Coronavirus: The Government Is Failing Us

Well, some good news to share today: pepcid, selenium and anticoagulants/blood thinners all appear to make a positive difference in covid-19 recovery rates.

Such good news is very welcome, as there’s not much to go around.

New infections in the US remain stubbornly high, and increasingly, the American people are feeling betrayed by their leaders (something our survey from last week validated).

Not only do citizens feel the government did too little too late to prevent the covid-19 pandemic, but they are feeling like they are being cast aside as collateral damage.

Many aren’t getting the stimulus payments they were promised. Many others aren’t receiving unemployment checks due to unacceptable shortcomings in the payment processing system. And the military has just informed recruits that if you’ve had covid-19, that will permanently disqualify you for future military service.

All while the stock market parties on. As easily predicted, all that Congress' and the Federal Reserve's stimulus efforts have achieved is an acceleration of the deeply unfair wealth divide in this country.

Until we have real leaders (not bureaucratic managers) running things, we are on our own folks.

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Because of this forum, our family has been eating a few Brazil nuts every day (great source for selenium) since February in addition to all the supplements recommended and other places. I found out I had direct exposure for two solid days in early March with a friend who came down with Covid on the next day. I am wondering if all these measures prevented the infection. I just tested negative for antibodies at Quest Direct last week which involves a vein blood draw so I was not asymptomatic either. Is there any research showing these methods are preventing Covid?

For some time now, although I remained subscribed to Peak Prosperity at YouTube, they had ceased to notify me of a new video. Then early this week they disappeared the video when I just went to YouTube. Day before yesterday it didn’t even come up with a search, and I had to go through the PP website. Then bingo - I get a push notification for kittens! Algorithms. How totally bl**dy stupid.

Thanks Chris and Adam for helping us reduce our ignorance.
I wanted to say that you should have two ways of commenting on your information, one by registering and second by just commenting without registering.
Unlimited ontime feedback is one of the greatest tools of data collecting and you are losing big time on the comments of people who wish not to register to comment.
Unrestricted traffic in marketing is one if the greatest sources of income and adjustment in the loop of poster/audience.
Just imagine how much it would be your income if you did not have to pay to put your information on 8 billion people.
Videos that go viral, as well as this virus is precisely because unlimited access and although your intuition is much based on viruses your missing out on easy access, like smelling inexpensive alcoholic beverages like cognac or any other form of alcohol is yet an untested highly effective way of keeping our lungs disinfected once with the symptoms of a respiratory infection… besides all of us who has been at our children’s swimming practices have smelled the by comparison poisonous chlorine in the water of the swimming pool in which they practice and children nor parents and public have not died from swimming pool chlorine vapor smelling… for 20 years I have smelled alcohol from a napkin and I have not died on the contrary I have learned so much of when to smell and its effects once my respiratory system has cleared up and the overwhelming amount of Oxygen intake and Co2 release has always been invigorating… it has been proven that alcohol is even more effective killing viruses than chlorine is… but its problem may be that it is inexpensive to prescribe so they rather prescribe drinking fruit/plant alcoholic beverages which is also proven to kill liver/brain cells and also indirectly braves and innocents too… when I have the symptoms I smell fruit/plant alcohol at home but when in my car I carry Isopropyl alcohol otherwise I risk a very expensive ticket… doctors prescribe all forms of expensive inhalers and drugs including experimental but no one prescribes using the vapors of alcohol where it counts, they do however prescribe smoking marijuana and more and more states become legal prescribers of smoking marijuana which smoke is not free from producing lung cancer I have read.
I have wonder lately what would happen to this virus if all that were wearing a mask instead smelled fruit/plant distilled alcohol all at an exact hour? Would this kill the virus in a locality and at the same time multiply antibodies in all who did?

