Follow The Action From The Peak Prosperity Annual Seminar

It’s finally here – our favorite weekend of the year!

The 2019 Peak Prosperity annual seminar kicks off today. Over 160 attendees and presenting experts from all over the globe, bonding together in beautiful northern California wine country.

When time allows, we're asking the attendees to post their observiations/thoughts/feedback in the Comments section below, so that the entire Peak Prosperity worldwide audience can follow along.

And beyond that, for the first time ever, we’re filming the seminar.

Folks have been requesting this for years. It’s been a challenge for a number of reasons, but we’re committed to meeting this need for the many people who couldn’t travel out here for this year’s live experience.

So we’ve got a crew in place to capture the full two and a half days’ worth of presentations. It will be a LOT of great content.

And as a special subsidy for those with the greatest interest, while the live event is going on this weekend, we’ll be taking pre-orders for purchases of the seminar video for the discounted price of $225.

Next week, once the event is over, the video will start selling for its regular retail price of $295 on Friday May 3rd (which is still less than 50% of the cost of a general admission ticket to the seminar).

So if you’re one of the folks who has been waiting years for this opportunity, pre-order your copy before then:


As a reminder, event speakers include Chris & Adam, John Rubino, Axel Merk, Wolf Richter, Jeff Clark, the team from New Harbor Finanical, Paul & Elizabeth Kaiser (no-till farming), Jeff Mathias (home energy), Michael Basta (emotional resilience), Dan Widger (Emergency Preparation), Micah Kradin (function fitness & nutrition), Anthony Ebright (mobility), Joe Stumpf (success mindset), Tom Cairns (personal security) -- and more.

We promise this is enough to give you a very full brain. And the great advantage of the video is that you can replay the material as often as you need to get the learnings to sink in.

So, keep track of the seminar in real-time through the comments below... but but don't forget to first pre-order your video at the discounted price!


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Thank you so much for taping the meeting. I have attended 2 seminars to date and would love to learn more. :slight_smile:

Absolutely great. Even better than expected. Met a new friend who lives fairly closed. Shared our communication event and discovered our very similar personal issues with trying find our way through life. Very glad I came can’t wait to see tomorrow

Great event. Likeminded people and lots of ideas and insights to delve on…and it is only day one…

So amazing to be with an entire group of like minded people with whom I can have these amazing conversations. The kind I wish I were having everyday back home. Thank you Chris and Adam for this informative, connecting weekend. I will be back.
Angella Falco

Not being in a financial or logistical position to take part in the seminar, but glad to see so many enthused participants responding, it crossed my mind that these types of sessions can suffer from forms of confirmation bias. In my former life, I frequented seminars that covered many diverse subjects in my chosen field and we sat entralled by the speakers content and presentation skills. The best part of the session was usually afterward over a couple of beers in the lounge, where off the wall ideas were entertained and rated on their applicability. There is always a potential danger in hearing the “same-old, same-old” adages in any group of like minded advocates especially if they have a hidden cross-to-bear.
Questions: Did the seminar go the extra mile and provide a substantial Q and A period and entertain diverse inputs? Was there ample time to explore some of the basic philosophical assumptions presented by the speakers? (example: Back to Eden video series on gardening; “Non-code” building projects that work better; Three R’s in the design of home grown resilient system; passive vs. active systems; etc. to name a few). Did any of these make it on the recording? Would have loved to be at the Singing Frog tour.
In this life, there are becoming more and more restrictions to creative thinking and, likewise, a more nuanced use of internet data to sell us stuff and direct our thoughts cluttering our abilities to be independent. The Nudge Theory is alive and well in the halls of governments and big business and, I believe, will become an ever increasing tool in directing our thoughts and behaviors. The PP philosophy is one of the few I have ample confidence in and urge us to be diligent in espousing the Good Stuff as opposed to the BS so prevalent in today’s world. Hats off to you all at Peak Prosperity!

Enjoying it all: the content, the presentations, just awesome!

