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We’ve been told that mRNA vaccines degrade within the human body in a few hours, or days at most, and that the spike proteins they generate would also be gone in days or hours. A new peer-reviewed study in the journal CELL reveals that in some people mRNA and the spike protein can be detected in their lymph nodes up to 8 weeks later! This is shocking.

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The video worked for me, now I wish I could un-see it.
Just more diabolical %@*t from the people you love to hate.


Ditto here

I remember in early 2020 how there was a lot of discussion about the “cold chain”, how the vaxxes needed to be kept at cryogenic temperatures or they degrade.
So am I to take it that every Walgreens, every baseball stadium, every airport (where they are handing out vaxxes) now has a liquid nitrogen storage facility? Or did they just “forget” about that part?


Was thinking that as well. You never hear about that anymore, do you?


Yes this is corruption at its best. Not science.
Regarding the findings of this study, one thing many worried about it, is how do we know that these instruction sets turn off? what if they run wild in some people? well, it seems we now have evidence to conclude, yes it happens. Why is it all the conspiracy theories seem to keep coming true? On a side note, one of my friends took the pfizer vaccine with the assumption that this was unlikely, because of the incredibly low temperatures necessary to preserve the vaccine, indicated it was fragile. Well that seemed not to be so. I bet these things would work even if not frozen.


Oops! Too much truth being divulged here,


When two high school basketball players die on the court on the same day.


I finished watching the first video (will watch the second one after posting this) and the first question that came to mind was this: I understand that they are continuing to find mRNA and Spike Protein in the germinal centers, but is the mRNA intact and continuing to pump out new spike protein or are they fragments or inert segments that are no longer active? It would seem that the evidence from this study shows that they are indeed present in the germinal centers (although quite degraded at 60 days), but no evidence that they are still actively directing the cells to pump out S1-Spike Protein. However, I would also love to hear your thoughts on Dr. Bruce Patterson’s work showing that they are finding spike protein in the monocytes up to 15 months after covid infection (I’m not sure if they studied vacinees as well). As you know, Dr. Patterson’s team at IncelDX have pioneered some treatments for long covid sufferers and he believes that the activation of non-classical monocytes are the culprits in long covid. Of course, you are correct that the narrative pumped out by the pharma companies was complete nonsense, they had no idea how long these things stay in the body, how far and wide they spread, and what the long term effects would be. We can only hope that these people will be brought to justice for all the harm they have caused. On to the second video…


Dr. Patterson does not go deeply enough, I think.
“activation of non-classical monocytes” What activates and them and why won’t they turn off? Based on the kinds of fall-out people get from this virus, the base layer appears to be massive depletion of things like magnesium and zinc, in particular, from people’s stores (etc). As they fought Covid or got their immune system kicked by the vaccine, a massive amount of these micronutrients in particular were martialed to use for trying to stop a massive amount of viral replication, kicking the immune system into gear to build enough immune cells, creating sufficient glutathione to tamp down a cytokine storm, not to mention all the regular stuff these things are used to build and run.


Seeing that Reality is procedurally generated by our Observations, it is no surprise that the closer we look the more unlikely the story becomes.
Increase the resolution and the life-supporting mechanism increases it’s complexity. We, consciousness, make it up on the fly.
“It’s complicated”, as the actress said to the bishop.
Anyhow, Dr. Martenson, it would appear that you are at risk of being labelled a “Terrorist” and subject to disappearance, according to this document.
The use of the word terrorist is an obvious case of name-stealing, a very serious offence amongst the Ancient religions. Words have meanings.


It seems like all cause mortality tells a different story about this “pandemic” as well as past “pandemics” further substantiating the post Dissolving Illusions


If its one thing I’ve learned from COVID19, its that “all cause mortality” is the thing you want to look it. “Death” is the outcome they just can’t skew. My favorite chart, from the Pfizer trial - I know, you all have seen this a million times. But I just never get tired of it.
“Shots kill more than they save.” Pfizer’s own trial.


Hi Chris,
Thanks for again a very clear explenation of a very complex system. There is one thing however that I would like to point out.
In previous videos about vaccine studies, you state that phrases like “some” are too vague. What is “some”? “Gimme the data”. Which is absolutely true. Now in this video you don’t mention that. There is probably a reason for that, but I think at least you should have made a comment about it.


My understanding from watching multiple videos by Dr. Patterson is that the s1 subunit of the spike protein activates them. And his protocol kills them off basically. The s1 lets them live on and on causing trouble when they should have died long ago. Some immune cells operate by “eating” the pathogen so they get particles inside the cell.

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As Chris M stated, the immune system is wildly complicated and what we know [ or think we know ] is a drop in the bucket. Even in regard to what we “know”, you have to consider that at some point in the future they will likely find out that our current understanding is completely wrong. Happens all the time.
Now lets consider how wrong they have been throughout this entire covid debacle; They told us ‘human to human transmission is highly unlikely’. They said it stays on surfaces for long periods of time. They dont even know if masks do anything, they keep changing. They had no idea what the death rate would be. They thought it came from “bat soup”. They thought the vaccines would be 95% effective at preventing infection and transmission of the virus. They thought 2 shots would be sufficient, then three, now they’re talking life long boosters.
I could go on and on, you all know theyve been wrong about everything. It paints a startling picture of how little they know. We’ve all learned that the scientific community actually understands FAR less than many believed.
The idea of trusting a gaggle of bumbling, primitive alchemists with your incredibly complex and delicate immune system is the definition of lunacy. Its the equivalent of handing a sledge hammer to a monkey and asking him to fix a Ferrari. Should it be any surprise when your engine blows up halfway down the road?