Dismantling the Illusion: How Information Control Shapes Reality

FWIW I listened at 1.5 speed and understood just fine. I was fairly impressed by the depth and breadth of her answers, and the copious amount of data recall, with connected context.

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Seems like a “staple” to offer along with food and flashlights at a variety of sites - maybe even here. I’d pay someone else to do this. Sort of a more serious version of radio stations that used to offer album compilations of songs. By subject matter - from practical applied physics and math to natural rights and development of Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Get any 3 thumb drives and receive this bonus Print Version, bound copy of …(fill in the blank from Bible to classic literature) …, first 15 callers get Heirloom Seeds…


But isn’t she a 9/11 Troofer? If we want people to take resource depletion and climate change and energy security and all this stuff seriously - why are we in Tinfoil hat land with some of these people?

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I also second this idea. I would pay for a downloadable information bundle of best guides, lists, books for survival that I can pick, choose and print at home to make an off grid resource. I would want to see quick and compact reference guides for all food preservation methods, permaculture and homesteading, butchering. Maybe a book like this already exists or its an invitation for an author to make a comprehensive apocalyptic off grid guide.


@yogmonster shared a really valuable mind control tool used to control us (coffee and repetitive subliminal messaging on tv) and am curious to hear @cmartenson and Whitney’s feedback.

Watching tv, movies that has us fixated on a point which changes our brain waves to go into a trance. We are hypnotized. We are fed subliminal garbage and those who control this media controls us. Subliminal control is accelerated by drinking coffee as it significantly reduces blood flow to the front cortex.

*I’m interested in validating further the claim that coffee is exceptional at mind control as a psychoactive drug.


Eclipse, how many towers came down on 911?


She’s amazing.

Wish I could get a “Whitney” brain chip.


I’m a civil engineer with years of construction and demolition experience. The towers were brought down with explosives.

The drones took off from SAFB (also used during Iran Contra Affair). The adjacent airfield was run by the NYPA which sold the WTC and moved materials in and out of NYC as required.


The seismology readings of the towers falling does not match a demolition or building falling down. There is also the lack of expected debris and type of debris that does not substantiate a demolition for any of the towers. Controlled demolition cannot explain the towers collapsing.

The body of evidence points to the Hutchison effect which suggests a cold DEW type weapon was used. I see the same Hutchison effect evidence in Lahaina, Paradise, Lytton, Kelowna, Nova Scotia cold fires so in my opinion, the same weapon is actively being used.

Dr Judy Wood who is very well educated in engineering is the expert in this field that explains best what happened to the towers.


Are there other instances of large buildings which fall straight down and are not being demolished on purpose to do so?

I would be interested to see that. My recall is unable to find one when I try to think about it.


Controlling the Discourse.

This creates a powerful barrier to discussion of the role of Israel in world events (including the actions of the US government).

This topic simply will not be discussed in most places.

A the few places that WILL discuss are labeled Anti-Semitic and don’t show high in Google search requests.

Unless a reader specifically seeks out this information the “cone of silence” will cause one to believe that it is not actually happening (or is only bigotry).

Ron Unz is a secular Jew living in Palo Alto and working as a PhD theoretical physicist. He is not religious and probably atheist. He hosts the Unz Review website (Unz.com) and is himself a prodigious reader and writer on Jewish culture and its global impacts. He provides a site for other critics of Israel to post.

One of my favorite most recent posts was a detailed analysis of the literature on where the Jews come from. He points out limitations in certain theories. His review includes some 4-6 books on the topic and he weights the for and against arguments.

Another is site is Mondoweis.com. Run by a progressive Jew from Pennsylvania. He is similarly critical of Zionist global escapades.

Two favorite authors of mine are Laurent Guyenot and Kevin MacDonald.

I recommend an active search of this topic.


Well aside from the lack of evidence such an effect exists…

A red flag for me is when one or two individuals “demonstrate “ something that defies known laws of physics and others can’t reproduce under controlled and documented conditions.

Really, if such a thing is well understood, why not publish research papers on it or invent devices based on it?

I’m more inclined to believe an explanation that uses real physics but there are some unanswered questions about specific events.

Putting this out there as an alternative explanation.


Her interview with Chris is one of the less painful I’ve heard. It was easily understandable (she always is) but the amount of information delivered can justify a second take.


Hutchinson was a charlatan. The Hutchinson Effect is code for “things filmed upside down”.

Professor Stephen Jones has gone on at length about the presence of Thermate (a variation of thermite) in the rubble. 9/11 was a triple sky-scraper implosion.

As far as the DEW is concerned, I believe there is some credible evidence to be investigated there, but not in regards to 9/11. If we can surmise that they’ve been super-heating the upper atmosphere with something for many, many years (H.A.A.R.P.) could we also surmise that they could use this tech, or tech derived from it, to super-heat locations on terra firma?


I use the term “explosives” in a general sense … Pick your poison. Arguing about the exact mechanisms used to demo the buildings is what the PTB want us to do.


My big take-away from Whitney’s interview is where she is living. “Chile”


The roped goat.

If you want to start a war you must induce your intended opponent to “throw the first punch.” That way, all of your actions are defensive.

One trick is to put out a roped goat. In Juracic park, the T-Rex was summoned by putting a goat out as the bait.

Matt Bracken, a retired Navy SEAL and prolific author and commentator, refers to the 3 marines stationed in Tower 22 in Jordan as “roped goats.” They were in a remote outpost with no essential function but in a stationary location well known to the enemy.

They functioned as excellent “roped goats” inviting an attack.

Now Biden (his handlers) must pretend to carefully consider how to respond to Iran who was behind the attack.

As James Kunstler said:

Pity the poor president. “Joe Biden” must decide now whether to go to war with Iran or Texas. Which will it be? Or might it be both? That Governor Abbott turns out to be the Putin of the purple sage! How does he dare interfere with the orderly flow of new voters — fine people! — across that filthy little river of his? Does he not understand that we need at least a couple million more live bodies allocated around the swing states to ensure a free and fair election?


They really have us over a barrel with all this antisemitic stuff. You can’t have reasonable conversations about the Jewish State. You’re either with them or against them, no in-between. It seems the woke mobs are jealous of this power and want to make it that way for every conversation you could think of having. Thank you for the recommendations.


From PP interview with some additional commentary

Whitney Webb: “Something Huge Is Happening in 2025. It Could Be the End of Us All” - YouTube