This was my second year to attend and I’m so happy I did! I really liked that we moved into a larger room to accommodate the 50+ additional attendees this year. It was also nice to have the speakers on a stage and with improved A/V. No surprise, but I met some wonderful people and reconnected with a few from last year.
Some highlights for me: the Kaisers and their beautiful work at Singing Frog’s Farm, the “Ask Anything” financial panel on Friday, Robert Helms being amongst us all weekend to discuss real estate, Tom Cairns (personal safety), and the live “Off the Cuff” with 3 financial luminaries.
My wish list for 2020:
Charles Hugh Smith, again (he was there in 2018)
James Howard Kunstler (I know he lives in NY state but if Chris could convince that catankerous ol’ sharpshooter to come out, I know it would be so worth it!)
Energy panel with experts to discuss domestic oil, China, supply crunch, renewable alternatives, etc
Market gardener like Fortier or someone who is organically growing LOTS of food in a small space, like on less than an acre.
Natural Medicine/Healing/First Aid expert to discuss how to provide care with herbs, home supplies and ways to render aid when a hospital/ER is not an option
an environmental scientist or ecologist to discuss clinical data, evidence, conflicting reports, etc on our vastly changing world
That list is not meant to take away anything from this year, as I gleaned SO much useful information and made some unforgettable connections. Chris and Adam’s ability to put this together each year with such a small, albeit dedicated, team is truly impressive and one of the best uses of my own time and resources. I hope many of you feel the same or find out for yourselves next year!


The first morning of the seminar has been packed with valuabe information and insights, and I can see this is just the tip of the iceberg with my brain and the other 149 brains of fellow attendees playing the role of the Titanic.
Full speed ahead! :wink:


I’ve been a PP reader and lurker for years but never engage on the site or with anyone. My wife and I decided to attend the seminar this year and I anticipated quietly observing all weekend while soaking up information. Just got back to the hotel after day 1 and had some amazing conversations, the greatest of which happened at the farm to table dinner this evening. My wife said she’s happy I finally get to be around my people. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the weekend, so awesome!

Here’s the star on my name tag: My wife Alice and I had lunch yesterday with four attendees in their 30’s. As an official old guy (twice their average age), I was so heartened by the fact that they are really paying attention. It also impressed me that they seemed pretty sick of the partisan politics on both sides. Chris is a model for me in keeping partisan politics out of the discussion- because the partisans haven’t had much to contribute to the substantive issues we are concerned with.
Go Millennials - we are counting on you!

Third time in attendance (both previous times at Rowe) and really enjoying the change of venue to Stebastopol. The streamlining of content and guest speaker roster consistently get better each year. Hats off to Chris, Adam and the rest of the PP team! yesyesyes

Was pretty amazing overall, though we never got to the nutrition part. An important reminder that having all of your other preps done is a potentially useless step if you don’t take care of your own health and fitness. The key to getting fitter and healthier is, as seen in the session, so much easier and simpler than most Americans probably think.

My “bonus” moment so far? Looking around the crowd and seeing such a diverse crowd, whether age, ethnicity, gender, and occupation; truly, the PP message isn’t limited in who it reaches.

More thoughts later, when I’m not typing this up between sessions!


Can anyone point me to a book explaining the practical side of the Kaiser’s no-till approach?

While listening to Chris yesterday, and hearing him lay out (as he has many times before) in clear and concise statements how the Fed has chosen to throw savers and the deplorables (my description, not Chris’s) under the bus, and instead deploy policies that benefit the elite - the .01%, I had an idea or perhaps just a fantasy.
The fantasy is that Chris would debate the 3 Stooges, Powell, Yellen, and Bernanke. The topic of the debate would be, “Have the Fed policies treated all citizens fairly?” or something along those lines.
Then my fantasy grew larger while listening to the live Off the Cuff with Axel Merk, John Rubino, and Wolf Richter discuss all things market related which focused a lot on central bank interventions.
My new fantasy is having Chris and the Off the Cuff guys go up against the 3 Stooges. We’d have to add special guest star Alan Greenspan to make it even (theoretically).
Although it will probably never come to pass, a guy has the right to dream.


So much Life essential Know-How here to share. My solutions backpak expanded on day one. Resilience requires focused planning and action. Failing to plan is planning to Fail.

