Coronavirus: The Media Says "Shoot The Messenger!"

Last night, Wikipedia deleted its page on Chris Martenson.


They declared him “non-notable” – totally ignoring his scientific publications (Nature), appearances in the mainstream media (e.g, BBC, ABC News, Fox News, PBS Newshour, MarketWatch, Yahoo! Finance), speaking appearances at major universities (like Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, Oxford) and government organizations (the U.N., UK House of Commons, US state legislatures, etc).

This is the visible hand of the media "buzzsaw". The messengers who are not part of the "establishment" are being shot.

We've been slammed by the major media (Bloomberg, Mother Jones, etc) for our coronavirus coverage even though they are not challenging us on the science we're presenting. They're just smearing us for being a competitor, and for refusing to parrot their "all is fine" narrative.

What we don’t get is why folks are maligning us for advising prudent preparation (NOT fear). Advising more people on how to stay out of harm’s way helps everyone – both the officials in charge of the “greater good”, as well as us as individuals. Isn’t that something to be encouraged?

Anyways, new reports suggest that the Wuhan coronavirus remains highly contagious (10 infected, so far, on a single Japanese cruise ship) and we’re seeing more reports of human-to-human transfer where no party had direct exposure with Chinese nationals.

Meanwhile, the markets remain stupidly ignorant. Sure, its part of the “keep everyone calm” campaign, but it’s not smart for you to fall for it. The global economy is getting clobbered and, soon, stocks will have to care about it – and start falling.

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Just saw the new video on Youtube. Good response to the push back on your informative videos from TPTB. Looking forward to the discussion here.

It’s disturbing to think if a passion for protecting our economic interests might be in prioritized over health and human life. Agree with Chris that both can be important but health is always #1.
There are no shortcuts in life, Sometimes the hard way hurts buts gets the best results. In this case the hard way might involve more transparency by the government and not painting a rosy picture to support complacency. It might be scary but we may get better results in the end, right?

I don’t think the commonly and widely held belief, by those in power, that this information will lead to some dystopian panic is the least bit true! Not today. I’m not sure it was ever true.
In fact, I believe the obvious efforts to obfuscate the truth is more likely to cause alarm.
I understand their fear about our fragile markets, but what about just leveling with everyone and asking us in the face of this grave pandemic to do our part to help the economy through a precarious time? Appeal to our patriotism as well as our sense of self preservation!
By the time the truth becomes self evident, as well as the deceptions and incompetence, no one is going to be in the frame of mind(or body) to want to do their part to help a government that has been lying to them- even if it is in their best interest.

Remarkably adapted. Able to dig out just about anything. Often misunderstood. Recently seen on national television hunting with the coyote - another savvy and clever beast - praised and honored by our native culture. Wear your badger badge well Chris. What may have worked a few years back, is pathetic and transparent today. The more they TRY to discredit heroes like you, the more it flies in their face and, perhaps, in all irony, helps reveal the truth.

10 more reported…and I never saw confirmation that all passengers were tested…earlier reports said only 237 tested?
Not a good situation but at least a massive departure of these folks into the population can be mitigated?

Great response Chris! While you are right on, it seems that the typical response is to immediately deny facts and place blame. Why? To draw attention, any attention, away from the situation at hand. We live in a “reality” based scripted world, just listen to an main media outlet. While the reporter is different, different location, different voice, sex, etc. the story is the same, scripted. We may never know the whole story until it’s too late. Then, someone will pop up and suddenly say “I told You so” thank you for being thorough, honest and concise in your research. I appreciate it as well as everyone else within the PP group.
Regards, Matt - North Dakota

Chris, this work of which is your calling is why I follow you. If you have saved my life or my words have saved the life of my closest friends or family member because I have credibility with them and I show them what you are saying then they take logical steps for their family, then you are certainly to feel very good about yourself. Quite seriously you have saved their lives.
Chris, I have never cared what others think or how they react to me because they simply do not know me at all so I give them no time at all.
I agree, trust is key but, I never shut out any person that has the credentials and speak on what they know. This is inclusive of you. I’m not nearly as harsh as you sound. Then again, we have our biases, you too, and get set in our minds about things and frankly is harmful to be so judgmental.
You are who I come to in cases like this to get a serious and focused opinion about what is real and what isn’t.
China is lying, no doubts. It doesn’t make them bad but, if they are not doing their level best to isolate this Virus then the World must respond and help them and that will be next. All boarders will be closed, hell, Trump might even get his wall built in 5 days like the hospitals in Wuhan and the Democrats will probably make certain it does.
This Virus is for real, no question about that and you came to us early and frankly was an easily proactive chore. I already have everything I need in my pantry, freezers and stock room such as masks, fuel, food and all things to hole up in my home for weeks to avoid contacting this Virus. Another test that passed.
My only concern is my wife is a career professional nurse and I worry for her safety. Not yet but, I encourage her to be very careful.
Screw the media Chris, their liars, liars, liars. and controlled useless minds. Peace

Office-bound corporate Dad with a family of 4 based in NYC/Brooklyn here. Don’t judge, we have a rural house 100 miles outside the city. Therein, I have a closet filled with 6 months of shelf stable food, basic home protection, and have 600g of water storage in the basement. Lots of land on a wetlands preserve, large established garden.
So my wife, select family and friends have tracked my prognostications, grumblings, cynicism, and alt news coverage through the silver fiasco (big losses from 2011), ebola, “prepping,” financial collapse and… well, you know. Now this.
They don’t take risk seriously, furiously scrolling through Instagram frivolousness vs news, consumed with selfies vs thoughts of being self-sustaining. They think I’m nuts.
It’s a lament more than a question: when society has such addictive blinders on, obsession with triviality, and you (we?) have no more credibility (shared the crash course with all family and friends when it came out, got a lot of people into PMs etc - and nothing happened but endless stock market ramp!) - how do you get anyone to take you seriously?
Long time reader but only recently joined. Chris/Adam - amazing coverage - thanks for what you guys do. Looking forward to joining the conversation.

