Coronavirus Containment Has Failed

Within and without China, the coronavirus continues to rage on.

A leaked report claims that actual covid-19 cases within China are 52x higher than the 78K reported by authorities.

Whether true or not, that estimate comports with the massive heavy-handed response the government has been pursuing there.

Outside of China, more cases in more countries are being reported, especially in the EU. Since yesterday, new cases have been reported in Sweden, Greece, France, Spain, Germany, and, of course, Italy.

The virus appears as virulent as ever. Remember those photos of sick people collapsing on the street in China? Well, we’re now seeing the same thing in South Korea and Iran.

Infections continue to grow at a non-linear (i.e., exponential) rate. New cases & death are doubling worldwide every 4-5 days(!).

Containment has failed. The coronavirus is spreading worldwide and it’s prudent to assume it’s headed near where you live at some point. Use the time you still have now to prepare.

Being well-stocked, well-trained and in a position to help others is your best defense at this point.

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Seems that Trump announced VP Mike Pence as a Coronavirus Czar. And i personally find it hilarious that both Xi and Trump put their much less famous No.2 on the job.
Maybe the US is ready for a socialist after all.
In any case since the announcement futures have slid and i’m giving out another trade warning. The markets are showing a perfect sell signal: gold+silver+US dollar up, everything else down. The VIX is closed otherwise i’d bet it’d be up. I noted this sell signal once before, on my discord:

Ofcourse crypto took a dive later on so we now know crypto also counts as a speculative asset and not a save haven. They’ve been dropping ever since.
Things that happen during the night might still change things (i’m expecting a total rebound rally the moment jay powell takes his foot off the brakes and goes pedal to the metal with the printing) but whenever i see this sell pattern, i bring out the pop corn.
Just as a reminder, the VIX was up 54% at some point on monday. I almost regret spending my limited budget on physical gold/silver and virus supplies. Almost.

Why you should fear ADES!

Not the HIV type but the CoV type (antibody dependent enhancement syndrome)

The vast majority of those outside China that contract SARS 2 will probably experience nothing more than a mild flu like illness, unless you are elderly or have comorbidities.

But the second exposure more than a year or two year later could prove quite different.

Dr. Martenson has already discussed this in his video "Coronavirus Infections Outside Of China Are Growing Exponentially".

He introduced us to the concept of antibody dependent enhancement via the dengue fever model in which a second infection with a different dengue virus serotype or the same serotype years later (low IgG titer) initiated a cytokine storm much more lethal than the primary infection.

This mechanism is thought to explain the second highly lethal wave of the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918-19.

Antibody-dependent enhancement of severe dengue disease in humans (Nov 2017 in Science)

"For DENV-naïve children and children with high DENV-Ab titers (>1:1280), the cumulative hazard was 1.6 and 1.5%, respectively, indicating that high antibody levels did not provide any greater protection against DHF/DSS than having no preexisting DENV-Abs. On average, in the Pediatric Dengue Cohort Study, the DENV-Ab half-life was 4.00 years [95% CI: 3.81 to 4.20], and by 3 years postinfection, an estimated 22% of children had DENV-Ab titers of 1:21 to 1:80(table S7). Children with subsequent severe dengue cases had lower but not more rapidly decaying DENV-Ab titers (table S8)."

Barely more than a week ago the following article appeared.

"Molecular mechanism of antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) of Coronavirus entry"

Under the section entitled "Antibody dosages for antibody-dependent enhancement of coronavirus entry" can be found

"First, as the amount of Mersmab1 increased, viral entry into DPP4-expressing HEK293T cells continuously dropped (Fig. 6A). This result reveals that Mersmab1 blocks the DPP4-dependent viral entry pathway by outcompeting DPP4 for binding to MERS-CoV spike. Second, as the amount of Mersmab1 increased, viral entry into CD32A-expressing HEK293T cells first increased and then decreased (Fig. 6A). The turning point was about 100 ng/ml of Mersmab1. A likely explanation for this result is as follows: at low concentrations, more MAb molecules enhance the indirect interactions between MERS-CoV spike and the Fc receptor; at high concentrations, MAb molecules saturate the cell surface Fc receptor molecules and then further bind to MERS-CoV spike and block the indirect interactions between MERS-CoV spike and the Fc receptor."

This article like the one before on dengue discovered that the same mechanism for ADES (low titers) applies to MERS (but in ng/ml instead of titer).

Will it apply to the much more contagious SARS CoV 2? Just today Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health professor Marc Lipsitchtold the Wall Street Journal this week "40% to 70% of people world-wide are likely to be infected in the coming year.”

I've already posted my approach to ADES here

here as a comment under Dr. Martenson's video

and here as a comment under Dr. Martenson's video

Really interesting article comparing today with the lead up to the Great Depression. It really got me thinking in some new ways.

