Fauci: Lab Data "Worth the Risk" of a Pandemic


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Anthony Fauci is on record in 2012 as saying that the value of knowledge gained from creating a pandemic virus that escapes from a lab would be worth the risk. Now that it seems highly probable that a lab escape did happen, the virologists who met with Fauci in the early moments of the crisis to discuss -- well, we don’t know what -- are now supporting a wall of “It Was of Natural Origin!” articles being placed in sympathetic journals and newspapers. And in Drosten’s case, offering possible natural origins that are so utterly ridiculous as to be of high comedic value.


It all stinks to high heaven.

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Fauci GoF worth the risk
Fauci 2012 paper GoF worth the risk

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While I agree that the scientific case for the lab-leak hypothesis is pretty strong, it’s nevertheless becoming a left-right litmus test. And some of the strongest, most prominent advocates of the lab-leak hypothesis are also some of the most unsavory.
For example, Nicholas Wade is widely renowned for his recent article which appeared in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. But he’s also famous as the author of a dubious 2014 book arguing for the biological superiority of the white race.
US intelligence agencies came up with the rather unconvincing argument that three employees at the Wuhan lab sought treatment for covid-like symptoms in November 2019. This was offered without any serious statistical analysis about the likelihood that three employees in such a large institute, would simply come down with bad colds. And then it was written up in the Wall Street Journal by Michael Gordon, the same reporter who falsely asserted in 2002 that Iraq was building a nuke. In other words, the same reporter who was perhaps singularly most responsible for creating the false narrative about WMD in Iraq, which justified the invasion.
And of course, there’s Donald Trump, now calling for China to pay $10 TRILLION in reparations, and without any self-consciousness that the USA was at least equally responsible for what’s happening.
The World Socialist Website is having a field day with this, see:

This discussion is not about true origin, it is either natural origin or CHINA DID IT!
In case anyone still doesn’t know Spanish Flu had nothing to do with Spain…Hello???
FACT! - There are dozens, maybe hundreds of labs around the world capable of manipulating virions.
FACT! - There are documented samples of the SarsCov2 virus in blood samples from multiple locations around the world dating months before the first reported CHINA outbreak.
I’m not saying that China is innocent but until these issues are addressed it all looks like a big Blame CHINA Op.

Not sure if you’ve covered this guy Chris. Very interesting history on GoF research and his email (and more importantly his “notes”) has been redacted from the teleconference email.
I’m guessing his notes would be very revealing? Cheers,

Wow, Kristian deleted his twitter account. I guess he got tired of blocking literally everyone else, so he just decided to block himself. Wonder how many others will follow his lead. Angie, next up? LOL.

I usually go for Cock-up, but there are factors that persuade me that this is The Conspiracy of conspiracies.

  • The population exponential growth and the fact that these spike proteins concentrate on our (very inefficient) breeding apparatus.
  • We are a gain-of-function organism. (Someone's domestic creature) The differences between us and the apes can be plausibly explained if it is posited that our Other Ancestors were Porcine. (Credit: Hybridologist, Dr. Eugene McCarthy.)
  • The effective media control, the effect of which is to delay the truth getting out. (Until the problem became a predicament)
These factors reinforce my Model that this situation is the part of the Alien Plan. (Credit: Historian Dr. David Jacobs) The question then becomes; what is their next move? I thank the Wr-alda. This is hugely entertaining.

I have heavy doubts about what is going on. In addition to the scientists covering we learned that teh NSC shutdown any investigation into the lab leak theory as reported in Vanity Fair this week. I have looked at the NIH records that connects the Wuhan lab and have to ask why they did this 5 year project through a third party which is unusual. In past work in china the NIH funded directly. I have yet to see any evidence that the Wuhan lab was doing GOF research, at least with this funding. Teh research paper that Chris had referred to had Dr Shi name on it but her name was last (just before Barics which is the place of the project organizer) and in the paper it explicitly states that Dr. Shi contribution was sequencing which is inline with the ECOHEALTH NIH project. They were paid to survey bat virus. So there is nothing that tells me that Wuhan was directly doing GOF works. Fauci clearly stated this work was not being done in China but in North Carolina. Also China was only paid 600k of the 7million dollars of the NIH funding. Where die that money go. No one is asking.
The biggest red flag is the NSC of the US injecting themselves into the virus investigation and shutting it down.

