Do Vaccines Cause Childhood Illness & Autism?

Childhood chronic illness in the US is simply terrible and the trend is increasing.

What are the possible causes? There are many possibilities, but what’s not in question is that it’s something environmental and whatever it is impacting more and more children with every passing year.

In this episode, I play the role of prosecuting attorney and you get to sit in the Grand Jury box. Do we have enough evidence to take vaccines to trial?

let me know in the comments below.

In other news, I fully expect to ‘pay a price’ for daring to even explore this area because the entire arena of questioning is now 100% in the realm of belief systems. Data and science have been nearly entirely excluded by the pro0-vaccine crowd. “It’s settled science™!!” they scream.

But is it? No, it is not. Not even close.

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Vaccine Induced Autism

Five heartbreaking hours of parents testifying how vaccines caused their child’s autism.

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What About The Amish

I believe the Amish do not vaccinate their kids and the rates of autism are basically non existent.


I heard that too. So I tried to find an actual study…but could not locate one. So I didn’t mention it.
Because, as you know, ‘our side’ gets to make zero mistakes or overstatements.
If anyone has got one, I would love to see it. One may well exist, but I did not locate one during my search (which was fairly brief, tbh).


The Amish agrarian diet and lifestyle make them a very different population. Apples and oranges, so I think it would be very difficult to tie low/zero autism rates to being vaccine free

Oh, I see what the Amish eat. Mostly the same crap everyone else eats, including lots of pepsi products and tobacco.

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Correction And Clarification

Hi Chris,
I just want to comment on a couple of statements you made in the video.
The first is around polyethylene glycol (also known as PEG). Polyethylene glycol is absolutely not antifreeze. Polyethylene glycol is a polymer made from ethylene glycol. Ethylene glycol is antifreeze and is highly toxic. Polyethylene glycol has very different properties to ethylene glycol just as polystyrene is a useful hard plastic but styrene is a carcinogenic liquid. Polythylene glycol is generally well tolerated biologically, but it is true that some people do have problematic reactions to polyethylene glycol.
The second is around pharmaceutical companies taking one chemical compound out of a plant and commercialising it where the combination of compounds may be more effective. This is complex. Plants do contain a combination of all sorts of compounds. Often they have a collection of compounds with very similar chemical structures with a range in biological potency. The most potent is more likely to be chosen. The others do not necessarily confer an advantage. In some cases the plant will have a mixture of compounds with a positive biological effect and others with a negative effect. In others there will be compounds that enhance the activity of biologically active compounds. There may be others in which there are compounds that mitigate side effects of the biologically active compounds, though I am not familiar with specific examples of this. Most of the other compounds in the plant will generally have no effect. The choice of taking one compound is generally due to regulatory requirements for consistency. Plant extracts are notoriously inconsistent across seasons, geographical location, growing conditions, subspecies etc in relation to the relative levels of different compounds in them. Choosing just one compound provides consistency in dosing and activity, with the aim of improving safety. Additionally, often the compounds are not very bioavailable (taken up by the body), so they may be chemically modified to make them so. Difficult to do on a mixture.

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Hep Vaccine

Hello all.
Just sharing my firsthand story of my daughter being born and how they tried to push the Hep vaccine.
She was born premature. Lil over a month early. As such her liver was not as fully developed as a full term baby may have been. Her bilirubin levels were very low and as such had to be under ther blue lights for about a day and a half. Regardless of that the hospital doctors wanted to give her the Hep vaccine. To my wife’s credit, she asked a basic question. Our daughter’s liver is underdeveloped and you want to give her a vaccine that will hyperstimulate her. Why? How is this safe? No one could give any answer. Every doctor over 4 days in the hospital stay all tried to recommend the Hep vaccine. Everytime my wife had the same question. Everytime crickets. And this was not a bad hospital. Not sure if I can name it, but why not. Woman and infants in providence. Well respected hospital specializing in delivering babies.
Where was the risk/benefit? Why do they push this? We know the reasons, but unfortunately most do not.


Cannabis is one example of where using the whole flower is noted to have a better effect for many people than purified CBD and/or THC.
My personal view is that plants and berries with high levels of phytochemicals, like resveratrol and flavinoids, are best consumed whole, preferably in a great, well-aged red wine, or right off the bush.
And now that I’ve been through covid, and diving into such things as red light therapy, my new starting point for all things health-related is to start with whatever nature is already doing. If it can be shown that nature can be beaten, as with antibiotics, then game on! But until then? I default to nature and evolution.
Also, I guess it depends on the degree of polymerization for PEG’s many uses? At an average of 400MW it can be used for all sorts of fun things.
But the main problem,as you note, is that a small but increasing number of people have bad reactions to it:

Where was the risk/benefit? Why do they push this?
Hmmm...what could the reason($) be?

My daughter is 5 now. I can not find any pediatrician that does not push all vaccines. I’ve tried to have intelligent fact driven conversations with them. And this is before covid. I was always hesitant but not anti. I just want honest data. And I consider myself a wordsmith, if you play with words my BS meter goes off. I’ve checked flcc website, no doctors near me. Don’t know how to proceed other than to not consent. Rather not have the fight and have a doctor I can trust to recommend care for my daughter.



