France on Fire!

France is still in public turmoil, but you wouldn’t know it from the media, which is ignoring France as if instructed to.

Perhaps they have been.

The French people have had it with the imperious ways of Macron and, by extension, the whole lot of WEF overlords and Brussels technocrats. The French have a long history of revolution, it’s in their DNA.

The current restiveness is a symptom of dashed hopes and dreams and ever-more-difficult economic conditions and living arrangements. This is just how the world is going to proceed as long as it fails to grasp that the energy decline simply makes things that were once possible now impossible.

Things like having everything we want, right when we want it, retiring for a couple of decades, and food being a practically ignorable cost within many a family’s budget.

The police in France, notoriously brutal, seem not to grasp that they are actually on the same side as the protestors. They seem to think that their protection of the elites grants them some avoidance of these same economic erosions, but they are wrong.

All of this coming soon to a theater near you.

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Check out this crowd (from April 2nd, I believe)


Wow!! I had a physical reaction to this clip - hairs rising up on my arms. Things to come. You go, people of France!


Why Conservatives Always Lose

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Don’t forget that the average IQ of these policemen is about 70. They don’t think. They obey orders.


Very impressive video, especially if you know the words to the French national anthem “La Marseillaise”. The power of an anthem to stamp the DNA of a people!


Silly Question

I think I heard the protests in France were about retirement being changed. Is that right…One can never tell what is going on.Does any one know. thanks

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Kurt Said

I heard that police and firemen are exempt from the retirement age change in France.

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Never read those lyrics before. Now I know why the admirable French people have no trouble mounting a general strike when necessary. If only Americans would be inspired by the French the same way the French were inspired by our revolution.


Les Marseillaise from Casablanca


The retirement change (government 60 up to 62 and normal employees 62 up to 64) is only the last item the French are protesting for. These protests are going for over 4 years now (google for French Yellow Vests Protests), Macron is simply ignoring the people. Violence of police is made simple by mixing riot police from other EU countries. A guy from like Bulgaria finds it more easy to kick a French person…

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Cmon man, all I see is mostly peaceful protests.?


French Police Uneffected

According to The Jimmy Dore Show French police and French firefighters are exempt from the two year retirement age increase.
Divide and conquer.

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Sure, but all those first responders have extended family and friends that are sorely pissed off…

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Family In Paris

To add a personal side note, my brother and his family live in Paris and seem completely unfazed by this. They are all fully vaxxed (whatever that means these days) and pretty well off - my brother is something to do with banking, but i can never remember what he actually does! Anyway, if i ask him how these demonstrations are affecting them, he shrugs and says “oh, this is always happening in France” and appears to be carrying on with life as normal. So I don’t know what to believe, with this as with pretty much everything now.


For the real punch try the video proposal after the Casablanca clip, on the left, “To Arms, citizens”. Mireille Mathieu singing with English subtitles. She got a medal for it!

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You will know the people have France have taken control if France Un-Joins NATO.

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70 sounds very low
I found this on a search which lists policemen as 110

  • 140 – Top civil servants; professors, and research scientists.
  • 130 – Physicians, surgeons, lawyers, engineers
  • 120 – School teachers, pharmacists, accountants, nurses, stenographers, managers.
  • 110 – Foremen, clerks, telephone operators, salesmen, policemen, electricians.
  • 100 plus – Machine operators, shopkeepers, butchers, welders, sheet metal Workers.
  • Below 100 – Warehouse men, carpenters, cooks, bakers, small farmers, truck and van Drivers.
  • 90 – Laborers, gardeners, miners, factory packers and sorters.
I think often it is not IQ but more about other things going on in their lives. Some police officers do seem to enjoy enforcing rules and sometimes use too much force. Were they bullied in school? Are they in a relationship where they don't have much power?

Sainte-soline – Not About Reitrement

I’d just like to mention that the Sainte-Soline “battle” wasn’t about the retirement but about another fascinating issue: water.
But it really was a battle. As of last weekend one protester was still in a coma. Many have life-changing injuries.
France has drought problems, big time. Their solution is to build “bassines”, basically a giant hole in the ground – a badly designed pond. That sounds great on paper (retaining water, good right!) but it (finally) broke into general knowledge that it will mostly filled using ground water, saved (above ground, with evaporation and all consequences) to be used later.
The feeling is that this is basically a privatization of water by a few wealthy farmers, masked as climate adaptation. And experience from spain is such that it will probably make the problem worse. Benoit Biteau, an elected official who was at the protest recounts it quite well, although in French.


That list is a bit suspect to me. “Stenographers”? What about key punch operators? Of course there’s always a wide range of intelligence within any profession but successful carpenters, cooks, bakers and small farmers I’ve known are usually fairly bright. And with some notable exceptions, I’ve not been impressed with the brilliance of elementary school teachers.