Exposed: Government and Big Tech Colluded to Violate The 1st Amendment

A leak from the Department of Homeland Security reveals that the FBI, the DHS and the entire suite of censorious Big Tech social media companies were in cahoots to censor inconvenient voices and unpleasant truths about everything from the Afghanistan pullout, Hunter Biden’s laptop and, of course, Covid and vaccines.

The recent purchase of Twitter by Elon Muck, who promptly fired the entire executive suite and the entire board of directors, seems to have put these censorious folks into a very bad mood.

Our Peak Prosperity channel even got entirely deleted this past week by Vimeo, possibly the worst-run company in the streaming space. Their perpetually tanking stock prices and cratering revenues attest to the validity of that opinion.

Their view seems to be, “your choices are to accept what we tell you at face value, shut up about it all, or face being marginalized or even silenced.” The very idea that they may have to explain their point of view or, worse yet, defend it (the horror!) seems to strike many of them as a completely unacceptable turn of events.

And it should be, honestly, because their views are anti-America, and even anti-life. Remember, these are the folks that silenced all the good doctors, ridiculed off-patent and cheap early treatments, forced people to choose between economic survival and vaccination, and continue to insist that children right down to infants should be vaccinated with a concoction that offers those youngsters zero provable benefit, and a lot of provable risk/harm.

The DHS leak reveals just how bad it really was. The First Amendment was clearly and obviously breached and ignored by both the federal government, and the social media and big tech companies.

Where was internal counsel for these companies? Isn’t it their job to protect their customers while simultaneously not exposing their companies to corporation-ending risk? I cannot believe that in-house lawyers weren’t acutely aware of the shareholder lawsuits that would result when it becomes completely obvious these private companies consciously chose to conspire with the federal government to violate the First Amendment.

Further, where was counsel when these same companies were openly and flagrantly ignoring Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act? By censoring one political affiliation while promoting another, and by censoring any medical inquiry or data that happened to run counter to “official” government Covid policy, they effectively placed themselves in the role of “content providers” by virtue of deleting any balancing content.

This removes the liability shield by violating two of the three necessary tests that confer that protection. The potential exposure is practically infinite. Where was their legal counsel? Were they out back smoking? Were they too caught up in the mass psychosis framework? Were they true believers? Or did they keep silent because they lacked the stones to stand up to the censoring freight locomotive the government was busy shoveling coal into?

Regardless, I hereby announce my full boycott of Vimeo, they deserve to go entirely broke, and I fully expect they will. If you care to also voice your intention to boycott Vimeo, you can reach out to “Dan R.” of Vimeo’s “Trust & Safety” department at

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Hey Big Tech, This Is What It Looks Like

This is what defending free speech looks like. It’s so unusual, that it stands out and smacks one about. Ahhhh…so refreshing!


Of Course

It should be clear now that federal/executive level governments worldwide are actively trying to harm their citizenry.



Vimeo is awful but everytime I play Sovern video they crash half way through. Just me?

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nahh it happens to me too… worse yet, it always gets stuck in the same place and i cant get past it even after starting over and i have to hop off and goto the other option youtube/rumble… its probably some specific software setting on your computer and some unlucky others that it barfs on since not everybody is complaining… i got a new laptop this weekend… today it hasn’t hung up on either video on this new one… Id try a different browser and see if you see a difference… might be some security setting or cache default in the browser… I’m not really a web guy… I just sometimes work with those guys at work… enough to recognize a symptom… probably more experts here in the tribe with a better fix…


Section 230

The way they wrote that it sounds really weak anyway. After what’s going on I tend to think that section 230 should go away substantially. And I platform should have to defend every case of censorship in a quart room as needed, should the contact provider object.


I’ve kicked off a question to the CEO of Sovren to see if perhaps we can help provide them with any data that could help speed along the repair of this issue. Thank you for bringing it to my/our attention.


United Facts Of America

With all this data, Chris, I’m surprised you weren’t a shoo-in for the Festival of Fact Checking that took place at the end of September. Your favorite PolitiFact editor-in-shift was there (maybe virtually); you could have even met Dr. Science himself!

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I haven’t tried to play video from Sovren because I cannot use AirPlay to broadcast it to my TV.
So I download the video so I can play it on my TV using QuickTime Player through AirPlay. I then delete the download and empty the trashcan.

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When a society can no longer agree upon what is considered appropriate speech in the public square, cannot agree upon the meaning of words, they cannot agree upon the law.


Vimeo Banned Statements - This One In Wrong As Well

Vimeos stance that this is an incorrect claim “Vaccines can infect people with the infectious disease that they are trying to prevent” is incorrect as well. The recent polio outbreak in the US is from an oral polio vaccine. There are other cases of other vaccines causing outbreaks as well.
Their actual statements are proof of their lack of expertise in being able to fact check!


Eu Pushes Back Against Freedom Of Speech

The EU has responded aggressively to warn Musk not to allow greater free speech or face crippling fines and even potential criminal enforcement.

Musk Threatened by EU over his Support of Free Speech

And Germany is encouraging high inflation in the US:


Go Broke, Go Woke

I no longer think the phrase should be “go woke, go broke”. I think these companies only become “woke” as a last ditch effort to salvage a failing company. Eventually, they will have no choice but to produce a valuable product to cease going bankrupt.


Vimeo Stock Prices Sliding Away…

This causes me some glee.
The companies that invested in Vimeo deserve to lose their capital.
I’m not wishing ill on anyone, but I am wishing for consequences.


Not Really Looking Great At Twitter

I hope it doesn’t go this way. But I fear it will


Wow. It sure looks like The WEF is finally coming out from behind the curtain. This is your Technocratic future, should you decide to accept it.
They really, REALLY don’t like free speech. And not even a little bit. Not at all. If there was ever any doubt, it should be gone now.
In the article, the author points out how aligned the “popular Democrats” happen to be to the elimination of free speech: Obama, Hillary, Elizabeth Warren. Its a Big Club.
And we ain’t in it.


We Own The Science

and everything else apparently. the u.n. is openly partnering with the wef and big tech to control search results.


I mirror the Sovren video from via AirPlay and my Apple TV. I’ve found it is very finicky. I often have to wait a couple minutes for things to sync properly and I can’t stop and restart the video without it crashing.

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I’m pretty sure the UN the WEF and the IMF and the WHO all report to the same master… they may have been set up differently private vs government… but they are all about Global Governance and Domination… whether its politics, business, banking or health… same song different verse… same men behind the curtain pulling the levers… I think they all need to go…