I won’t ever be ready to give up the “Republic”. Everyday things become a bit clearer.
Cryptos…well, I could have bought bitcoin when it began. $1 or 2 at the time. Thought about it. Didn’t take to long to realize that I didn’t want something with extreme counterparty risk and that I really didn’t know how to do it. Yes, I could have figured it out. Yes, I most-likely would have made a boat full of money. Just not my style lol.
I’m not much of a popcorn eater anymore…gmo’s ya know. But I am watching carefully.
Just keep topping of the necessities while we can. It won’t hurt to have more than you need.
Well Adam, looks like you got a confirmed 19 case in Nor Cal. (article at ZH. can’t remember which one) Keep your head up and keep your powder dry. Blessings brother.
Just a heads up to all, coming soon to a community near you.

Here we go guys!
Buckle up things about to get UGLY

heaven help us!

  1. Trump - “we’re gonna treat it like the flu”
  2. Trump “a vaccine is coming soon” …then Dr. Fauci comes on and says minimum 1-1.5 years. Oh the disgust on Trumps face as he was listening!
  3. Trump “Were testing everyone we need to test”
    Lol, he must be a member of the “if u don’t test u don’t have cases” club
  4. Trump “Stocks are down because of the potential Democratic candidate”.
  5. Trump on the Flu vs Corona. “in some ways Corona is easier to deal with, in some ways it’s harder”
  6. Trump on Pence as leading the team “Mike did fantastic job with Indiana healthcare and this is very similar”

Hi Chris,
My 73-year-old Mom has a question she wanted me to ask Chris and the Peak Prosperity community: does the pneumonia vaccine she received late last year protect her at all from COVID-19 complications/pneumonia? Thanks in advance for your answers about this!

Sad to see the California case, I sort of think it was planned to release after the press conference. Earlier today I think, There was an announcement of a flight attendant who tested positive from Singapore airline; said she had done a lax-Singapore flights recently. Also, I do keep seeing random posts of people in Cali with flu like illness yet flu negative. Also, they did declare state of emergency yesterday so maybe they have been seeing an uptick in “flu like illness.” So fearful for all those on the frontline of this. Ugh it’s like waiting for a race to start and not sure I’m ready; and I’m not even on the track field.
WHY - - do Senators get the “real” truth about the virus and we-the-people get… its like the flu and “We are the most prepared country on the planet? In other words don’t worry, be happy and think what we tell you to think!
Which briefing would YOU like to listen to?

I posted before about how the only logical conclusion for the immense drop in silver on tuesday was due to more futures being made and the price artificially depressed so that institutional investors could pick up large amounts for their own hedges without spooking the market with massive price increases. AKA “To buy, you need a sell”.
Well the observant among you might’ve noticed the volume chart went to monday only (so didn’t include the tuesday sell bonanza) just to prove the pattern of ever increasing volume, requiring ever increasing amounts of contracts AKA ever increasing price depression. But now; tuesday’s data is in! (well it was already i just forgot to check):

And isn’t she a beauty? Remember during that stick on tuesday silver went down from ~550+ euro a kilo to ~535-540 a kilo, dropping even further on wednesday to 530 euro a kilo currently.
But silver’s up 0,8% again… how strange, after so much selling right? Could that mean this is “a healthy bottom after a normal correction”?
Sure. If you wanna believe that. I just want to point out that the top during the soleimani strike was around 530-535 euro a kilo. And from that point it’s going upwards again.
World war 3 is now the new market bottom.
EDIT: I wanted to leave it on a nice dramatic note but ima put down some advice instead. During this entire week, Silver has tracked Gold’s every move, only bigger: in percentages it goes up faster and down faster. Regardless - it has always moved with gold. As opposed to Bitcoin and every other currency (Bitcoin went from $10k on the 24th to $8,7k currently, it was $9,3k yesterday).
You will hear people say they don’t like silver because of an “industrial component” - hogwash. Gold’s in mobile phones too, just in minute amounts cause of it’s price. Silver’s used more cause of abundance but it has always been, and will always be, money.
So if you’ve got a small disposable budget for hedging against the coming collapse, buy a few silver eagles or other 99,99% pure coins. MAKE SURE THEY ARE PURE! This is where the “industrial component” actually helps because if you can’t sell it to a trader you can always try selling it to an industrial producer at spot prices (they pay commission too so by cutting out those costs you can often guarantee a sale in an emergency, as well as a sale at spot prices to other people).
If you are “too poor to afford gold” at this point, not all is lost, and silver still provides a good store of value. True, gold is better. But there is still a very good reason why they make the second place medals out of silver - and not a USB stick with a bitcoin wallet.

Seriously unless we ask why “they” get to know the truth and we don’t, they will think we are NOT entitled to the truth.
Comments … unless you are okay with not knowing?

