Coronavirus Cases Doubling Overnight In Many Countries

Boy this is not good…

Covid-19 cases are leaping higher in disparate countries around the globe -- doubling overnight in South Korea, Italy and Iran.

New research continues to clarifying how *extremely* contagious this virus is (as the rash of worldwide infections confirms).

It increasingly looks like the only hope countries have of containing covid-19 is to use the draconian mass quarantine efforts that China is enforcing on its populace.

Don’t assume that can’t happen where you live. It may be the only alternative for your government to pursue, which is why preparing now for self-isolation/home quarantine is extremely prudent.

Which is why Chris and I are accelerating our home preps. He explains why in his new report Why I’m Ramping Up My Coronavirus Preparations, available to Peak Prosperity’s premium subscribers.

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Hello to any new people coming to Peak Prosperity for the first time. We had many videos and thousands of comments on the Covid19 health crisis over the four weeks since this started. Those videos and comments are full of great information from the community here but its hard to find a specific comment or link sometimes. Because of this we’ve compiled the recent comments for three general subjects, which are probably the most important things for you to know in this crisis.
They are located in the forum here
Coronavirus: Home Prep, Deep Pantry & Gardening Megathread 1/23 to 2/14
Coronavirus: Sanitation, PPE and Self Quarantine Megathread for 1/23 to 2/14
Coronavirus: Medicinals, Herbals and Supplements Megathread for 1/23 to 2/14
(Comments have been compiled for the videos up to February 14th.)
This crisis is moving fast and we want you to be informed. First, take a few minutes and read thru the threads then if you don’t see answers to your questions, ASK. We are in this together, and together we can figure out what to do to get each of us, our family, our friends and our communities through this.
Welcome to Peak Prosperity. Be safe.

Chris and PP team you’re doing a fantastic job!
I’m just really tired of manually typing scientific journal article links from a video screen shot. What am I Amish! Please put the links in the YT page as well as PP site page, this way I can simply copy and paste and send away to the mass ignorant around me that demand good science.
God Bless!

Thanks again guys for the amazing work! Someone asked me today what I thought about the Coronavirus, and the response was the same blueprint for “”The Great Reset” coming our way.
“All I know is that nobody knows. Therefore, the best answer is the personal resilience strategy that PP has taught us! It totally applies to the coronavirus as well. It all starts with KNOWING (reading and watching all the PP updates), then the DOING (we implement strategies and supplies where/how we can), and then the BEING (be as mentally and physically strong as possible to deal with all the potential chaos coming our way).”

Here is a thought, start keeping a list of where you visit and who you are in contact with, if you can. Why? Well if you come down with this virus, perhaps a list of where you have been and who you meet can give the authorities a clue as to who spread it to you, and if they are asymptomatic but infectious, it will let them get that person off the street and into treatment.
That said, I think we’re almost past the point that it goes from containment to living with this stuff and praying we make it through it in one piece.

Great question in the video at about the 29 minute mark.
What is the greatest pathway of infection?
Chris makes a good point, that for most people it comes down to two things, how close you are to an infected individual (proximity) and how long you stay close to them and in their zone of shedding the virus (time).
You minimize your chance of getting this by practicing “social distancing” aka keep a few feet between you and anyone else.
I would have added the words “of someone who looks sick” but we have confirmed cases of asymptomatic transmission aka the person you are talking to looks perfectly normal BUT is actually sick and is shedding viral particles into the air. You can no longer assume that someone who doesn’t look sick with this virus, is not sick.
The second factor is time. How long you stay in close contact with someone ill. Naturally, the less time you interact with someone, the better.
Now if you are practicing social distancing, staying away from other people AND keeping the time you do interact to the minimum, then your concern shifts from people who are transmitted infection to surface transmission and how that could infect you.
The virus appears to linger for quite a while on hard surfaces. Every time you touch a surface with your hands, you can infect your hands.
No it doesn’t just burrow into your flesh like a leech, lol.
What happens is you forget to be careful and not touch yourself in a manner which allows the virus to infect you. Even with gloves on, too many people forget and touch their faces, their eyes, their mouths, all pathways to infection.
You HAVE to train yourself to practice sensible containment. To not touch your face with your hands. Hard to do but doable.
Beyond that no contact rule, you must get used to sanitizing yourself, your hands and any part of you which comes in contact with possible infection as a matter of habit. Its not as hard as it sounds because having infected hands is ok, as long as you don’t touch a pathway for the virus into your body.
With properly fitted PPE and common sense quarantining practices, you can move through an environment that has the active virus particles and still keep yourself safe. You do complete sanitation when you enter your “green zones” like your home, areas where you relax your protection because you are doing actions that make quarantine impossible, like cooking your meals, interact with your family, taking care of personal issues.
We’ll talk more about sensible practices to keep yourself uninfected in the comments.

