Federal Reserve Has Stolen Our Future

In this video, Dr. Martenson breaks down the immense personal and institutional failures of the US Federal Reserve, connecting them broadly to the failures of the FDA, the CDC, NIH, Fauci, and the mainstream media.

Why should you care? Because the imminent economic crisis that’s coming will be extremely damaging. It will have the same root as the many Covid policy failures; entrenched greed & corruption leading to extremely poor decisions that will cause a lot of pain for the most vulnerable in society.

There’s no practical difference between Fauci’s “No treatments for you!” policies and Jerome Powell’s “No money for you (only the uber-wealthy)!” policies. Both grievously harm the majority while benefiting the very few.

The wealthy will skate by, but mainly because they have feathered their own nests at the expense of everyone else. The extraordinarily regressive inflation tax combined with what can only be described as a purposeful decimation of the middle and lower socioeconomic classes is both a looming tragedy as well as indicative of a profound moral and ethical failure by Federal reserve staff and leadership.

Growing corruption is fingered as a principal contributor to the downfall of empires all throughout history and this time assuredly is different.

This all connects to the probability that the current inflationary impulses and growling supply shocks will be handled equally poorly by similarly conflicted and entrenched bureaucrats across the Americas and Europe. In Part 2 this connection is covered extensively.

{Note: This episode Premiers on YouTube at 7:30 pm on 10/26/21}



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Do we need 10 Red Flags?
How about just one: Kids don’t get COVID. So why do we need a vaccine for a disease the most kids won’t get?


I cannot believe what a complete, 100% fail the FDA just oversaw in their decision to allow Pfizer injections in 5 to 11-year-olds.
From the design documents submitted to the FDA we read this:

The study was designed to be too small to detect any myocarditis signals. It was too small. By design.
That’s just how Pfizer rolls. And it’s supposed to be up to the FDA to spot that and send them back to the drawing board. But nope! Because pandemic! It’s an emergency!
A pandemic where almost no children actually die or get sick from the disease.
Against a jab where the myocarditis risk climbs as the age of the injectees declines.
This is all very, very sick.


From Matthew Crawford’s blog.
Mostly, they are just cute, fun to look at and cuddle.

This one, on the other hand…


I wish i had placed a bet on whether the FDA was going to pass - this I wonder if any odds takers would have taken the bet? Probably but for each dollar you wagered , you would have lost 99% either way.
Nope FDA is not for protection its a $$$ i wish we could find away to hold these people accountable , oh wait, pfizer has immunity, these idiots do not. I will not take this jab for sure, nor will my children or grandchildren


The active ingredient in Heartgard is Ivermectin! :slight_smile:


It is nearly impossible for the dollar to go into hyperinflation due to its unique status, at least as long as it retains that global status. If TPTB waits too long that could change as there are many entities working to eliminate the dollar from global status.
Were that to happen the US would be an entirely different place and our lifestyles would be more like the average mexican.
Wrt inflation I like to use an extreme example to illustrate; Lets say that due to drought, flooding, and a crash in production of global fertilizers resulting in the global grain situation being cut in half. This would make all grain related products go up in price exponentially. $100 loaf of bread, $10 per egg, it would literally affect all food prices. Is that inflation? No!
By the way almost all of that is happening right now. Have you read about the worlds largest fert producer stopping shipping?
As I have outlined many times here at PP there are two reasons for the price of things to go up. One is when there is more and more money bidding on a stable amount of things. The other is when a stable amount of money is bidding one a shrinking amount of things. Both these situations will increase the price of things. Sometimes we have both happening at the same time and this is tragic. CPI is almost meaningless. Does CPI measure the amount of money being injected into the economy? NO. Does CPI measure the amount of things being injected into the economy? NO. The Fed, the Gov, any Gov around the world can print all the money they want but they can’t print things.
I talk more about all this in my OP;

Final collapse scenario; Global Deflationary Depression

I came across this post which suggests that the myocarditis risk was seriously considered despite the limitations of that study. Maybe they should have waited for more data, and perhaps the FDA jumped the wrong way – there were a lot of variables to consider – but it’s not like this particular concern was simply ignored.

Josh. The choice was crystal clear. Kids don’t need the COVID19 vaccination. They are at no risk for COVID19. Period.
To say otherwise - means you are gullible and have a below-average intelligence (i.e. you can’t do simple math), or you’re just a corrupt sociopath captured by You Know Who.


its pretty much that simple… dumb as a brick or psychopaths. Can’t wait to see the first parents to sacrifice their kids. I mean we know that these 2 kids that got the vaccine by accident 4-5 year olds at walgreens, both have cardiac issues… That is not rare. that is 2:2. Yes its an adult dose, however, if you have 2:2 at only 3x the kids dose, there is no margin of safety. And bare in mind the dose is 1/3 the dose of adult dose. This might be fine for a 80-100lb 11 year old kid. But kids between 5 and 11 are hugely different and a 5 year old girl may only weight 35lbs or so… not 1/3 of average adult… more like 1/6 I am really really worried for mostly these smaller kids and kids less than 9 unless they are bigger than average. AND i cannot even fathom thinking about what I weighed at 5. I was always around the 15% in weight as child.