First, I am more than a decade older than Chris. Autism did not exist in my generation. I was a baby boom child. My classrooms held 50 kids or more (no exaggeration.) There were no autistic children.
I was pretty well read even as a child. But I did not even know what autism was until I got to college in the 1960’s. I had never heard of autism. The condition was described in a book I was assigned to read. It was noted that autism was an extremely rare condition.
Second, when Covid hit I did a deep dive into immunology. Most people don’t know this but a large part of the human immune system is dedicated to preventing an immune response from happening in the first place or to shutting an immune response down once it has been initiated. The reason for this is that the human immune response is so powerful that it can harm as much as it can help. Here is an example of the immune-response-prevention phenomenon from my immunology library:

Microbes activate APCs to express membrane proteins (costimulators) and to secrete cytokines that provide signals that function in concert with antigens to stimulate specific T cells. The requirement for these second signals ensures that T cells respond to microbial antigens and not to harmless, nonmicrobial substances. (emphasis supplied)
Abbas, Abul K.; Lichtman, Andrew H.; Pillai, Shiv. Basic Immunology E-Book (p. 72). Elsevier Health Sciences. Kindle Edition. 
Put more simply, in many cases the immune system requires, in essence, "two factor authentication" before an immune response takes place. This is to prevent an unnecessary immune response. This "two factor authentication" is common in the immune system and is deliberately designed to limit immune responses only to situations where an immune response is really necessary. There are also a number of biochemical signals that serve to shut down ongoing immune responses so as to prevent autoimmune attacks. This shutdown of the immune response often starts happening even before the virus has been cleared. The message is this: the immune system is so powerful that it should not be activated willy-nilly. Finally, the Amish often shun immunization.
Many have pointed to the Amish, who often forgo vaccination, and according to some have low-to-nonexistent rates of autism, as evidence of the link.
Seems like much of the attention has focused on Lancaster County, with those in the know saying the Amish just don’t exhibit the condition.
“I have not seen autism with the Amish,” said Dr. Frank Noonan, a family practitioner in Lancaster County, Pa., who has treated thousands of Amish for a quarter-century.
Amish America
I have no comment on whether or not vaccines cause autism. But a year or so ago I - for the first time - saw the incredibly long list of vaccines now recommended for children. I was horrified.

That is a difficult situation for sure! Have you tried looking for a Direct Primary Care physician or checked with the FLCCC provider list



Good evening, I watched the vaccine and autism video- awesome- hope it sticks for all my friends who have children that I sent it too​:smiling_face: Btw- you mentioned that the emf from the cell phones could have an effect also- I have taken foundation and advanced level training g in a science called biogeometry. Biogeometry helps to transmute the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. I just wanted to introduce our tribe to the science- anyone interested can reach out and I will share info to anyone interested. I am not a practitioner yet but I can certainly recommend where to start :smiling_face: Thanks for the data- sharon


That’s for sure! They push and pull multiple overflowing carts at Costco and they aren’t loading up on veggies?

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That’s so heartbreaking.


The Gipper

I was quite young when Ronald Reagan was the President. But I have some memories of his time and I think he was an effective President and possibly one of the best in the history of America and certainly in my lifetime.
One law however that was passed during his tenure in the late 1980’s gave drug manufacturers liability protection for vaccines. I’m surprised this was not mentioned in the video as this law was probably the direct cause for the explosion in new and untested vaccines. Not only this law but for sure the far too close for comfort relationship between Big Pharma, the FDA and the CDC.
The legacy of these decisions has clearly affected generations before COVID and has also killed, maimed and disabled hundreds of thousands, if not millions in the age of COVID.


Aluminum And Pfas

It is beleived that aluminum is implicated in alzheimers. This is also an issue that may become more prevalent over time. If you are using ALUMINUM pans or pots for cooking, perhaps time to get rid of them and get some quality stainless steel pots, that will be safer and last longer.
Also PFAS are in the Teflon and many other non-stick coatings using on pots and pans. It may be convenient for cleaning but these chemicals do come off. If you are using teflon pans for cooking, perhaps it is time to go back to tried and true stuff like carbon steel pans or cast iron cookware. Stop using disposable cookware that is bad for your health and the environment as they will be disposed of every few years. A quality well seasoned carbon steel pan will never need to be replaced and can be as nonstick as any Teflon pan. Cooks better too.


OK Chris how about these two articles as a starting point with more to follow.
Olmstead, The Amish and Autism; Part 1 & 2
Who is Dan Olmstead? An award winning former UPI Investigative Journalist, now deceased (remember when that was a noble deed) who first was recognized for his work on the drug Lariam.
Why is it always drugs that are doing such damage to our health and nothing is ever done. Such a great question: ask Purdue Pharma


A Book For Expectant Parents- So They Don’t Think “her She Goes Again”

Chris, thank you for your thoughtful approach to this topic. Due to your previous coverage of MRNA vaccines, I had previously expressed caution in 2021 regarding MRNA vaccination during early pregnancy to a friend. That same friend from San Francisco recently called me distraught after her well baby check as her infant son was given 4 vaccines at his appointment. She was following the University Hospital recommendations but felt this couldn’t be correct as it was so many shots for such a tiny infant.

I recommended the book The Vaccine-Friendly Plan By Paul Thomas M.D and Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D
This book offers much of the information you presented, but offers an approach that parents consider some vaccines, delay some vaccination, and forgo other vaccinations entirely.