Coronavirus: Prepare For National Lockdown

As the number of covid-19 infections outside China now exceed those within, the masses across the world are starting to panic.

Empty grocery store shelves. Fights over toilet paper. Schools closing and sending students home en mass. Desperate pleas from health workers to stay home when sick unless in truly dire condition.

And this with just 170,000 total worldwide cases (that we know of).

Now, just imagine what the fear factor will be like when that number is 1.7 million. Or 17 million. Or 170 million. Or (and this is possible) 1.7 billion.

Chris predicts that more national lockdowns – as we’ve seen so far in China, and now Italy, Spain, and a fast-increasing number of other countries – are likely to be announced soon.

These will be mandatory quarantines enforced by the police/military.

Most folks are only still just getting their brains around the reality that they're not going to be able to go to work, or their kids to school, for the foreseeable future.

How many of these are ready for a 1-2 month forced lockdown? Or longer?

Well, we may not have to wait long to see.

In today’s video, Chris runs sensitivities on a simulator to demonstrate how such lockdowns really are the only effective way to “flatten the curve” and reduce the overwhelming of our health care systems.

Lockdowns are no fun and create a host of challenges and sacrifices. But they may be absolutely necessary. This is our generation’s “victory garden” campaign.

So #STFHome and #FlattenTheCurve!

And if you haven’t read them yet, the coronavirus preparation megathreads available for free on are a great resource for preparing for lockdown:

  1. Coronavirus: Sanitation, PPE and Self Quarantine Megathread
  2. Coronavirus: Medicinals, Herbals and Supplements Megathread
  3. Coronavirus: Home Prep, Deep Pantry & Gardening Megathread
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Major automotive company, all office employees are working from home.
My non emergency surgery has been rescheduled to May. Wife’s surgery is still scheduled. Hers is more critical than mine, but still not emergency.
Grocery stores, completely emptied out. Daughter manages a dollar store, they had to call police, just to get the truck unloaded. Walmart, and Meijers (regional store like Walmart), are both closing at night, just so they can restock the shelves.
Same is true in Ohio, according to national news. Things getting slightly tense here in suburban Chicago. This is getting real now! Lots of people caught off guard.

Hello from the North Shore of Milwaukee County (the villages clustered along the NW edge of Milwaukee county within 9 miles of downtown Milwaukee). I wore my N95 mask and Dewalt goggles for the 1st time yesterday as I wanted to purchase Quenretin from local health food stores
And I wished to deepen my pantry even further as our “Nicolet HS will conduct remote learning from March 16 through April 10, 2020.” I share our two teenage children with my former spouse - I cannot recall being able to eat as much when I was their age ha ha ha
A somewhat important note on the use of the Dewalt goggles, my perspiration marred my ability to see within relatively little time of their use.
Sadly, I was the only one with any relevant PPE. I got some unsettled/surprised looks, but most seemed to understand. The usual disaster supplies had disappeared from the shelves at Meijer, Target and Whole Check. Black Elderberry and Zinc were sold out in all of them. Thank you Chris for bringing this to my attention weeks ago.
I have always wanted a freezer. Of course, I decide to finally purchase one this past Thursday. It seems this was day Wisconsinites freaked out! Were there had been an ample selection the day before at our nearest Menards (a regional competitor to Home Depot), suddenly even the floor model was gone. I ended up having to drive to a Menards in the outskirts of the metropolitan area. The salesperson said he normally sells one a month; I, in turn, bought the next to last one.
DIY potential mask fabric:
I felt that I should mention this once again.
I recalled a segment on the show Beyond 2000 about inexpensive tech solutions to water born disease. In the show, researchers had found that folding sari cloth four layers deep filtered tainted water from Indian streams as well as then available portable filters.
I wondered if a similar arrangement would inhibit the fine particles that host the novel coronavirus in the air.
At least female preppers would look far more fashionable than their male counterparts with industrial fibers on their faces :wink:

Posted elsewhere. I am wondering if Chris / Adam have addressed the relative risk of visiting a grocery store vs. curbside pickup vs. having groceries delivered (assuming that a lockdown does not completely lock down the country).
I realize that none of those options is attractive, but at some point, I am going to have to consider one of those. We have about 12 weeks worth of food and about six weeks worth of water (that hasn’t been a issue so far), and the last two weeks of the food supply are going to be pretty lean. Hungry kids are not fun to deal with.
We had one final run to Target a few days ago. We did curbside delivery (wore PPE), placed the Target bags into a box in the trunk, unpacked it (wore PPE), and sprayed the crap out of everything with bleach afterward. Not sure what that option will look like in a month or six weeks.

I will post this here again, high up, because it’s slowly gonna be more and more important.
I believe i’ve had, and recovered, from Covid-19. But because i got it early, i could not get a test in the netherlands, because i didn’t meet the criteria (haven’t been outside the country in like, ever). I tried desperately, calling the doctor 5 times, GGD 4 times, 112 2 times, went to the emergency room twice, they did not test me. I have recovered now after 2 weeks of self isolation, but i’ve taken permanent lung damage. I can both feel it when i smoke, as well as i’ve told my current problems to my best friend who works in a pharmacy (tingly hands, quickly fatigued, dizzy if i ride my bike too fast) and she instantly said “typical side effects of Pneumonia”. I am currently still trying to get a CT scan cause i know the damage will show up - but i’m not a priority at this time cause i’m not dying and this shit system is overloading already.
It’s funny. First i can’t get a scan cause nobody thinks something is wrong with me and now i can’t get a scan because everybody else needs one. FML.
I suspect that’ll be the case for alot more people now. However. It does mean i still have to use the caveat: I wasn’t tested, i don’t know, so i might still have had regular pneumonia with 3 different diseases at the same time. I’m certainly that unlucky. Regardless i cannot in good conscience wait before i get a confirmed test before sharing this info (yet again), therefor i’ll have to rely on the tribe to confirm my suspicions though experience.
So. Here is my list of symptoms. I have written below each symptom i have experienced how i ended up “solving” or “treating” the problem. Is it perfect? no. Will you suffer? yes. Am i still alive after i went into a severe case status and receiving no help from others? Absolutely.
list of symptoms
I will also post my “sick diary”. It is by no means complete. Especially since i was suffering from Confusion and i didn’t even know where i was at times. But it does prove 1 very important thing: That the way to diagnose yourself is to look for fluctuating life signs.
If you do a single reading, you will probably come out fine each reading taken seperately. Do 12 readings in a row, and you will find weird things, such as the consecutive readings i did with a wrist based blood pressure meter. From the point where it says, all the readings are consecutive, in a state of rest (with my arm resting on the table as to not exert any force) and the time between readings is only the time it took me to write it down:
As you will see, out of nowhere, my heartrate jumps from 90 to 140. I had certainly done nothing to warrant that jump. I don’t panic. Especially not when i’m sitting behind my PC doing nothing trying to relax.
And my point is, if i was panicking, then the BPM wouldn’t suddenly drop back down to 90 now would it?!
Here is another photo series. These where taken why i was lying in bed in the emergency room in the hospital (no, i wasn’t measured, i took those while a psychiatrist was off writing me an Diazepam prescription for my “panic attacks”. I had already waited for him in the waiting room for 1 hour after they gave me 10mg of diazepam. I was entirely relaxed).
If you take any of those readings separately and in a vacuum, they seem fine. But if you look at the whole as a series, with the times they where taken noted below the pictures, it shows something is up.
Why is my BPM 90 while i’m lying in bed? I’m not that out of shape. I went to the gym and could bench my own body weight (75kg) last march. When sitting here typing this while healthy, my BPM’s 60, and i’m certainly exerting myself more now then i was then.
But most importantly: My Perfusion index goes from 7, to 12, to 3, within 15 minutes. Perfusion Index stands for how strong your pulse is on the point of measurement. So 12 means i’ve got a strong pulse in my finger (around 12 it also starts to throb) while if it drops below 0,2% it can no longer get a measurement because my pulse is too weak in that spot.
Regardless of what the “right” reading is for a “healthy” individual, that reading ought to be stable. Not going up and down like a freaking rollercoaster.
The main take away here is 4 things:

  1. The symptoms for me where intermittent. The fever came and went, the chest pains came and went, all symptoms came and went. However i always had atleast 1 symptom “active” at any given time. Also my heart rate never dropped below 80 bpm. The moment my heart rate dropped back to 60 was also the moment i started feeling better (i literally measured my BPM cause i suddenly felt calm and better, lo and behold, 60 for the first time in weeks). If there’s anything ideal for a superspreader it’s intermittent symptoms. The more i tried to measure things, the more effort i had to put in and the more sudden my symptoms went away.
  2. To diagnose this, look for fluctuating life signs for multiple readings or over a long period of time. Our western way of pushing people out the door ASAP and only giving them a quick reading will work to our detriment!
  3. You need to use Deduction to confirm your status. If you can’t be sure if it’s Covid, be sure what it is not. For me it couldn’t be a cold or a flu. Because i had a remarkably clear nose. Even after smoking on the balcony, so being used to an inside temperature of 20c, then an outside temperature of 3C (almost freezing), back to an inside temperature of 20C, all the while not having a runny nose. Not even a sniffle! To the point where another sign of me getting better was me blowing my nose for the first time in 3 weeks. It took nearly a week for me after feeling better to sneeze again for the first time in more then a month!.
    I never have a cold or flu without going through 3 toilet rolls, atleast. Also the first symptoms took 7 days after the most likely exposure to show up. That is beyond the flu’s 24 hour and the cold’s 3-5 days incubation time. That leaves regular Pneumonia, but regular pneumonia doesn’t explain Diarrhea or a cry cough. Or the Confusion.
    Sure, smoking weed might explain the cough and confusion (though after using for months it aint that potent anymore) and bad egg salad explains diarrhea. But at some point, when the conclusion becomes either 1. you have Covid or 2. you have 6 unrelated illnesses at the same time… the simplest answer is usually the most correct one.
    Finally, 4. The most important thing.
    If you’re at home, you feel your fingertips begin to tingle, and that feeling starts to move down your fingers, into your palms, and into your lower arms (and trust me this happens in a matter of seconds so you’ll know), you will start to have difficulty breathing.
    The problem is not with your lungs its with your heart. The tingling feeling comes from your heart simply not beating strong enough to get the blood to your fingertips. It’s still beating fast enough, and you are absorbing plenty of oxygen (so BPM and Spo2 read fine) but the oxygen simply cannot get to your extremities, making your body give off the emergency signal of “you’re not getting enough air”. You are, your pump’s just faulty and your mind is being fooled.
    You need to dance. Or otherwise move violently and quickly to a rhythem that feels pleasant for your heart. Dancing to Russian Hardbass was most convenient for me (heavy bass, strong BPM, was listening to it anyway). By dancing i mean bouncing up and down on your chair, moving your arms, really give your upper torso a workout. Make your lazy heart work for it.
    This will cause your heart to beat stronger. Because your body is moving, you are sending signals to your heart to work harder; after all you’re exerting yourself. This is the signal your heart needs.
    If you lie down to take it easy, and the tingling reaches your chest, you will die. Every single instinct i had once it happened to me told me so.