Hi all,
I’m grateful that PP monitors the situation closely. I decided to step up the specific prep for the first and second phase (I prep on the assumption that there will be a lull in the summer, and an explosion of secondary infections in the autumn/winter season). My wife and sons ridiculed me at first. But I convinced them that preparing is a rational thing to do, given the speed with which the contagion spreads, and government intervenes (for example, see Italy).
The point is this: in the place where I live (somewhere in Europe, guess where ?), I notice an almost complete lack of preparation. The whole situation is downplayed in the MSM (up to the level of evidently fake news). When I talk with friends, family and neighbors, I get no, to minimal response. How do you deal with this? I’m worried for them. It took some time to convince my family that I’m still rational.
Keep up the great and important work!
I attached the graph that I use to monitor: if nothing changes, there will be between 1 million and 10 million cases outside of Mainland China in May…


If you know where to test, you will find them…

This could be purely coincidental, but regarding the additional 15 infected Covid-2019 patients (i.e., up to 50 patients for transfer, when only 34-35 reported total in US):
Recall that 210 US citizens boarded the first plane from Wuhan to be repatriated to the US, with a fueling stop in Alaska before heading to California. Note that only 201 boarded the plane from Alaska to California (i.e., 9 less), and only 195 reportedly arrived in California (i.e., 6 less) on January 29th. Total “missing” or unaccounted for US citizens is 15. (Have to question why the media failed to question these shifting and inexplicable numbers.)
Again, this is purely speculative, and that seems like a long time for someone to be sick with Covid-2019. However, given that there’s now evidence of incubation periods of up to 28 (or more?) and the potential for reinfection, might it be possible that the additional 15 infected are from the first flight from Wuhan?
There’s so much we don’t know and the “authorities” won’t tell us, that anything is possible.

It just dawned on me, there will be people congregating from all over the world. In the US in New Orleans it is a particularly big celebration because it is the 300th anniversary of New Orleans. Perhaps this has been mentioned already but now I can see one reason why South America’s news on Covid 19 could be limited. These events bring in a lot of money for the cities involved, especially Rio and New Orleans. The mixing of people is intense and goes on for several days up to 2 weeks. We shall see what happens.
Many thanks to the new members who have contributed so much.

Thanks Chris (and Adam). You the man. Thank you much for your reporting.
Your data indicate pandemicity. Virtually the entire world will suffer from this man made weapon. With a ca. 2% death rate.
Most bloggers chit chat crap ad nauseum with justifiable energy and concern about the epidemiological and other details of this militarized and engineered virus, which we now know will be with us indefinitely.
But the more interesting long view is how this affects the first turning (our future). I think that Peak Prosperity has a role in leading to the next first turning. Maybe the big story is how small community development handles corona and other problems created by exponential growth on a limited planet. Highly educated individuals who walk away from the madness of the 4th turning, and create their own wealth free from the sociopath parasites in NY/Washington/Tokyo/Beijing/Munich, have much to explore, teach and to guide others. I wonder if you will create an inner cadre of scientists and other informed people who can more efficiently interact without having to wade through hearsay/non-repeatable results/ case study results, which dominate the chit chatting keyboard squirts that are almost too numerous to follow at PP.
I would like to see some guidelines on how a small community will, on the long run deal with this biological engineered Chinese fart, which apparently will never go away now. My neighborhood recently rejected a scheduled visitor from Tokyo due to presence of the Chinese ninja virus in Tokyo. I would like to provide a checklist for guiding/selecting outsiders who want to visit my community. We are not embarrassed or afraid to request or suggest conditions to would-be visitors. Anyone have ideas? Your New Hampshire community effort has extreme value in many ways, including how to deal with this problem of visitors from far away (ie “outsiders”) and I am excited to hear of developments.

