Crash Course 2.0: Chapter 1 - Setting The Table

The Crash Course remains a solid work of framing. One of the best of my life (so far).

Because so few people have taken it lately, beginning with today’s 'Chapter" I am redoing the entire Crash Course, piece by piece, as my weekly public videos from now until it’s done.

I think everybody should see it, and that’s my only request.

Agree with me, disagree with me, take it to heart, or decide to ignore it, I truly believe everybody deserves a chance to accept or reject the premise.


Because I know that there’s an extraordinary wealth transfer coming. Many more people are going to lose (a lot & possibly everything) between now and ~2030 than win.

When the operative question left to be resolved is “Who’s going to eat the losses?” then it’s vital that you are not doing whatever the herd is doing. By definition, when an entity is insolvent, everybody cannot be paid back. Historically speaking, those ‘haircuts’ are not shared equitably.

We’re way past our budgetary and income limits with respect to energy, pollution, species loss, and debt. There’s no possible way to “grow our way out of this.” Doubling down is no longer an option.

Again, agree with me or disagree with me, the conversation needs to be had either way.

“I might be wrong, but I’m not confused.”

~ Chris Martenson stealing a line from his old boss (hat-tip DAH)

So that’s the public content for a while. The private, members-only, content will then build off of whatever the current Crash Course chapter is dealing with to bring it to life and offer, as much as possible, real solutions.

These chapters are designed to be shared widely, so if you know someone on the fence, or who is beginning to wonder about “something being wrong…” please consider sharing these videos.

So without further ado, let’s begin the journey with Chapter 1 - Setting The Table

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I was consuming everything I could find about Peak Oil by people like Kunstler, Matt Simmons, Matt Savinar, Michael Ruppert and others when Chris started posting his Crash Course videos one by one on YouTube.
I watched each one as they came out and they tied everything together. It all made sense.
Very excited to now watch the updated versions as they are released.


Essential Material

Having been a tribe member here since early 2010, I want to emphasize for all of you that this Crash Course material is absolutely essential for understanding WTH is going on, and will happen next. Watch and digest every minute of it!


Exponential Function

We were just talking the other day about how it seems the number of global crises seem to be coming at us faster and more frequently.


The 3 E’s

I think it’s great you are doing this again for a wide audience of new followers. It’s free education if only people will take advantage of it and listen. Puts so many things going on in our current world into context. I had a meeting with my ROTH IRA manager today and I can tell you that I felt way more knowledgeable, confident, and an actual participant in the conversation than I would have been 3+ years ago before I discovered Peak Prosperity, Chris Martenson and the Crash Course. So thank you, Chris, and Peak Team for putting this together! I think everyone should listen to it.


Chicken Moat Ftw!

Thanks for sharing the video of the homestead Chris. I love that Chicken Moat concept. Looks like it wasn’t the easiest thing to construct though.


Insect Extinction

If insects go extinct, how will the WEF makes us eat insects instead of meat?


Seeing The Crash Course For The First Time Was Like Getting Pole-axed

The original Crash Course is what tipped me over into a new way of seeing the world back in 2009. Somewhere I found a link and a recommendation to the Crash Course so I hopped over for a quick look. Straightaway I was hooked - it made so much sense of the world. I already knew something was badly wrong but hadn’t put it all together.
Seeing the Crash Course for the first time was like getting pole-axed. Within a week I’d finished it and decided we needed to move to a more appropriate property. It took some time to get my wife onboard but, by focusing on some lifestyle improvements for her (eg. she wanted a horse as she’d had a pony as a child) we reached agreement.
We’ve now been on our homestead for over 12 years. We have well established fruit and nut trees , a year round vege garden plus chickens and farm animals including a couple of horses. I’m sure glad I clicked on that link back in 2009.


Agricultural Transition

Crash Course 2.0: Chapter 1 – Setting The Table
At 38:54 you mentioned the agricultural transition in reference to the exponential chart of world population.
Transition from hunter gatherers to agriculture happened 10’000BC (8’000-10’000BC, depending on region), and not 1AD.
Not sure what the bump at 1AD is due to though.

Thank You

Thank you for the work you have done, are doing and will keep doing. I’m grateful for both the book and the video course among other things. Very insightful and helpful in understanding some of the things I thought or felt yet was unable to explain where they came from, let alone explain it to others.
The past three years have been so empowering to me. Being introduced to PP played a part in that. I see this time as the building the foundation years. I can’t wait to wrap up that bit and move on to what’s coming on top. Looking forward to that and enjoying the process. It’s all part of me being in the best shape possible and therefor be of great service to others.
To paraphrase what’s been said before, we build the world we desire and if it’s as great as we see, believe, think (etc.) it is, people will flock to it. There’s no need to force it upon them. We create the change from the bottom up.
BTW, if ever was a time for the saying ‘better late than never’, for me this is it when it comes to PP. The universe provides us with information at the right time for us. I’m ready now to process what’s going on and take action on it. There is still time to get things done. Even if I don’t get to reach the ideal baseline, it will still be way more than those who are even later to the table or who are plain late.
Have faith and keep going.


Logarithmic Chart Of World Population Past 12’000 Years

I took the liberty of plotting the exponential function in a logarithmic graph, based on this data set. This function is even exponential within an 10log chart, which is wild (or, in mathematical terms, exp>10)


Texas Gold Backed Money

There has been some web chatter recently about a bill making its way through the Texas legislature that would authorize the state of Texas to issue a100% gold backed currency. If Texas were to issue a gold backed currency it would be a total game changer. It would allow the Big Money to store cash and bullion “off shore” in Texas and conduct business in a stable currency while the United States is allowed to default. If this legislation is allowed to proceed without a “color revolution” in Texas it can only be with the tasset consent of TPTB.
Chris and everyone else, I would be very interested to hear your take on this fascinating potential development.
John G
PS What would happen if Texas began demanding gold for oil and gas?


Compound Growth, Ai, And You.

The Yankees’ stadium water filling example is also why Generative, Generalized AI should scare the hell out of us.


“Building the foundation.” A great phrase for describing the purpose of the Remnant.

Thanks for sharing.
My own experience and timing was very similar to yours, and I am extremely happy in my new life.
Now is time enough to consider the next major issue confronting us, that of communication.
AI and the control of information flow by third parties solely for their benefit will make us serfs on their plantation despite our best efforts towards resilience if we continue to rely on these 3rd parties for information and communication. Starting next year they will do more than harvest our communications and massage what information comes to us. They will actively create 100% believable spoofed/contrived audio and video messages to modify our voting, emotions and even relationships.
Resilience has to include communications. We must build, certify and maintain peer to peer (no 3rd party handling) intra community communications and also inter (long distance) community communications. Dave here at PP and others have insights on how to use the internet. But even using VPN and encrypted communications over 3rd party conduits are triggers that teach the 3rd party providers and govt agencies to pay special attention to us.
The ham group at PP is exploring peer to peer communications. By the way, if anyone is going to the national Hamfest in Dayton Ohio next week and would like to meet in person please let me know. I am at


“Dave here at PP” means “Davefairtex”


Holy Smokes!
That’s incredible. I never thought to plot it that way.
Looks like we need log-log paper to begin to make that flatten out.


I’m on your wavelength with that.
It’s not just the pace of change of AI that’s getting me, but the emergent behaviors.
That is, it’s showing signs of being a complex system where we can only stand back and observe if we want to get a sense of the direction of things.


This is great news, and I know of several other states considering similar adventures in PM-backed money.
The game changes entirely when taxes can be paid in said currency.


Great to see you here again my friend.
I need to talk to you about solar at some point soon…