Coronavirus: The Dead Speak!

Pathology results studying those who have died of covid-19 are starting to unveil some of the virus’ secrets.

First, the damage done to the lungs is far worse than that done anywhere else in the body. And specifically, its excessive clotting in the lungs that appears to be the root cause. Covid-19 causes a coagulation storm that greatly impairs the lungs’ ability to exchange oxygen.

An indicator called the Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC) score is emerging as a key predictor of how fatal a covid-19 case will be. If the patient has a DIC score in excess of 5, then odds of a bad outcome dramatically increase.

Treating covid-19 patients, even those with mild symptoms, with anticoagulants may be part of the standard regimen going forward.

In other news, the Federal Reserve is up to its old tricks of bailing out those who deserve it least while worsening the wealth inequality divide.

And looking at oil, which is now at the staggeringly low price of $20/barrel, Chris predicts hard economic times ahead.

Which makes the Fed’s actions really look like grab for cash before everything goes to hell. A last-ditch effort by the rich to get all they can – a pure wealth transfer from us to them. Maddening…

Stay safe. And don’t forget to work on (or start) your garden!

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Is aspirin any good for treating covid19?. on the one hand is it antipyretic but on the other hand thins the blood?

Chris hits another home run. Love the section on the economy; you just can’t get this kind of analysis from msm.
After watching the Shadows movie (thank you here2help) and living through the unfolding of recent events, seems to me we’ve got to come up with some sort of national boycott and flex our national muscle.
It’s pretty obvious the msm is the main source of the problem along with their compadre’s, the cell phone companies. I say we boycott the telecommunications companies and especially cell phones.
There’s all kinds of reasons to boycott cell phones: EMF poisoing, 5G poisoning, other radiation poisoning, the constant barrage of confusing information, the addictive nature of the device, the loss of genuine social interaction, the dark web… there’s a long list of really good reasons to give up cell phones.
Keeping a single cell phone for the family to use as needed would take a big bite out of big brother.

10 years ago I bought my “smart” phone (a “google nexus”) but I only use it as phone. The screen is simply too small for real internet purposes… Anyway, with my 2 euro/month smallest possible plan (500 minutes, but for me even too big) nobody get rich of it. When this thing breaks I will buy a 10 dollar GSM and I do not think I’m the only one

Chris, it seems like the exponential growth (case, case, case, cluster, cluster, boom) of COVID-19 happens internally between cells the same way it spreads externally between humans. I have read many stories where people have no symptoms at first, then start having symptoms, and then boom, they’re in ICU. Just an observation. Thanks so much for all your helpful videos!!

Some of you will remember way back in Feb that a viral expert claimed this disease could be TB-related. Lo and behold, it has now been found that peoples vaccinated for TB seem to have a much lower rate of COVID infection or death.
Certain countries did this “BCG” vaccine for TB for all children. I was one of them.
In what ways does COVID-19 behave like TB?
Three doctors first American saying “We are not treating the right disease”.
Second Italian saying largely what Chris has outlined - patients dieing from thrombosis - a minithrombosis – ie blood clots due to inflamation - causing the lungs to fill with blood. Patients are drowning in their own blood.
Third doctor prescribed two drugs of the same type as Azithromycine with good results – No HCQ.
NB: I have yet to hear Chris answer this question - I don’t know why noone has addressed it. If Lupus and Rheumatoide Polyarthritic patients take HCQ in their treatment - surely a statistically significant number of their absence in COVID-19 patients might confirm the usefulness of taking HCQ for this infection.
This precisely what the second doctor found (Italian) at the 6min28 point of the video.
Never have they had a patient with the illness Polyarthitis rheumatoide – beause they take HCQ and they develop a cortazone natural an important anti-inflamatory.
Once again - we have been told to NOT take anti-inflamatory pedication, this doctor has now said nonsence.
Re: defunding the WHO in particular regarding Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus - Bill Gate’s friend. When I turned on my phone this morning I "randomly got an article (suggested for my interest, in French) :
Certain states, like Austria, which have announced Tuesday a processus of “deconfinement” (ending the lockdown progressively) while other States like France are registering their largest number of deaths …
Lots of experts underline the danger of doing this too early too rapidly …
“The era of mondialisation signifies that the reintroduction and resurgence of COVID-19 will continue.” Thank you Tedros. I don’t know about you - but I do NOT TAKE KINDLY to someone has led me astray more than once!
In sum the second doctor said that the patients were dieing from “inflamation”.
6min17 inflamation had destroyed everything - provoking the formation of blood clots. The problem is not from the virus, but from the immunitary reaaction… he then makes the above point.
Hospitalisations in Italy are reducing in number - and are being treated “a domicile” at home. Treating the infection at helps avoid the risk of provoking thrombosis. It hasn’t been easy to see what is happening because the risks of “micro-embolies” are “flues” (blurry).
Then the Talian doctor quoted by the French man (who is not a doctor) finishes “en beauté” - in beauty - in a strong manner. 7min16
“The situation has appeared to me very clearly - you can go home, walk outdoors - no further need for a quarantine”.
We are treating the wrong sickness. This is not pneumonia, but an inflamation disorder. Anyone who has suffered a heart-attack or phebitis knows what he is talking about.

