Could These Mysterious Clots Be Causing People To Die Suddenly?

The movie “Died Suddenly” was a mixed bag. On the one hand, it went viral and a lot of people saw it and that has to have helped open up a ton of awareness. On the other hand, it mixed in some demonstrably false (or super poorly researched) items which can only serve to function as escape hatches for the data hesitant (menticided) folks out there.

However, one of the strongest elements of the movie concerns the blood clots that mortuary embalmers have been reporting for the past 18 months or so.

In this special report, I lean on my pathology and medical training to explain what’s happening and capture some territory that we can all agree on. Namely (1) these clots are ante (pre)mortem, and (2) they are unlike any typical premortem clots we’ve seen before.

My strongest opinion is that there’s been entirely too little official curiosity or inquiry into them.

As always, we await to see what reaction the cheerless, anti-life censors at Youtube have about this data.


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These Blood Clots Are Not Normal

John O’Looney UK Funeral Director who was the first to raise awareness to this phenomenon as soon as the vaccines were introduced and he got into a lot of trouble. I wish Chris would bring on to explain his findings because he has posted videos of these blood clots as well which he says looks more like calamari.


Yes, I remember him I featured him early on in the course of things…I haven’t been in touch with him, but I’ll see about hunting him down. A straight shooter is how he struck me.


Why Not The Mmr?

Waaay early on they talked about how measles, mumps and rubella has spike proteins with a fair amount of similarity. They even started a clinical trial which as best I can figure died on the vine. Not really surprising when you look at who funded it.
“Why the entire spike protein?” is a really good question! Why weren’t the similar MMR spikes good enough. Why has no one discussed this?
N of 1, that MMR booster I got in the fall of 2020 seemed to have been effective.


Dissolve Clots?

Nattokinease? Asprin? Vit e? Red wine? Fish oils?


Holding Doctors Accountable?

I guess my question now becomes, how do we start going after the hospitals for not upholding thier hippa oath? Like there HAS to be a way to start making civil suits, for even recommending vaccines, when this is the data… maybe I’m hellbent… but c’mon man! Enough is enough


Hearing “we’ve Never Seen This Before” A Lot Lately

I’m on the wrong side of 50 (or right side, depending on your perspective) and come from a large family. So my parents, aunts, and uncles are quite elderly and spending a lot of time with doctor appointments. When it comes to their various ailments and prognoses, we are hearing “we’ve never seen this disease progress this quickly before,” or “we’ve never seen someone decline this rapidly before” quite frequently. In 2 cases now the nurse has said yes, it’s because of the jabs.



A very good friend of mine died from amyloidosis 9 years ago. She was 45. She was treated at the best clinic for blood disorders in London, UK, but nobody was able to explain why it developed in someone her age. It is a rare systemic disease that happens to very old people.
Her husband told me that they heard that extremely high concentration of green tea can dissolve these deposits, but it was too late for my friend who had already went through chemotherapy which destroyed her kidneys. It was blood sepsis from dialysis that killed her.
At that time super high concentration of green tea was produced in only in Germany, out of whole Europe.
I have no idea if this is applicable to the clots caused by spike protein, but I hope that true experts will start looking into this asap.


Early Treatment Could Have Prevented Long Covid And Death

Promoting early treatment with hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin and vitamins and zinc would have likely reduced viral loads and likelihoods of long covid resulting in death and disability rather than the propaganda push for dangerous vaccines.
This story is horrifying.


It’s really tricky…you’d have to use or activate fibrinolytic proteases, but do it in a way that the clot didn’t accidentally fragment and blow pieces off to create embolic disasters.
If I had one of those giant worms in my carotid I’d seriously consider surgical removal…


These aren’t normal clots. The substances that work on normal clots can’t be expected to work on the rubbery ones.


I had a bizarre craving for green tea after I had covid. It made me feel better. I’m still drinking it every day.


So how about people who run on the low side of normal of fibrinogen? Do you think they would be more resistant to the clotting side effect of this?
I found this paper talking about fibrinogen in people with covid

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Thank you Chris. I believe he’s on Rumble now cause he was banned from YT.


How to test if you actually do have them?

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Testing Labs Could Make A Fortune

Chris do you know of any reputable labs (I know you may be reluctant to recommend one), which do testing of blood? Would any be likely to identify such anomalous conditions? Some of these clots look like they might even plug up the needle when doing the blood extraction for the samples.

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Fatal Air Embolism

Don’t fear tiny amounts of air. It take 50mls but more likely 300 - 500 mls if air under pressure. About a rate of 100mls/ sec. I’ve heard the Mossad uses this method for hits also scuba divers holding someone under water.

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I find it interesting that you were craving it. I have green tea in my covid preps because it contains EGCG, which also happens to be a zinc ionophore. Hydroxychloroquine is also a zinc ionophore.


Something that solid would show up easily in many imaging tests.


The No Good, Rotten Cdc

As I pointed out towards the end of the video report, the mRNA and the spike protein persist in the bodies of some people for a very long time.
Maybe that explains why the CDC quietly amended its website FAQ page on the Covid mRNA vaccines?
But, even as late as July 2022 it was promoting a known fiction.
How many months does it take to quietly remove some bad text from a web page? Over here at PP central, that would take us about 30 seconds.