But he's also famous as the author of a dubious 2014 book arguing for the biological superiority of the white race.
I see that "Racism" has been brought into the topic. Who should I send my money to, to buy absolution?

The thing that bothered me the most about the video was this. Fauci talked as if the decision to go ahead with this research should be made by the “experts” but then these decisions should be fully explained to the everyone else.
I don’t see it that way.
I am sick and tired of supposed “experts” making decisions on issues which might affect my well being and the well being of those I love.
Fauci’s arrogance on that issue was appalling.

Would you please reference the earliest blood sample with sarscov2. And please give the date. I appreciate factual data.
by the way…I think this is much greater than a “country” issue. These people like Fauci and the Bat lady are all globalists…country of origin is irrelevant.
However if a government hides a pandemic and allows it to spread …it then becomes a national issue.

I have doubts that China is in “the circle” if one exists. Why?
The only thing I have found that China was paid for by the NIH was to survey bat virus in China (they received $600k of $7.1million over 5 years for this)
The GOF paper referenced (Baric paper) clearly stated Dr Shi provided sequencing data.
No Chinese were part of the email Chain to initiate a cover up
The Chinese also published a paper stating the virus appeared manmade. Why do this when the co-conspirators were circling wagons around natural evolution?
China would not have disclosed the outbreak in China and provided data on the virus. They would have blamed it on Vaping too (EVALI that broke out only in the US and had the same symptoms including broken glass CT lung scans that to this day cannot be explained)
So the above tells me that China was outside of this “cover up”. They may still be covering something up but they seem outside of the main group.
And we wont go into why the NSC was involved to shut down lab leak inquiries

And that’s where the conversation gets hyjacked by paid proponents of china…
To pretend that the samples weren’t collected in China, housed in China, with Chinese scientists deeply involved in the research, under the hyper-vigilant eye of the Chinese government, in a Chinese facility, under Chinese guard and then saying it originated in the US is a very dubious assertion, but is one the CCP has already been pushing even as citizen journalists were being rounded up and disappeared in January of 2020 to keep the story under wraps. So its shocking to see it penetrating the message boards here.
Without a doubt China was a huge participant in this. My question is why my goddamn government had its fingers in that operation playing nice with an enemy state that has for the last thirty years had the open secret plan to destroy the US. Why were my tax dollars going to fund a Chinese weapons research laboratory at ALL? The question isn’t whether China was responsible, it definitely was, it is exactly their MO. The question is how deeply involved was the US government. Because my thoughts on it are to sharpen the guillotine. But once the baskets are full, its time to end the cancer of chinese communism and the atrocities they commit every year unopposed. If this is the catalyst that opens peoples eyes to the horrors of that system then so be it. But there’s little doubt as to their culpability or their atrocities. I’m not sure we should wait to see the mountain of Uighur shoes next to the ovens to say enough is enough, but if that’s what it took to convince the Germans living next to the camps that they were the badguys, then that may be what needs to happen here too. Equivocate, quibble, marginalize and ignore China’s role if you like, but they WERE responsible. My question is how deep into the US government do we need purge to excise all the cancer this corruption has wrought.
I think a lot of US officials from the last two administrations and all their traitorous private sector ilk need to be waterboarded til we know what went on, and then the heads should literally roll. But then China is next. That’s just how it goes.

This “China is not responsible” stuff is absolutely crazy to me. Do these arguments work where you live?

Hi Chris,
I like what you are doing. It is really important to arm people with the right questions and concerns. For example, I assume there are journalists impacted by your analysis. There are two points I would like to make, hopefully they are constructive.

