Coronavirus: Are Our Scientists Lying To Us?

Picking up on our last video about the Newsweek report that the US has been funding bat coronavirus ‘gain of function’ research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, we dig further into the “Was covid-19 created in a lab?” debate.

Digging into the biochemistry of viruses, we are struck in particular by a genetic string of RNA within covid-19 – specifically the polybasic furin cleavage site PRRA – that has all the appearance of an “insert” (i.e., something that does NOT look like a natural mutation).

Chris walks through the science in today’s video. But as he does, he expresses disappointment and anger at some of America’s most prominent virologists – who seem to be more concerned with CYA tactics (perhaps because they were involved in the gain of function research?) than embracing the truth:

Look, now is the time when we need our leaders most, and that for sure includes our heroes of science. It seems crazy to suspect some of them may not be being forthright with us right now.

Hopefully that’s not the case, and they help us get the truth on the virus fully onto the table and into the light of day.

But until that happens, we need to keep questioning, thinking critically, and making up our minds for ourselves.

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There's been a shift in this coverage away from what actions we should be taking, and toward who to blame for the problem. Even if it's true that some virologists caused case 1 (and I'm agnostic on that so far), there are avenues for exploring that and this is not it. This line of public broadcasting invites: the argument about how case 1 got to case 1 million and which was worse, the ambiguous topic of intention, the dangerous generalization to whether we can "trust science anymore," and so on. All of that is political, polarizing, and antithetical to collaborative problem solving.
Recall, not long ago, Chris pointed out the importance of actionable information, since otherwise, disturbing info (especially via this platform, I would add) is only a source of stress. That wisdom has now been lost. And so we have left the cerebellum and entered the limbic system. We have left the realm of working together to rise above this crisis and entered the realm of tribal thinking. The responses I got from long time Peak Prosperity followers for raising such concerns last Friday showed some of those tribal colors and I'm not about to engage, especially at a time when sanity is so crucial. These videos also go up in YouTube where the audience is much more general.
Thanks Chris for the work you did on this up to now, but I think your priorities need a realignment. I find it helps to take a break when things get heated like this to avoid tunnel vision. Perhaps it's time for a proper paper on this rather than going straight to the pulpit! This audience needs facts they can use.

testing comments submission after numerous repeated failures today…

testing comments submission after numerous repeated failures today...

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Tried to post another comment with links to 3 alt media site articles - all important reads. The comment failed to post and went in to the black hole of disappeared comments. Hmmm… my spidy senses are working again. I sent a couple links to sand_puppy via PM to see if he could post for me.
How exasperating. This is important dialogue, in contrast to comment #1 who I think is a troll back for another visit.

I posted the names and addresses of all the members of the house and senate. If you start contacting them and millions of others do maybe just maybe There will be an investigation into just who is responsible not just for the release of the virus (if it was in fact released) but also for the pitiful response by the managers and supposed scientists who clearly are not very trustworthy at this point. I don’t demand someone or somebodys be held to account, the millions who have lost jobs and businesses, the 253,000 who are dead and the 330,000,000 million who have contracted SC2 and counting do.
As an analogy what you are saying is we just walked into the stadium of LSU (death valley )and 100,000 people have been killed and you don’t want to know who is responsible you just want to know what time kickoff is.
So here is a question for you. Just what do you think we should be doing?
The owners of this site have provided untold amounts of actionable information through all of this for not one penny. Most of the people posting here have done likewise.
You have been here a week with 7 posts and damn if I can figure out what you are bringing to the party. Certainly not anything I would call actionablr except for wasting my time replying to your ahem post.
I am not going to ask you to leave or stop posting but just bring something useful.
Here is something actionable as lagniappe. Take elderberry syrup, and grow a garden

So, way above my pay grade!!! However, I have no doubts that a decision was made contrary to all of Human Life to proceed with the splitting of a atom and dropping these microscopic, invisible, nuclear weapons on the world. Done in a Nazi type lab performed on the Jews of the invisible world and every stinking person involved including our investment into this sort of doomsday reality should cause a trial equal to the Nuremberg trials and every scientist who went along should be hung, shot, gassed or electrocuted to the point of death. How dare these MF’ers play around like this at all. To what end was this done? I suspect it was to kill as many billions as necessary, quickly, to get our population growth at more reasonable levels! Yes, extreme conclusions but, we have now reached into the realm of this crazy thinking that I guess I get to imagine whatever the hell I want. This is total and complete bullshit and must be stopped world wide beginning with the immediate closing and disposal of all deadly stuff. We have to stop this craziness now! I am so happy to have packed my bags and decided to live as far away as possible without leaving the human race so that I don’t have these type Folks living next to me. I do not want them even accidentally in my life. Now I’m laughing as I realize I will be living in a part of Michigan where our town is controlled 100% by Midland Dow!!! Yikes!!! You can’t get away even if you want to. Lock and load then… Peace