Regarding the stories of individuals having an impossible time getting through to U.I. offices, having their identities validated, and actually receiving money, I had heard similar stories from Canadians a few weeks ago. Some people have been rejected for receiving U.I., apparently without reason, and after paying into the system for many years. I’m not sure if the reason was that they want people to apply first for another aid initiative being offered during the pandemic.
Initially there was no aid for small business owners and the self employed - I’m not sure whether that has changed (although the intention to help their employees was announced). The latest I’ve heard is that the Canadian government is providing 75% of salaries for businesses hurt by the pandemic. But the kicker is that they intend to publish the names of everyone who applies. Public shaming.

Interview with Dr Mikovits. Must see.

More proof cats own everything! ???

All the supplements have been helping me. Just do them early and often. May become a way of life.

Well, it seems we might be on to something… With tongue firmly planted in cheek, I suggest we who have experienced a few too many posts being sucked in to the black abyss of (perceived) cen$sorship adapt a puppies and kittens approach to making comments. How might this work? Let’s give it a whirl!
I read this big dog talking and saying some interesting stuff about a certain country becoming the next big wig of the globe. It was kinda interesting to read. Then I noticed THE BIG DOG saying some interesting things that meant maybe the first dog was on the right track and that big dog will not allow that to happen. Hmmm… The big dog has already demonstrated that he feels threatened by the next big wig doing stuff he did not like in his favourite off-leash area which he and his buds think is their exclusive domain. The big dog responded by fatally biting another big dog who lives in the off-leash area. Now just this week the big dog thought since he got away with that he might do it again to another big dog across the pond that he does not like but who has an off-leash area that big dog really wants to play in also!
Well, all you puppies out there who are dedicated truth seekers following world events this post gives you a good bone to chew on for awhile. I hope you enjoyed this first edition of puppies and kittens comments! I further hope this does not go ‘poof’ as I just spent half an hour doing this… we shall see in a moment!!
Time to go out to the garden!!
Signed ‘you know who’ (in case the bad guys know my name lol)

Too funny! And also too pathetic that puppies and kittens are necessary…

Did European athletes catch coronavirus while competing at World Military Games in Wuhan in OCTOBER? French delegation returned with fevers, after fishmonger is found to have been contaminated in December

The 31-year-old went on: 'We were in Wuhan for the World Military Games at the end of October. And afterwards, we all fell ill. Valentin missed three days of training. Me, I was sick too. [...] I had things I had never had before. We weren't particularly worried because no one was talking about it yet.'

She added: 'A lot of athletes at the World Military Games were very ill. We were recently in touch with a military doctor who told us: "I think you had it because a lot of people from this delegation were ill."' 

The French delegation were competing in the 7th World Military Games in Wuhan - just 20 days before the first Chinese person officially became ill with coronavirus - with 402 athletes present, along with 10,000 other athletes from all over the world.

According to French news channel BFMTV, a number of athletes returned to France with unusual symptoms, including fevers and body aches.

According to the news channel, none of the returning athletes was tested and the French Army who were responsible for organising their athletes at the military games reportedly confirmed that they had not wanted to test any athletes either.

Doctors have speculated that the virus might have been making its way around before even December, in November or even in October, and the latest revelations seem to underscore that.

BFMTV quotes one athlete, who preferred to remain anonymous, as saying that he originally thought he had simply caught a cold.

However, when news began to emerge of an epidemic in Wuhan, many athletes on a WhatsApp group reportedly began to openly wonder if it was possible that they had contracted the disease too.

Now that it has been revealed that Amirouche Hammar in France had the coronavirus back in December, closer attention is being paid to what these athletes have said.


So, if someone actually wanted to know what happened here, they could test the athletes for antibodies.  But, do "we" WANT to know?

Another win for your “log everything” approach to finding things that might work.
Isn’t it interesting how supplements might actually - if not cure this thing, make it much less fatal? I’m really liking the list of supplements that appear to be moving the needle. Now thats actionable intelligence.

