Coronavirus: 'Nothing To See Here' Say Markets & The Media

As the Wuhan coronavirus spread worsens, the financial markets are throwing one hell of party, hitting record highs.

Yet the world’s #2 economy, China, just hung up a big “CLOSED” sign – stocks should be tanking hard here.

How can they shrug off the virus' threat to global trade?

Chris believes that government intervention is at play here. There are few things that send the soothing signal that "All is well" more than higher stock prices do.

As politicians say: “When it gets serious, you have to lie”. Folks, it looks like the coronavirus is so serious that governments are in full panic-suppression mode.

It’s becoming harder and harder to trust the official guidance being issued – we need to educate ourselves from other sources as best we can.

Meanwhile, the new data we are gathering suggest the virus continues to be more contagious than previously expected…

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Thanks Chris for the hard work. Don’t run yourself into the ground please.

Hi Chris, thanks for the great reporting. Since there are so many new people following this it might be worth while to add some context for why a down turn at this stage in our story could be so critical. I’m thinking here of resource depletion, environmental hard limits and the funny money sloshing around the system.

Hi Chris, thanks for the great reporting. Since there are so many new people following this it might be worth while to add some context for why a down turn at this stage in our story could be so critical. I’m thinking here of resource depletion, environmental hard limits and the funny money sloshing around the system.

The fake fraudulent financial “markets” are now running up against the real world. The game has been played for a long time, and most of us know the everything bubble has to come to an end at some point. When e bubble pops it pops. What we are seeing with this ridiculous goosing of the markets is desperation by the world’s central banks. I’m genuinely concerned now that I’m seeing this. Tells me we are seeing one huge lie by TPTB. Scary stuff.

Stuff that we been discussing for a week…

I wonder if its not desperation but intentional. The Feds know that publicly saying they will backstop the Markets for the short term is going to have the obvious effect of making it go up.
I can’t help but think this might just be the last little bit of looting by the big guys who can burrow money from the Fed’s repo market. They can grab $50million for a day or two, make another 5-10 as the Market goes up on the taxpayer dime, then cash out and go short come Friday as it becomes apparent there really is a problem on the horizon.
Then jet off to their hidey hole mansion in New Zealand and wait out the first wave of the virus. Enjoy the Fall weather down under. Come back in 3 months and scoop up the companies and yes governments who crashed on the cheap.
If history is accurate then we’ll see another wave of nCov in the late Fall, just in time for the election. I wonder if locally imposed quarantines or canceling large group events (like say election night lines at voting places) might not be a good enough excuse to delay the election and keep Trump in office?

Maybe it’s coincidental that, on the surface, the economy looks so rosey on the day of the “state of the union” address. China market drops 8%, then pumps in $175 billion followed by another $400 billion today. Wonder how much the fed and other central banks pumped into the markets today. Yep. The address tonight should be lots of accolades about the best economy and stock market ever.
Keep up the good work, Chris.

Not a single word about coronavirus. Not. a. word.
I’ve learned from the past that you cant talk about “bad” things with people that aren’t prepared to discuss them. I didn’t bring anything up. 3 of these are my office mates.
I’ve learned that those of us on PP are simply wired differently. Our minds are allowed to entertain unpleasant scenarios without shutting down. Consider it a gift.
As for the virus news itself, there’s a bunch of new videos out of China (see twitter) showing bodies everywhere. Nanjing another mega city very far from Wuhan is now on military lockdown.
How much longer until the huge cities such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, etc, go on full lock down.

A study led by University of Minnesota researcher Li Fang predicted that a single mutation at a specific spot in the genome could significantly increase the virus’s ability to bind with cells on the surface of the human respiratory system

How are these giant cities in China feeding themselves?!? Without the people in the cities themselves going about their jobs? Everyone from the truck drivers to the dishwashers are essential cogs to the food supply line no? If a city has what 2-3 days of food supplies at any one point in time… the stores are empty now, at what point does hunger/ desperation take over. Are they rioting already but nothing is getting out or is the army able to keep them fed enough. What a nightmare. I’ve got enough basic calories and water to last my family for 6-9 months but I’m severely lacking in the self defence area… I’ve not grown up with a guns for hunting/self defence background. Consequently I have a big O when it comes to that resiliency… My city living brother in law has that side of things down but very little resiliency when it comes to a protracted situation. Perhaps this is something to pursue.
Anybody know how long and what the process of getting a rifle/hand gun in Canada is like?

Wuhan coronavirus still spreading fast, but possibly no longer at a geometric/exponential rate.
But who knows how undercounted this official data may be?

(the chart above maps data through yesterday)

Chris pointed out somewhere that the official chinese numbers are following a certain model to the T. This model predicated 499 deaths for today and they came in just under.
Zhejiang province: 829 cases 0 deaths 43 serious 15 critical
Guangdong province 813 0 deaths 60 serious 26 critical
Interesting how these two provinces have yet to report a fatality despite having a huge reported case load.
On another note, the international reported cases have a very low CFR which is great so far. 178 cases, 4 serious, 1 death.

Adam, keep in mind that there are two releases of data per day, one at 2 PM (Pacific) from Hubei and one at 4 PM from NHC. While the 4 PM release, to date, has been fewer relative cases, it is growing. For the past few days, it has knocked the number back up to exponential growth from the slightly less than exponential growth that it appears after the 2 PM release.

schmidtma01 -
You’re referring to this model here (mentioned in the video in the OP above):

For today, the model called for 23,803 infected and 499 dead. Pretty darn close…as it has been for the past many days.

This article makes the case that this Wuhan Coronavirus will turn into the next great disaster of man trying to outdo Nature:
‪"Simply and horribly, this is likely to be yet another Chernobyl or Fukushima – a catastrophic illustration of mankind’s hubris and intransigence clashing with Nature, and fate once again reaping the once unimaginably tragic toll."‬

Do you have a link for news about the Nanjing military lockdown?
Nothing comes up about this on Google.

Sebastian, not sure about the laws of buying guns in Canada, but you can buy guns for hunting can’t you. If so for a novice one of the best home defensive weapon is a good old 12 gauge shotgun. Buy 5-6 boxes of #4 buckshot (small 1/4inch size shot) and a couple of boxes of #00 (called double aught).
#4 buckshot has about 20 pellets and at home ranges of 15-20 feet will hit an intruder like a sledge hammer while not penetrating inside walls and doors to hit family or friend. #00 pellets are larger and heavier, and will travel farther and still hurt. Save those for people outside the house.
Personally I would go with a semi auto versus a pump action for the ability to first 3 rounds without fumbling the slide in a panic. Others will prefer a pump action for its ability to clear a jammed or misfired round.
If you have a wife who is of a smaller frame, maybe a 20 gauge shotgun, which has a lighter kick, though many women I know have no problem with the larger gun.
Here in the US you can find them for a few hundred dollars.
I expect that this question and the answers will be very lively, lol.
You aren’t going to be fighting a war, but just scaring off possible intruders looking for a quick score.

#4 might make it through a conventional sheetrock wall. I prefer to keep a round of #7 or #8 first in the chamber which will still ruin someone’s day at close range for home defense. It serves as a warning shot for everyone in the house to hit the ground because the next ones will be 00 buck and coming through. My home defense 12-gage pump shotgun has a short barrel, no choke, red dot sight, tactical light, a full load with no spacer plus the #8 in the chamber. It’s really hard to miss with this thing.
Chris did you see this video about Chinese MD whistle blower?
Thank you and Adam for all your hard work