the country. Think of all the “jobs” and “economic activity” that would be created! Wow, that must be a great economy! Bastiat wrote his essay almost 200 years ago and they STILL don’t get it.


WEF thinking:
“Heads and we win! We’re the undisputed global leaders!”
“Tails and we win! Most of the little people die leaving more for us.”
What’s not to like? Can’t lose!


I was going to post that here but the author, Jorge Vilches, is a terrible communicator. His exposition on the retrievability / irretrievability of Europe’s presently stored gas is virtually incomprehensible. I can’t tell if he is really onto something or if he is just a crank.
I hope that some engineers/physicists here will read the article and explain it in understandable terms.


Thanks, I forgot to mention that. I happen to live approximately 80 miles North where the Hurricane hit. My area was without power for roughly 6 days. And I lived in Ft Myers for about 10 years so I know that area extremely well.
The destruction that took place from the Hurricane is unimaginable. Anyone would come to the conclusion that a bomb was dropped on the area. Large structures completely washed away.


You are partly right I suspect. MonkeyWerxUS (youtube) showed on a recent video that weather modification planes were repeatedly flying over the area where Hurricane Ian struck, just prior. I take that to mean that they were seeding the clouds to make more rain. They deliberately intensified that hurricane.