PP Friends:
I would like your input.
I have listened carefully to this and Chris’ previous video related to this question: "SARS-CoV-2 was either man-made or not, i.e., it was either a natural virus or it was created by human beings. Which is correct? (This does not mean that the possible “starting point” for making SARS-CoV-2 was not a natural virus.)
From these two videos, I have extracted nine independent points of evidence supporting the idea that the virus was man-made and released (either accidentally or deliberately) from the Wuhan lab.
Here are the nine points of evidence:

  1. The epidemic started in Wuhan, China
  2. Scientists are studying and genetically altering viruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV)
  3. The epicenter of the viral outbreak in Wuhan in late 2019 was only a few hundred yards from the WIV
  4. Up until 2019, the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded work to collect and study bat coronaviruses at the WIV
  5. Beginning in 2019, the US NIH-NIAID funded gain of function (GOF) research on bat coronaviruses at WIV to understand how their pathogenicity or transmissibility might be enhanced.
  6. SARS-CoV-2 has a Arg-X-X-Arg region (coded for by 12 nucleotides) with high furin activity, making it highly infectious (a “gain of function” or GOF).
  7. None of the genetically close relatives of SARS-CoV-2 show high furin cleavage, making SARS-CoV-2 unique within its family of viruses
  8. Most natural viral mutations consist of one nucleotide change, rather than the 12 nucleotide “insert” observed in SARS-CoV-2
  9. Humans have successfully inserted Arg-X-X-Arg furin cleavage regions into other coronaviruses.
    I am hoping you can provide input on the following two questions:
  10. Did I miss any independent points of evidence supporting the idea that this was a lab-made virus released from the Wuhan lab?
  11. What contrary points of evidence can you offer (I would like to see some, really I would) showing that this virus originated in nature?

It sure looks to me that our government tried hard to weaponize a perfectly decent Corona virus, and paid others (like, the Chinese) to do the dirty work, preferably in their labs outside of our sensitive public eye, then share the benefits. Well, the operation was successful, and “the benefits” have been shared (just not the way everybody thought they would be).
By the way, at that time we were very close buddies with China, and Russia (Putin, in particular) was the bogey man. Oh well, how times change…

Hi Bruce,
Hereby I submit my input. Here is a video that explores a similar question: whether there was foreknowledge of the Pandemic (or Plandemic).
Good luck!

Nice summary DrBruceDale.
Though the virus was first found in the vicinity of the Wuhan Lab, it may not necessarily have been released from the Wuhan Lab. (But it might have.)
Near identical CoV gain of function was being done in the virology labs of multiple nations, most notably, in the USA (Denver and UNC Chapel-Hill) and funded by the USA in other nations. (here and here)
There is some concern that the World Military Games in Wuhan China in October 2019, with 300 US soldiers and support staff in attendance, could have provided an opportunity for the US MIC to sprinkle a few virons near Wuhan and blame the outbreak on China.
See “American Pravada: Our Coronavirus Catastrophe as Biowarfare Blowback?” for an exploration of this possibility. There is no proof of this. But given that we do have a pretty clear neocon push to start a war with China, and this is the kind of stuff they do, it is reasonable to keep an eye open for the possibility, IMHO.

I’m reminded of the 3 little monkeys: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. If this podcast shows evil at work, it sure has, then it is where we begin in the story not where we jump off. These labs are still open, we have a glimpse into that world where the very best are taking our lives into their hands and concocting pure evil as a matter of policy. I think the opposite of what Chris shared today than you do. I want action immediately and not to set it aside until after we control this Virus, I want to stop all further experimentation now on anything their doing until we convene a council on what we are doing. Why on earth are we trying to make something that is so detrimental to the human race? These Virus research has no redeeming qualities but to kill. The craziness is their working on other Viruses as we speak that are more harmful, of course they are. Nutso! Respectfully Given. Peace

I think Chris discovered some very scary facts and this might be just the tip of a big iceberg :/. After this video, I watched an interview with Judy Mikovits which is basically saying that there is a lot of corruption (and lack of ethics) in the scientific community in order to get fundings. I remember also Monsanto being accused of such practices/paying scientists to get studies proving their point and literally rewording some parts of the studies or asking the scientists to modify it or draw other conclusions. This sounds bad. The current situation is already surreal, but the corruption and bad intentions behind it could be even more troubling.

Central Fl. anyway has about the previous 2 months of bright shiny and for FL. comfortable weather. I haven’t discerned any lower trend yet.
I haven’t found a feedback for the site yet. I wish they would provide a log graph so smaller trends were easier to visual. And (unfortunately) FL. man is not just a meme.
And yeah, de Blasio claims NY bails out FL every year; and he may be correct; but it comes with a really high price.

