(Complexity – Energy) x (Arrogance + Ignorance) = A Great Disaster

When All The Pilots Go Crazy

Imagine that you’re on a jumbo he flying into a large airport late at night. It’s been a long flight, and nearly all the passengers are asleep.
You’re sitting by a window and watch a plane in the distance nose down in the distance and crash into a building way off in the distance. There’s a small fireball, but it’s really far away so you can’t really be sure of what happened. You say something to the person next to you, but they’re not interested. They just want to sleep.
A little while later, you see two more planes nose down in the distance and crash into fireballs. Now you’re getting concerned. You get more vocal and try to direct everyone to look out the windows to see what’s going on. The flight attendants try to silence you, but you persist. Now the Air Marshal comes over and tells you to be quiet or face arrest, even though they just looked out the window and witnessed the fireballs.
You agree to be quiet, playing it off as a vivid nightmare, and pretend to go back to sleep.
A while later, you peek out the window again and see numerous planes crashing into buildings below. You try to alert the flight crew that something may be seriously wrong, and that the flight might be in danger. Maybe some type of external weapon, or storm? You’re not sure, but you know what you’ve seen. A few others have also seen the crashes and are also speaking up.
Now the Air Marshal aggressively and publicly arrests you. Everyone else seems to settle down.
A few minutes later, the plane noses over and begins diving towards a skyscraper, and the pilot announces that “we will soon be arriving at our final destination.”
The pilots are our world leaders, the flight attendants are the media, the Air Marshals are big tech companies, and the sleeping passengers are all of our neighbors.
Can we wake everyone up before we crash?


By ourselves, no. But with repentance and earnest prayer to God, it can happen.


Ev’s Physically Will Not Work

Fantastic video! There is another problem with EV’s. The fossil fuels required to charge them due to inefficiencies of electric generation, transmission, battery charging, and EV usage will be much greater than just using IC engines. EV’s just physically will not work and will make the fossil fuel usage problem much worse.


I don’t know much about cloud seeding, but as a meteorologist, I would say that the condensation rates in a hurricane band or eye wall are so high, condensation nuclei so abundant from the salt water spray, and turbulence in the strong updrafts so strong to make collision and coalescense of cloud drops into large rain drops so efficient that seeding would make no difference. It’s more of a technique to use in get precipitation to fall in marginal conditions.


Chris, Do You Want To Run For President?

Seems we need someone like you in the White House.


Superb Analysis

It’s hard to peg which video you’ve made is the most important, but this might be it- so far.


The actual objective of those inhabiting the pinnacles of power is always, first and foremost: to retain, enhance and perpetuate their positions. Everything else amounts to an afterthought. Self-preservation is the first law of nature, and that’s what it’s about. “Building back better”, “saving the planet” and all the rest of the pretty slogans are mere utensils used get the public on board while they work to accomplish the Prime Imperative.
They’re looking out for Number One, and we ain’t even Number Two.


Appropriate Action

Chris, since January 2020 when I first found you, you have had many outstanding informative actionable videos. This is far and above all others in its breadth and depth. The key actionable element of how to constructively change our leadership. The insular processes protecting political machinery are entrenched and powerful. Violence bodes no hope of replacing it with civil unrest. Those that would follow are likely more corrupted than the status quo. How then do we install Presidents and Prime Ministers, Congressional and Parliamentary Representatives and replace calcified bureaucrats? Without that, Dark Ages are probable and the Peak Prosperity community will prepare a few for a more Amish lifestyle in a fragmented future.
How do we replace incompetent leadership?


I looked for this video but couldn’t find it. Would appreciate the link please!

Highly Recommend Watching More Of Simon Machaux’s Presentation

Chris, absolutely phenomenal detective work as always.
I found myself wondering “well what if we can ramp up production far beyond current rates?”. He talks about those limitations as well as possible solutions in the full video, worth a watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBVmnKuBocc&t=2403s


According to a Russel Brand video this week, they are installing luxury bunkers under their house and grounds…

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Really Good.

The part with the table about the metals needed in particular. For me, this is the death knell of the net zero arguments, and there really isn’t a come back from that. I’m going to use it everywhere! :slight_smile: Suggest you include a download sheet of this we can post.


Energy = Gdp Growth?

Chris. There is also a correlation between population growth and energy growth that you always seem to forget. It’s a complex system as you point out.

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Smell Test

To stop you driving, suppose I throw your keys in a lake. Didn’t have to convince you, trust you. Didn’t have to care in anyway about you, but stopped you from driving. It’s how I lead.
Suppose I pass a law that forbids small gas powered motors (stop you from cutting trees, or using a generator), or forbid oil extraction, or affordable healthcare. Taking away, as way of leading you. Essentially trapping you. Confining you. Taking your future by blocking exits. You would recognize it’s me again, doing this again, cause it smells like the other things I did.
Suppose a gas pipeline is disabled, that traps you, blocks the exits.


I wish I had a magic wand I could wave to make things vital and whole again there. But if I had one, I’d use it everywhere! Hope you are doing much better now.

Blocking seems to be the favored interrupt pattern of those trying to impose their insane new world order on us. . .like all the recent burning of food processing plants, rubber making plants, meat processing plants etc. Anything to disrupt the fundamental needs of society in order to control. This is domestic terrorism.


The Why…

I agree on Arrogance, but not Ignorance….
The people in power want to stay there. They want to continue consuming. They know that in order for their lives to stay unchanged, that our lives must be diminished (at least in terms of consumption).
In order for them to own a lot of things and be happy, we must own nothing and be happy.
They are breaking the economy on purpose.


Why Censorship …



The Captured Mind

“Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.”
One of the surest ways of getting an in-group to believe absurdities to have them commit injustices is by assuring them that they are morally superior to another group of people and they have the right and duty to cause harm to the out-group. Mass compliance hinges on ensuring the majority of a targeted audience feel the same way about a course of action. There is strength - and comfort - in numbers: if the majority favour a certain solution, people are more likely to go along with (and feel secure about) the final FORCED decision.
{Alexandra Kitty}


I tried but couldn’t make it through the article. Wasn’t sure what to make of it.
I did take away that Germany doesn’t have ANY regasification facilities, so that was useful, I suppose.