I know Chris likes data, so here is some limited data (sex and birth year) publicly available for the first 82 cases in Korea. Source is the Korea CDC website. Unfortunately, the information is only on the Korean version of the site:
#82 M 1956
#81 F 1955
#80 F 1986
#79 F 1998
#78 M 1965
#77 F 1963
#76 M 1984
#75 F 1997
#74 M 1971
#73 F 2000
#72 F 1981
#71 F 1964
#70bF 1972
#69 M 1991
#68 F 1964
#67 F 1990
#66 M 1998
#65 F 1970
#64 F 1961
#63 F 1968
#62 M 1960
#61 F 1962
#60 F 1961
#59 F 1986
#58 F 1994
#57 M 1990
#56 M 1945
#55 M 1961
#54 M 1963
#53 F 1982
#52 M 1996
#51 F 1959
#50 M 1944
#49 M 1962
#48 F 1948
#47 F 1957
#46 M 1992
#45 F 1966
#44 F 1974
#43 F 1962
#42 F 1991
#41 F 1951
#40 M 1943
#39 F 1959
#38 F 1963
#37 M 1973
#36 F 1972
#35 F 1994
#34 M 1996
#33 F 1980
#32 F 2009
#31 F 1959
#30 F 1952
#29 M 1938
#28 F 1989
#27 F 1982
#26 M 1968
#25 F 1946
#24 M 1992
#23 F 1962
#22 M 1973
#21 F 1960
#20 F 1978
#19 M 1983
#18 F 1999
#17 M 1982
#16 F 1977
#15 M 1977
#14 F 1980
#13 M 1992
#12 M 1971
#11 M 1995
#10 F 1966
#9 F 1992
#8 F 1957
#7 M 1991
#6 M 1964
#5 M 1987
#4 M 1964
#3 M 1966
#2 M 1964
#1 F 1984

Do you wonder what the CDC is doing when not convening and conspiring with mainstream/social media moguls to develop strategies to fight the Coronavirus “Infodemic”? Or when they are not developing and shipping Covid-2019 diagnostic tests throughout the US that don’t work? Or when they’re not holding weekly conferences to update (i.e., mislead and lie to) the public on Covid-2019 spread and ineffective CDC mitigation efforts?
Well, they are apparently busy collecting facemask prototypes (based on a 2006 study) made out of repurposed cotton t-shirts for pubic use when the supply of commercial face masks invariably runs out during “a” pandemic.
This does not inspire confidence. :-/
CDC: Facemask Prototypes
Contract Opportunity Type: Sources Sought
Two-week turnaround from published date (2/4/20) to response date (2/18/20). (Sorry you missed the deadline–insiders only! :wink: )
This solicitation is not a commitment, obligation, contract or request for proposal award or reimbursement of expenses, but note that “information gathered through this notice may significantly influence the Government’s acquisition $trategy.”
Excerpts (bold added):
“The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) is considering a project to produce 200 facemask prototypes.”
“On April 21, 2017, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released the Community Mitigation Guidelines to Prevent Pandemic Influenza – United States, 2017.
The updated pre-pandemic planning 2017 Guidelines include recommendations on non- pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) that persons and communities can take to slow the spread of respiratory virus infections, including seasonal and pandemic influenza viruses. Categories of NPIs reserved for influenza pandemics include community measures aimed at increasing social distancing (e.g., temporary school closures and dismissals; postponing mass gatherings) and personal protective measures [e.g., voluntary home quarantine of exposed household members; use of facemasks (FMs) in community settings when ill or when at high risk for influenza complications (e.g., pregnant women, very young children, persons with cancer, asthma )].”
“In 2006, Dato et al., produced a “do it yourself” (DIY) 1-outer-and-8-inner layer reusable FM prototype using an S&IM (i.e., Hanes Heavyweight 100% preshrunk cotton T-shirt) that was boiled for ten minutes and air dried to maximize shrinkage and sterilize the material. This effort intended to address potential lack of accessibility of quality commercial respirators (e.g., N95, N99, or N100)….Although insufficient for the workplace, this DIY mask reportedly offered substantial protection from the challenge aerosol and showed good fit with minimal leakage in human subjects (Dato 2006). CI-ICU reviewed the literature and found limited research into the effectiveness/feasibility of S&IMs and DIY designs suggesting the need for more research in this area (Rengasamy 2008; Rengasamy 2010; Shakya 2017).”
“The Government may procure FM prototypes that are manufactured from S&IMs using Dato’s methods.” (see photo below)
An external file that holds a picture, illustration, etc. Object name is 05-1468-F.jpg
Caption: “Prototype mask. A) Side view, B) Face side. This mask consisted of 1 outer layer (≈37 cm × 72 cm) rolled and cut as in panel B with 8 inner layers (<18 cm2) placed inside (against the face). The nose slit was first placed over the bridge of the nose, and the roll was tied below the back of the neck. The area around the nose was adjusted to eliminate any leakage. If the seal was not tight, it was adjusted by adding extra material under the roll between the cheek and nose or by pushing the rolled fabric above or below the cheekbone. Tie b was tied over the head. A cloth extension was added if tie b was too short. Finally, tie c was tied behind the head. The mask was then fit tested.” (Source)
No doubt the CDC will create a massive outreach and education campaign to teach people how to make these spiffy t-shirt facemasks. That ought to stop this nasty coronavirus dead in its tracks!
Sadly, this is not a joke. We’re screwed.