I am very concerned that we hear nothing out of Africa. Aren’t there hundreds of thousands of Chinese building the New Silk Road? How many went home for Lunar New Year?

Hi Chris, could you help take a look at Singapore data, seems a lot of details have been disclosed so far:
Thanks !

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Think the significance of the change is not “close contact”. The first version indicated that the whole 273 were tested. The second version indicates only 31 were tested. And 10/31 had the disease.
Think that has implications for how many more of the 273 might also be infected once/if they test them too.

Buying a load of stuff doesn’t help your family if you can’t prevent people from taking it from you. The upstate locals have your bug out spot cased.

^ This. And we still don’t know how many more need to be tested. Ideally the whole ship needs to be tested at this point, but I doubt they have the test kits yet. I saw a story somewhere (no link - sorry) that indicated the CDC will be sending out kits to regional centers in the US in a week or two, with each kit capable of 700-800 tests. So I doubt Japan yet has the capability to run ~4,000 tests in a day or two.

I started following Chris a couple of weeks ago. He’s the only one (source) that is honest about the information he finds. Chris states what may or may not be factual and that the information that he pulls from may change. He has been very up front about that and if I may say so myself pretty on point.
I think for the most part, people with any common sense can say, with much certainty that the numbers that are being reported by China are less than factual.
To be informed is the best way to protect ones self. As the saying goes “knowledge is power”.
Unlike the rest of the sheep in this world I do my research and decipher what I believe is factual and what is bullshit.
If this virus burns itself out and does not turn into anything in this country well then I have a little extra food and water and some other things. But if it does blow up, guess what I’m prepared.
It’s hard for some people to see that perhaps someone is calling out someone else’s bullshit and wish they were the one who’s who did it first and received the 12,000 additional follower. Or that Chris has been on point since day one and now his subscribers are now informed citizens.
Anyway, I appreciate the information you put out there. I’m a nurse and I feel like as a potential front line person, one has to be informed, whether it’s from my own personal research or finding someone who I believe has integrity and honesty.

I am outraged by the personal attacks on Chris.
This site is a quality production.
Then again, we have come to expect this from the Main Stream Media.
Let’s recap some of the media’s most recent blunders:
Two years of screaming wall to wall headliners trumpeting repeated “bombshells” on Russiagate. Oops, in the end those two years of coverage was “reportage” of something that didn’t even happen.
… a military strike against Syria for use of chemical weapons by Assad which turned out to be based upon corrupt data. But the media finds no need to report that fact or to investigate it. After all, why should bombing another country for no reason at all be considered newsworthy.
… and Jeffrey Epstein killed himself while two video recorders were both on the blink, all the video tapes were mistakenly destroyed and the two guards tasked with looking in on Epstein were asleep on the job that night - this all allowing the most high profile prisoner since Lee Harvey Oswald to kill himself with no witnesses or record of it. How convenient this is for all the implicated high-profile-power-broker friends of Jeffrey.
But the media is not further investigating this one. After all, what is there to investigate? The government has already ruled it a suicide. Therefore, it must be a suicide. I mean - the government would not lie. Isn’t it the job of the media to trust the government?
Just ask me who I trust, Chris or the MSM.
No, don’t even bother to ask.

Advice is not cheap and people who has gone through tough times realize advise from whatever source it comes from.Thanks for your wonderful posts and continue the good work and the message is clear in the wall.As per the dashboard “” the number of deaths 564 and confirmed cases of infected crossed over 28k. Every country has confirmed this has spread from person to person and as a proof the japanese ship with 20 confirmed cases. Still people doubt about this pandemic?I have posted similar caution about this in India but the same has gone unnoticed.But one state in India —Kerala has declared it as disaster. This is not because all the three cases from Kerala but because the experience they have gained with earlier Nipah outbreak sometime earlier.The name is new (Corona) but the experience and the protocols they have adopted are same. Kudos to the administration.Other Indian states and the country is lacking far behind and as usual waiting for official confirmation about the confirmed cases. Like other countries slowly this will raise. One in West Bengal and one in Karnataka/Tamilnadu etc. Are we ready for complete lock down like china’s Wuhan. Will the other states and the country will declare disaster?Like China admitting the emergency and shortcomings in handling the crisis.Soon one by one will start saying we thought this can be contained and mortality % is low only not to panic. Person infected in South Korea because of visiting Thailand and Cruise ship example of one Hongkong person. Guys we are only talking about known facts or risks. What about the unknown/unknown?
Soon the R0 and the mortality % CFR figures will start making some sense to everyone.Hope we fight this battle together and my sincere solidarity with China and their gold standard of locking down Wuhan.

BNO news report that 20 confirmed infected out of 102 tested.