I am very grateful for the research Chris continues to do about the virus and its possible origins. The added awareness it gives me, makes me listen much more intelligently to the “updates” we get from our local health authorities here in BC, and make me realize that they may well be aware of these underlying probabilities, not wanting to put them out there and get sat on by TPTB, but nonetheless being extremely careful about saying what they know or don’t know about the virus still, and not wanting to commit to a quick end to the dance. There are very decent, intelligent, hard-working public health people out there, as well as pols on the make, and I can imagine their difficulties. It also makes me very inclined to continue to be paranoid about PPE and rational distancing until more is known, and more widely known. Chris is widening the range of “known unknowns”, if you like, and I appreciate it. And the garden is doing well :slight_smile:

The paper by Yuri Deigin at Medium explains the same facts that Chris does, mostly towards the beginning of the paper, in a section entitled “A Killer Intro”. About the PRRA insert, Deignin says:

"So the virologists are puzzled. Where did this 12 nucleotide insert come from? Could it be lab-made? Well, virologists have studied furin sites in coronaviruses for decades, and have introduced many artificial ones in a lab."
Isn't that the smoking gun right there? Why isn't the paper over already? Instead, Deignin goes on to discuss many other topics. A significant moment passes with no fanfare at all. Deignin quotes a discussion of "temperature sensitivity" as "a trait that limits virus replication in pulmonary tissues." The conclusion to this section:

It seems that the creation of temperature-sensitive viral mutants to develop potentially attenuated vaccines was widespread at the end of the twentieth century. If you remember, in 1990, Ralph Baric himself also experimentedwith the creation of temperature-sensitive coronavirus strains.

Could something like this have caused the Covid-19 pandemic? Several options are possible — from a leak during development of a potential vaccine to fundamental research on laboratory recombination of the bat and pangolin viruses. Some particularly ambitious researcher could even decide to combine the two “fashionable research themes” — adding a furin site and transplanting RBM from a strain of one species (pangolin) to another (bats), so that later, confirming the increased virulence of the new chimeric virus, they can wax poetic about the dangers of the same recombination happening in Yunnan caves or wet markets. And if such a researcher could even pre-emptively develop a vaccine against this and other potential chimeras, all sorts of accolades could await.

Am I then saying this is what happened? Of course not, I do not claim to know what happened. Today, there is no evidence of this.

And then the next section:

Let us now turn our attention back to the virus itself. Does it have any obvious signs of lab manipulation? First, a few words about what “obvious” means. Any mutation can arise naturally, and even if the amino acid insert that had created the furin site in CoV2 was not “PRRA” but “MADEINWVHANPRRA”, there would still be a non-zero chance that it arose by accident. But for us, and for any court, I think this would be enough to prove lab origin beyond a reasonable doubt.

Then Deignin resumes more analysis about "restriction enzymes" and "codon usage bias", and goes into some speculation about whether perhaps the RaTG13 virus is some sort of fake virus that's part of the cover-up.

The conclusion takes this bizarre twist:

If you made it here by reading rather than scrolling, mad props to you. Hey, even if you scrolled, that’s cool too, and I apologize for the verbosity. I just didn’t anticipate that the rabbit hole would turn out to be a whole underground cave system. I hope that you found this deep dive into the world of virology interesting and enjoyed the exploration of the lab-made CoV2 hypothesis. In my opinion, the data I have presented, taken together, do not allow us to reject this possibility.

Let me be clear: this does NOT prove that CoV2 was synthesized in the laboratory. Yes, as we have seen above, from a technical standpoint, it would not be difficult for a modern virologist to create such a strain. But there is no direct evidence that anyone did this, and strange coincidences cannot pass for circumstantial evidence. On balance, the current chances against this are still higher than for the natural origins of CoV2.

Is Deignin shooting himself in the foot here, or what? And why? And then some inscrutable joke about the virus originating in a "lab" (meaning, the dog breed) and a homily about Deignin's desire that his post would not be "used to assign blame or propagate one-sided theories", while lamenting that "if there is even a 0.1% chance GOF research caused the whole thing, that chance is too high."

In terms of meandering around a conclusion, this is the strangest, most elusive paper I can remember. But that isn't what perplexes me most about this hypothesis. If SARS-CoV2 is a man-made supervirus, then why is there so much evidence surfacing that the fatality rate is only 0.3% or so? Why so many asymptomatic carriers? Is this a "temperature sensitive virus" that was designed as part of vaccine research?

I haven’t been much of a person who sees conspiracies in everything and have found the repeated push to contribute all of this to Bill Gates or who ever else the poster wants to blame the World’s ills as a grand plan to (insert your favorite) here in the forums distracting.
For one, I don’t think its helpful to try and blame someone else for a problem, especially like right now when you are trying to deal with the fall out. Also I don’t believe you can have a huge conspiracy with thousands of participants without someone in the know spilling the beans on it. A small group of people covering their a$$, now that I understand.
That said, I must recognize when the data shows a conclusion I didn’t agree with, as Chris did with the last two videos. He has made a clear and compelling case that this virus has been modified by someone.
I would still say, don’t spend too much of your valuable time running down the rabbit hole trying to place blame, if you haven’t spent time getting a garden in, or increasing your resilience.