Court Blocks OHSA Vaccine Mandate

In the UK, I joined
I have a formal-looking plastic card, with my photograph and a QR code, saying ‘Must not be vaccinated’.
It may be of some use. I don’t know if similar initiatives are underway in other countries.


What does it take to start an official clinical trial? That would give NIH approval for ivermection, HCQ, and all the other unproven treatments. What country would be easiest to register it in?
Also, could a parallel medical structure be set up. to grant license cover to actual caring practicioners?


Ive heard of that - has it served you any good yet ? I need to travel, and wondering if this is of any help.

Honest answer to your question is that it varies from place to place. For the US to accept it you would have to apply to run a clinical trial and would have to get Institutional Review Board approval in the US or Ethics Committee in most countries. In order to realistically do this you would have to frame it as looking to treat breakthrough infection or do it in a country that has very low vaccine access. If you don’t you’ll prob get denied for ethics reasons. Along with that you would need a slew of materials though since these drugs were previously approved it would probably be a pretty light package. You also need lots of money. I don’t deal with the financial side of this but for example I know if I have to meet with say the EMA it costs like 80,000 euro to speak to them (scientific advice meeting) which would be required to get the ok on trial design. There are also application fees to start. The entire process is a bit more than I can explain here but I think people get the idea.


Chris mentioned yesterday that the UK and Israel have changed the way they either capture or report the data, so what we are seeing is no longer as “reliable” as it may have been before. Does anyone know what has changed in their practice?


The NYT has plunged to new depths unimaginable a few years ago. As one of the tenets of Manufacturing Consent postulates “omissions” by design are censorship. The list of omissions regarding Covid are too numerous to catalog but add this to the list. Not a whisper of the huge decision by the courts to stay the vaccine mandate OSHA is trying to institute. Not on the front page, maybe page 17 of the entertainment section? Well done NYT or as Gerald Celente refers to it as “the toilet paper of record.” Just as added proof David Brooks has an editorial lavishing praise on the Brandon presidency.


Actually, Public Policy is working out exactly as intended.
Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.
Fool me 50,000 times - and you have a government that lies as Standard Operating Procedure.
Martin Luther wrote a book about this 500 years ago.


The New York Times would do such a thing. On another sad note, Mick Rock just passed - which got me thinking - remember when rock was a voice of rebellion. My how things gave changed


Chip Seal
18 hours ago
The hardest part of the three week lockdown is the first 18 months.


The police and fire departments are already responding that they refuse, this has to go to arbitration, and they’re going to sue. We’ll see how many other other employees will stand up to the Nazis.
The timing is fortunate for me as I’m retired 2.5 years now. I’m looking forward to the day when I’m dropped from Medicare coverage because I’m not vaxxed…


I’ve thought the same thing thc0655. I see the day coming when both Medicare coverage and Social Security benefits are tied to getting the jab. God help them. They will be grossly underestimating the capabilities of an older population that still has index fingers that work very well. And this population also has the strategic wherewithal to not to waste time at the bottom of the food chain but to begin with the very top. When their very existence is threatened, they will not go quietly into the night.


if we all stick together they won’t have anyone left and they will have to submit! A city needs police and fireman and doctors…We won’t be controlled!


I’m going to piss on his grave….
Discusting SOB. He wants to “starve the anti vaxxers out”. Funny how we don’t need to worry about corporations and manufacturing consent when it’s in line with his politics.
Rot in hell.


I can’t tell you how horrified I was to see his stance on the unvaxccinated. I was always a lefty but this pandemic has opened my eyes. The so called left media is swirling down the toilet. Noam was off base with his DT existential threat but unfortunately his 94 year once brilliant mind is in full decay mode. Jimmy Dore, Chris Hedges, Aaron Mate, Glen Greenwald and Matt Taibi are the true leftys of this Era.


Hello All,
I rarely comment but I wanted to vent. 2 major terrible news today:

  1. Austria makes the jabs mandatory for everyone and will impose financial and even custodial penalties on those who don’t comply ?
  • For this I’m simply speechless.
  1. Today in the UK, it was headline news a that a 45 years old doctor, fit, non-smoker man, died, allegedly of Covid. The news articles made no mention of his vax status (? Why?) but I found his family tweeting that he was fully vaccinated.
    He worked the first wave with insufficient PPE on the frontline, in fact he worked on Covid wards. Back then PPE was few and far, not properly available. He must have been exposed last year but was fine.
    Then he went into work a few weeks ago and fainted. Then off to life support. Now they are trying to tell us that he died of Covid. All very strange: if he had Covid, he would have not got up as healthy in the morning to go into work then just faint. Doesn’t it take a bit of time to progress? Also if it was Covid, why did the vaccine not save him. There is no way this man had no sufficient immunity after working on the front line unvaccinated for a year then getting the jabs. All very strange ? I just hope it wasn’t VAED. That might explain the atypical, sudden progression of Covid in his case?
    Doctors for Covid Ethics warned about the dangers of VAED back in January and said that previous attempts to make a coronavirus vaccines few years ago were stopped because most rodents died of VAED. Hence I’m wondering.
    I have a friend who is a retired nurse and used to work in ICU. She said, I quote: “if you look at his symptoms he definitely ticks every single box for PE. Pulmonary embolism. Why would he get a PE as a healthy person??? He shouldn’t!!!The sudden onset speaks for itself and is a typical symptom of PE. Short ,sharp and deadly.”
    Here is the link to the news:
    What really pisses me off is the censorship. People were tweeting about this doctor saying to get the vaccine in his memory ?
    I tweeted a reply stating that the doctor was fully vaccinated (fact), the vaccines don’t work as people think they would and they maim people (including my own mother as she is not well ever since, again fact). And that people shouldn’t instruct others to take the vaccines, the propaganda and censorship should stop. Twitter then duly locked my account for that tweet ?‍♀️ Just proves my point on censorship. They really have no shame. Never had any of my accounts anywhere locked or restricted. Absolutely disgusting.
    In any case, things are not going into a great direction.
    Hope everyone is keeping well.

Jesus wept ?
The kids are so innocent so it’s heartbreaking. Needless to say the parents are at fault for indoctrinating and endangering young children. But I guess the mass psychosis worked all too well ?


The minute I hear left or right I feel like vomiting. It’s meaningless at this point. Both sides make me sick…


Control group are important. You can’t have a trial without one.
I joined the Vax Control group. Hoping to show it to my HR dept. soon.


Our country can now justly be called a dictatorship. In Vienna, the state has already embarked on the next stage of psychological terror, by removing the power to decide from the hands of the unvaccinated entirely, and booking “vaccine appointments” against their will. They will be informed of these by mail. This means that the names of the unvaccinated are already registered in databases. This renewed “lockdown for all” will make a lot of people who have dutifully gone along with everything to this point extremely angry, and so the political and the media establishment have already provided a target for this anger and frustration: The blame for everything – for the lockdown, the high incidences, the high ICU occupancy, the alleged triage, the corpses piling up in the corridors, and so forth – lies with the well-poisoners, the “vaccine refuseniks”, the “hesitants,” the “Querdenker”3, etc. No few people are now openly wishing death upon these noncompliants. The mob are so certain of themselves, they have even produced smiling priests who publicly boast that they have “no sympathy for the unvaccinated.

Chris, very long time subscriber. How do we know that the unvaccinated % of the population is not accounting for a disproportionate percentage of cases ? Epoc Times article says in UK vaccinated rates of infection per 100K are more than twice the rate of cases of the unvaccinated per 100k. How do we know that the 10% of unvaccinated in UK are not accounting for 50 % of the cases…or are they?

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