    The only reason i lived is because i’m a stubborn idiot. When the tingling reached my lower arms and i couldn’t breathe, i started hyperventilating. This is also why the emergency services wouldn’t help me, they thought i was having a panic attack. What i was doing, was thinking “Well… if i’m not getting enough oxygen normally, i’ll double the volume!” I wasn’t short on breath cause i was hyperventilating, i was hyperventilating because i was short on breath. I decided to outrun the curve instead of following it.
    Nobody is stupid enough to say to you “calm down you’re hyperventilating” once you’ve just taken a sprint for 200 meters as fast as you can! If your body is working out it NEEDS that much oxygen.
    I’ve hyperventilated before in the past. I had mental breakdowns as a kid i know how it feels. You get dizzy because of pushing too much oxygen into your blood. While hyperventilating for over 4 minutes i did not get dizzy. Go ahead. Breathe fast now while sitting still. You’ll pass out in 20 seconds.
    What saved me was the effort of having to expand and compress 2 giant bags of air at a rapid pace (AKA hyperventilating working out my lungs) as well as the SHEER ANGER i felt towards the so called medical profession who care more about how you behave then what might be happening to you.
    You know how in Hollywood movies, when somebody has a heart attack they as a last resort jam a syringe with adrenaline in their heart? You can make the stuff yourself too. Panic actually works really well for suddenly producing a shit ton of adrenaline. As well as sheer utter frustration and violence. That’s how i lived.
    In any case that’s everything i can write about my experience without going into too much private details.
    The most important thing to know by far is that virus hides, you have to find it via circumstantial evidence, and the treatment is counter-intuitive. Because even when your body is telling you you are short on breath, after you’ve been bouncing like crazy in your chair, not only have you not started breathing faster but breathing actually becomes easier.
    FINAL DISCLAIMER though. One case does not a treatment make. That’s why it’s so important to get this info out there, get it to the other severe patients, and see if it works in preventing them from progressing to a critical case. I went severe pretty quickly, but as soon as i started my regimen (2 ibuprofen+1 every 8 hours, 2 paracetamol, multivitamin and a bunch of vitamin C) i felt markedly better; as the heart attacks came in a (per day) 1 - 2 - 4 - 2 - 1 - 1/2 - 1/4 pattern before they stopped coming (it’s been a few days now, the tingling never moves from my fingers anymore. But it’s still there, as a side effect from the pneumonia).
    I survived with about 25% capacity of lungs lost. I said that to my friend well before Chris showed the news from hong kong that some patients lose 20-30% capacity (Simply because when i smoke i feel spots burning more then others).
    It is up to the wider world now. It could’ve been up to the scientific community as well as the health community, but they failed. They are far more concerned with imaginary lines on a map. Every country in “United Europa” is only listening to it’s own incompetent bureaucrat experts, all of whom are getting every step wrong.
    So please. When somebody becomes desperate enough to try my methods, please remember they exist. If they can’t save anybody because it turned out to be something different after all; just add it to the long long list of treatments that didn’t pan out. Maybe i was just destined to never progress beyond a severe case. But we won’t know until the tribe tries.
    Good luck to us all. And remember. You know how there’s always a crazy scientist in the movies who keeps pointing out the symptoms of the problem to everybody but nobody believes him?

