Fauci Gets Covid, Kids Get Vax, NY Gets 2nd Amendment (Again) All Headline The Informed Consent Livecast

Fauci gets Covid! Kids Get Vaccinated and N.Y. citizens get the Second Amendment back. Come join Chris & Evie as they discuss the state of the world with a live audience. So many things are breaking so quickly right now that we must do what we can to stay abreast of the news and make sense of it all.


Editor’s Note: there is no Part 2 to this video.

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The Problem With Ivermectin

I have been taking Ivermectin under the supervision of my doctor, as a prophylaxis against Covid reinfection. The problem is that I am experiencing dizziness and a low grade headache/nausea. These symptoms are listed in the package insert, and the dizziness “affects 2.8%” whatever that means. I will discuss it with my doctor next week, but I would be interested in any advice from this community, particularly people who have been taking IVM.

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I wouldn’t use ivm prophylactically. However, recent variants seem to be more susceptible to hcq which has a record of safe long term use.


All the doctors I speak with have backed away from IVM as useful against omicron, which is effectively the only set of variants around anymore. I mean, sure, take it if you get sick - can’t hurt - but HCQ is far more effective against the current circulating strains.
Of course, consult your doctor before taking anything.


Doctor it hurts when I do this.
Well don’t do that.


Glad To See

Glad to see Evie back on.Bravo.


Hate To Say It.

Because of Russia cutting off natural gas exports, “unfriendly countries,” like Germany, is planning to fire up their coal powered power plants to make up for the shortfall in formerly imported Russian natural gas. However, as the “New York Times” pointed out, Germany imports the coal – roughly 50-percent of it – from Russia. You can’t fix stupid.


Brown coal (lignite) it is! Oy....


Chris, you mentioned CBDC today. What is your plan to not be controlled by it? Is it inevitable we will need to use it?


1 - fight it. Make noise. Push against that being the "best and only" solution.

2 - Have plenty of non CBDC 'tradeables' at the ready. Nip bottles. Ammo. Seeds. Guitar lessons. In other words, operate outside of the system as much as possible if/when it arrives.


Off Sync Just A Little

The audio and the video is off by just a little bit. The audio is slightly ahead of the video.


Sovereign Resilience

I’ve recently delved into what is it to be a citizen versus a sovereign American. Is anyone familiar with this? What I now know is that we are entered into contract after contract after contract that we never consented to, and it allows agencies to then charge us like the IRS and the registry of motor vehicles and many many others. We become enslaved to contracts that we don’t have to be in. Apparently the constitution does not provide for the mandate that we pay the IRS income taxes. I’m not even kidding,l…
So, what else does any of us see or know about this?


please start a topic dan


I had it last month as treatment and was fine other than my eyes being very sensitive to light in the morning. I think that was from the ivm since it ended right when I stopped taking it. I was a bit dizzy, especially at a computer, but that didn’t last as long so I assumed it was more from COVID. No other side effects or symptoms other than being very tired. Started the ivm right away and it seemed it helped, others were much sicker

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Emergency Acts Is The Name Of The Game

From the creators of the game “bailout” we now bring you “emergency acts”.
As a refresher, in the book The Creature From Jekyll Island by Edward Griffin the author lists how companies that are “too big to fail” have in recent U.S. history have been driven into ruin only to be bailed out by their new partner - the government. Key sectors of the country such as transportation and weapons defense have already been absorbed by government in what appears to be a slow but steady socialist takeover.
An alarm went off in my head today when hearing that Biden might enable “emergency powers” to force oil companies into producing more oil whilst on the backside choking them on every way posible. Does it seem possible that the end game here is just that; to nationalize the oil industry?
So it seems like this is their new game. ”Emergency acts” - to fabricate caos and sell the guised pill of big brother.


I love her. she’s down to earth and knows what’s going on.


Evie… regarding mothers excited to get their toddlers jabbed… “it’s become a fad” … SPOT ON!!! ?



When the oxygen masks fall down on an airplane, the hostess will tell you to put your own mask on first before helping others. This is where we are now.


Germany says they have for 100 years worth of brown coal in the ground.
Too bad it’s open mining so they will have to move trees, roads and villages that are built on top of the brown coal layers. Too bad for those living there but it’s a small price to pay because the alternative is buying cheap natural gas via existing pipelines… from Russia.

Doctor it hurts everywhere i push on my body with my finger
You have a broken finger, get a cast and dont do that.