Fauci Lied & Update from Chris

Here is an update from Chris today while in Texas working with the FLCCC. Although it will be used on YouTube likely tomorrow, we like to do our best to get it to you first.

While we are at it, below you will find an amazing review of Fauci and all his lies. Enjoy!

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The First Video Is Showing As Private??

video MIA


That /

video MIA


How -

is this still up on YT? 4.5 thousand likes. Thanks for keeping this front and center Chris and for helping make it common knowledge.
Have to say the covidians I know are still covidi-ing, clueless and don’t care. Sigh.


Still MIA

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Fauchi Emails

Hi Chris, great video.
But have a closer look. There is a inconsistency at 19:45 where you mention that Fauchi sends an email on Feb 1st 2021…
I think that’s a typo and it should be Feb 1st 2020.
The same with the next reference.
Please correct it because you know, YT and the battalion of “fact checkers” are happy to find errors in your posts :wink:

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Private Video

Why can I see the first video…?

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First Video

Where is the first video?

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I Can’t See The First Video?

No video?

Common Knowledge



Of Course The Truth Is Coming Out

I have believed from the beginning that if the depopulation plan was successful (a good portion of the population taking the vaccine) then the initiators of the plan would need a scapegoat.
I have always thought that they knew the truth would come out - it always does - and would be ready to blame their co-conspirators in Pharm and the CDC, NIH, etc. Once the truth becomes common knowledge - the easiest explanation is incompetence, bureaucracy, and greed and this will propitiate the wrath of the public.
Once again the Luciferians at the top will escape the consequences of the plan they set into motion. There is no honor among monsters.


Messed Up Peak Prosperity Website Permissions

The permissions are really messed up. I can’t access this video either. Plus I click on links in my notifications (some forum threads I am following) and instead of taking me to the forum page, it takes me to the “Join The #1 Resilience Community” page telling me to log in. But I am already logged in. So I log in again and it still says “You are currently subscribed as a Peak insider. Change your plan by selecting a new one on this page”. Peak Insiders should have access to the forum and Chris’s videos. Those that are currently able to access this video, I suspect are Key Supporters only. I think someone messed with the permissions. -Jen

Nope, just says video unavailable. This video is private.

The Global Response

Should be a dead giveaway of how corrupt and captured the world really is. You would think that the U.S. would be in the crosshairs by other world governments for what transpired, but to my knowledge they’ve all played ball and stuck with the terms of the big pharma contracts that were signed for jab distribution. It really doesn’t take much to extort and/or bribe key people though, especially when state-level actors have had military / intelligence-grade software & OP plan templates to facilitate such targeted campaigns.
To broaden the perspective, borrowing from Andrew McGarry’s assertion that the plandemic “had to happen”, and that out election systems have been compromised for many years. That would infer that Trump was chosen by the powers that be to be elected as the President of the U.S. and fully complicit. His accomplishment highlights should be obvious - he drove Operation WARP Speed, created cultural division like no other conservative politician could have accomplished, etcetera.
The timelines of 5G rollout in the U.S. and China, and satellite networks are also very suspicious, as were the deaths in the Wuhan streets in December 2019. 60Ghz RF induced suffocation could very well be made to look like a deadly virus. This also brings into question the nanotech IP, Internet of Bodies, and graphene (complimentary with the injections and nasal test swabs).
This is really just the tip of the iceberg. Nothing happens by chance; there are no coincidences. “Conspiracy theories” are more or less “Open conspiracies”. Occam’s Razor equates to pure evil at work on an unprecedented scale that the world hasn’t seen before.


Hi Jen,
Apologies, it looks like the first video setting was swapped back to private on YT, but has since been fixed. It’s definitely not supposed to be key supporters only.
We will look into the pop up and accesses for you specifically as well, and get back to you with what we verify.

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Hi there,
The first video had a setting swapped in YT 30m ago. The video should now play. Apologies for the confusion.

Hey there, please check again. The first video should play now

Hi there,
The video from the YT side was swapped to private. It has now been fixed. Apologies.

First Video

Hi all,
My apologies. The first video was swapped to private on the YT side. I have since fixed this.


Hi all
The first video should now work. Apologies