Can’t imagine a better time, place or occasion - Italy - Ash Wednesday - tens of thousands close up - and all soon flying back to wherever they came from. Good job.

All one needs to know what is actually going on with SARS-CoV-2 is online. You can become an expert on the subject, if you have the brains for it.
If you are smart, you can know more about the entire subject than any elected government office-holder…in a very short time.
No one needs to tell you…learn it all for yourself. Knowing is better than believing.

ALPHATEC Encapsulated Suit, Level A, Rear Entry, M
Not really, but if you read the reviews, there’s some comic relief to be found.

The President will only know what he is told about the Pandemic.
If he is told everything will be okay…that is what he will say. If he is told everything is going to Hell and there is no HOPE, he will still say everything will be okay. See how this works?
I know enough about this pandemic, the only thing any government official can surprise me with is their honesty regarding it.
When people are falling on their faces and kissing the concrete…like they have an “Off” switch…and officials tell you, “It will all be okay,” and provide NO USEFUL INFORMATION, you may be absolutely CERTAIN we are all screwed.

Desogames, have you ever tried selling silver to an industrial producer at spot price? If you find a buyer, let me know. From my experience, no industrial producer will ever buy gold, silver, platinum, platinum, or rhodium at spot price. YMMV.

If he under-reacts, he will be excoriated.
If he over reacts, he will be excoriated.
Even if he walks the theoretically perfect, razor edge balance between the two (which doesn’t even exist). he will still be criticized.
If the situation gets bad, it’s their political dream come true.
These sure are interesting times.

The TRUTH is already available on the Internet.

The Point is the politicians are supposed to represent US. And unless we verbally say “hey I want the real truth, the truth you told to the Senator’s” those leaders will see that we are ALL sheep and there is no need to tell us the truth! Why am I the only one to say it’s WRONG, even EVIL to have a Pandemic that kills people ( maybe you, your children or parents) but you don’t get to know the real truth about the Pandemic. Instead you'll are talking about equipment. If no one stands up and says this is bullshit it could cost lives. Our Politicians get their health care FREE, how about you? They get info that might save the life of someone they love. How about you? This pisses me off! It should piss each and every one of you off too. Anybody out there not a snowflake? Granny’s Pissed!! Why aren’t YOU!

You would be very correct nobody would take it at spot price. At the moment.
There’s also not a giant demand from everybody and their mother for every scrap possible because the dollar’s hyper inflating after the Fed decided to print a few trillion to buy US government bonds that nobody else wanted anymore as the US economy froze after the china supply chain shock.
Miners are people too yknow. Silver mine can be quarantined as easily as an office building. They also have families that are losing money hand over fist - while they’re walking on it.
As i said, gold is better. But silver is money just as well. That’s not me talking that’s market data. If silver was not money then it wouldn’t move in lockstep with gold.
And we’re in a crisis here, a real legitimate crisis. Can you guarantee silver ore will still be delivered in 2 months from now? Just from the first google, what’ll happen to the availability of silver if Mexico and Poland get hit?
Just like scarcity raises the prices for you and me, so does it for the miners. If half the mines are shut down, the other half will charge a premium because the supply halved. If the demand then doubles because aside from industrial producers, the Mint needs far more too keep up with the demand for silver eagles, price doubles again (4x in total). If the Mint then offers a premium on spot they will get it, and you bet your ass that the rich are gonna crowd that market hard. Producers will be left out.
Besides, i thought this site was based around thinking for ourselves. We’re connected to the GREATEST fountain of knowledge ever made! The library of Alexandria times a billion! Including the most powerful steward ever devised capable of instant delivery of whatever your heart desires. In other words; just google it.
Now i don’t know any solar cell producers, but wanna bet in an emergency i can go to a pharmacy (who can produce medicine themselves) or find some photography studio to hawk it off to? Remember, i can do so at either spot or even at a discount because i will be selling it at a MASSIVE profit if it ever comes to the point i have to sell it to those people.
Anyways it remains a plan B. Always have a plan B, and in this case it’s “If the situation gets so dire people won’t even take silver as money anymore and only care for food or other forms of survival, ill find whatever fool who will still take this so i can hedge my bets yet again”.
Is this going way, way, way too far? Hell yes. But we now have a Pandemic at the Top of a business cycle which ended in a asset bubble nicknamed “After the Tech bubble, and the Housing bubble, this is the Everything bubble”.
I genuinely can’t tell if the food production won’t be shut down, or restarted in time to feed millions of city dwellers. I only know that at the point i’m able to tell if it is or isn’t, i will need silver. Or well… need… I always have a backup plan :smiley: but silver, gold, cash… those will be most handy i feel.
EDIT: oh, it also seems Goldman Sachs has acquired a net positive position in gold. How do i know?
Cause they either lie to their muppets or are late to the party to benefit from the upside. If they’re so smart, why didn’t they post that article in the weekend before the massive rise on monday?