  • selenium
  • vitamin D
  • pepcid
I will make one claim, however. Once a million people are infected, "contact tracing" and widespread testing of everyone is not a viable strategy. The trace and test policy only works when the number of infected people is small relative to the population as a whole. Where we are now, the better strategy might be to focus our resources on protecting the vulnerable as best we can - perhaps supplying them with PPE and/or supplements that are known to help ameliorate the severity among that population. This might well do more to reduce deaths than a test & trace policy which - given the numbers of infected we now have - would be bailing out the lifeboat with a thimble. "Everyone at nursing homes gets masks, selenium, vitamin D, and - all the staff gets fever-checked at minimum each day, and - perhaps - tested once a week."

You guys do know that all the needed vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants originate in plants, right?
So far, every time someone has come up with another supplement, I’ve looked up the plant sources for the vitamins, nutrient, or antioxidants involved and compared it to my diet. I’ve yet to run across one where I’m not getting at least 100% of the RDA.
I may be wrong, but it seems like going way over RDA may as easily have a downside as an upside. At the very least, the overdose may block too many of my bodies receptors resulting in my body absorbing too little of another nutrient it needs.
More than one study of a supplement has been terminated early, due to increased mortality rate.
Many processed foods are “fortified” with something or other. My take on that is the manufacturing process has removed most of the nutritional value of the food, so the manufacturer adds something back in an attempt to make shoppers assume that the item has nutritional value.
My take on supplements is that they are, to some extent, an attempt by people to add back missing nutrition because they know their diet is otherwise less than optimal.

Well, apparently she’s getting too close to home for some of the government folks, especially Fauci. I just saw this and thought I would share. They seem very intent on discrediting her.
“Who is Judy Mikovits, and what does she have to do with Anthony Fauci and the coronavirus?”
hopefully worth sharing here

Hi JWhite - could you point me to a source for that? I’ve heard nothing but praise for how quickly people have been getting the money from the government up here. I suppose it may vary, province to province, but there certainly hasn’t been any mention I’ve seen of publishing names or public shaming - and that would certainly make the news. Initially payouts were very quick. It’s possible as the numbers ramped up it slowed things down, and there may well be at least some criteria. But everyone I know who applied, got it and quickly. On the other hand, if this is going on, I’d like to know about it and start some questioning.

I confirm your post. I post a video here
Americans will not like the conclusion - that the virus was imported by the American military - a name was mentionned at the end of the post. The second part of the clip concerns a French junior champion tennis player who was in China 1000 kms away and came back very sick - infected his parents. For the military athletes no testing planned to see if they were indeed infected.
So in two days this week we went from the first case in France and first death in January - to a case in December who had tested negative then his test was redone - positive. Next day I saw another clip (not the above) showing an athlete in hospital needing oxygen.
I do not have opinions on this. Other than these are top notch athletes - probably not getting sick very often. The French lady is champion du monde for pentathlon.
Sorry for the spelling mistakes - computer set up for French - it is late here.