Is there any satellite imagery to support China’s big talk about people getting back to work?
It seems to me they would be flooding the airwaves with images of healthy people in the factories.

We first met Chris in Feb 2008 and were lucky enough to realize that we’d connected to an information source of great value. We’ve followed most suggestions, subscribed to his web site from the beginning, benefited greatly and can’t thank you enough. We’ve been wearing masks too. Thanks again Chris

The “Notes from Italy” slide says young Italians, with no co-morbidities, coming down with pneumonia.
Perhaps they do have one - vaping.
Last summer we started hearing about all the kids having massive respiratory issues or even dying due to vaping. Well how do you think those lungs are going to do against COVID-19?
My 20 year old college student daughter said that, with one exception in addition to her, everyone in her peer group vapes. And our younger daughter, a junior in high school, said it’s rampant there as well.

It may be the case that their mitigation strategies are successful… but nobody’s asking for the methodology behind it. Maybe because those methods aren’t as accomodating as they should be. I definitely agree that more light should be shined on how their handling this… cause the vision I have screams martial law.

Photos show 1 worker in a room.

NASA images show ‘significant decreases’ in air pollution over China amid coronavirus economic slowdown—take a look

Published Mon, Mar 2 20201:16 PM ESTUpdated Fri, Mar 6 20201:41 PM EST

What kind of character will you be?

I wanted to say my Stephen King character was going to be from The Shining, but I’m going to go with David Drayton from The Mist, I think it’s a better character profile given the confinement in a shopping centre and all the chaos that ensues. I’m not sure if I like the last 5 minutes, but the rest of the time he seems like a good role model. The stand is probably a bad movie to use for characters, too many messianic roles.
Have you ever considered that if you can keep your head when everyone around you is in a panic, that you probably don’t understand the depth of the trouble you are in?
I’m still calling this the wombat virus, but in deference to AO, I’ll call the Australian variant Wombat Covid-TAS 19 after a certain devil. I’ve never lost a dog to a tassy devil, but my father lost a dog to a wombat. As Ezlxq1949 said, mature wombats can be scary. I had one living under the house for a few months, stank up the place and there was no way I was going under to get him out. I put up a fence to keep him out and he just tore the fence down. I called him Phil (he looked like dr Phil).

Thank you Chris, Adam, and all others who have posted. Your work is greatly appreciated.
My wife alerted me to these new guidelines from the CDC. “Cancel or postpone events with more than 50 people for the next eight weeks.” [emphasis mine] These events include festivals, concerts, weddings, parades, etc, but curiously, the recommendation does not apply to “schools, institutes of higher learning, or businesses.”

Coronavirus: Dr. Fauci, government expert, open to a 14-day ‘national shutdown’

I agree with your assessment about vaping.
Kids are consuming more nicotine that way than through cigarettes and are basically bubble gum flavored chimney stacks here in Seattle. With legal weed too, there’s a higher instance of lung issues and I’m certain those addicted to either (psychological and/or physiological) will not reduce use once the virus plagues them. Even with the state of emergency, people are joking and laughing it off as a huge overreaction. Behavioral changes have not happened yet, we haven’t had enough die.

This looks promising for humans.
Highlights from the abstract


… Recently, it has been reported that discharged patients in China and elsewhere were testing positive after recovering. However, it remains unclear whether the convalescing patients have a risk of "relapse" or "reinfection".

The longitudinal tracking of re-exposure after the disappeared symptoms of the SARS-CoV-2-infected monkeys was performed in this study. We found that weight loss in some monkeys, viral replication mainly in nose, pharynx, lung and gut, as well as moderate interstitial pneumonia at 7 days post-infection (dpi) were clearly observed in rhesus monkeys after the primary infection.

After the symptoms were alleviated and the specific antibody tested positively, the half of infected monkeys were rechallenged with the same dose of SARS-CoV-2 strain.

Notably, neither viral loads in nasopharyngeal and anal swabs along timeline nor viral replication in all primary tissue compartments at 5 days post-reinfection (dpr) was found in re-exposed monkeys. Combined with the follow-up virologic, radiological and pathological findings, the monkeys with re-exposure showed no recurrence of COVID-19, similarly to the infected monkey without rechallenge. Taken together, our results indicated that the primary SARS-CoV-2 infection could protect from subsequent exposures, which have the reference of prognosis of the disease and vital implications for vaccine design.


Something was different about Coronavirus when I first heard about it in January. As our tone deaf government allowed flights from Wuhan to continue I knew I had to act.
I went to Home Depot for N95 masks immediately after hearing Peak Prosperity podcast’s recommendation to get them, ASAP. We started with a few days of food in the house in mid January to 4-5 months in stock today. Our garden supplies are in and I am setting up a few security measures now.
I’ve seen results from prayer that logic cannot explain. So we are praying for Coronavirus to dissipate.
Despite the chaos and fear, I am hopeful.

Wonder if Mike Maloney would approve?
. Its can be a medium of exchange
. Could be used as unit of account
. It’s portable
. It’s not very durable. (at least some brands)
. It’s divisible
. It’s fungible
. It’s made of the same material of other currencies