I have Gold futures down 1.86%
and SP500 futures down 1.84%
It is entirely logical that they trade in lockstep.
PS No this is not normal - it has been doing this for years - do you hear people talking about it? Manipulation!

I am watching Pres. Trump addressing the nation giving all the false information re: WHO and that the US will “defund” the WHO. I am feeling good.
Then he talks about VENTILATORS. How is it possible that on a grass roots level we could know that ventilators are absolutely USELESS for lungs which are “broken glass” and filled with blood?
As much as I want to believe that someone wishes to do good - I can’t.
This is Good Cop; Bad Cop.
cf press conference yesterday
Take a look at France and tell me that we need confinement until May 11th.
Confinement has nothing to do with our safety - this is for a ONE WORLD ORDER and it not for us. It is for the Pigs of Animal Farm. Some Pigs are more equal than others.
We’ll see what They do to the markets after Retail Sales.

If hydrochloroquine is a treatment, it may not always be helpful. Azithromycin was also given in the study:

South Korea reports more recovered coronavirus patients testing positive again - Reuters

Did you read the article carefully? With NYT, you have to be very careful these days so you don’t inadvertently take in information that could end up killing you.
It turns out if you give a triple-handful of the more-toxic drug chloroquine (vs the less toxic hydroxychloroquine), you get a lot more side effects.
Note: the US uses hydroxychloroquine, not chloroquine. And the dosage is much smaller.
How many faithful readers of the NYT will just read the headline of the article, then get infected with COVID, go to the hospital, and refuse the much safer hydroxychloroquine treatment that is working much better than “standard of care” in the south of France, and that - as per the last paragraph in this very article - a doctor in Manhattan confirms is also being used in his hospital as well?
These days, you need to be really careful about the articles you read. You might end up dead if you don’t read them clear to the end, and note which medicines they are talking about, what the dosages are, and which ones we are using here in the US, and what the dosages are here.
We’re back in “WMD In Iraq” territory, with NYT and WAPO once again leading the charge.

