Coronavirus: World Leaders Now In Panic Mode

As the coronavirus outbreak enters the BOOM! phase in a fast-increasing number of countries across the globe, world leaders are scrambling to implement tighter and tougher controls.

Sadly, most of these desperate official actions will be necessary but insufficient.

The time to adopt China's heavy-handed tactics was weeks ago. At this point, the virus' spread is assured; we can only play to slow its rate now.

Which we should. Heart-breaking videos from health care workers show the hard choices being made in overwhelmed hospitals, forced to decide who lives and who dies as each new patient enters the overflowing emergency rooms.

More of this is coming - a lot more - including truly gargantuation fiscal relief packages, in the coming weeks as we ride up, up, up the exponential curve of covid-19 infections.

How well will these extreme actions work? Time will tell.

Right now, we just have to ride out the storm as best we’re able.

To help you, just released this new resource: The Covid-19 Home Lockdown Survival Guide.

We’ve written this to be a comprehensive collection of the resources you need to stay safe, sane and solvent through the covid-19 crisis. And it’s a great tool for getting everyone in your household on the same page — print it out and have them read it.

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the man in the video is heartbroken because they are taking ventilators away from people over 65 and giving them to younger people, who, one would suppose, have a better chance of survival. He is emotional because he does not think that is right because he feels it’s the older generation that has made everything Spain has today. He is calling it genocide and says the government will have to answer. I speak Spanish and my wife is a native speaker. I’m not making any judgement on what he said, I just thought I would clarify what he was upset about. Thank you for the updates!

Chris, you have mentioned several times that you are working with your community and helping it to plan. Can you, at some point, share some specifics? I am involved at the township level and would appreciate suggestions I can relay.

I’m not seeing a video (or link to vide) in this blog post.
I do see a new video on the Youtube channel, from today, titled:
Coronavirus: World Leaders Now In Panic Mode

I have been trying to locate the video as well, unsuccessfully.
Thank you for sharing. It is helpful to appreciate the same insight to the situation.
Thanks again.

Please don’t stone me but does anyone personally know someone with the virus?

Hi all
NZ now in lockdown. We had 4 levels of alert (I’m going to credit you with this Chris) - we’ve moved to Level 3 today and will be Level 4 from Wednesday. Everyone at home, minimum of 4 weeks. Jacinda Ardern also mentioned that our testing needs to be at ‘Gold’ standard - another shout out to Chris.
Stay safe all.

Yes. It's around here - Midlands UK town (has direct train connection with London). Not fatal for most (Suspect 1-2% mortality rate - mostly elderly with other stuff going on health-wise). It's unpleasant for quite a few (including the fifty something I know). It's asymptomatic for about the same amount. Kids get it either mildly or are asymptomatic. Spreads easily when people in close contact. Reminds me of norovirus in it's sneakiness, only with added airborne element.

I know one person at my church with the virus; another at the neighboring UU church has died. One person at my workplace has the virus. Yes, there are actually people who have this – how big would the conspiracy have to be to have this all be “fake”?? Seriously.

How do we know if it is just the “regular flu” or something novel.

I don’t question that people are sick, I just don’t want fall for another 9/11, that’s all.

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If you mean individual cases, if people were in an area that’s refusing to test, you probably can’t know. Heard a stat that only about 10% of tested hospital “pneumonia” patients had Covid. Rest were negative, where we assume flu or other viruses as the cause.
If you’re asking about Covid genetics as a novel coronavirus, that’s technically a bad cold, not the flu. I’ve had a couple younger people ask me how I know the moon landing wasn’t a hoax. Response: in 69 special effects weren’t that good and more important I actually knew NASA folks, including a couple Apollo astronauts and I believed them. So microbiologists are doing genetic sequencing. If Chris and others in this group know anyone who has sequenced this thing, then we can know if they’re trustworthy. I trust Chris’s gut on this one as well as I trust my on lunar walks. Both real.

They do have tests for the regular flu. Those are quick to administer, and pretty accurate. So they give that test, and if it comes back negative (and you have the right symptoms), then they assume you have COVID-19. Sometimes they test for COVID-19, but there are (still) only so many tests, so nothing is 100%.
Dude, it’s not just a river in Egypt.
This thing is real. (And it’s spectacular.)

Follow the genomics/genetic sequencing from an international collaboration. Click on the 2nd graphic “play” to follow the spread of illness.

I definitely know people who know people who have this yes. A bunch. Many of them are on isolation. Without testing in the US how could we definitively know if someone has it or had it? In New York they are putting up 4 sets of field hospitals starting tomorrow. Elective surgeries are being cancelled, doctors nurses and students are being lined up to staff these places, large multigroup clinics have been closed and healthcare workers are getting sick and a few have died. It is all too real here.

Did i say anything about a moon landing? I am asking, aw, I give up.

Yes, I have friend that has it.

I guess we first need to look at world-wide statistics if we don’t think this is real. I believe my wife and I had this perhaps starting in early December. We went to clinics and they all just said there are lots of virus bugs going around and there was nothing we could do about it except wait for it to run its course. We then soon knew first of all where we likely were exposed, as we had visited a clinic where at least one person had either visited China recently and/or met with people during a work-related conference. That took around 8-10 days later for us to show symptoms and I think I was first. We did not come into direct contact with anyone but one lady working there was profusely coughing so it was in the air. At first I thought it was the normal flu, but it only came with low-grade fever and a screwed up head/mind. After it revealed itself to me I went to bed that evening thinking I was going to die and that I was not ready to. The next several days were tough and I kept waiting for it to show itself in my stomach, but it did not. After a week or so, the virus concluded that it was not going to kill me like that so it moved to my throat, and then several days later to my lungs. I smoke (addicted to B-3) but could not smoke my normal homemade organic tobacco, so opted for store-bought menthol that I picked up at a drive-through window. We by then had been cancelling all of our normal Christmas activities and hunkering down for the duration. By the time it was advancing to walking pneumonia, we remembered a cure for this and started taking it. Had we been taking this beforehand, we might not have even gotten sick, but this bug is the most highly contagious one we ever experienced and we are each 68. It is also the sneakiest as we did not have any warning but just all of a sudden got hit in a New York minute, like getting snared into an unbreakable cage. The Food Grade H2O2 drops we had started taking each day, knocked out the pneumonia within about a week or so. See my separate post for the actual procedure to create your own cure according to what we experienced. I am not a doctor so cannot recommend this but to say that it has worked for both of us for years. We were never confirmed to have Covid-19 because at the time we had it there were zero testing going on. I have inquired since if they can test us to know for sure if we did, but only get “deer in the headlights” looks from everyone. It would be good to know, because if we did have it, then our blood could perhaps be used for either plasma transfers and/or to assist in producing a vaccine. However the 12-18 month lead time is way too long for a vaccine because a large portion of the world will be dead by then and also the virus itself could perhaps mutate one or more additional times in the interim. We need the cure as I mentioned and we need people to also do all the things they are being told to do until the cure can be administered to enough people to arrest this criminal bug. This process as I mentioned that cured us was developed about 100 years ago in 1920 to eradicate a pneumonia epidemic that was caused by the Spanish Flu. It worked well then and I believe it will work now for this or any pneumonia like illness, and likely many other things. See my separate later posting titled “Proposed COVID-19 CURE” .