Thanks again Chris for your insights. It may come too late for many (including myself) but it is what it is, these are the cards we are dealt with.
You’re right in all of this being wrong. It’s the way the majority likes to be fed. All modern, western societies are a big illusion based on the invisible power pyramid. The top keeps the dream alive, printing is how they make the economy prosper, the (social) media makes sure the dream is glorified, worshipping nice shiny object of desire, in material and in flesh. You would almost become religious and all religions carry much good for sure (until they became corrupted by the power mongering top dogs of that pyramid). It’s all a game folks, and it’s rigged. It’s a system that benefits a few and is devastating many in various awful ways. I almost start to become addicted to George Carlin lately, I sensed back then that he was right on so many things, it turns out he is. So do you.


Agree full stop Dave, better yet I endorse it. No valid reason presented up until now to vaxx kids. It’s my line in the sand. Cross it, you’re toast. Seriously, all bets are off, no questions asked. F#ck up your own body if you believe it benefits you, but stay off the impeccable immunity of the young.
Young carries a long way btw, I proved myself right as a “cold/COVID survivor”.
Btw when is Mr Science “the vaccine is safe and effective” culled? I wonder this every day, another signal the system is working, …for them.


Just in case you haven’t seen this yet… get your religious vaccine exemption at Gerald Celente’s Universal Church of Freedom, Peace and Justice. Exemption is written by a top USA attorney.


The same happened here in the UK; large chains & coffee franchises were allowed to remain open - but not small cafés or small businesses… Small, broke businesses who tried to reopen in lockdown were ‘named & shamed’.
The UK GOV created a new caste system too (the shape of things to come…?). ‘Key workers’ (meaning state & corporate) were allowed to continue to send their children to school (even if they worked from home…) - whereas cleaners & other agency manual-workers etc., had to arrange or pay for their own child care…
Production continued throughout the so-called lockdown, with just hand sanitiser to protect workers from covid - while many white-collars were paid to do nothing at home for several months, or even a year in the case of ‘civil servants’…


An obscure discovery I posted 6 days ago here on PP forums has now gone viral & gaining momentum.
A correspondent of mine applied Pfizer vaccine to his own blood under the microscope, resulting in desaturation of blood cells & clotting - as well as finding impurities in the vials.
First InfoWars post:
New InfoWars post where Dr. Fleming calls for the clot shot to be stopped:


I think the HeartGuard advert alongside Fauci’s pic in your broadcast is perfect as I believe that the treatment is in fact Ivermectin. I give this to my dogs to treat parasitic infections.




The video was fascinating. Thank you for this link.
If you want to know the history of the FDA, read the book Empty Harvest. It was started ostensibly to protect the public, but that was derailed almost immediately. The first head of the FDA was a dentist who believed in whole foods and other natural ways to protect the public. He tried to block the interstate transport of white sugar and white flour as they were nutrient poor, disease inducing substances. The dentist was then swiftly removed and the medical folks came in. Since then the food giants, Big Pharma, and the AMA have run the show- all to line their own pockets.
For a recent travesty, read how the late D. Rumsfield railroaded through poisonous aspartame.
Here’s the FDA’s dubious history approving opioids. So much for public welfare…
As for Pfizer’s credibility-
Pfizer has run afoul of the FDA many times before. 2009 Pfizer paid $2.9 billion in fines for marketing four of its drugs for off-label use. This included Lyrica, a star money maker for them which has been prescribed for all sorts of pain and psychiatric conditions. The hype was that it didn’t cause dependency or addiction. They were wrong. Millions world-wide have become addicted or suffered terribly from Lyrica, but it keeps being prescribed. After this settlement, they kept right on promoting it for the same off label uses. The FDA did nothing.
The British medical establishment has now acknowledged that Lyrica is as difficult to stop as a benzoid, and causes terrible withdrawal symptoms.
Funny that…off label use…isn’t that exactly why using IVM and HCQ for C-v was shut down? Isn’t that why we have Remdesivir, a failed toxic cancer drug produced by F’s friends at Gilead, as treatment instead?
And now we have the “approved” Pfizer vax that hasn’t been made yet.
Yeah, where IS the science for any of this sh*t?