Most analgesic will have there place for lay – stay at home – treatments, for sure, Ibuprofen too here in Blighty.
However having watched Chris’s latest (once again excellent) update Vid the phrase…
“We’re going to need a bigger boat…” comes swiftly to mind.
The flawed protocol with this HB virus in the UK and dare I say the USA too, is this Govt best practice advice to sit at home for 14days?!? WTF.
You allow yourself to be overrun by SARS-Cov-2 passively, and once you have developed breathing difficulites then you go to a medic centre for an assessment?
The only viable anitcogulenat at this stage would be Warfarin via IV? However the damage is done… This is the problem with the current in play strategy, with over 50s and vulnerwable co-morbidity people… just sitting at home, unless this is some form of twisted eugenics protocol?
@ Sofistek
Reading the NYT article on Hydroxychloroquine, I can see a possible flaw they are dosing way too high, for too long… as opposed to French practice which notes the arythmia issue.
They suggest hitting SARS-Cov-2 hard first 24hrs 800mg’s followed by 200 mg twice daily for 7 days with the goal of rapidly achieving therapeutic level while not exceeding potentially toxic levels above 2 mg/L.
What’s key is a rapid positive virus test result, within hours of early onset symptoms… then a knock-out punch to replication gaining hold, followed by a mainatentce dose to let Zinc in and other drugs to kill this SOB.
(Tragicly, the battle is done sitting passively with no treatement doing bugger all for two weeks)
If so it’s at best palliative… and then luck of the gods.
Note that medics continually exposed to high dose viral loads EU/UK/USA are and will continue to die.
Why? They don’t get rapid (within hours testing) with a - or + result, its tentatively a death sentence for many.
The Czech’s have developed a rapid, accurate cheap test.
And in Dr. Pekova’s (molecular biologist) view… this is a jack’d/engineered horror.
You have said that SARS CoV-2 has certain genetic sequences that are not natural. Do you stand firm on your claim?
Dr. Pekova: Yes, I stand behind my claim. RNA viruses mutate and their genome is unstable. They have high rates of mutations, and they are not very accurate in replication.
The virus RNA usually mutates in areas that are responsible for protein production used as building blocks for “the body” of the virus. This part fulfils certain functions of the virus, such as cell penetration and interacting with the infected cell.
Then there is the regulatory area of the virus genome, it can be seen as the command centre that governs virus replication.
This part of SARS CoV-2 (COVID-19) genome appears unusually messy, as if it was severely altered.
I have a hard time believing that such intensive restructuring, insertions and deletions of the virus RNA code, would happen in nature and that the virus would survive such severe restructuring.
The regulatory portion of the virus genome usually has a low mutation rate. SARS CoV-2 (COVID-19) has an atypical degree of mutation, which is usually done by genetic modification.
Full vid here:
Finally, why you cannot trust Uncle Bill and his hold over the WHO.
Keep sharing peeps.
Keep safe

If there you cannot/will not avoid smartphone Covid-19 tracking apps and the BIG BROTHER surveillance system that comes with it.
Once you’ve logged on registered for a virus test, you are then being monitored/watched/tracked via GPS. You have to have the phone on at all the times 24/7. Administrators do keep in touch, and are flagged if anyone drops off the matrix.
If there is a drop in your signal and your whereabouts disappear due to your switching off… do this more than twice and you get a Police visit and fine.
If not all travel movement rights rescinded.
Coming to your country as part of the lockdown release package in three, two…. one

This a video from a doctor in new york city who is clearly at his wits end. Now I’m no doctor but I’m a certifed scuba diver for 50 years now and back then you had to know every thing to get certified not like today. Now what dose that have to do with ventilators well if your at 30 feet on suba take a breath hold it and head for the serfice you will experience an air embolism and probbly die the air will expand in your lungs and tare a hole in the lung and air will enter the blood strem then you will die. So if the ventilators are set to a little too much pressure perhaps their causing small fishers in the lung tissue. Is it possable this is contributing to the blood clotting in the lungs. Here is an interview with Dr.Cameron he may have paid a price for his openness after all we all have to remember our place. Ya right

The topic came up in a facebook discussion group where one academic pointed out a recently released review of the course of hospitalized patients in France with respect to outcome, and whether they were given HCQ.
In these very sick patients, where treatment was started later in the illness, the used of HCQ didn’t show any clinical benefit.

No evidence of clinical efficacy of hydroxychloroquine in patients hospitalized for COVID-19 infection with oxygen requirement: results of a study using routinely collected data to emulate a target trial

------ Edit at 9;55 am After thinking about this more, I don't believe that there are ANY anti-infectives that would be effective if the start was delayed for 5-7 days and the cardiopulmonary disturbances of full-on sepsis were clearly present. The whole goal of hospital sepsis protocols is to get antibiotic started within 1 hour of the diagnosis. So I don't believe there is any useful information here.
The palpable disappointment on the part of Gates, Fauci, the media and the Democrats at the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine is all the indictment of these people you need to finally let the scales fall and see them for what they are.