Coronavirus: Something's Not Right Here...

Following yesterday’s pimping of Gilead Science’s antiviral drug remdesivir on scant and suspect results, it’s hard not to start asking the question: Are we being played?

We’ve argued in several past videos that there is ample enough evidence that hydroxychloroquine shows enough promise in reducing/treating covid-19 that further research is merited. Instead, the drug is being demonized in the media.

That doesn’t make a lot of sense to us. But, hey, maybe there’s a good reason that a cheap widely-available treatment that has been administered hundreds of millions of times over the past 70 years, making it one of the most medically-delivered drugs in history, is suddenly being labelled “unsafe”?

But much more maddening is that remdesivir has suddenly been promoted to “standard of care” status despite its spotty and unproven track record.

Could that have anything to do with the fact that 9 of the 50 doctors on the NIH panel setting its covid-19 treatment guidelines work for Gilead Sciences?

The conflicts of interest and profit motives rampant among our policymakers are extremely concerning. Something is not right here…

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I 100% agree that the lack of Hydroxychloroquine trails (in certain areas of the world, therefore not giving the chance to become the go to treatment) is financially motivated.
I’m in no means defending the it’s just like the flu. But use a emergency room doctor how many flu deaths he witnessed is maybe also not give correct data. Because a person dying from flue are not dying from the flu (don’t get me wrong the die from the flu, but the cause might be recorded as some organ failure). I would expect this is happening slowly (and this person would not show up as an emergency case). I’m not a physician, and I might be wrong.
As for the excessive test, I can recommend the following page for Europe

The truth will come out. TITLE OF RESEARCH STUDY: A Randomized Study Evaluating the Safety and Efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc in Combination with Either Azithromycin or Doxycycline for the Treatment of COVID-19 in the Outpatient Setting PI: Avni Thakore, MD Co-Investigators: Joseph Levine, MD, Stefan Muehlbauer, MD, PhD, James Nguyen, MD Purpose: The trial will look at the safety and efficacy of a combination treatment regimen for COVID-19. The combination includes hydroxychloroquine and zinc with either azithromycin or doxycycline. Eligibility Criteria Inclusion  High initial clinical suspicion by physician based on signs and symptoms (fever, cough, myalgias, fatigue, shortness of breath) followed by RT-PCR for confirmation of COVID19 diagnosis  Any gender  Age 60 years and older  Age 30-59 years with one or more of the following: o abnormal lung exam o abnormal oxygen saturation <95% o abnormal CXR or chest CT o persistent fever >100.4 degrees Fahrenheit upon arrival to ED o one of the following co-morbidities: hypertension, diabetes mellitus, history of coronary artery disease, chronic kidney disease (CKD), asthma, COPD, current or former smoker, or morbid obesity (BMI ≥35)
Dr. Todaro, from whose Twitter feed this nugget came, says that;
Cardiac monitoring will be done remotely from home w/ FDA approved KardiaMobile6L, a touchpad EKG that measures QT interval. #COVID19

The video mentions “virus cells” - this is incorrect - viruses are submicroscopic infectious particles that infect the cells of other organisms

Slightly off the topic of bribery, corruption, Remdesivir, and US public health policy, but on the subject of “being played”, apparently Sweden is now suddenly an example of something we should all emulate. According to…of course…the WHO.
No. I’m not kidding.
I actually agree with WHO. Now that they’ve flip-flopped. Again. The World Health Organization lauded Sweden as a “model” for battling the coronavirus as countries lift lockdowns — after the nation controversially refused restrictions. Dr. Mike Ryan, the WHO’s top emergencies expert, said Wednesday there are “lessons to be learned” from the Scandinavian nation, which has largely relied on citizens to self-regulate.
Masks: don't work. Now they do. Travel bans: don't work - they're racist. Now they do. SC2: No human to human transmission. Whoops, now it does. Sweden: no lockdown - a terrible idea. Oh, but now it's the model going forward. I am SO glad we have these experts to guide us through these difficult times. They always provide the correct advice...once the truth becomes so obvious, it is impossible to deny.

Just watched a 10 minute video from WaPo (which I usually like) titled, “Did Coronavirus accidentally escape from a Wuhan lab? It’s doubtful.” The problem is much of the evidence the video cites and even some of the interviews they do with US researchers suggest, at least circumstantially, that it may have. A rational summary of their own evidence would need to change “It’s doubtful” to “It may well have.”
I very much share Chris’ frustration that we can’t simply be open to rationally interpreting data with integrity.

question: is chloroquine phosphate the same as hydroxychloroquine and is there a different effect between the two? thanks

I think you have to be careful in using Sweden as an example of a country with no lock-down and doing fine. There are several factors which makes Sweden a very untypical country from most countries.

  1. The country has a very low population density - 192 in the world at 25/sq Km (c/f neighbour Denmark 90 in the world at 137/sq Km or the UK at 51st at 281/Sq Km)
  2. 40% of Swedes live in single person households From an article in the BBC which I read a couple of weeks ago, in Stockholm the figure is over 50%. (Can't find the article at the moment.)
  3. While there is no formal lockdown, the Swedish Government has been encouraging people to work from home and avoid contact. A lot have been practicing social distancing, but not all.
  4. Like most countries, their number of reported cases varies considerably from day to day. Yesterday was the 5th highest.
For these reasons, there is a possibility that Sweden has just a much slower exponential growth rate, but is still happening. Anecdotal Evidence. My son, with his partner, has lived and worked in Malmo for the last 2 years. Finding accommodation has been one of their main preoccupations. They have found that there is huge amount of flats available designed for single person occupation. Unlike many countries, apparently young Swedes, when they leave home, go straight into living on their own, rather than share with others. For both my son and his partner, their employers (differnt organisations) have had them working from home since some time in March. My son went on a skiing trip in March to the French Alps. He returned form this trip on a Friday. He then stayed in his flat avoiding contacts with others, except to go food shopping twice - the Saturday after his return and the Tuesday 10 days later. He then went down on the following Saturday (15 days after his return from France) with what he is fairly certain was Covid 19. He had a lot of the symptoms including a very high fever. He has since fully recovered. His partner developed a slight cough, but has otherwise been fine. He suspects that he probably became infected on the second food shop. Neither he or his partner have been tested, so he does not know if it was Covid 19. If it was, he will be not in the statistics.