If everyone were eating a varied diet of plant food grown in rich bioactive soils your point would be spot on. Unfortunately that has not been the case for over a 100 years. Weston A price did a study in 1930 traveling around the world studying the effect of diet and nutrition on health and dental health. The results are pretty clear. He at that time described Midwestern soil as devoid of nutritional quality. You cannot have nutritious food if those nutrients are not present in the soil.
The corn belt has also been called a corn desert and for good reason. Constant cultivation and the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides has left the soil totally barren. The only way to grow anything in that kind of soil is with chemical inputs.
Approximately 80% of Amerikaans live in cities. It is not possible for the huge number of people to grow their own food. They have to rely on grocery stores which for the most part do not sell organic produce and pasture raised animal products. There are a small percentage of small organic farmers but not nearly enough to go around. Add to this the nutrition intelligence of the average Amerikaan is far less than the average IQ.
Cooking is another issue which is detrimental to nutrition. There are many nutrients that are destroyed in the process of cooking, perhaps chief among them are enzymes. Enzymes are destroyed at temperatures around 118 f.
Getting back to the soil. Clearly anyone who has been paying attention knows zinc plays a major role in fighting SC2. A good food source of zinc is pecans. Well if the soil that pecan tree grows in is deficient in zinc you will not be getting zinc from those pecans. New Zealand soils are very deficient in zinc so the New Zealanders import food from Oz like wheat because it has a high zinc content due to the soils in Oz. Vit B12 is mostly available from animal products. I have been a vegetarian for 50 years so I supplement Vit B12.
To top it all off are bodies are under a continuous assault fro environmental pollution. There are untold numbers of chemical compounds floating around. The EPA lists over 85,000 on its list of toxic chemicals. Many of these are hormone disruptors. Hormones rule the universe. Just ask any woman having a hot flash. Many of these chemicals are xenohormones which means they mimic the hormones your own body produces. Breast cancer is primarily a disease caused by hormonal imbalances.
So to cut to the chase. Our bodies are complex systems which have to deal with numerous existential threats. There are times when it is necessary to give our bodies a boost. Reducing all of this to simply diet does not go quite far enough.
I have been organic gardening for most of my life. I add Azomite to all my plants. It is a product that comes from Utah. It has virtually every mineral in it.
To truly know what nutrients are available in your body you need to have a blood test. I do not favor just taking supplements (including herbs) willy nilly. I have posted this before but I will do so again. I use a blood test called Spectracell. It is an amazing test and most insurance companies will pay for at least part of it. The best way to use it is to get the test and find out where you are. Use this as your baseline. See what you are deficient in and either add more foods rich in that micronutrient or supplement to get you levels up. Retest in 6mos. - a year. Do periodic testing. Pretty simple and very accurate. We all love data here so this is a no brainer.

A person needs only minute amounts of selenium to support the body, anything more than minute can be toxic. So folks should be careful about equating selenium with a cure. Selenium is present naturally in many soils (sadly, in New Zealand, most soils are deficient in selenium) but a couple of brazil nuts each day should ensure you have the right amount.
At least, this is my understanding. If I’ve got this wrong, someone please update me.
Correlation isn’t causation, of course. Without a proper trial it’s impossible to know if those with elevated selenium had some other common factor (or factors) which helped them overcome this disease.

Can it be?  A positive study result?  Will miracles never cease?

Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin plus zinc vs hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin alone: outcomes in hospitalized COVID-19 patients

Philip M. Carlucci1 , Tania Ahuja2 , Christopher Petrilli1,3, Harish Rajagopalan3 , Simon Jones4.5, Joseph Rahimian1 1 New York University Grossman School of Medicine, Department of Medicine, New York, NY 2 New York University Langone Health, Department of Pharmacy, New York, NY 3 NYU Langone Health, New York, NY 4 Division of Healthcare Delivery Science, Department of Population Health, NYU Grossman School of Medicine, New York, NY 5 Center for Healthcare Innovation and Delivery Science, NYU Langone Health, New York, NY 6 Division of Infectious Diseases and Immunology, Department of Medicine, NYU Grossman School of Medicine, New York, NY  

The main finding of this study is that after adjusting for the timing of zinc therapy, we found that the addition of zinc sulfate to hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin was found to associate with a decrease in mortality or transition to hospice among patients who did not require ICU level of care, but this association was not significant in patients who were treated in the ICU. This result may be reflective of the proposed mechanism of action of zinc sulfate in COVID-19. Zinc has been shown to reduce SARS-CoV RNA dependent RNA polymerase activity in vitro [13]. As such, zinc may have a role in preventing the virus from progressing to severe disease, but once the aberrant production of systemic immune mediators is initiated, known as the cytokine storm, the addition of zinc may no longer be effective [17]. Our findings suggest a potential therapeutic synergistic mechanism of zinc sulfate with hydroxychloroquine, if used early on in presentation with COVID-19.