Delta Variant Sweeps Through!

I dont know what is more disturbing, that Chris would impersonate another user or that somebody else would have the ability to do that. I assumed Chris because I would think only he would have the ability to access the accounts of the users…if I’m wrong thats even more bizarre.
And imagine hacking an account here, then posting a very bland, mainstream type of message regarding masks. Could have some directly from the CDC website. The more I think about it and read the post, the less it sounds like Chris. Weird stuff.

So I just checked the CDC website for their opinions on masks and compared it to the hacker/imposter. Lets have a look;
Imposter; 3 - When wearing one, do not believe you are now invincible. Still keep your distances. They can only help.
CDC; A mask is NOT a substitute for social distancing. Masks should still be worn in addition to staying at least 6 feet apart
IMposter; The studies we have are mostly done on poorly fitted surgical masks and under a variety of poor conditions. For example, in hospital settings where only HC workers are wearing them. Or vice versa. Further, if people are going to wear them like I see the general population wearing them, then don’t even bother. No point.
CDC; Masks should completely cover the nose and mouth and fit snugly against the sides of face without gaps.
Imposter; One cannot simply compare the size of A virion particle (~120nm) to the mask pore size because the virions do not travel; as individual particles. They travel in droplets of varying sizes, most of them massively larger than 120nm.
CDC; COVID-19 spreads mainly from person to person through respiratory droplets. Respiratory droplets travel into the air when you cough, sneeze, talk, shout, or sing.
Whether we agree or not it is clear that the hacker/imposter took his talking points almost VERBATUM from the CDC website.

Dr Martenson,
In the past you said masks were unnecessary outdoors. Do you still believe that ?

You are a valued poster to me. I especially loved your piece about veterinarians in Maine. I always respect your opinion, but I think your shock and anger got the better of you here.
It is inconceivable that Chris would intentionally post as you. It is a hack or a glitch. Chris may not be able to explain it if the hacker is good enough, but his denial has to be enough.
There are very few people left we can trust, Chris is one, please be patient, even if he can’t explain it right away.
edited: Sorry, I earlier cited the writings of ChuckinBelize. I hope both Chuck and Brushhog are flattered by my sleep-deprived esteem. Please note, not even for a second do I confuse Arthur Robey’s postings with anybody else.

Ive got to believe you. It doesnt make sense that Chris would do that. You’re right my shock got the better of me.

If everybody uses ivermectin, can the virus become resistant to it over time ?

although not a virus, the malaria (protozoan?) got resistant to hydroxychloroquine in most parts of Africa due to heavy use.

This is something we should be talking about. It would be good to know how long tolerance breaks were needed in order to prevent this. And perhaps we could incorporate rotating ivermectin with something different that targets the same problem areas.

I think that the major vaccine makers are like goal post very rigid if you don’t kick the vaccine high enough and between the upright no 3 points. I think that the J&J is more flexible when it come to the delta plus variant, this my best guest.

Not clear exactly where this data came from (can’t read it in the background of video), but since it is from Ron Paul I assume it’s been checked for accuracy by assistants.

The post-changing is definitely bizarre. I think there’s zero chance Chris did that. He’s too busy. But - clearly it happened.
In engineering, there are bugs that are reproducible, and there are bugs that are nonreproducible. Meaning, we don’t know WTF happened, we can’t regenerate it on demand - perhaps it was timing related, or there was a race condition of some sort - two posts being written to the database within microseconds of the same moment, a bug that shows up once every blue moon - etc.
Dryam has also mentioned that his posts vanish too, sometimes. In very odd ways.
I don’t think the group here would have any motivation to do that to you guys.
So given that, it is either a site bug/race condition, or there’s a known-to-the-hackers back-door in the website base code that someone-with-a-motive is exploiting for some reason.
I’m actually leaning towards the latter hypothesis.
Things are definitely getting weirder right now. If I went to the dark web - which I have never bothered to do, since I like building things a lot more than hacking someone else’s thing - could I buy a collection of zero-days to break into any site that runs on this web platform?
I suspect I could.
Thanks for the report. Just fascinating.

Not burning down your towns and cities is a sign of white supremacy;

HCQ, and then artemisinin, are both isolated molecules of natural substances that the bugs are able to eventually work around. “Aha! We found the thing that works! Novel and non-obvious!” The original remedies (such as the whole plant, artemisia annua - sadly, unpatentable) continue to work, although they are of course not recommended by the WHO, probably for exactly that reason. (I ran across some pithy observations along those same lines by researchers in Africa on this very topic; “No Treatments For You” is a game that has been run for decades, it would seem). The only issue I see: dosing with plants can be more difficult because of the variability. Ivermectin as a Broad-Spectrum Host-Directed Antiviral: The Real Deal? The fact that so many viruses rely on IMPα/β1-dependent nuclear import for robust infection ([14,27,28] and see above) means that agents targeting this pathway have true potential to be broad-spectrum antivirals.
Since ivermectin originally came from nature, it may be more difficult for the little viruses to become resistant to it. That's the hope. The fact that IVM works in the lab against a whole range of viruses suggests that it might be tough for this particular virus to dodge the IVM anti-viral method of action.

From my youth.
My, Oh my, how Progressive we are!

Sweden is arguably the epicentre of where Freya’s people washed up when Atlantis sunk.
Freya said, " Freedom is your Greatest Value, without which all other virtues serve to disgraced your ancestors."
I am not surprised, therefore, that Sweden took a hands off approach.
Ref: Our Oera Linda.

If you are looking for data on randomised testing of the population you should take a look at the ONS covid pilot study in the UK. They have been doing regular randomised testing of the population to estimate prevalence basically since the beginning of the pandemic. The Zoe symptom study is also very good. It is not as accurate as the ONS study and only identifies symptomatic case rates, but it gives you data in real time whereas the ONS data is typically a few weeks behind due to data collection and processing times.

Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City had to post information countering the lies that they are overrun with CV kid cases. Attributed it to RSV - a normally contagious virus in kids. Said the admission numbers were due to exposure post months of isolation.“We’ve got plenty of room.”

I have been considering this issue too.
In theory, if you intended to develop resistance, you would give a colony a mild and definitely sub lethal dose of the drug. That would act as a selection force favoring the most resistant. You are training and selecting for resistance with this approach
This is part of why I decided to not take long-term low-dose Ivm.
Instead, I withhold the big guns for the moments that they are truly needed.
then give IVM in a big, immediately fatal dose with other high effectiveness meds --all at the same time in a 7 day burst. A high lethality cocktail. Then stop.

Have a nice hot cup of tea.