  1. You must be very annoyed with the arrogance of the people involved in the cover-up but this is just a personality trait. The key message I see you promoting is integrity, why these people are so annoying is because they are the opposite of that i.e. they are deceptive and dishonest (antonyms of integrity). I think your message would be much stronger if you compared behavior that is demanded of scientists taking risks (i.e. integrity) with the behavior of these people (i.e. deceptive and/or dishonest). This pushes them out from under the protective blanket of researcher/scientist, they lost that right when they behaved deceptively.
  2. Please do not normalize this behavior. In the video at 26:52 you say something like: if you were China you would hide the evidence too. That is not demonstrating integrity, China should have been transapraent on the science and shared whatever data they had. Even from a geo-political level it is a major blunder, they could have thrown Western virologists under the bus too with the implication of the USA and the other Western enablers (e.g. France built the P4 lab for them and transfered the tech). They could have painted it out to be the work of a rougue scientist to limit political damage, the most important point was to give the world warning that this virus was not going to be like our previous experience with coronaviruses.
    Thanks for all your work. Like you I am disgusted by the scientific establishment and we need analysis like yours to enable the right questions. We can never completely separate facts from values (it is already values that influence which facts are searched for and reported on) To see how immoral these scientists are is damming and should raise many more questions about what else is going on in biology and other fields of research with serious risks (I am particularly concerned about AI).

One concern is that nation states are just another way to divide people. Most Americans do not support the worst actions of the USA government. Most Chinese do not support the worst actions of the Chinese government.
There is a middle class in China just as large as the middle class in the USA, they are going to be squeezed by the same international dynamics. The middle class in China and the USA have more concerns in common than they do with their own ruling elite.
The Russia vs USA or China vs USA etc is a simple way of stopping people from taking the analysis further.
For sure the Chinese government is not democtratic but neither is the USA government. For sure China is a surveillance state, but so is the USA (with a much larger investment in surveillance of the world population than the Chinese).
Different tactics but they are playing the same game.
Getting into an argument over which one is worse hides the fact that they are both terrible for the the future of humanity - the game needs to change.

I can attempt an answer. There are (obviously) a large number of conspiracies that happened throughout history, this is literally a major theme of historical analysis. If someone is “savoury” it typically means they behave within the limits of the dominant social norms of the time i.e. they are “indoctrinated” like the majority of the population.
It is only contrarians that can see the early warning signs of a conspiracy and because it is a consipracy they cannot have access to the facts and are more often than not, wrong.
People who make their living (or identity) by appealing to other contrarians are going to be on the lookout for conspiracy theories. Race exists as a term because it is based on a scientific fact about the diversity of the human genome and geographic clustering. Is there a conspiracy to hide the fact that race is connected to genetics? I don’t think so but it is clearly unsavoury to play to the crowd that wants to make race a central theme when interacting with individuals. Things like testing medicines on different races is part of science. It is not useful for society to study some aspects of race. This is a good example of how facts and values can’t be separated and good scientists know this.
It does not matter what a person did or published in the past when it comes to facts that can be independently verified. Those “unsavoury” characters that promoted the lab leak early on did not have anything to lose by doing so and actually had a lot to gain. The average journalist would have simply been fired for going against Fouci - which is why what Fouci has done needs to have the harshest penalities posssible applied.

The spike protein IS the disease.
Lady tells it like it is. Millions are going to die.
Here is the link.

Peter Daszak boasts about their ability to create a SARS-like killer virus (link). Maybe, at this point, they were not aware of the nefarious usefulness for sociopaths and psychopaths…
Have a great day,

I listened to that video. Daszak made those remarks before the current pandemic. He basically admits that he was working with the Chinese to develop bat-viruses that could powerfully bind to human receptor cells.
He was so “matter of fact” about what he was doing. But, now, he is probably cringing that he ever said such things on tape.
Of course, in the absence of a functioning media, his statements are not getting as wide an audience as they should.