Fighting The Coronavirus: Good Learnings From Germany

As we reported yesterday, with the world sharing its data, we are starting to get a better handle on understanding the coronavirus.

This real-time exchange of data and insights going on across the globe right now is invaluable to global efforts to fight the spread of covid-19 more effectively.

Germany has recently contributed two important pieces to the puzzle:

First, it has been conducting *many* more tests per capita than other countries (500,000/week). Due to this, they have a better picture of the true # of infected people. Their recent data suggests that the real Case Fatality Rate (CFR) for covid-19 is closer to 0.4% -- substantially lower than the rates calculated for most other countries, who don't test as aggressively.

A 0.4% CFR is still concerning, but is substantially better than the previous 2-3% estimates from just a few weeks back.

Second, because it tests so many people, Germany is swiftly building a database of people who recover and therefore have anti-bodies against the virus. It plans to fast-track these folks’ return to work, so that they can get the economy recovering faster without fear of infecting others.

In this way, valuable insights lead to more effective policies – just like the Czech Republic has done with the #Masks4All movement.

As we get smarter, we get stronger. This, folks, is how we’ll beat covid-19.


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Yes germany may be testing a lot more. But we have already seen where they numbers were not right with the serious cases. I am not ready to give them credibility all of sudden.
Further , what this suggests , this is just the flu ( almost ) … If in wuhan , when this was first spotted, it would have been easily over-looked at the flu - a bad flu season. Doctor - “I saw 2-3 times as many flu people as ususal.” This is not what happen , they were seeing a lot of people, with a specific course to death , not seen in the flu. I agree , that this may infect more of the population than the flu each year. But even if it infected 50% it would only be about 3 times what a flu infects each year. And we are no where near 50% infection in the population. As I know of no one officially sick, and yes 2 suspected cases out of all the people I know. But , one is only this week. This share of the people, I know would not come close to 10% mind 50%. You would have to have 50% or more of the infected totally asymptomatic.
I am sorry , I am going to have to ignore the Germany numbers. Though , I can explain them another way , if actually real. I cannot take one country as the true numbers and everyone else with different numbers. Though as my wife being a nutritionist and RD, it is well understood that Germany leads the world in herbal and supplemental nutrition in medicine. They may being using a standard " natural " protocol there that all seek whether a cold or flu that may have impact on the course of disease… That is my theory… And it would similar to the one with the Finish Sauna, and Fins having better inate immunty and their numbers reflecting a large difference from other nations.

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Hello Chris and PPer,
In case you haven’t seen this epidemiological study from NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine:
“Correlation between universal BCG vaccination policy and reduced morbidity and mortality for COVID-19”
Here is the abstract:
COVID-19 has spread to most countries in the world. Puzzlingly, the impact of the diseaseis different in different countries. These differences are attributed to differences in culturalnorms, mitigation efforts, and health infrastructure. Here we propose that national differences inCOVID-19 impact could be partially explained by the different national policies respect to Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG)childhoodvaccination. BCG vaccination has been reported to offer broad protection to respiratory infections. We compared large number of countries BCG vaccination policies with the morbidity and mortality for COVID-19. We found that countries without universal policies of BCGvaccination(Italy, Nederland, USA) have been more severely affected compared to countries with universal and long-standing BCG policies. Countries that havealate start of universal BCG policy (Iran, 1984) had high mortality, consistent with the idea that BCG protects the vaccinated elderly population. We also found that BCG vaccination also reduced the number of reportedCOVID-19cases in a country. The combination of reduced morbidity and mortality makesBCG vaccination a potentialnewtool in the fight against COVID-19.
Link to the full study (pdf):

Howe had stated he thought Obama election was the trigger. Not trying to make this a political discussion, but I disagreed with him at the time, and now thinking we may have stumbled across the trigger with honeybadger.

