Delta Variant Sweeps Through!

I THINK, I am not sure, this is ivermectin at alliexpress:{“sku_id”%3A"12000023780936742"}
Alliexpress was selling ivermectin and a friend has received, up until the last few months ivermectin in in 5mg tablets, labeled as ivermectin. It has tightened up a lot and for several reasons I think they are selling it described only as what you see when you go to the above URL
The words you would want to search for would be:

5mg Animal Bactericidal Tablets

Edit: Well here it is actually labeled, however not sure this will work, friend says some orders for this were sent out then sent back to Alleexpress, might/might not be better to order the above:
  • 5mg Animal Bactericidal Tablets For Oral Deworming Mites, Nematodes And Parasites X100Tablets

5mg Animal Bactericidal Tablets

...a big, immediately fatal dose...
I am sure you mean fatal for the virus ;)

Can someone please clarify if FLCCC or Chris specifically advises one to take IVM if they’ve already had Covid??? I think this is a highly overlooked topic and given how fast and how long we’ve all been exposed to this virus and all its mutants, isn’t it safe to assume we’ve all been inoculated? If so, do we still need to take IVM? This is the question… thanks!

May be in order at this point. Injection attacks are a plenty!

I use a nettie pot with saline fairly often. I heard someone else recommending a nasal wash with hydrogen peroxide. And I saw an ad for using a BetaDine iodine nasal wash. I believe in one of Dr. Cory’s interviews he recommended the latter to dramatically lower viral load. (ref?). How do you feel about any of these?
When I looked a little for research I found

Povidone Iodine Mouthwash, Gargle, and Nasal Spray to Reduce Nasopharyngeal Viral Load in Patients With COVID-19A Randomized Clinical Trial  

Can COVID-19 infections be prevented?
The latter is an article recommending against use of peroxide (but it doesn't say why) and mostly boosting the case for an NaCl solution as a way to kill viruses with Cl ions. I was going to dig deeper but thought I would ask your thoughts. I am on a similar path as you, I believe. After being as isolated as anyone for more than a year, I recently got some paste for my horses, packed some vitamins, and jumped a plane to S. America. I figure it is only a matter of time before I encounter the virus, if I haven't already (which is possible as I did have an unusually persistent "cold" in Feb 2020 after flying back from Fort Lauderdale, FL.) Are you practicing any sort of nasal washing as part of your health program? I am thinking, at least, I will step up my nettie pot rinses with simple saline to once a day, and just make it routine as this super-fast Delta variant plays out. Your thoughts?

Stph, this topic is covered pretty well in the “ultimate prophylactic cocktail” thread found here;
Posts #2, 4, 15, 18, 19, 67, and 72 all deal with this topic. One poster (in #67) specifically states that Dr. Been has come out against H2O2 for mucosol application.

Brushhog, I’m not sure you are who you were anyway. I would be freaked out and irritated if my posts got changed, or the likes disappeared or some other edits were made to my account, particularly if they used my well-tarnished name to post something I don’t agree with.
I worry that your posts are meant to sow discontent with Chris who publicly advertises a narrative contrary to the publicly approved one. While I doubt Chris is an angel, I also doubt (given his penchant for allowing controversial conversations in these threads) he would post under your name.
What I suspect is a deliberate effort to sow disinformation and split the tribe.
A hacker can scan these threads for long time users with trusted ideas and lots of likes, and then either through PP server or through your IP address figure out which computer you’re at and then clone the site and hack your password. I think its pretty straightforward and given the enemy we’re up against I would posit thst even the Evie post was a hack to sow discord.
Don’t be lulled into the belief that this space is safe from bad actors. If half of what we believe here is true, then we are all equally vulnerable. We are all going to be under attack the more the main narrative progresses and the more right we are.
This is their warning to you that everything you have built, from your family, farm and this community is at risk. You are being threatened. This is only the beginning. But if you think the truth is more important than your life or wellbeing, you have to persist against all odds. Many of us here are not so lucky to enjoy the independence this platform affords you and will suffer willingly based on what you and others have educated us on. But the warning to you is they are behind the paywall and within your trusted circle and they are going on the attack. This should be expected, but how far are you willing to endure to save the people you have educated? You will face more of this as accounts are hacked and trusted voices are turned against you. Be ready, they have not given up yet.

First of all, I didnt write any of that and my original posts disappeared. Chris are you censoring viewpoints and discussion that you dont agree with? Why are you pretending to be me and writing things under my account name?
Nope. Don't ever change anybody's posts unless it's being deleted, in which case that's very publicly announced. However, I may have goofed last night because I can't find my reply post to Brushog and now Brushog is saying his post was edited, and my words/comment was in his post. These are my words:
We've been around this enough that I thought it was close to settled. 1 - One cannot simply compare the size of A virion particle (~120nm) to the mask pore size because the virions do not travel; as individual particles. They travel in droplets of varying sizes, most of them massively larger than 120nm. 2 - The studies we have are mostly done on poorly fitted surgical masks and under a variety of poor conditions. For example, in hospital settings where only HC workers are wearing them. Or vice versa. Further, if people are going to wear them like I see the general population wearing them, then don't even bother. No point. 3 - When wearing one, do not believe you are now invincible. Still keep your distances. They can only help.
Aaron is investigating the revision history, but my best guess here is that I made a mistake/error in that I hit "edit" instead of "reply" and didn't notice. This was at the end of a long content development/production day and the buttons are quite close for me as an admin: So if this was my mistake, which it probably was, I apologize for any confusion or concern. In the interest of using this as a teachable moment, I am exceedingly careful and rigorous both about non-censorship and attribution. There are times when topics come up that are unsuitable for this site but they are rare and far between. I have never, and will never purposely change the content of anybody's comments or posts without their input (by either adding or deleting) save for the (also) rare moments when someone posts a wall of text and we go in and provide line breaks to make it more readable. Carry on!
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Are masks unnecessary outdoors?
What the asterisk you ask?
Let’s recall the Four D’s of avoiding indoor infections:

I can imagine scenarios where I am outdoors but I am badly violating Density, Duration, and even Draft, like on a super still and humid day at a crowded event.
Like Lalapalooza 2021:

Hang out there for 6 hours on a still day and you’ll be taking chances, no doubt.
But if I can maintain 6 or more feet from everyone? Am I on a hiking trail and passing a person or two every so often? Then I am not worried at all.
I will confess to holding my breath or, even better, exhaling slowly for positive pressure while I am walking past someone else’s ‘breathing cloud’ while outside.
Under no circumstance will I feel safe even outside around someone who is actively coughing or sneezing. The bad luck of the vapor trail gods may yet deliver a concentrated stream to your lungs.
I know that may sound complicated but it’s really not. Just be observant and use your best sense.

Shouldn’t you give Chris the benefit of the doubt before shouting off? Don’t you think it’s unlikely PP are responsible? JEEZ…

Well that’s less exciting than a CIA/blackhat hacker conspiracy.
Doesn’t mean its not likely or true, just that it may not be in this case. Still though, expect the worst.


I’m not Chris, obviously, but I would stay off ivermectin if you’ve already had Covid and are not at high risk. If you have natural immunity that SHOULD hold…and it should likely only be strengthened by further exposure to Delta. What SandPuppy is saying is that if enough people start using horsepaste without need, it will teach viruses to develop immunity to it – destroying a critical anti-viral; that only makes sense; that is the story of all the antibiotics.
Keep some around in case you get early symptoms you are getting it again, but as well observed as Ivermectin has been, even aspirin and water can have long term consequences if you take too much, too long. I’m doing prophylactic because I am sort of on the “frontline” in my own way and will not have easy access to covered healthcare if something goes wrong.

OK simple explanation it was an accident. As I said in a previous post I did kind of fly off the handle when I saw it. My apologies, it was a tough day for me yesterday as well.
I spent the day haying in 90 degree heat, then had a flat on my tractor which cost me over an hour. When I finally came in to relax and read I signed on to youtube and made a comment about the Olympics…nothing too controversial [ for me ]…the post was immediately censored. Then I sign in here, make a comment and find that my account is being hijacked.
It was all too much, I was tired, cranky, and in disbelief. In hindsight [ after a good night sleep ] I dont know why it bothered me so much.

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Yesterday, Canuck_21 created a new forum topic with essentially this content in the first post:

Finally there is now some sort of tentative confirmation in the media of the data that has been accumulating in Israel. This article is behind a paywall, but I have some snippets:
“Scientists said it was time to accept that there was no way of stopping the virus spreading through the entire population, and monitoring people with mild symptoms was no longer helpful. Prof Andrew Pollard, who led the Oxford vaccine team, said it was clear that the delta variant could infect people who had been vaccinated, which made herd immunity impossible to reach even with high vaccine uptake. … “…the latest data is suggesting that two doses is probably only 50 percent protective against infection. “…analysis by Public Health England has shown that when vaccinated people catch the virus they have a similar viral load to unvaccinated individuals and may be as infectious.”
I copied it into an email (modified for context) for some colleagues who are hosting a week long outdoor event next week that I am involved in. When I came back to see if anyone had commented, the thread was gone. Maybe it was deleted for including content from behind a paywall? In that case, I guess this post will be deleted too.

QB, I read that your thread was disappeared last night and was wondering if that was resolved. Definitely strange.
My opinion on the topic posted; If we could look at two realities, side by side. One reality where we did everything the same and another reality where we did absolutely NOTHING about covid [ just let it run its natural course ]. There is no doubt in my mind that the latter scenario would be better in every possible measure.
The number of deaths would have been the same, the number of infections the same, only in one scenario the economic carnage, cultural shock, and psychological torture inflicted on the public would have been zero.

First, thanks for the link: I have written down his formula.
But, as the PubMed link in my initial post says, using iodine in this manner on a prolonged basis is maybe NOT “100% safe” (quoting the doctor in your link) because IT AFFECTS THYROID FUNCTION. In the study it WAS highly effective in killing the virus – it also made throid profiles abnormal, “temporarily”, in all cases (as I recall from the pubmed scan).
I would love to use Povidone Iodine … since I BOUGHT ABOUT 6 GALLONS OF IT AT THE START OF THE PANDEMIC! The cautions with its use put me off until now.

I saw Canuck21’s post as well and commented on it. Then poof

This is the paper that references efficacy; Virucidal effect of povidone iodine on COVID-19 in the nasopharynx: an open-label randomized clinical trial | Indian Journal of Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery
Note that they tested both nasal irrigation (i.e. neti pot or squirt bottle irrigation) and nasal spray, and that irrigation at 0.5% was the most efficatious;

We observed a statistically significant proportion of nasopharyngeal clearance with all strengths of PVP-I NI and PVP-I NS compared to the corresponding controls. Additionally, 0.5% NI was significantly better than 0.5% NS for viral clearance (p = 0.018) and had the highest nasopharyngeal clearance among all strengths (n = 25, 92.6%)
I have not tried nasal spray, but I have tried forced irrigation several times with 0.5% (made by diluting commercial 10% povidone iodine 20:1 with water) and it's STRONG stuff. For me it's an effect similar to brain freeze and I just can't take it as a daily. I therefor have reserved it's use for times when I feel like I may have been exposed or am starting to feel sick. Othewise I use the Betadine carageenan daily and I should probably do more colloidal Silver nasal irrigation on top of that since it's much more benign vs. Povidone Iodine.