i believe its human nature (i’ve read it somewhere) where people desperately want to apportion blame to another person for a negative outcome, rather than apportion blame to something non human. like the virus. like jane goodalls comments about humans disregard for nature.

Population density of a country is very dependent on the amount of land that is not inhabited.
Look at Australia, 3.1 people per square km over the whole country.
But the capital territory is 171, and the NW Territory 0.2 !!

Agreed, but it is an indicator to some degree of how closely people live together and therefore probably how often you interact, even if just passing in the street. I suspect that the population density of Stockholm is much lower than London. I certainly suspect that the population density of “greater” Stockholm (Stockholm and its surrounding hinterland) is much less than that of “greater” London, which is where in the UK we have the highest incidence of the disease.
I think of more significance is the high number of single person households. Compare that to Italy and Spain where there is a culture (there certainly use to be) of multi-generations living in the same household.

Indeed Gyro’,
New York, and the city’s population density of 26,403 people per square mile (10,194/km²), makes it the densest of any American municipality with a population above 100,000.
Worse still, Manhattan’s population density is 66,940 people per square mile (25,846/km²).
Out of the 63,871 (present) coronavirus deaths in the United States, New York, with all of its wonder and diversity, with 23,780 of those deaths (over a third) - and the highest number on the planet - holds the proof within the pudding.

Here’s a chart on confirmed vs deaths - with “confirmed” lagged by 7 days, just to see how they line up. So deaths are used to set the bottom axis dates, but the confirmed timeseries dates are pushed “to the right” by 7 days.
Just thought it was interesting. On average, a “confirmed case” takes 7 days to die?
It does seem reasonably likely that we are past peak – deaths. We just saw a lower high and a lower low in the deaths series, and that says we have changed trend there. Testing earlier, no overwhelm, better treatments.

Here’s the standard chart. We just made a “higher high” in the confirmed series.

Dear Chris
Feeling good after this video. From simple logic you touched on a whole series of points important to me. The truth which has been hidden from us - it is now plain to see. What we can do about it is less obvious.
The blood clotting problem - I have been very aware of this, as I suffered a heart attack in 2012, so I am following this possability. Most people do not realize that a heart artery is about 3 mm (millemeters) wide - so it doesn’t take much to reduce flow. I also have been following the information re: ACE2 receptors. Dr Raoult said that the two categories of people most at risk for COVID-19: old people, and people on heart medication - ie beta-blockers and blood pressure suppresion. Presumably because these medications produce more ACE2 receptors to do their job - if the virus attaches to ACE2 that would explain why heart patients (on medication) would still have the virus showing active after 10 days of HCQ+AZ treatment.
re: the stock market AMZN (Amazon) reported earnings yesterday. I do not think that the PP public at large appreciate how concentrated stock movements become at their “end of cycle”. And how important the earnings result of one or two companies can have on the whole market. I haven’t really been following AMZN but for information it is up 26.89% for April to an all time high. If you put up a semi-logarithmic chart for monthly prices you get the exponential straight line going up, like for COVID-19 (at its beginnings). As an aside the dot com bubble in 1998 ended on a Sunday when an American judge made Microsoft split its business in two - reason - anti-trust.
All this to say AMZN is showing down 4.8% in the pre-market. They reported earnings yesterday - to deliver all those packages to peoples’ homes - well it was more costly than planned. There are 5 stocks that everyone owns - if you are a portfolio manager you have to own the stocks that are going up. The overall SP futures are showing -2.01%.
We have suddenly shut down our economies. In a heart attack, a blood clot getting stuck in ischemic conditions around the heart lead to a brutal shut down of heart function. We haven’t even begun to feel this damage in the real economy as we are confined to home. The analogy between heart and economy - I’ll let you decide - vrai ou faux? True or not?
My question is, “To what degree has this entire situation been intensional?”
Manipulation can only go so far, then you need an excuse as to why things broke down - or at least an excuse to hide the real reasons.
There is a whole school of Tin Foil Hats that say the precious metals markets are hopelessly rigged. Chris, your friend Turd Ferguson is one: here
A hat tip to you Chris, thank you for this podcast.

Here’s deaths & confirmed, with the confirmed cases lagged (pushed right) by 5 days, then each was run through an MA7 (to smooth out those weekend burps). Are we past peak? Looks like it.
In one sense, it doesn’t matter - since our goal was to avoid hospital overload, which we did about two weeks back.
“Mission Accomplished.”
Note: you can calculate the confirmed CFR by dividing the two lines, since the two series roughly line up as a result of the lag.

My suggestion for signs:

“Health officials in Mumbai said the plan to conduct tests was still in the cards but had not yet been approved by the government. Last week, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had issued a warning on HCQ, noting drastic side effects, including death.
For now, India will follow federal guidelines that say the drug can only be used for high-risk groups including health care workers taking care of COVID-19 patients, contacts of confirmed patients and those in quarantine centers. Experts say there is little evidence to show that HCQ can help treat COVID-19 infections.”