Fighting for Farmers: Michael Yon and Pepijn Van Houwelingen

The battle for your family’s access to food is being waged across the globe. No where more front and center than Europe.

In this special Informed Consent Interview, Chris talks to war correspondent and fellow Tribe member Michael Yon and Pepijn Van Houwelingen, a political opposition leader in the Netherlands, about what’s really happening with the farmers fighting against the destruction of their livelihoods and Europeans’ access to food.

If you want a real inside look at the fight against the global ideologies, don’t miss this video.

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Have No Fear, Cicadas Are Here!

Meanwhile, someone I know asked if there are any restaurants in our town serving up some crispy cicadas …
I did get a good belly laugh out of this though …

Some chefs recommend blanching cicadas before eating them, according to green lifestyle website Inhabitat. Boiling the insects will purify them of pesticides and germs, and dunking them in cold water will remove their legs and wings.

There's no harm in eating the crunchy legs and wings, but, like popcorn kernels, there's a risk of getting them stuck in your teeth, Betancourt said.
Yeah, the biggest issue is having to floss more!


How surreal to be living in a time of global war when nobody I meet is cognizant of the freight train roaring down on them.
Chris and Michael are soldiers in the Globalists’ War against us. I’m grateful for all they do.
Thanks, Chris, for fighting for truth in an era of lies.
The Second Horseman cometh.


Other News Aggregation Sites Agree With A War On Food.

Ice Age Farmer has a recent report.

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I ate crickets several times when I was visiting my wife’s family in Laos.
Honestly, they weren’t bad. They were in fact a lot like popcorn and the legs most definitely get caught between your teeth.
They make the best with what is available and they can afford… if Laos was as wealthy as America they wouldn’t be eating crickets though.


I haven’t seen a new article on Ice Age Farmer since May 17th. I wonder why, he used to post much more often.

That article is not recent it’s from 2020!!!

Leftist Activists Threateni


He hasn’t posted to his YouTube channel in weeks, either. I miss his perspective on current events.

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Unrestricted Warfare

Chris, in the interview you made a mention about war happening on multiple fronts. Not sure if you are aware of this book or the idea of 5th Gen/Comprehensive Warfare but it came out in 1999 and was translated into English a few years ago:
Not sure if it is something you want to fit onto your reading list, but the concept is out there.

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Ditto for me in China. Many eat bugs. WEF spreading the CCP love.
I agree with you @stolenfates, crickets are quite edible when seasoned properly.

Government Shutting Down Public Media Broadcaster

Does anyone know the name of the broadcaster the Dutch government is attempting to shut down? Pepijn talks about it at the end of part 1 of the show.

The name is “Ongehoord Nederland” or ON in short.
They are accused of spreading misinformation, of course. They talk about things Chris talks about behind the paywall. Although they can be more “sensationalists”, a bit like Tucker Carlson.
They are new and part of the public and state sponsored/subsidized media. Every organisation with enough following/members can apply for broadcasting rights and funding from the state in the Netherlands. However they need to adhere to some guiding principles, which are captured by narrative shapers in the last years. Hence the push back recently. is an independent news channel which could be accused of the same misinformation spreading however they are internet online and fully independent.


You can find links to where his work can be found in the image below. Click on the image to enlarge if/as necessary. His Telegram channel is very active!


Big Picture
Please read this short article from the bbc, I found it balanced. When people’s way of life gets threatened, for whatever reason, the first reaction can easily be anger and pushback. However, there’s only one planet Earth and we, the people, have been abusing most of its natural resources for too long. If we don’t turn around everybody’s way of life will be threatened, even our survival. We need to farm in ways that are less damaging to nature, we need to build a lifestyle that is less damaging to nature. If we want to pollinate by hand, push our way of farming until we have poisoned the air, etc, we can certainly do it, but there will be consequences, it’s not a matter of if but when. Politics is ugly, the moment that a cause gets mixed with politics, we are in trouble. Every party affected must work towards solutions, change is inevitable, our only choice is having a seat at the table now and work together, or do nothing/fight with each other, and time will impose a solution for us.

I am going to respectfully disagree.
Had you made this argument to me 50 years ago (yes, I am that old) I would have agreed with you. Fifty years ago, I was in my 20’s and these problems were well known even back then. In fact, they were known before that. Neil Young actually recorded an album about it called “After the Gold Rush.” I think it was recorded in 1969 or 1970. Here is one of the stanzas from the title song:

Well, I dreamed I saw the silver space ships flyin'
In the yellow haze of the sun
There were children cryin' and colors flyin'
All around the chosen ones
All in a dream, all in a dream
The loadin' had begun
Flying Mother Nature's silver seed
To a new home in the sun
Flying Mother Nature's silver seed
To a new home
Anyway, in the 50+ years that have passed, nothing was done. Absolutely nothing. Now it is too late. Punishing farmers - so that Klaus Schwab turn their lands into his private park - is not going to save the day at this point. Hard as it sounds, collapse is now inevitable. We should face that fact and deal with it as best as we can.

i had a conversation 2 nights ago with a friend i hadn’t seen in years. i hadn’t seen her because she was buried in school books getting her masters then phd in hydrology. we talked about the water issues and i mentioned the farmers revolt over fertilizer use. she said we can’t use chemical fertilizers anymore . okay i said how are you going to grow, wheat, corn and rice w/o them to feed 8 billion people? she said there are ways. so i said i am really interested in how we do it since our soils are nothing more than dirt growing mediums. she would not say.
i suspect because there is no way to feed 8 billion people w/o fertilizer. where is the compost going to come from to cover the wheat fields in kansas? answers? btw i agree with mike.


a walk down a street in thailand is an interesting gartonomical tour. my fave was scorpions on a stick.

Exactly. The population was 3 billion when I was in college. We knew that the planet could not support that population, so what did we do?
We added 5 billion more.
Now they hope to fix the problem by banning fertilizer?
It is beyond stupid.
It is sickening.


I regrettably must agree, and I am not sure that this the first time humans have done this.