hat tip: (Source)

Covid19 Real Beast Causing Dangerous Pandemic

Thanks for the tip, Sparky1! I look forward to giving this a listen. I am hoping it may be just the kind of compact, digestable summarization of the COVID-19 info we’ve learned here, that we can share with friends/family. (Chris, so glad you got the opportunity to do the interview with Greg Hunter!!)
I was just reading the comments under the video at, and one said “Great interview Greg. I actually watched it on YouTube (and even let all the ads play thru, since I saw he was re-monetized!)”
Greg Hunter, who runs USAWatchDog, states this at the end of his summary of the interview with Chris:

(This video was demonetized right out of the gate. So, it must be information you need to know. Enjoy!!)

I presume Chris and Adam and others are assessing threshholds for running the seminar with no significant precautions, respirators optional, respirators required, full PPE, running the whole thing virtually (no personal contact), or even cancelling it.
This could be a major test for the PP community, and a major opportunity to demonstrate rational behaviour in the organisers and participants.
May is far enough away for trends (infection rates, numbers, fatalities) to become obvious well before the end of April.

According to these articles:
2 groups of Korean tourists who toured Israel have been found to be infected with virus. This has lead to Israel blocking a further Korean tour group from entering the country. Israel has placed 200 under observation.
They are adding restrictions for Korean and Japanese flights as well, but no details provided on what that means.
On Friday, Iran held national elections in the presence of whatever outbreak they have going on there:
I can’t imagine a better way to allow an asymptomatic super spreader to pass the virus on to others given how easily this virus appears to be spread.
This virus appears to spread much faster than governments and international agencies such as the WHO can react. They are much too bureaucratic. By the time they devise a plan the virus has already moved past their measures, rendering them useless.
I have been a long time lurker on this site and joined for the high quality of information on the virus. I am grateful there are places on the net where we can get a realistic assessment of what is going on along with solutions we can use to prepare for what may come.
Thank you to Chris and Adam, along with all of the long time contributors, for providing such a resource…

Thanks, the video was as interesting as I might have hoped, especially the latter half discussing the economic repercussions that are unfolding.
The one part of Chris’s video that I am completely at odds with though are his comments on gold.
I am sorry Chris but the charts just do not support the ideas of continued gold acquisition at this moment in time. I would view purchases made now quite negatively because the price run-up is very near its climax.
We are literally within days of the end of this cycle which means that an important interim top has arrived. And it is one that should be sold as metals begin to deflate along with the economy.
I am saying this as a price analyst now, not as a person who disrespects the ideas behind gold ownership. I happen to love the stuff but would very strongly advise caution buying at current highs.
Just wait, a better opportunity will present itself by next fall. There are much better investments to make while we wait.

I just watched a few excellent videos by Dr John Campbell and was pretty surprised he was reporting that research done on SARs CoV surrogates in 2010 showed the virus was able to survive on hard smooth surfaces like stainless steel for up to 28 days at optimal temperatures of 4 Celsius.
Cold weather keeps this thing alive on non porous surfaces for very extended periods of time.
So think about that next time you use your bare hands to open the door at your local 7-11. Hell, a lot of people are probably already infected.

Shoulda watched it before posting.