Case fatality/mortality rate is dependent on a number of variables, including quality and availability of healthcare, the efficacy and availability of treatments, and the pre-existing health of a population. In turn, the availability of healthcare is related to the degree of success in controlling disease transmission, which itself is dependent on a number of response factors. The higher the quality of healthcare, the more successfully transmission is limited, the better the available treatments, and the healthier the population at risk, the lower the case mortality rate, and the converse is true, too. I suggest you read Wuhan and Hubei COVID-19 mortality analysis reveals the critical role of timely supply of medical resources at , and particularly the charts on page six that show daily mortality rate, patient-healthcare worker ratio, availability of critical care and other hospital beds, and the recovery rate. The reported mortality rates varied by time, location and healthcare system capacity, from as high as 3.5% in Wuhan City, but overtime the rates for all regions dropped to flu-like levels. The findings of this paper are that the mortality rate was inversely related to the number of healthcare workers and beds. This implies that mortality rates may be much higher in some communities than others. It could be that countries with very limited healthcare systems, little ability to limitation infection transmission, limited access to treatments, and unhealthy populations could experience mortality rates much higher than even Wuhan City, much less Germany.
Taking data from a single advanced country, such as Germany, and using the fatality rate there to estimate the fatality rate in other countries is not reasonable, unless the other countries have a similar healthcare system, similarly available treatments, similar transmission limitation success, and similarly healthy population. Reported data varies in quality, and it is likely that some developing countries will not have the capability to collect and report cases or fatalities, and even some developed countries might do this poorly, too.
Ultimately, may be possible – after the fact – to estimate a reasonably accurate global fatality rate based on random serum testing and statistical estimates of additional deaths , but so what? That may be of historical interest, but arguing about it now really isn’t useful. Moreover, if one collects the mortality rates of HCID listed diseases, it becomes apparent that almost all of these rates are estimates that vary particularly by the characteristics of the communities impacted and the availability of effective treatmetns.
For COVID-19, at this time the mortality rate from a range of countries with substantially different characteristics is not known – most of the data to date comes from advanced economies. Some countries may experience low mortality rates, like Germany. Some very populous poorer countries may experience much higher mortality rates. What matters now is collecting evidence from countries with early experience, understanding the variables that impact mortality rate, and taking actions to lower the mortality rate. We know COVID-19 has the capacity to overwhelm even advanced healthcare systems where infection transmission is not sufficiently suppressed, and that mortality rates will be higher to the degree that healthcare systems fail. We know that the mortality rate can be much higher than the flu in such circumstances and that a significant number of victims require advanced life support or they will die. Therefore, COVID1-19 creates a substantial risk of death, much greater than the seasonal flu. Hypothesizing that the ultimate mortality rate is this or that is an unhelpful distraction.
On the other hand, estimating a range of mortality rates based on community characteristics, case severity rates, and herd immunity in different communities is helpful to understanding a possible range of impacts and the tactics that can best limit the impacts of COVID-19 and the potential duration of future impacts.

I hope this may be the case, I hope not for the USA sake… That will also give them more reason to poison us with yet with more Vaccines. The problem , I have with Vaccines , is not that we dont have a few we need. But the ones we dont need. When my 5 year old needs HepB to go to kindergarten , something is really wrong… She is not sharing needles, and not having sex… _— it is well known , even by CDC standards , you dont get this kissing or sharing utensils.

The answer to such questions, whether asked on behalf of oneself or on behalf of society at large, depends on how we hold death and how much we value play, touch, and togetherness, along with civil liberties and personal freedom. There is no easy formula to balance these values.  

Love the information Chris daily. Here’s something very interesting regarding zinc deficiency and coronavirus mortalities you want to look at

There might be a correlation with zinc deficiency, which could also explain why Chloroquine and Quercetin seem to have an effect:
Would be interesting to have some actual data on this though.

Don’t be surprised to see cheap simple treatments ignored or even attacked. Pharma has done this for decades. They will even go so far as to conduct “studies” that are designed to fail. They have their own loyal people in key positions so that media, scientific journals, research funding etc is all controlled in their favor.

It is still stealing from future generations. There is no excuse for not living a sustainable and rational lifestyle. If you don’t want that then you need to pay the piper…you can’t just steal from others to fund your irrational decisions. This entire planet seems to be infected with ‘communist think’ rather than any sort of common sense.

Someone explain to me how you win this fight when some people choice to go with a losing hand?

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Yes this is high associative. but the chloroquine leads to this hypothesis as well. For those of you chocolate lovers… This could be death by chocolate/. ( high copper - competes with zinc )

Higher and higher we go.

We need to change the culture of this country to make masks the new norm as they did in Czechoslovakia. That means the cool kids have to wear them, so that everybody will.
I’m not a cool kid, and I don’t know any celebs I can get to model masks as everyday wear, I’m just that wacko out back throwing up a goofy dance video on YouTube to try and make masks look cool. Maybe a real influencer will notice and spread the word.
Whatever it takes to get people to wear them is all that counts. If you’ve got ideas, let’s brainstorm. How do you change the culture of a country in days?