Crisis Watch! The Informed Consent Livecast

Chris issued an important Alert! today regarding a currency crisis striking all across the globe. Evie joins Chris to dig deeper into the growing chaos that looks to be much worse than 2008. But it’s not just a currency crisis, Chris and Evie cover the growing global social unrest and the rise of totalitarianism.

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Telling The Kids

Hey guys, sorry we have been out of communication. Here is the question: how would you suggest sharing this information for young people in a way that it is not overwhelming to the point of them saying “why bother? we’re all going to die anyway”. It is hard enough as a grown adult.

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Chrystia Freeland Is Finance Minister And Deputy Pm In Canada…

Total disaster for Canada. Was head negotiator on NAFTA 2 and got nothing from US/Mexico but got rave reviews from Cdn press. Also got promoted in Trudeau cabinet.



A cool anthropologist I know said that the Chinese have a saying: “The mountains are high and the emperor is far away.” Marry that up with Vaclac Havel’s concept of parallel societies within crushing totalitarianism and I get a sense of hope for the future.



What are the chances the new “parechovirus” is vaccine injuries in babies?

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All I can think of is TikTok

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The Web Says The Netherlands Is #6

Rank Country Value of Food Exports (US Dollars, Thousands)
1 United States 72,682,349.79
2 Germany 34,628,800.73
3 United Kingdom 29,540,218.71
4 China 25,152,286.27
5 France 24,114,557.76
6 Netherlands 23,271,570.93
7 Japan 21,870,881.77
8 Canada 21,803,448.88
9 Belgium 15,742,034.88
10 Italy 13,890,507.81


How To Make Crickets Food

I’ll buy the crickets, feed them to my chickens and winner winner chicken dinner!


I do it indirectly by teaching my child how to garden, can, sew, etc and by trying to associate power grid failures with fun instead of fear. We paint nails, play dolls, and most of all give her 1:1 attention while the power is out. We have a light source on our radio to sidestep sudden quiet and dark. My daughter is 4 so your millage will vary. For me the most important thing is not putting a burden on them to fix anything.



My buddy had to go to the hospital in CA a few days back. He said there were signs in the hospitals saying “Infant Seizures - Know the Signs”.


Lmao…she walked out of the meeting in tears. They plowed right over her.

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Tools For Freeing The Mind, Building Creativity, Escaping Dysfunctional Patterns:

Dance, psychedelics, meditation, media fasts, nature time without distractions, ceremony, deep listening/authentic communication.
One of these, at least for many seems to hold that special catalyst position that helps the others work. Thanks for mentioning that one Chris. People need to understand their power in breaking the spell and escaping the dysfunction.



Never underestimate the power of mushrooms for medicinal purposes (herbs).


Chris, Evie & Team: Excellent, Just Excellent

I totally love your Informed Consent Livecast. The data, the opinions, the vision, the interaction, and the poems!
Could you please share the name and title of the poets and poems in print?

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Do You Have The Link To The Uk Paper???

Do you have the link to the UK paper???


The Art Of Being Yourself

Your podcast made think of, and rewatch my favorite Ted talk. I watch it now and than for inspiration. I gave up a good job in a High Tech company to pursue my own dream to work on a technology that could safe ~40% of electricity use worldwide, plus power all road and water vehicles. Im not even sure that it will work as it is completely new. But, I really do not want to shed this mortal coil in the knowledge that I didn’t do my utmost best to find out if t works or not.
The video below really touched, and touches me.

They were #2 in 2017 in the article I linked in the previous post.

Uk Data

I’m a bit surprised at the discussion around the UK data. Was the data also parsed for pre-existing conditions? If not, then it is very dangerous to even try to make a judgement based on a correlation because the two populations may not be equivalent. And in any case, correlation does not mean causation.
It may well be that the population who was triple jabbed also had a higher likelihood of death because of underlying causes with or without Covid. In fact, those underlying conditions may have made them more apt to have the vaccine and booster to protect themselves. If this confounding variable hasn’t been accounted for, it could be possible their fatality rate from Covid (and maybe even all causes) would have been even higher without the vaccines.


She’s an absolute loser. WEF lapdog

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