Uncletommy wrote:
Questions: Did the seminar go the extra mile and provide a substantial Q and A period and entertain diverse inputs? Was there ample time to explore some of the basic philosophical assumptions presented by the speakers? (example: Back to Eden video series on gardening; "Non-code" building projects that work better; Three R's in the design of home grown resilient system; passive vs. active systems; etc. to name a few). Did any of these make it on the recording? Would have loved to be at the Singing Frog tour.
The Singing Frogs Farm tour was spectacular. As for Q and A, some sessions had them while a few presenters ran too long for any substantial Q/A to happen. In my opinion, when there was a Q&A, the questions often ranged widely, but were usually answered well and straightforwardly. So...out of the way to provide substantial Q&A, maybe not, but the Q&A that happened was pretty good overall.  

I really like Homegrown Humus by Anna Hess. While it focuses more on cover crops, it’s short (less than 100 pages) and gets right to the point of understanding your soil and the importance of fostering improvement in the soil food web.
Another book that I have yet to read but is revered in this space is The One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukoka. Until the Kaisers have enough time to write a book or someone does it for them, perhaps these will get you going in the right direction! smiley

I’ve been one of the members on this site who has been pestering for a while to have seminars etc livestreamed / recorded. Glad to see that being a PIA sometimes pays off! Thanks for listening.

I’ve signed up for the vid, and I’ve bought my popcorn in readiness…

It was a fulfilling and fun seminar.

I went for multiple reasons: a) I wanted to be among my “tribe,” in the sense of being around people with whom I could talk about the 3Es without coming across as a tin-foil-hat nutjob, 2) I wanted to meet some of the people I’ve chatted with over the years here, but never met in person, III) I wanted to learn new things on my journey to “making the world one worth inheriting,” and D) I really wanted to see Singing Frogs Farm. This list is not in priority order, by the way.

On the first two points, I couldn’t have asked for more. Yes, there are people on the site whose political philosophies on some issues I don’t always agree with, and visa versa I’m sure, but we were all united in the recognition of the problems we face as a civilization, and the need to address the 3Es head-on. I respected and was grateful for every conversation I had, and I learned many things just from casual conversations with fellow PPers. I finally got to meet so many “familiar names” in person, and as a bonus no one threw a punch at me despite me occasionally being a bit saucier than I should be on these forums. Meeting Chris and Adam was great too, of course, though I really tried to give them as much space as possible, considering the gargantuan task they had just running the thing. I have no idea how they maintained their energy levels! It should be noted how hard many other PPers worked behind the scenes, too, and they did a great job keeping everything running smoothly.

On the third point, there were sessions I was far more motivated by, and a few others that were less up my alley, but I learned new things and had key takeaways from every session we had, whether it was personal/home security, self-motivation, communication techniques, till-free farming, solar power, real estate investing, or gold and silver purchasing. Seriously, even the sessions I knew from the start were not ones I was focused on gave me nuggets to carry away from them. So, if next year you see something on the agenda that’s less your specific “thing”, remember that it’s up someone else’s alley and there will still be things for you in it. Keep an open mind, and an open notebook.

On the fourth point, the tour of Singing Frogs Farm was everything I hoped it would be and more. I learned so much I think my head might explode, and took away some serious ideas about how to institute “no-till” into my own home and garden. On this, I will be the change I wish to see in the world.

As a final point, the “Off-the-Cuff” with Axel, Wolf and John was pure gold. Watching them bounce off of each other, feed off each other’s points, respectfully disagree on some points while mostly agreeing on the rest, and generally having a good time talking about the Fed and the economy, was the other height of my trip. It’s surreal to see the people behind the voices I’ve heard so many times on so many podcasts, and I’m sure the dinner out with all of them was a hoot.

I highly recommend you give next year a go, because the seminar met and exceeded my expectations.


PS- Would I go again? Hell yes. Can I financially swing it again anytime soon is the more pertinent question…but if that’s a yes, then I would definitely go a second time.

PSS- I was neither paid nor given a bottle of beer or jam for this post. You’d have to have been there to get that second one…