Delta Variant Sweeps Through!

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The Delta variant is pushing some hospitals to their capacities. Front line doctors are reporting that some patients are crashing in the ICU and are unresponsive to the same treatments that were working a few weeks ago. These doctors are pleading for people and doctors to take this variant seriously and to start early treatment upon first symptom onset.

The Delta variant is responsible. Further, we postulate that the mind-blowing “chickenpox like” R-naught of the Delta thought to be between R5 and R9 will make it a rather short-lived phenomenon. It will sweep through the immune-naïve populations it can find and then we’ll get to herd immunity.



Part 2

This video is continued in Part 2 for Insiders here.


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Any thoughts on under 16 with these increased viral loads? With school starting (crowds) with floppy masks at best, curious on whether you had any additional thoughts. We’ve opted to avoid the vaccine for now but I’ll admit this video made a me a little stressed. Thanks.

Hey Chris,
Thanks for this update. Much appreciated. Hubby and I had already decided to tighten back down as we really don’t want to get sick during peak harvest season. That being said, after watching this, we’ll really pull back in and pull those N95s back out.
Besides the grocery and hardware stores, we really don’t go inside places with other people. We do, however, have our weekly CSA distribution where we interact with 55 customers. It’s outside and we’re never standing that close to folks but with the RO of Delta, I’m wondering if you’d personally mask up in that scenario.

7 day moving average deaths today / 7 day moving average cases 2 weeks ago = 0.86%. A higher fatality rate than they’ve seen in the past. I wonder if their dealing with an even more aggressive variant or just a bunch of older folks who were vaccinated a long time ago relative to everywhere else and have therefore lost their immumnity

Hi, Earthiest,

I am sorry to say, if you want to cut down on incoming viral load, probably wear a mask outside when in a crowd.  I caught Covid-19 early on, outside, unmasked.  I bent down to pet the small dog of an infected guy who refused to isolate or mask up. Lots of self-centered folks around now days.

Also, talking is a big factor of spread.

There have been enough studies and data to suggest that masks do nothing to prevent infection and spread of the virus. In fact, Fauci himself has said they do nothing but provide symbolic value. Its been compared to trying to keep mosquitos out by erecting a chain link fence. If you want to wear one to give yourself a feeling of security, I say go for it. But please dont start the mask nazi stuff again. We’ve been down that road already.

Quote from Brushhog,

"Its been compared to trying to keep mosquitoes out by erecting a chain link fence."
Brushhog, do you put N-95 masks into the same category as the masks referred to in the above quote?    

Sweden is a real-world test case in what happens if you take a hands-off approach to things. Their current Health Ministry policies are the sanest of any I’ve encountered in the west.
They’ve got a middling rate of vaccination, not great not bad, and yet their case & death data is simply spectacular and enviable.

I think any rational policy has to begin by asking what Sweden has done. Or India.
Meanwhile, Israel, a poster country for early and widespread vaccination, is suddenly seeing its numbers go in the entirely wrong direction. I am hearing early rumblings from Israeli sources (second hand, so won’t report it until I can confirm it) that things are going less and less well for the vaccinated.
Not that the vaccines are simply wearing off, we all know that, but rather than the vaccinated are doing particularly poorly.
This is in stark contrast to the US experience as I just reported it today. What’s the difference? A few months of time? Is that it? Is it basal health measures? Genetics?
We don’t know yet. Or it could simply be piss-poor data, which I know we’ve got in the US.

Quote from Chris Martenson:

Not that the vaccines are simply wearing off, we all know that, but rather than the vaccinated are doing particularly poorly.
Does that sound like ADE to anyone?
We've been around this enough that I thought it was close to settled. 1 - One cannot simply compare the size of A virion particle (~120nm) to the mask pore size because the virions do not travel; as individual particles. They travel in droplets of varying sizes, most of them massively larger than 120nm. 2 - The studies we have are mostly done on poorly fitted surgical masks and under a variety of poor conditions. For example, in hospital settings where only HC workers are wearing them. Or vice versa. Further, if people are going to wear them like I see the general population wearing them, then don't even bother. No point. 3 - When wearing one, do not believe you are now invincible. Still keep your distances. They can only help.
First of all, I didnt write any of that and my original posts disappeared. Chris are you censoring viewpoints and discussion that you dont agree with? Why are you pretending to be me and writing things under my account name? Of all people who should be sensitive to free speech, it should be you. What are you playing at? If I cant even speak my mind about covid HERE of all places, I dont see the point. Shame. This is disgusting.
“Saying cloth masks work, when they don’t, actually risks lives, as someone may choose to care for a loved one with COVID while only wearing a cloth mask. This is not only bad advice but also potentially deadly misinformation,” Paul said in the video.

Why are you writing your opinions under my account name? You just pretended to be me, erased my post and wrote in your own opinion under my name. Whats up?

Brushhog, I’d like an answer too.
I’m new here, and I see you are not. I assume you’re a valued member. Is there ANY chance there has been some kind of glitch with the website? I do hope we get an answer though, because this sounds concerning. I’d especially love to know what you initially wrote that was deleted.

I like Rand Paul but I am tired of hearing all these experts say how poorly cloth masks work but then they fail to tell people to wear N95 masks. The same thing happened with the doctor in Indiana talking to the school board that went viral this week.

Well I just wrote that my opinion on the masks is that they are ineffective. Maybe he didnt like the way I expressed it, which would be fine, he could just say so. But masquerading as me and writing things under my account is kind of sleazy. IDK maybe its a glitch or a mistake…but its weird, and how does a mistake like that happen?
Its two different accounts. Anyway I went back and changed his fake post and wrote something close to my original sentiment.

It really seems out of character for Chris to do something like that. It seems more likely that someone has hacked into your account. But a clarification from Chris would be much appreciated.

Someone went through the trouble of hacking my account only to post their opinion about masking?
I dont know seems a strange waste of time. I agree its not like Chris so maybe theres a glitch or some other explanation. Id sure like to know how something like that can happen.

Brushhog, this distresses me greatly that your post was changed. But, I see posts all the time that I’d love to delete like the one trashing Evie…and yet they stay. Is there another Brushhog impersonating you. I don’t think Chris would ever do this. He keeps me sane in this increasingly insane world.

Yeah, it would freak me out to come here and find someone had written a post using my name and avatar. Especially since the content wasn’t spam and was phrased in a way to make it appear it was from you as a long time poster. Very strange.

I cannot fathom Chris EVER doing anything as insinuated. I can fathom nefarious actors ALWAYS doing things to undermine and disrupt.
Do not let them succeed! We are the leading edge. Have long been over the target. Heat comes with that! Be aware of that, always.